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I don’t know, I just started understanding that the question I needed to ask was, I want to align with…” this word’s tricky, because I know not everyone has the same vision of God, but I want to align with God’s vision of my life.

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RACHEL PLATTENBorn in New York City and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Platten is an Emmy Award winner, multi-platinum selling recording artist. Lewis Howes: I sang in a musical and in choir. I never did the a capella, because I was never that good. I just tried to blend in. I’m a secret Glee fan. I’m actually not a secret Glee fan, but I love Glee.

All I needed to do was get myself out of the way and be open with the songs. Sometimes with creativity, you can’t judge it too early. So this process I just got myself out of the way as much as I could, and didn’t judge it, and just let whatever crazy sounds or crazy lyrics come through.

But the end is almost here and as Platten’s due date draws closer, we hope she will share more, including adorable baby photos, of course. Until then, we’ll be listening to this gorgeous song on repeat — and sobbing our eyes out.

Lewis Howes: It’s good. I think if you don’t believe that, you’re just going to keep going back to, I’m never enough.” And then when you hit those marks you just say, Well, now I need to keep hitting it to be enough.

It’s such a selfish, self-absorbed career. You’re just constantly thinking of you, and what people think of you, and how to get more famous and how to get more attention and that’s gross. And I noticed that I didn’t like the way it made me feel. And I know that doing charity did make me feel good.

Rachel Platten: No, no, no. I got to work on it. Everything is either fear or love. If you’re feeling anything other than a sense of peace and calm and love towards those around you, don’t get confused, that’s coming from fear, it’s not coming from anger or resentment at anyone not liking you, it’s coming from a place of fear.

Platten’s vocals remind me of Sia and Ryn Weaver’s on this track, but with a more electric sound and sharp rhythms, Collide” also reminded me of Awolnation’s Sail.” While Sail” isn’t quite the track I thought I’d think of while listening to the creator of Fight Song,” Platten makes a harsher sound work for her. The melodies are catchy, the riffs on the choruses are perfect, the instrumentation is rich and intense, and Platten again provides us with honest, relatable lyrics to ponder.

Lewis Howes: The Pod. I like it. Pod. Cast, pod, yeah. Toastmasters saved my life, because I knew that I wanted to be able to share my message, but I was too scared to get in front of five people, and I was like, Okay, I need to overcome this.” And you just got to practice your fear. You just got to do it over and over.

Rachel Platten: I grew a lot this year. Rachel Platten did not disappoint. She was awesome! Great singer who is a positive light in today’s world. Rachel Platten: Yeah, bedsides are kids, yup, and seniors. Rachel Platten: I’d also maybe do the Tony Montana Scarface: You gotta have some fun in this life!” Yeah! I’d put that in a song.

Rachel Platten net worth: Rachel Platten is an American singer and songwriter who has a net worth of $4 million. Rachel Platten was born in New York, New York in May 1981. She released her independent debut studio album Trust in Me in 2003 and her second studio album Be Here in 2011 on Rock Ridge Music. Platten released her EP Fight Song in 2015 on Columbia Records and it reached #20 on the Billboard 200 chart. Her third studio album Wildfire was released in 2016 #5 on the Billboard 200 chart and #5 in Canada. Platten’s single “Fight Song” reached #1 on the US Adult Pop chart and in the UK as well as #6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, #2 in Australia, #5 in Canada, #6 in Ireland, and #8 in New Zealand. Her single “Stand By You” reached #6 on the US Adult Pop chart. In 2015 Platten was nominated for Teen Choice Awards for Choice Music: Breakout Artist and Choice Summer Song for “Fight Song”.

The 37-year-old “Fight Song” singer announced on Instagram Wednesday that she and husband Kevin Lazan are expecting their first child together. Platten shared a photo of herself holding her baby bump with an announcement message to her fans.

Rachel Platten: Wait… So, they were like, No, dude, no, this girl can’t do it.” And I was like, Guys, just give me a chance.” So we rehearsed. Lewis Howes: Till 80,000 people were screaming your name. Her piano-driven songs have elements of catchy, light pop, but still revealed in lyrics hard truths about life.

Lewis Howes: Exactly! Now, I’m curious. You connect with your husband, you guys got married, you were still really unknown, and now you’ve grown into popularity, how is that like in a marriage, in a relationship? When a dynamic change is, now everyone knows who you are, well a lot of people know who you are.

Platten and Lazan usually split up the day and take turns with the baby. Lazan generally takes the hours between 6 and 9 a.m. — which he refers to as time with Vi and the guys” since it includes him, Violet and their dog — and Platten takes her after. She says her favorite time of day with Violet is when her baby girl sleeps on her.

Rachel Platten: To out work other people. That it is not based on my talent, it is not based on opportunities, it is based on how much work I am willing to put in. That’s what I can control. And always control what you can control.

Rachel Platten is an American singer-songwriter. She is best known for her 2015 single Fight Song” which reached the top 10 in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Slovakia, and the United States, and topped the charts in the UK.

Rachel Platten: Yeah, I’m like, I know the songs!” I knew the piano parts. This April 25, 2018, file photo shows singer Rachel Platten in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lewis Howes: I like it! We’ll transcribe that part and send it back to you and you can figure out a way to put it in a song.

Rachel Platten: Yeah, I have a sentence. I don’t know if I could turn it that easily into lyrics. I’d have to re-craft it, but I have a phrase that I believe in, and I think infuses most of my journey.

Lewis Howes: A few hundred bucks, like 500. If you thought you might get through today without crying, you’re wrong — because Rachel Platten just released a new song and it’s a sweet tribute to motherhood and her unborn daughter.

Over the past year, “Fight Song” reached No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and spent nine weeks at the top of the magazine’s Adult Contemporary songs chart. It’s made cameos on Pretty Little Liars, The Biggest Loser, The Voice and the Supergirl trailer, and has been used in a Ford commercial and a Good Morning America inspirational campaign called #MyFightSongGMA. The song is so versatile you can imagine it blaring in fraternity basements, elementary school car pools, hip clubs and your local CVS. With 2.48 million downloads, “Fight Song” was the ninth biggest-selling pop digital download song in 2015. Hillary Clinton chose it as her victory song in the Iowa Democratic caucuses. And then there was the day Swift walked around in a “This Is My Fight Song” T-shirt. Platten’s latest single off Wildfire, “Stand by You,” is her second No. 1 song on Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs radio airplay chart.

Lewis Howes: Until the last season, then it went kind of downhill a bit. But, great show. Anyways. I think I secretly loved it because I can’t do what they can do. So, I just appreciate it. Rachel Platten: Yeah, yeah. My apartment was, my rent was really cheap. I lived in this fifth floor walk-up, that used to be Bob Dylan’s apartment or the one across from it.

On Moving Up Living Down, all of Eric’s ever-widening musical embraces are brought into play, from the exuberant folk-pop bounce of “Watching You Watch Him” (the first single, which debuted on the season premiere of ABC-TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”) through the reggae lilt of opener “Talk is Cheap” through the soul grounding of “The Basement.” The music is tuneful and rhythmic. The lyrics are engaging and reflective. Comparisons, as always, are tough, but you wouldn’t go wrong thinking of a spectrum that includes Paul Simon, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder, all integrated into a truly Hutchinsonian whole.

Lewis Howes: It looks like it’s going pretty well for you. Lewis Howes: Very cool! I love that about you. Rachel Platten: The surrender, yes. So, I’m surrendering right now, yeah. 4. 4. Her single ‘Fight Song’ is a HUGE success already.

I took piano lessons at a young age and sang in acapella groups, but never believed I was talented enough to take it seriously as a profession until I started writing songs at 19 and played my first concert (as a backup singer) while studying abroad in Trinidad. Then the desire to be an artist took over me completely and led to 15 years of struggling to make it” from then on. I lived in NYC for years and would play small bars and random gigs, even in people’s living rooms before I was able to find my sound and the songs that I eventually wrote were impactful and real.

On September 11, 2015, Platten released second single named ” Stand by You ” 15 from Wildfire It has peaked in the top ten on charts in Canada and the United States, and has peaked in the top twenty on charts in Australia and Poland. The song has since been certified Platinum in the United States.

Lewis Howes: No, I have a few more questions. Yes. But where can we connect with you, before I ask the final questions, where can we connect with you right now? Where’s your new music, where’s all that stuff.

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