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And he helped me so much believe in myself and believe that the way that I sounded was unique and special and that I didn’t have to change my tone to sound like anyone else, I just had to develop the best version of my voice.

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RACHEL PLATTENBorn in New York City and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Platten is an Emmy Award winner, multi-platinum selling recording artist. Road-tested in every setting from a converted garage in Salt Lake City to the 30,000-seat Calgary Saddledome, from San Diego to Dubai, the artist and songs alike bear a playful confidence that was boosted along the way. As the Washington, DC-raised singer, pianist and guitarist traveled the world over the course of several years, word of mouth about his irresistible songs and engaging presence brought out consistently growing concert crowds. That helped turn the song “Rock & Roll” into an international hit (certified Gold in the U.S., Platinum in New Zealand, Norway and Australia) and the album hit No. 1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart, ultimately selling more than 250,000 copies. The songs “OK, It’s Alright With Me” (top 5 on AAA radio) and “Oh!” also caught fire, helping push total single sales past the million mark.

It wasn’t such a singles market before. It was about albums. Now I don’t know that people even know necessarily the artist connected to the song. So that’s changed a lot; it’s way more about the song than about the artist.

Platten’s debut album, “Wildfire,” comes out on Jan. 1, and she will soon be going out on her first headlining tour. But she’s still getting used to her success. Lewis Howes: A lot of people know you. You’ve grown in popularity, in a big way.

Now, she rose to fame in 2015, with the release of the single, Fight Song”, which peaked at number six on the US Billboard Hot 100, topped the charts in the UK, peaked all over the world. She won an Emmy award for the live performance of the song on Good Morning America, and she’s got a new record out, a new album out, called, Waves”, which just came out, featuring the hit single, Broken Glass”.

Rachel Platten: Okay, so, I was in college, at Trinity, I wanted to do a study abroad program, I was an International Relations Major. And then in one of my classes, this amazing guy named Tony with huge dreads and this amazing accent came and he had this presentation about Trinidad. And something lit up inside of me. And the presentation was all about carnival, and the biggest carnival in the world is in Trinidad. Maybe second biggest to Rio, sorry. Or maybe it’s on par, I’m not sure, but it’s really, really big and really popular.

Lewis Howes: It looks like it’s going pretty well for you. Lewis Howes: Very cool! I love that about you. Rachel Platten: The surrender, yes. So, I’m surrendering right now, yeah. 4. 4. Her single ‘Fight Song’ is a HUGE success already.

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It’s redundant at this point to praise Platten’s lyrics, but they remain masterful on the album’s closer, Grace.” A song of low points and faithlessness, Platten creates powerful lines to express how she has evolved into someone she can no longer recognize. The use of sound effects is really well done on this track — the instrumentation is accented by whispering voices, particularly throughout the final minute of the track, that added a nice level of intrigue.

I took piano lessons at a young age and sang in acapella groups, but never believed I was talented enough to take it seriously as a profession until I started writing songs at 19 and played my first concert (as a backup singer) while studying abroad in Trinidad. Then the desire to be an artist took over me completely and led to 15 years of struggling to make it” from then on. I lived in NYC for years and would play small bars and random gigs, even in people’s living rooms before I was able to find my sound and the songs that I eventually wrote were impactful and real.

Lewis Howes: Yeah, he crushes it. But he wasn’t that good of a football player. He didn’t make the NFL, but he worked really hard, and then he transitioned into wrestling and he wasn’t that good at it in the beginning, and he just worked.

Well, the song was already triple platinum at the time, so it had already been out there laughs. I’d already done big things with the song; I’d toured around the country, played around the world with it and heard responses from people.

This is Lazan and Platten’s first child together. Rachel Platten was born on May 20, 1981 in Newton Centre, Massachusetts, USA as Rachel Ashley Platten. She has been married to Kevin Lazan since July 31, 2010. They have one child.

Also, how to stay committed to your vision, even when results aren’t happening for you. That’s right. It may not happen overnight, guys. Also, how to clear out the fear from your mind before a big gig, performance, or something where you have to show up. Why hard work beats talent, and all these people that talk about the excuse of maybe not having talent, I’m telling you, hard work is where it’s at. And also why Rachel believes in never giving up, even if you feel delusional about a dream.

Rachel Platten: I think it’s true, I think it’s the key. To money, to anything. I mean, to abundance in general, I think you can set a goal and you can envision what you want and you can try to manifest it. But then people forget the last step, which is to trust.

PLATTEN: It was a pretty inspiring year to be a woman. And also devastating. I was at the Women’s March; it was so beautiful to see women standing up for each other in a world where we’re often encouraged to compete with one another. I know I do it too: I’ll look around and get jealous of people who have things that I don’t have. I’m working on it. But I feel like this year encouraged us to recognize that when we’re standing up for each other, that’s how we’re unstoppable. That’s how we break down walls. And also I just wanted to make a song for my strong girlfriends, and the amazing line of women that I come from.

It’s such a selfish, self-absorbed career. You’re just constantly thinking of you, and what people think of you, and how to get more famous and how to get more attention and that’s gross. And I noticed that I didn’t like the way it made me feel. And I know that doing charity did make me feel good.

Lewis Howes: Exactly! Now, I’m curious. You connect with your husband, you guys got married, you were still really unknown, and now you’ve grown into popularity, how is that like in a marriage, in a relationship? When a dynamic change is, now everyone knows who you are, well a lot of people know who you are.

Rachel Platten: He’s just incredible. He is unbelievable. And I knew what I wanted in a partner, because I had kind of figured out in my early twenties that I couldn’t have anyone that was ever going to be jealous, at gigs. Even though they were small gigs, I would have concerts every couple of months and I, not to brag, but I had a lot of friends, in New York, so when I the cover gigs that I was hustling at, I would have these concerts once every two months at Arlene’s Grocery or Bitter Anne and I would pack them. And even though I had nothing going on, it kind of seemed for a night, that I did.

Rachel Platten: Instagram, yeah. Twitter got scary for me last summer after my song was attached to the election, and I got a lot of death threats. OXNARD, Calif. – Pop star Rachel Platten gave a special surprise to an Oxnard student with special needs during her concert in Tahoe.

Rachel Platten: I think it is to be as honest as I can in my music and just create whatever I’m supposed to create in the world and not judge it and spread love through my music. And help other people recognise their own light and their own fire within them through their music. I think. I don’t know. I haven’t been asked that before. That’s good.

The first time I sang ‘You Belong’ to an audience and this happened,” Platten wrote alongside a photo of herself performing the song she wrote for her baby girl, Violet, while the crowd swayed with their cells in the air.

Platten used footage in the video for the song from tons of home videos she and her husband, Kevin Lazan, have made over the course of her pregnancy. These clips of her hearing her baby’s heartbeat may have made us sob a little. OK, a lot.

When I initially finished the song, even though I had nothing going on – no label or reason to believe it would work – I remember looking out on the Hudson river from my apartment in Greenwich Village and imagining a sea of people with their fists in the air, chanting the song, but then being like, ‘Rachel, what are you thinking? That’s so unlikely,’ ” she recalls. So when that show happened, I was like, oh my gosh, that vision I created, nurtured and believed in had finally happened. It felt bigger than me.

Platten and Lazan, 38, got married in 2010 in Bristol, Rhode Island and had a beautiful, traditional Jewish ceremony. After nine years of marriage, the lovely couple are ecstatic to add a tiny addition to their budding family.

Moments later, Swift sat down next to a singer-songwriter who, up until recently, most people had never heard of. With a clear, airy voice, Rachel Platten sang the first verse of “Fight Song,” the spirited indie-pop anthem she wrote to convince herself not to quit an industry that had been rejecting her for over a decade. In the hazy video footage available online, you can see Platten gape at Swift as the Grammy-Hoovering pop star belts out the second verse of her song. Platten’s cover girl smile flashes across her face, and she slowly, gently shakes her head. This was clearly the biggest holy shit moment in her life.

Rachel Platten: Yeah. I mean, there’s two things. Not two, maybe three or four. I just like how people are on your show, like, Two things!” So I want to be one of them! But, okay, one of them was: I really loved what I was doing. I loved making music, I loved writing songs and I loved performing. And I was performing. Even though it was small bars and doing covers three hours a night and hustling and bringing my 85pound piano all around the city.

Platten’s uplifting, instantly catchy anthems celebrate the love and light in the world with a passionate intensity that has been missing on the radio dial for far too long. I write songs that are universally understandable,” says Platten. They’re positive and poppy, without ever sacrificing the hard truths out there that we all have to live through.” Songs like these brighten days, bring joy and stir greatness. I want people to feel good when they listen to my songs, but never on a superficial level,” says Platten. You have to recognize that life is hard and there will be pain, but there is always joy in it and you can overcome it. You can always find beauty around you.” With songs as good as these, there is beauty to spare on Be Here.

Rachel Platten self-released her first album, a collection of demos called Trust in Me, in 2003. Her music career aspirations eventually took her to Trinidad, where she interned at a record label and sang backup for a band, a gig that found her performing in front of large crowds throughout the Caribbean. After moving to New York, Platten toured as a support act for such acts as Ziggy Marley and Regina Spektor , and performed at venues around Greenwich Village.

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