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Following “Daytona” tracks “The Games We Play” and “Hard Piano” — where those vocal tracks distracted from Pusha’s stage presence — the set list started traveling backward through his discography.

pusha t maybach music verse soundcloud – T Blames Drake For Brawl That Left Three Concertgoers Hospitalized

PUSHA TMMG rapper Wale run-up on Pusha T on stage Rolling Loud, and the resulting clip quickly went viral because of how it all went down. The ongoing saga of 6ix9ine—the loathsome young internet-rap troll whose post-breakout attempts to cultivate a gangster image,” as his own lawyer put it , have left him facing a possible life sentence —is a grim cautionary tale for young stars actively seeking the same danger older stars became rappers to escape. But even at Pusha’s most opulent and triumphant, and however gleefully he has always recounted his own cracked-snow-globe past, he has never seemed inclined to morph into Puff.

Complex magazine named Philadelphia one of the 15 best sneaker cities in the world , and on Thursday a shop in Old City was one of only two in-store locations where sneakerheads could pick up a highly-anticipated launch from rapper Pusha T.

Rap beef in the age of social media is a lot like a NBA playoff series — the narrative changes with each momentum swing. And as it stands right now, in light of Pusha T’s scathing The Story of Adidon ,” Drake’s in need of adjustments heading into Game 4.

He is 41 now, and committed to the work, making canvases that look similar from far away but up close reveal a fluency in pointillist detail. On Daytona,” his fourth solo release — at seven songs totaling 22 minutes, it’s an EP masquerading as an album — he remains rigorous, declaiming with a severe voice salted with light gravel.

Indeed, the Clipse were defined by gleaming and concussive anthems, from Keys Open Doors” to the offshoot Re-Up Gang’s Zen,” but they were also nearly martyred by years of label mistreatment and album delays In the slow-motion aftermath, Malice found God , while Pusha aligned his solo career with Kanye West and GOOD Music, chasing with each new project the raw energy of Raekwon’s Only Built for Cuban Linx, a.k.a. the Purple Tape, which he described to Vulture as the Holy Grail of rap albums to me.” My Name Is My Name, from 2013, certainly got close—please listen to the colossal Numbers on the Boards” right this second, whether it’s your first or your 2,000th time—but Daytona hits another level via an almost lethal nonchalance, its impact tripled by its terse 21-minute runtime. Pusha somehow sounds hungrier than ever now that he’s theoretically sated.

If Pusha going all in on Drake’s approach to fatherhood seems a little harsh, hold up. In fact, the feud between Drake and Pusha may be all about an entirely different set of rappers — but we’ll get to that in a minute. For now, let’s break down the many things happening in Adidon,” and what led to Pusha turning in one of the most glorious installments in rap feuds since the halcyon days of 50 Cent.

The Jim Crow T-shirt Drake wears in the photo is part of a subversive clothing line called Jim Crow Couture, created by the Toronto label Too Black Guys. In response to the uproar, Too Black Guys released a statement to Slate supporting Drake’s use of the imagery.

Let’s run it back. While Daytona” is a master class in Pusha’s exquisitely detailed drug rap, it will perhaps be remembered for its Marvel-sized stinger, the hookless, shots-firing Infrared,” a song that rope-a-doped Drake into reigniting the ashes of the pair’s dormant feud. After an uninspired volley from the Canadian superstar, Push returned fire, digging up a photo of Drake in blackface and dropping a truth bomb: You are hiding a child.” Drake didn’t respond again, and Push scored a TKO, or maybe a DQ.

But this is not a man you really want in your grasp. It feels pretty good, man,” Pusha told Vulture. Feels good to be able to just make music that I feel. I don’t have the pressure of trying to please any more than my core audience.” The question is whether he has any particular urge to expand that core audience. Daytona is certainly his flashiest moment overall, and The Story of Adidon,” unparalleled in its viciousness in deeply wounding the biggest rapper alive, might be his peak as a gossip-page staple. But Pusha-T’s monumental 2018 is defined as much by the silence as the noise, as much by Daytona’s brevity as its ubiquity. Whether you were a lifelong fan or a starstruck new recruit, he left you wanting more by giving you all you could possibly handle. He’s playing it cool even at his hottest. And the less you know, the better.

The show’s best moment was actually the first, before Pusha’s DJ even played a beat, when the rapper dropped the first bars to “Daytona’s” opening banger “If You Know You Know” a cappella. This week, fans of high-level family drama and menacing veteran rappers have been doubly blessed with an official remix from Pusha T, which was announced earlier this week and released early Friday.

When Pusha-T raps, it’s with the air of a stern father lecturing his children, who may or may not be listening. But it doesn’t matter which — the teaching is its own end. A man is in critical condition after being stabbed multiple times after a brawl during rapper Pusha T’s concert in Toronto Tuesday night.

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Following the success of Lord Willin’, Clipse fell into a music industry vortex caused by one corporation, Clipse’s label Arista Records, merging with another corporation, pop music powerhouse Jive records. The relationship almost immediately proved sour, with Jive investing much more heavily in its pop stars at the time than in its urban artists”. This didn’t even come close to stopping Clipse, the group released mixtapes alongside Philly rappers Sandman and Ab-Liva as the Re-Up Gang. Eventually, Clipse would form Re-Up Records, the label that the duo released their seminal album Hell Hath No Fury on in 2006.

Pusha T and Drake have exchanged shots over the years, but the beef was renewed in May after Pusha T accused Drake of using a ghostwriter in his song “Infrared.” Drake responded with “Duppy Freestyle,” joking that the rapper owes Drake for helping revitalize his career.

The name Adidon” refers to Drake’s long-rumored upcoming partnership with Adidas. Pusha T’s track fuels rumors that Drake had intended to name his forthcoming sneaker line Adidon,” a hybrid of Adidas and Adonis, after Brussaux’s 7-month-old son.

It’s enough that he’s calling his own shots now, industry-wise. Daytona is so named because the Rolex Daytona’s my favorite watch,” as Pusha told Vulture’s Craig Jenkins in May And I feel like me and Ye are letting the world see that this album is us having the luxury of time to create it.” No one piece of jewelry shines brighter than a firm release date.

Less than a day after Daytona” was released, Drake replied with a cruel song, Duppy Freestyle,” calling Pusha-T’s street bona fides into question and perhaps crossing a line by mentioning his fiancée.

Pusha T’s recent sit-down (not interview) with Joe Budden of the Joe Budden Podcast has many talking about his past rap beef with Drake. However, the Virginia rapper also revealed that he’s finishing up his new album now.

Authority, of course, is regionally and temporally specific — what’s acknowledged as certitude now sounds nothing like it did when Pusha-T was growing up. I’m too rare amongst all of this pink hair,” he raps on Hard Piano,” a sidelong shot at the excesses of the SoundCloud generation Pusha-T stands out amid the meditative, louche koans of Playboi Carti or the creaky whine of Lil Baby.

But, West has long denied he had any part in revealing the child to Pusha-T. And in December of last year, things took a weird turn when West claims Drake tried to threaten him after a group of people attacked Pusha on stage during a show in Toronto.

This backstory lends tonight’s show a celebratory atmosphere. Tellingly coming out to Tony’s Theme from Scarface, a stoic Pusha stands like a titan before triumphantly launching into If You Know You Know , a trap anthem with ticking hi-hats so infectious they have a crowd of British teenagers screaming back niche references about jailed US drug trafficker Big Meech’s penchant for bringing tigers to nightclubs.

If Rihanna posts a video of her listening to Pusha T’s diss track while applying Fenty Beauty Foundation there’s no coming back. Pusha and Drake’s beef reached an all-time high when Pusha revealed that Drake had a secret child that no one knew about.

The cover art for the diss track was an unearthed photo of Drake in blackface , adding insult to injury. The “God’s Plan” rapper later said the picture was staged as commentary on the struggle black actors face.

On Tuesday, Pusha-T released The Story of Adidon.” Rapping over the beat from Jay-Z’s The Story ofJ.,” a song about a crossover star’s racial anxiety, he replied in deeply personal terms, suggesting that Drake has anxiety about his relationship to blackness (the cover art is a discomfiting old photo of Drake, who is biracial, in blackface); that Drake’s father abandoned the family; and that Drake — who, Pusha-T alleges on the song, has a secret child — is on the path to revisiting his father’s sins. There are cruel words about Drake’s mother, and about 40, his producer, who has multiple sclerosis.

Since Daytona, Pusha T appeared on Kanye and Kid Cudi ‘s Kids See Ghosts , on a track called Feel The Love,” and lent a verse earlier this year to Freddie Gibbs and Madlib ‘s Palmolive,” off Bandana Kash Doll has been putting out singles all year, with the likes of Lil Wayne (Kitten”) and Big Sean (Ready Set”).

That feud has remained in a weird stalemate during most of 2019, but Swift’s comments in this Rolling Stone cover seems to imply that West had direct involvement in Pusha’s feud with Drake. For what it’s worth, Pusha has literally said that the information came from Drake’s producer 40 However, it’s possible Pusha said that to take the speculation off of West (or that simply everyone knew and the information could have come from anywhere).

His topic: Ethics. A code of conduct derived from a bygone era in rap. Every time Pusha-T mentions Ghostface Killah and Raekwon, or alludes to the Lox, or name-checks Akinyele, he prizes a kind of street formalism particular to the New York (and New-York-inspired) rap of the 1990s, which has now largely been relegated to the underground.

Much as been said online about the upcoming Maybach Music 6” from Rick Ross that will put longtime enemies Pusha T and Lil Wayne on the same track. Ross has let it be known neither knew they would be on the track together, but it should be water under the bridge now.

Pusha-T entered the game in 1999 with his brother No Malice (Gene Thornton) as Clipse on The Funeral” from Exclusive Audio Footage. While the album was scrapped, this didn’t faze the pair, who went on to release Lord Willin’ , Hell Hath No Fury , and Till The Casket Drops in the space of seven years. In 2009, No Malice announced he had become a born-again Christian and couldn’t rap about his former lifestyle any longer. This forced Pusha to go solo.

Rap beef, in its highest forms, is a blood sport. It should go without saying that this war of words remains just that. But it does leave Drake in a precarious position. One in which a response, of some sort, is expected.

In a sign of how lucrative hip-hop tours have become, the Rave hosted two different rap shows at the same time Friday night. Amine played a sold-out show on the venue’s basement stage; although the capacity in that room is smaller than the main Rave room where Pusha played to a full crowd Friday.

Constable David Hopkinson, a spokesperson for the Toronto Police Department, tells PEOPLE that the man — whose name was not released — was operated on overnight for a series of very serious stab wounds,” the culprit(s) of which are still being investigated. The victim was one of six people complaining of injuries after the fight, though the rest were non-serious.


On Thursday, May 31, Drake responded in a note published in an Instagram story In the note, he clarified that the photo was 11 years old and produced in the context of him being an actor (he was a regular on Degrassi: The Next Generation at the time) frustrated by the limited and heavily stereotypical roles available to black actors in the industry.

With cutting rhymes and cool production from Kanye West, critical consensus suggests Pusha T’s “Daytona” is the rap album of the year — all the more impressive coming from a rapper two decades in the game.

Pusha: I felt like Kanye getting a producer of the year Grammy nomination is due in part to his output and how he had to turn into a chameleon to do all these albums. I definitely felt like Teyana (Taylor)’s album was super-strong and could have definitely deserved a Grammy.

It’s not clear if the rapper’s track ‘Success & Nightmare’, which arrived prematurely over the weekend (as reported by Complex ), prompted him to send the warning in which he said he will make a decent example out of” the person(s) responsible.

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