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Part tender breakup ballad, part ruthless revenge fantasy, Medicine” finds Queen’s smooth and soulful vocals moving from vulnerable to fierce with undeniable ease. As a singer, she appeared on season eight of American Idol and made it to the Hollywood round.

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QUEEN NAIJACapitol Records; ℗ 2018 Queen Naija, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc. Déjà Vu loves talking to talent ready to reach their next level, so it’s only fitting that she sit down with Queen Naijah. Take a look at Queen Naija’s videos below. Royal couple of YouTube, Queen Naija and Clarence White battle it out while NeNe Leakes, ‘Shea Jackson Jr., Ray J, Bresha Webb, Justina Valentine and more hold it down.

Queen’s complete emergence into the public eye, outside of the YouTube community, however, came about after her December 2017 release of the hit song: Medicine.” The track is now featured on her 2018 EP titled after her namesake.

While social media can be a fantastic way for an artist to capture an audience, brand a message, or give yourself a ‘larger than life’ persona, it can also be socially detrimental. This never phased the Detroit native turned YouTube star turned American Idol contestant turned overnight hit maker after her highly broadcasted separation and divorce from former husband Christopher Salis.

Unfortunately, the couple recently experienced a highly publicized breakup which included cheating allegations broadcast over a lengthy series of videos for their followers. While both YouTubers have addressed their relationship issues in vlog posts, Queen Naija also decided to channel her anger into a song. She dropped Medicine ” on December 31, and it already has more than two million YouTube views less than two weeks later.

Throughout her career, Queen has been particularly vocal about her Christian faith, and as is her modus operandi. Her “War Cry” track is an extensive and candid look into her personal battles and beliefs, leaning into the church upbringing that colors her introduction to music in the first place. Interestingly enough, the track arrived at a time in which she was facing a potential legal battle with gospel singer and pastor John P. Kee, who accused the young singer of ripping off the melody of his “Life & Favor (You Don’t Know My Story)” for the hook on her “Karma” single. Queen would engage in a little Internet back-and-forth before closing the chapter with this powerful outing.

You’ve seen the 22 year old on her YouTube channel , but now she’s taking her talent to the airwaves with her new single, “Medicine.” And if you were a lucky New Yorker, you caught the Queen in Time Squares yesterday (July 30) – before police shut the fanfare down.

She originally established herself as a YouTube influencer, but Queen Naija’s got a voice on her, too. The Michigan-born R&B singer balances delicacy and strength, and her self-titled debut EP splits the difference between heartbreak and flirtation. Don’t get it twisted; I can play this game too,” Queen warns on breakthrough single Medicine,” a deceptively sultry ode to revenge (and a response to the public dissolution of her marriage). But by the mellow Butterflies,” she’s got eyes for someone new. And Mama’s Hand” is a tender lullaby to her young son.

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Butterflies,” the album’s fourth track, marks another significant tonal shift as Queen opens herself up to love again. The song is widely thought to be about her current boyfriend: Clarence White who she has a newborn child with. The touching acoustic melody paired with vulnerable lyrics gives the song all the authenticity of the early stages of falling in love.

Ever since her early years, her rise to fame has been a winding and interesting road, aided by a variety of platforms. Queen gained prominence in 2014 as a contestant on the 8th season of American Idol, however, she was cut before the top 30.

Not only did twenty-three year-old Queen Naija, formally known as Queen Bulls , discover that a music career can prelude social media stardom but it can become your saving grace during a highly publicized and tumultuous break-up.

With such success, it’s safe to assume that Queen Naija already has a formidable catalog under her belt. But, for those just getting acquainted with the young songstress, we’ve handpicked the essential list of her tracks. From her mega hits to her deep cuts, you’ll find a consistent effort at transparency weaved throughout her relatively short career, all delivered in a package that holds true to the traditional hallmarks of R&B — a refreshing element in an increasingly post-genre industry. Despite only sharing a handful of tracks, with her self-titled debut project claiming five total tracks in her catalog of seven, Queen has displayed a propensity toward longevity and shows her skill in crafting a repertoire of various R&B classics.

Pregnancy and childbirth wreak havoc on the women’s body. Besides the struggle of the snap back, there are also health issues that women are left to deal with after bringing life into the world. Singer Queen Naija was open and honest about her plastic surgery after giving birth to her second child and documented her journey in her YouTube channel. The Karma ” singer said she had a Brazilian Buttlift and tummy tuck and the internet trolled her.

For our first collaboration with an R&B artist, we’ve partnered with the incredible Queen Naija to design this vibrant bracelet. Proceeds from this bracelet benefit the Greater Good Fund The Greater Good Fund is a pool of all the money raised from Electric Family sales which is evenly distributed to our Greater Good partner charities on a quarterly basis.

Summer and Drake worked together for the remix to her breakout hit, “Girls Need Love.” In Billboard’s You Should Know” series, the singer says the two met via Instagram after he gushed about her visuals to the original track. “He said, ‘I saw your video on a bowling alley monitor. Thought it was cool,'” she recalled. She added it was Love Renaissance’s Justice Baiden who talked her into asking Drake for the remix. The singer is signed to the label along with Grammy-nominated singer 6LACK.

Her focus shifted when she and her former husband found fame online with their wildly popular YouTube channel. But when their marriage fell apart last year, Queen returned to her lifelong passion and released a powerfully unapologetic single that shares her side of the story.

Through storming the R&B scene with her Billboard smash hit and continuing her popularity and success with her 2018 EP, Queen Naija makes herself a woman to watch in her genre. To read more about Queen, visit her website Listen to her EP on Apple Music or Spotify.

Naija found her voice singing in her local church. She started out under the moniker Queen Bulls.” Her status was elevated following her appearances on American Idol. She made it all the way to the Hollywood round during the 2014 season. Naija didn’t stop there. She made a name for herself as one-half the YouTube channel Chris and Queen”, with then-husband Christopher Sails. The channel was created in August 2016. It featured pranks, challenges, story time, etc. Chris took sole control of the channel following their break-up.

On Friday, May 10, Queen Naija shared another video of herself on Youtube showing off her new body a week after getting her tummy tuck and Brazillian butt lift. In the video, the Medicine” singer talked about how the Percocets she was subscribed post surgery caused her to hallucinate and endure sleep paralysis.

The EP comes three months after her divorce from Chris Sails, with whom she shared a YouTube channel, Chris And Queen, where the couple exchanged elaborate pranks and humorous banter. Medicine” was released as an open diary to fans who noticed she had created her own channel and that Sails had taken over their joint one.

Queen and Clarence have started a joint Youtube channel named “Royal Family” from July 2018. They started posting their videos on their new channel. Christopher, who is also an Instagram sensation with more than 650,000 followers, has been very active on their YouTube channel. Queen and her husband are both twenty-one-year-old.

Queen Naija is pretty active on various social platforms such as Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube She has over 4.7 million fans followers on Instagram , and on the Twitter account, she has 435k followers. On her social pages, she posted several pictures with her boyfriend and a cute son, Chris. If you want to more about her, you can follow her as queennaija.

Acquiring over 3.5 million viewers on her YouTube channel and 5 million on Instagram, the internet began to fall down the rabbit hole of social media obsessions and became fixated on Naija, her daily exploits, and relationship goals” videos. Clips of her and Salis sharing lovey dovey, cutesy wootsy moments for all to see became a way to make ends meet but quickly turned malefic with speculations of cheating.

In April 2018, Bulls signed with Capitol Records Then, just two months later, she released another hit single, titled Karma.” She claimed that with Karma,” she wanted to get more personal than she had in Medicine,” to prove she was a good woman. In one week, Karma” took No. 13 on the Billboard Digital Songs sales chart, and in July 2018, the song hit No. 63 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Off the heels of her debut project, the Atlanta songstress shared Drake’s admiration for her project Sunday (Oct. 6) which included collaborations from Jhene Aiko, Usher. 6LACK and Bryson Tiller. Drake had a strong reaction to “Fun Girl,” a track that speaks to the acoustic aura of her precious project, CLEAR.

Karma” follows up with glimmering chimes, crisp snaps and clear vocals that recall smooth heartbreak songs like I Get Lonely” and Foolish.” The song further addresses issues of adultery, body image and self-confidence in the age of Instagram models, perfection and fast fame.

This is the singer’s second child, she and her ex-husband Chris Sails have a 3-year-old son, named CJ. Earlier, she had a Youtube channel called Chris and Queen with her ex-husband, Chris, where she uploads vlogs and prank videos.

Since then, she’s made a name for herself on YouTube, with the music video for her hit song “Medicine” having been viewed 53 million times. Queen Naija’s two openers tell the story of infidelity and pain. On both songs, Queen looks inward at her self-esteem and endurance and warns an ex that he will pay for his sins.

Queen Naija became famous on YouTube before embarking on a music career. Medicine,” a scathing, vengeful track aimed at an unfaithful partner, became popular on both YouTube and SoundCloud and earned the singer a deal with Capitol Records. With major-label support, Medicine” recently cracked the Top Ten at mainstream radio; more than 14 million listeners encountered it on the airwaves last week.

Since she’s matured, she still writes about her male counterparts, in songs ranging from growing up without a father, to being betrayed by her ex, to falling in love with a bad boy But one thing’s for certain: you’ll only hear her sing about what she knows. “My music came from experiences I had personally gone through,” she said.

Queen Naija is quietly becoming R&B royalty, but once she gets on a plane she’s basically every woman. As a singer, she appeared on season eight of American Idol and made it to the Hollywood round. Police held back fans who swarmed YouTube celebrity and singer Queen Naija when she was in New York to promote her self-titled EP.

Déjà Vu loves talking to talent ready to reach their next level, so it’s only fitting that she sit down with Queen Naijah. Take a look at Queen Naija’s videos below. Royal couple of YouTube, Queen Naija and Clarence White battle it out while NeNe Leakes, ‘Shea Jackson Jr., Ray J, Bresha Webb, Justina Valentine and more hold it down.

The public breakup prompted Bulls went through with her ex-husband to produce an emotional song based on her loss. In December 2017, she dropped Medicine ,” which would reach 2 million YouTube views in just two weeks. By March 2018, Medicine” had over 10 million YouTube streams and, more impressively, 58 million Spotify streams. The original song would soon catch the attention of record labels across the country.

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