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Yet, often times throughout the album’s 12-song, 44-minute run time, we also see Imanuel reflect on times where the kids” he mentioned didn’t even know who he was- times of racial prejudice, familial stress, and economic hardships.

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RICH BRIANRich Brian’s debut album “Amen” is scheduled for release Feb. The hazy alt-R&B song, out Thursday (Oct. 3), features Indonesian hip-hop artist Rich Brian teaming up with the K-pop soloist for the first time, and was released through a hypnotizing music video that features the pair as they speed along a motorcycle, dancing together.

On this album, you could tell, like, there are a lot of songs where you can hear, like, OK, this is what this song is about.” It’s a lot more vivid. Some of the songs sound like I was talking almost, and that’s what I aim to do on this album. So yeah, the biggest thing is back then, I didn’t focus on the message I was saying.

It’s not the first time the 88rising artiste has courted viral fame; he first shot to stardom with his music video for Dat $tick which showed him rapping in a pink polo tee and a fanny pack. Rich Brian’s rise is, at its core, the story of an underdog. Yet along with the tale’s inspiring elements exist a few cringe-worthy ones in the mix as well.

Exploration is, well, explored in Slow Down Turbo,” (perhaps the best song on the album), racial prejudice in Yellow,” pride in Confetti,” and even more themes are sprinkled consistently throughout. Yet, throughout the entire story, it seems as though he wants us to understand, just as a sailor does, that one cannot stay in the same circumstances for too long, and with new life experiences comes new character traits and increasing knowledge and humanity. This epic sense of scope and storytelling is what truly elevates The Sailor” to the musical masterclass that it is.

The cover of 88rising’s recent album Head in the Clouds pictures a colorful bunch of weirdos,” as they don’t mind being called. The international media collective’s members are polite and collaborative and don’t exactly embody the self-centered nature you’d expect to come with followings that reach into the millions. They don’t look like the conveyor-belt pretty boys or plastic pop stars that typically hail from Asia. They’re not even all Asian, contrary to the original intentions of label founder Sean Miyashiro. But they are certainly each talented, writing, producing, and recording seventeen tracks that are bold, inventive, striking, and, in a way, revolutionary.

When Rich Brian dropped the first single for Amen on New Years Day, I was hyped. As someone who loved what Brian did on some of his earlier stuff, I couldn’t wait to hear what he could produce for a full-length project. Tracks like Dat $tick ”, Glow Like Dat ”, Chaos ”, Crisis”, Back At It ”, and Seventeen ” were seriously dope and showcased Rich Brian’s potential as a rapper. He mixes up his flows but stays comprehensible in his delivery. He’s certainly no Weezy but his verses are decently clever for a self-taught speaker. He’s also got a great ear for a hook.

That’s dope. That’s dope,” Coles said, adding that he would be interested in rapping on a remix. Coles’ praise helped drive popularity for the song’s music video, which has been viewed more than 84 million times since it was released on YouTube in February 2016.

On Billboard’s Hot 100 Year-End list in 2018, only one song was performed by an Asian person (Finesse” by Bruno Mars featuring Cardi B). Currently, on Billboard’s Top 100 songs list, there is not a single song created by an Asian artist. That’s why I was so excited when The Sailor” was released.

Keith Ape and his Cohort rap crew were so heavily inspired by OG Maco’s U Guessed It” that the Atlanta rapper took offense before he received a portion of the publishing royalties Dat $tick” was Imanuel replicating trap music he had heard online.

Founder Sean Miyashiro’s most current efforts began in 2015, when Park hipped him to Korean rap upstart Keith Ape. Miyashiro helped Ape get a performance slot at Austin festival South by Southwest and became his manager. He also had a hand in having Complex produce and premiere the video for the remix of It G Ma,” which featured Park and fellow rappers Waka Flocka Flame, Father, and A$AP Ferg.

When we first heard of the album and the whole concept of it and how emotional and how authentic it was, we just wanted to help tell that story, how Brian connects with his fan base, not just in the U.S., but also here in Indonesia and Southeast Asia as well. That’s when we really wanted to help tell that story because it’s an incredible journey. And for someone so young to take that step forward and carry everyone forward with him, we have to share that story to the rest of the world.

Well, my goal is to go mainstream—partially because I really want to pave the way for Asian kids to be themselves and be like Yo, this is possible.” We don’t really have someone famous to look up to in the industry right now. I remember when I was a kid, there was this actor from Indonesia who had a part in Fast and Furious, and when I saw that it made me super motivated, and super jealous, and super ambitious. I want to be the person who gives other people that feeling.

The Sailor was recorded over the last year between New York, Los Angeles and Jakarta. The album features singles ” Yellow ” and ” Kids ” which have been streamed over 25 million timesglobally. Album highlights include summer anthem “100 Degrees,” “Where Does The Time Go” featuring 88rising labelmate Joji and “Rapapapa,” which includes a spoken word verse from Wu-Tang Clan legend RZA. The Sailor was executive produced by Brian, Bekon & The Donuts and 88rising founder Sean Miyashiro.

Yang and Brian aren’t so different: Yang has been dubbed the internet’s favorite candidate” because of his devoted online following, and Brian rose to prominence on Vine and YouTube and had a viral debut single come out via SoundCloud. The internet is a powerful tool in 2019, and both fellows wield it skillfully.

He was 16 and silly, innocent but idiotic, but weren’t we all? In most cases, the sides of ourselves that were ridiculous and deserving of ridicule was blessed by the fact they were unknown. We were saved from ourselves before making a damaging mistake underneath the glare of the world. There’s poetic irony in the fact a millennial attention-seeker is becoming the biggest international Asian rapper to reach mainstream success in the States.

It’s a big gamble to have Rich Brian less involved in the production for Amen. On one hand, we could hear a renaissance in Rich Brian’s music through all the collaboration with new artists. On the other hand, it’s easy to take too much outside advice as a young up-and-comer on your first label-backed project and lose creative control of the whole process. Being pulled in different directions by a slew of unfamiliar collaborators and new producers can make it hard to retain your music’s identity.

Before he became besties with Post Malone , and snagged Insta gold with Khalid , GoldLink , and Jaden Smith, Brian Imanuel (as his passport says) really got his start as a social media personality, becoming an online sensation as the self-produced brains behind 2016 viral hit ‘ Dat $tick ‘ (under his former moniker Rich Chigga).

While Chungha has collaborated with many artists, including rappers such as Nucksal and Mommy Son, this will be her first one with an international artist. Rich Brian, previously known as Rich Chigga, has become a force to be reckoned with since his viral music video titled, “Dat $tick” was released in 2016.

Even the select few features, including fellow 88rising label member Joji, blend perfectly with Imanuel’s voice and style, yet add even more depth and flavor. It’s clear Imanuel took the criticisms of his debut album Amen and developed a far more versatile sound and flow, which results in an auditory experience with nary a dull moment.

Right now, the dominant culture of hip-hop comes out of Atlanta home studios or Compton rehearsal rooms. But part of its future is perhaps being made around this long tabletop grill, where a new wave of Asia-based rap music is meeting and collaborating with America’s top talent on its own terms.

I think that’s been our goal since day one; having a platform where there’s a lot of Asian people putting out music and putting out art. When we were first coming out, we came in such a strong way. I feel like I’ve never really seen that happen before. You could feel the presence.

On Curious” Brian slows things down before the final track by rapping over an acoustic guitar instrumental. He reminisces about his time growing up in Indonesia and coming to America, while also reflecting on his personal growth and how far he’s come.

I guess the answer to when I figured out I was funny was when I started to get a lot of followers on Twitter laughs, and how did I figure out the internet so early? It was because I was homeschooled and I just had a lot of time on my hands, and I was on my computer every single day laughs.

The Sailor is about Rich Brian’s growth during that time. Recorded between New York, Los Angeles, and Jakarta, the album is somewhat of a shift from the more hyped-up, trappy music Brian was releasing as recently as just last year. It’s a more melodic, musically expressive album than Amen, with light guitars and dusty boom-bap beats sitting alongside party bangers. With these relatively unexpected reference points, we asked Rich Brian about some of the things that led to this creative evolution. Here are six things that inspired The Sailor.

The point of It G Ma,” along with 88rising’s Rappers React” videos for Imanuel and Chengdu rap group Higher Brothers, was to show how hip-hop’s prosperity gospel is already a universal language. Rich Brian would do well to learn from Gucci’s mistake. If he isn’t careful, Rich Brian’s Amen may very well be his Back to the Trap House.

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