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Tracks like Countin’ Up echo the late 90s golden era of TLC and Missy Elliott, while Rage and Trust Issues percolate with such white-hot boldness, they might be some of the hardest tracks Rico has put out to date.

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RICO NASTYDo you want to see a picture of my car?” Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, aka Rico Nasty, aka Tacobella, aka Trap Lavigne, reaches over the table and starts scrolling through the thousands of photos on her phone at lightning speed. To top it off, she released a track titled “Fashion Week” before the shows began to prove she’s serious about designer clothes and the season’s latest collections. Throughout the casually cocky hit, she name-drops brands like Maison Margela, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Balenciaga, Versace, and YSL.

Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly (born May 7, 1997), known professionally as Rico Nasty, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer. Originating her career from Maryland , Kelly was exposed to rap music at a very young age. Kelly released two mixtapes in 2016:The Rico Story and Sugar Trap. Both tapes gained her notable attention from the media and the general public.

Because these hairstyles are to the rapper, born Maria Kelly, what outfits might be to others: she wouldn’t be caught wearing the same one twice. One night the 22-year-old might be on stage headbanging her ombre aquatic curls, and the next she may be at home, in Maryland, with her toddler son, Cameron, and beaded neon braids clanking across her chest.

A lot of it comes from my mom—from watching her, even with me, stand firm in what she believed in. If my mom was having a bad day, everybody knew she was having a bad day. Even when I used to do bad shit and my mom would punish me, if my mom said a month, bitch I’m punished for a month. Like 31 days, punished. If you tell somebody something, fucking do it. If you have an idea, execute it. If you ain’t going to do it, and you want to complain about everybody else doing it, then shut the fuck up. Just do it. Stop being so fucking scared. That’s why I love the mosh pit so much.

I’m like, what? So, I’m like let’s do it. I instantly flew to Atlanta. I only had a couple days in the studio, and it was just so many people in the studio, and J. Cole, so I was just like, look, you got to pull it together and make as many songs as you can, because one of these songs got to go on a project, and I just was rapping my ass off, and eventually my verse got on a project, and we actually fittin’ to have an unreleased version of the dream deal compilation and it’s four more tracks that’s coming out. I’m on one of those tracks too, so be looking out.

After graduating high school in Baltimore she spent the first few years of her music career cultivating her sugar trap”-sound putting out ‘iCarly’, which became an instant viral hit in 2016, and the single ‘Hey Arnold,’ (later remixed featuring Atlanta rapper Lil Yachty).

Since then, not satisfied with just being another rapper vying for clout online, Rico has created an entire mythology around her persona. One that serves to both leave an indelible mark on current hip-hop culture, and form a deeper understanding of her music for her fans. She calls her music sugar trap” (Sugar Trap and Sugar Trap 2 are also two of her recent mixtapes). In addition to Rico’s gutterral rhymes, she also inhabits Tacobella (her more feminine incarnation for her softer, more sensitive songs) and Trap Lavigne (her neo-emo, punk-inspired persona). Listening to each persona, you could almost believe these tracks were written by a completely different artist.

Mana: For all of us, we really love the song “Curly Adventure.” It was the first time that we worked with an outside engineer, not a Japanese engineer. We worked with an American engineer for that one, and also the sound was very different for us. That was the only one that was different. I think that’s what we really like, that song particularly, it was totally different for us, as something very new for CHAI, something very fresh.RICO NASTY

Yes, we are planning some really big exotic looks this year for Fashion Week I feel like each fashion week comes with bigger and better opportunities, bigger and better shows, and with that the looks have to grow as well. Me and Rico always have to take it up a notch each season, add something new and creative but that will still have that element of awe.

My initial attraction to Rico’s music was rooted in her out-of-the-box influences that ranged from pop to metal. She has essentially created her own genre which she refers to as Sugar Trap”, alluding to the poppy, melodic beats she often raps over.

Aged only 22 the genre-bending DMV-rapper has accomplished more than most of her peers and is quickly becoming a heavy-hitter on the rap scene. Working closely with producer Kenny Beats they’ve carved out her own unapologetic sound spanning punk and heavy metal influences, and she rhymes with relentless rage and a seemingly limitless vocal range.

The set begins. ‘Bitch I’m Nasty’ blasts. The crowd especially animated by, And I’m screamin’, ‘Fuck Trump! Black girls, stand up!’” In his recent essay for n+1, Notes on Trap, Jesse McCarthy invokes Fred Moten’s analysis of black music, asserting that trap is also social music”; this is felt throughout the set – Rico makes social music. The whole show is a cocooned moment of communal joy in an otherwise dystopian reality. The crowd moshes, voices hoarse, tracing every lyric with spiritual commitment. This is a full-throttle out-of-body experience. Rico Nasty knows what she is doing.

When Rico talks about growing up, she often describes being ostracized for her unusual interests and style. Now that she is in public eye, a lot of her stylistic and musical choices are key to her identity as an artist. More importantly, they set her apart from her competition and give her a unique edge that keeps me and countless other fans crawling back for more.

No one sounds like Rico Nasty , and for good reason. The DMV rapper has set the bar for her hometown, and in a new interview with Teen Vogue , Rico basks in that trendsetting. Rico Nasty has released four albums in the past three years, and will begin the Nasty Tour in Australia in January 2020. Her most recent album, Anger Management, was released on April 25.

On an autumnal Monday evening in East London, Maria-Cecilia Simone Kelly, known to her fans as Rico Nasty, enters Birthdays followed by a small and friendly entourage. Down to earth, at first, she blends seamlessly into the crowd.

My fans know that they empower me. When I was on tour, every time I meet them? Genuine connections. I find strength in them because they tell me the shit that they be going through in their own lives and they still make it to the show, still look beautiful, still did their hair. They literally got up, got fucking dressed, despite all the shit they’re going through, just to come to my fucking show. Just to stand around, get pushed and thrown around. I love that. That’s why I’ve never missed a show.

Rico Nasty, a 22-year-old rapper from Maryland, is known for songs like Smack a Bitch,” Countin’ Up” and Poppin.” She was featured as a member of XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class , which highlights up-and-coming hip-hop artists.

Yuuki: Yeah, to be honest with you, we never thought about that at all. We don’t think about whether the lyrics gonna be understood or not. For us it’s more soul, music is universal, and I don’t think you necessarily need a language for people to understand where you are coming from. We just love going out for the fact that the music, the sound is what gets the people and relates with people.

Nasty stole the show at last year’s Camp Flog Gnaw as she stormed Earl Sweatshirt’s set, performing electric guitar standout Trust Issues” from her debut album Nasty. With frequent collaborator Kenny Beats in tote -mentioning his presence with the infectious KENNNYYY” tag – Nasty boasts about her limitless amount of racks, stacking them up as she searches for her next round of California bud.

Yuuki: This album PUNK, it wasn’t based on the genre. It’s actually based on the feelings, the mentality of being, the spirituality of being punk. Living in your truth, not letting anybody dictate how you wanna live your life. We were influenced by a lot of music, a lot of musicians: Superorganism, Justice and ERD. A lot of the musical inspirations have actually played a part in our songs in that PUNK album.

People are like, “How you get all this courage to get on stage?” That’s the same thing I want to ask people that get in those mosh pits. That’s why I like when they do it, because we’re fighting the same battle. I’m scared to get on stage, and stand in front of thousands of people. You see people who aren’t Rico Nasty fans, and you see people who don’t really give a fuck about what you’re talking about. You just have to keep going. You see people looking at you like, “Bruh, this bitch crazy.” Y’all see this stuff I be wearing when I’m on stage. People be looking at me crazy as fuck. And I be seeing them. You’re there, I’m here. It’s just like a mosh pit.

On Saturday night, Rico Nasty took to twitter to detail a racist interaction she had with a man over a parking spot. The 22-year-old rapper tweeted Lmao racist people love being like DID U THREATEN ME ILL CAWL THE COPZ”. A fan had asked her if she had been attacked racially, and that’s when Rico went on to tell her account what had happened.

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