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Remember, you’re never too old. Platten’s debut album, “Wildfire,” comes out on Jan. But first, let’s back up a bit. With the hashtag #MyFightSong, fans post photos, videos and messages about their struggles, and Platten curates them online.

rachel platten fight song lyrics – Rachel Platten Opening Up About Her Struggle With Postpartum Anxiety Is So Important

RACHEL PLATTENBorn in New York City and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Platten is an Emmy Award winner, multi-platinum selling recording artist. A vibrant singer and songwriter of uplifting pop anthems, Massachusetts native Rachel Platten started piano lessons at age four and began writing songs while in college. While finishing a degree in international relations from Trinity College in 2003, she self-released an R&B album titled Trust in Me, and eventually obtained a record label internship while abroad in Trinidad in 2005. During her stay, she sang backup for a band performing before large crowds throughout the Caribbean and determined to try to make career in music, moving to New York City in 2006.

Rachel Platten: Thank you! I want to acknowledge you. You’re incredible and what you do is amazing! I listen to you, you’ve helped me. Your guests have helped me. I love everything you do and that you stand for and I think it’s amazing. So, back at you.

Lewis Howes: There you have it, my friends, I hope you enjoyed this one. No dream is too big if you are willing to put in the time, put in the work. You don’t have to be the most talented person in the world at something but you have to and you must embrace who you are and your unique gifts because only you have a unique gift. No-one else has the gift that you can bring to the world. So, stop doubting yourself, stop looking for outside approval and start stepping into who you are, and start giving and sharing your voice, your message, your talent, your gift with the world.

Platten grew up in Newton, Massachusetts, and attended Buckingham, Browne & Nichols, a private school in nearby Cambridge. Some of her earliest memories are of her mother, a therapist, playing classical music on the piano. Platten started taking lessons as a child and later sang a cappella in high school. After graduating from Trinity College in 2003, she moved to New York City and started paying her dues, gigging at small clubs and bars, playing the 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. shift and getting fired from temp jobs. She joined a cover band and lived in a fifth-floor walkup in Greenwich Village, in the same building on MacDougal Street where Bob Dylan once lived.

Rachel Platten: No, no, no. I got to work on it. Everything is either fear or love. If you’re feeling anything other than a sense of peace and calm and love towards those around you, don’t get confused, that’s coming from fear, it’s not coming from anger or resentment at anyone not liking you, it’s coming from a place of fear.

Rachel Platten and a Great Big World were both good. Energetic and personable on stage- loved them! Hated the opening act and people all around me were plugging their ears like I was. Also did NOT like the interruption of the concert for meet and greets with the artists.

Rachel Platten: Yeah, depending on the year it changed, but I had a Monday night gig at Prohibition on the upper west side in New York. Awesome place. It was so great. If you guys are in the city, listening, you have to go to Prohibition and tell them I say Hi. They’ll give you a free shot of… No, they won’t.

Rachel Platten: Yes! Hundred percent! I believe that! I do! I walk myself through moments. I visualise every single moment of a show, or a performance, and I walk myself through the entire thing, and I visualise it all going perfectly and me feeling peaceful throughout it, and powerful. Yeah.

Last night (January 30), the “Fight Song” vocalist announced on Instagram that she and her husband Kevin Lazan welcomed their first child, daughter Violet Skye Lazan, on Saturday (January 26). “Born delicious & cuddly on 1.26, early in the am. There is so much about this massive love that i want to share but don’t yet know how to,” the 37-year-old star captioned a delightful picture post with her newborn cradled in her arms.

Rachel Platten: I think I’m nineteen or twenty. Yeah, so we rehearsed and they were like, Okay, fine. You’ll do.” I don’t think they understood what a huge deal this was for me. I was freaking. So we get on stage, it’s the International Soca Monarch Finals. I didn’t know what the gig was, I was just going to go to some concert.

Platten asked her fans to leave a little blessing or word of encouragement” to a stranger in the comments of her post. Positive comments poured in and within a day over 20,000 people had liked the singer’s post, which also featured a photo of her standing under a tree.

Rachel Platten: Yeah. I mean, there’s two things. Not two, maybe three or four. I just like how people are on your show, like, Two things!” So I want to be one of them! But, okay, one of them was: I really loved what I was doing. I loved making music, I loved writing songs and I loved performing. And I was performing. Even though it was small bars and doing covers three hours a night and hustling and bringing my 85pound piano all around the city.

The reason she got into making music was because she loved it for herself and she loved the connection it gave her with people. She came to the conclusion that playing hospitals and small venues was enough for her to feel happy.

After finishing college, Rachel immediately set out for New York City where she took up residence in the very apartment building on MacDougal Street in Greenwich Village where Bob Dylan once lived. Naturally, she found a band on Craigslist and started performing in clubs around the city. The next few years consisted of paying dues through a mix of temping during the day and getting fired a lot, gigging until 4am, and lugging an 80-pound keyboard to her fifth floor walk-up night after night. Despite the struggle and the setbacks, Rachel loved being on stage, even if at times nobody was listening.

On Moving Up Living Down, all of Eric’s ever-widening musical embraces are brought into play, from the exuberant folk-pop bounce of “Watching You Watch Him” (the first single, which debuted on the season premiere of ABC-TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”) through the reggae lilt of opener “Talk is Cheap” through the soul grounding of “The Basement.” The music is tuneful and rhythmic. The lyrics are engaging and reflective. Comparisons, as always, are tough, but you wouldn’t go wrong thinking of a spectrum that includes Paul Simon, the Beatles and Stevie Wonder, all integrated into a truly Hutchinsonian whole.

The first time I sang ‘You Belong’ to an audience and this happened,” Platten wrote alongside a photo of herself performing the song she wrote for her baby girl, Violet, while the crowd swayed with their cells in the air.

Party of three! Rachel Platten and her husband, Kevin Lazan, welcomed their first child on Saturday, January 26. Lewis Howes: I like that. Yeah. I mean, I had been writing for five years. I started working with this manager who was like, Stop gigging, and just write songs.

Rachel Platten: Yeah, I’m like, I know the songs!” I knew the piano parts. This April 25, 2018, file photo shows singer Rachel Platten in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lewis Howes: I like it! We’ll transcribe that part and send it back to you and you can figure out a way to put it in a song.

Lewis Howes: Until the last season, then it went kind of downhill a bit. But, great show. Anyways. I think I secretly loved it because I can’t do what they can do. So, I just appreciate it. Rachel Platten: Yeah, yeah. My apartment was, my rent was really cheap. I lived in this fifth floor walk-up, that used to be Bob Dylan’s apartment or the one across from it.

Rachel Platten: I mean, he’s taught me a lot more, but I think in terms of my career, yeah. Rachel Platten: I love Lilly. She’s the best. Lewis Howes: Yeah, you don’t look stressed at all. Not that I was expecting you to be stressed.

Platten is clearly riding a roller coaster of emotions about kicking off her nationwide tour with the a capella pop group Pentatonix while simultaneously navigating motherhood as a novice. The performer, who’s best known for hits like her multiplatinum Fight Song” and Stand By You,” gave birth to her first child with husband Kevin Lazan in January. And leading up to her current stretch of shows, she was apparently experiencing a serious case of mom guilt, spewing off a whole list of worries that were running through her head.

Rachel Platten: I think it is to be as honest as I can in my music and just create whatever I’m supposed to create in the world and not judge it and spread love through my music. And help other people recognise their own light and their own fire within them through their music. I think. I don’t know. I haven’t been asked that before. That’s good.

On Broken Glass,” the debut single on Waves, Platten adopts a triumphant, empowering message, akin to that of 2015’s hit Fight Song.” Yet while they are similar in message (Platten even sings, you know I am a fighter” on the bridge of Broken Glass”), they differ significantly in their sound. Platten leaves her piano chords behind for a more electric tone with synth chords and dance-floor-ready beats. The choruses have beautiful melodies, and the riffs on So what?” are gorgeous.

After two years of writing, Rachel would find her first big spark with “Fight Song.” She turned inward by telling her own story through it. Turns out it was just the message people needed. “The reactions were honest, and intense. People have been sending me the most beautiful stories of how they refuse to give up,” she recalls. One such story included an incredible woman named Christine, who adopted “Fight Song” as her battle cry against a cancer. After hearing how much “Fight Song” had inspired Christine, Rachel taught 150 of Christine’s friends and family the song for an emotional surprise performance. Sadly, Christine would later succumb but her legacy of love, hope and courage stays with Rachel today.

Rachel Platten: Yeah. I do my own stuff. They actually wanted me to do covers. Well, the patients didn’t care. I mean, they are sick and usually just grateful for music. But the program suggested covers, and I was, like, You know what? I’m going to try out my songs on these patients.” So I’d be playing not fully formed songs for the patients. But it’s just love, you know, you’re just in there, in that room and no-one’s judging you, I’m not judging their condition, they’re not judging me and it’s really just a beautiful exchange of energy.

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