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The release contained “Leave the Night On”, a Top 20 hit on the US Hot Country Songs chart. Thousands of festivalgoers pack into the Palomino stage to watch Lynyrd Skynyrd perform at the Stagecoach country music festival, Indio, Calif., April 27, 2019.

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SAM HUNTIn his new single “Downtown’s Dead,” Sam Hunt, 33, laments that life just isn’t the same since losing his love. I’m gonna suggest devoting ” Hunt ” time to folks who really matter and who ARE writing and playing country music i don’t think we need to give hunt , urban , aldean , maren morris , underwood or countless other main-streamers ANY coverage or exposure whatsoever I trust you ….and i think most folks here know where you’re coming from i think we’d all be happy leaving this to your discretion let’s not give the sam hunts of the genre any more attention there are so many authentic sincere ARTISTS who need the exposure and the ‘buzz’ its seems almost criminal to be giving it to sam hunt and other pop punters.

Sam Hunt first made waves in the Music City as a songwriter, receiving his breakthrough in 2012 when he co-wrote the number one Kenny Chesney hit “Come Over.” Hunt seized on this opportunity and released the single “Raised on It” from a mixtape of original songs called Between the Pines in 2013, which helped give him momentum as a performing artist. Two big songwriting credits arrived in 2014 – Keith Urban ‘s “Cop Car” and Billy Currington ‘s “We Are Tonight” – but so did a contract with MCA Nashville He signed with the label in January and released the digital EP X2C in August. Not much later, “Leave the Night On” – a sleek, R&B-inflected country-pop tune he co-wrote with Josh Osborne and Shane McAnally – was released as a single and it quickly became a staple on country radio, reaching the top spot on Billboard’s Country Airplay chart and getting certified as platinum twice.

Looks like Sam Hunt wasn’t lying when he said new music was coming soon. It’s been about five years since he put out his debut album and while he’s released a single or two since then, no full album. Mark Matejka performs with Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Stagecoach country music festival, Indio, Calif., April 27, 2019.

At Monday’s show, Hunt revealed himself unashamedly pop before he even stepped onstage. The pre-show soundtrack jumbled Bad Liar” in with Daddy Lessons,” sampled Chesney along with Bieber. The introductory track blaring when he came onstage ranged even wider culturally: music from Ray Charles to the Backstreet Boys, spoken word snippets integrating I Have a Dream” with You Might Be a Redneck.” (Hmm.) Calling this dude out as not really country” is as point-missingly dim as complaining about that Game of Thrones sucks because it doesn’t use real dragons.

Sam Hunt left a huge mess behind in country music when he virtually disappeared a few years ago. Perhaps some of the music on his upcoming album will include some more traditionally-oriented stuff. And this is a lead single, which usually represents the worst a mainstream artist has to offer. But the more likely scenario is that Sam Hunt actually thinks Kinfolks” is traditional country. That is how far the perspective has shifted, thanks to performers like Sam Hunt. But country music has shifted too since Hunt released his debut album Montevallo five years ago this month. Similar to his genre bending boys Florida Georgia Line, time is passing them by as acts like Luke Combs and others shift mainstream country’s center more towards roots and substance.

Consider Sam Hunt, who headlined the second night of the annual Stagecoach festival in Indio on Saturday. Sandwiched between a Friday-night performance by Luke Bryan (who’s released six studio albums) and a scheduled Sunday-night closer by Jason Aldean (who’s put out eight), this hunky 34-year-old Georgia native was playing one of country music’s biggest stages on the strength of a single album.

Hunt has said that his musical style-which is a modern style of country that combines pop, hip hop and even some R&B-developed from his time at UAB, where fellow football players listened to all different types of music. While he felt drawn to country music, the style he developed was unique.

While Luke Combs is an incredible songwriter and his ascent has been a quick one, unlike Hunt he is country through and through. He reminded the Stagecoach crowd when he took the Mane Stage just before Hunt he played this same fest at about 2:30 in the afternoon two years in front of about 1,000 people.

Like a persistent venereal rash you think you’ve finally licked, only to experience a severe flare up right before you’re headed out on a hot date, here comes Sam Hunt and a new song screwing up the rally we’ve been enjoying in mainstream country lately thanks to some songs and artists that are actually starting to sound country again.

On top of that, it has helped me realize that country as a genre isn’t, in fact, dead, as I originally thought and many around me have also thought; you just have to look beyond radio, which unfortunately HAS become a dead medium for discovery, it seems, and look directly to the source, which is not the critics but the fans. In my mind, by writing these reviews, it is showing what the fans do and do not want, and it should be taken seriously by any genuine artist.

For much of his set, though, Hunt was less a daring genre-bender than a skilled arena country dynamo, a real jump-on-the-riser, light-up-those-cell-phones go-getter, though with too much chill to come off as a cornball. With their big guitars, bigger drums, and biggest choruses, songs like Leave the Night On” and Saturday Night” look to the weekend as an escape from drudgery but as a youthful triumph over boredom, targeting an audience young enough to not yet equate romance with heartbreak and partying with hangovers – an audience that sold out the Grandstand on the last night of the fair, along with some other fans infatuated enough with Hunt to forget that they were old enough to know better.

MORRIS, JANSON JUMP Maren Morris adds her sixth top 10 on the streaming-, airplay- and sales-based Hot Country Songs chart, as “The Bones” bounds 20-6. Following the arrival of a remix with singer-songwriter Hozier, the song sports gains of 399% to 15,000 sold and 60% to 6.9 million U.S. streams. On Country Airplay, it bumps 34-33 (5.6 million, up 7%).

Festivalgoers walk towards the Mane Stage at the Stagecoach country music festival, Indio, Calif., April 27, 2019. New music from Sam Hunt is finally here, with the singer releasing new single “Kinfolks” on Thursday, Oct. 10.

Sam Hunt will be giving sporadic concerts in 2019. He’s using the time off to write and produce new songs. Fans expect him to announce a new album later this year. If you live in the US, it’s possible that he’ll soon be coming to a stadium or club near you. Check StubHub regularly to find out where and when he’ll be performing. Some of his past concert venues include the Ascend Amphitheater in Nashville, Tenn., the Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Morrison, Colo., and the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles.

Finally, we got the big hits. The singalongable” (Hunt’s word) Body Like a Back Road” (I know every curve like the back of my hand”), has dominated country radio this year, setting a new record for most weeks topping the charts. As vehicular sex metaphors go, it’s sly and playful, and his cool delivery keeps it from getting icky. Take Your Time,” Hunt’s breakthrough hit, got him pegged as Nashville’s Drake” because he slides between a conversational patter and moments of smooth R&B phrasing. Hunt entered the audience during this one, and encountered a ferocious wave of technologically mediated lust as throngs of cellphones shot toward him, dragging their young female owners behind them. They don’t want to tear his clothes off, they just want to take his picture.

While not many specifics are known about her personal life, it’s safe to say that Sam Hunt’s wife, Hannah Lee Fowler has way more to offer than just inspiring the album Montevallo. Jessie James Decker performs on the Mane Stage at Stagecoach Festival in Indio, Calif. on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

Sam Hunt headlined the Mane Stage Saturday night at the Stagecoach country music festival, and rumors of a potential surprise guest that swirled all week unfortunately failed to pan out — at least for now.

Honestly, my car radio is always set to the local country station because I only want to listen to those cute love songs that make you momentarily forget that you are cynical about love – so, thank you for that, Sam Hunt.

It’s been FIVE years since Sam Hunt released his Montevallo album, sending him on a trajectory to superstardom rarely seen. A lightning rod for debate, Sam clearly is not a fan of the spotlight. He’s a normal guy. He got married. He needed time away.

Since then, he’s scored five No. 1 hits and racked up the awards and accolades for songs such as Hurricane,” One Number Away” and She Got the Best of Me,” all of which he put in his Stagecoach set. He also earned his spot, second to headliner, on the Mane Stage in front of 80,000 fans. That fact wasn’t lost on him as he told the crowd five or six guys on stage get to live their dreams every night” because they spend their hard-earned money to come see them perform at things like Stagecoach.

Before he was a country music megastar, Sam Hunt played quarterback for UAB. He was the starter in 2006 after transferring from Middle Tennessee State, and then again in 2007. He graduated from UAB in 2007 with a degree in economics.

Grammy Award-nominee, American Music Award winner and MCA Nashville breakout star, Sam Hunt returns to Gilford NH with his 15 In A 30 tour. Sam has established a name for himself and is one of music’s most talked about young talents. In 2016, Hunt earned his first-ever Grammy® nomination for Best New Artist” and Best Country Album.” He also celebrated his first American Music Award earning the all-genre New Artist of the Year” title and was nominated for four Billboard Music Awards. Also in 2016, Sam wrapped his own headlining tour dates, as well as the Spread The Love Tour” with Kenny Chesney and Miranda Lambert.

Sam Hunt has announced a brand-new song, Kinfolks,” written by Hunt with longtime collaborators Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers and Josh Osborne. Fans sing along as Jessie James Decker performs on the Mane Stage at Stagecoach Festival in Indio, Calif. on Saturday, April 27, 2019.

Sam Hunt returns with a brand new track Kinfolks,” which came out today (October 10th). Hunt co-wrote the new song with Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers and Josh Osborne, it will officially impact country radio on Monday, October 14th. This is the first track from Hunt’s forthcoming new album, which can be expected in the new year and Hunt is currently in the studio finishing up the album.

If that grand gesture didn’t seal the deal, Sam’s subsequent songs, “Drinkin’ Too Much” and the ACM Award- and Billboard Award-winning “Body Like a Back Road,” both based on their relationship, surely did.

Country music is about telling stories, and the story Sam Hunt tells in Kinfolks” is about a guy who literally sees a stranger walking down the street, and shortly after asking her name says he wants to introduce her to his relatives and friends back home. Some free dating advice ladies: if you’re out there prowling the town and some guy pulls this shit on you, slowly slip your hand into your purse like you’re going for the lip gloss, grab firm hold of the pepper spray, and don’t make any further eye contact until the Uber arrives.

Then Hunt took the stage, closing out an evening that also honored Ashley McBryde, Luke Combs, Carrie Underwood, Kane Brown, and Dan + Shay, with his gender-bending rendition of Fancy,” which Reba released to country radio in 1991. It’s since become one of her signature songs.

Shortly after settling into the Nashville scene, Hunt was signed to a publishing deal and started working with some of the top writers in the business. Hunt began to develop his craft and quickly gained recognition as a gifted singer-songwriter.

Kinfolks” will find a robust initial reception from country radio just because it’s a Sam Hunt track. But it’s not 2014 anymore. The whole Chris Stapleton thing happened, and folks are looking for more roots in their country. And regardless of the kitschy name, Kinfolks” just doesn’t have it.

Hailing from rural Cedartown, Ga., Sam Hunt is quickly becoming one of Nashville’s most talked about young talents. After finishing his football career as quarterback for the University of Alabama Birmingham, Sam made the move to Nashville to try his hand at songwriting. Shortly after settling into the Nashville scene, he was given the opportunity to write full-time for a publisher. Using the work ethic and discipline he accrued as a ball player, Sam began to develop his craft and quickly gained recognition as a gifted songwriter.

The hottest concert series this year is coming to Atlanta. The two-day lineup will feature epic performances by today’s hottest musical talents and 2019 CMA Nominees including Keith Urban, Blake Shelton, Eric Church and Luke Combs and Brothers Osborne. Additional performances by top artists including GRAMMY-nominated Sam Hunt; platinum-selling and GRAMMY Award-winning Sugarland; 2018’s Best new alternative rock artist by iHeart Radio Music Awards, Judah & the Lion; singer-songwriters Caylee Hammack and Cale Dodds.

Hunt referenced his 2016 Stagecoach performance, when he brought up a variety of musical guests on stage including Snoop Dogg, G-Eazy and Bebe Rexha. Sam Hunt performs Saturday night at the Stagecoach country music festival in Indio.

Sam Hunt co-wrote his new song Kinfolks,” a song about families. In the meantime, Hunt says his focus will be on making new music. He has been busy writing music for his sophomore album before the tour starts. Hunt wrote “Kinfolks” with longtime collaborators Zach Crowell, Jerry Flowers and Josh Osborne, and the pop-country sound is consistent with the hits Hunt has released in the past.

Initially, Sam Hunt didn’t plan to sing for a living. A native of Cedartown, Georgia, Hunt excelled at sports, specializing in football. His time as a high-school quarterback was acclaimed – he earned a nomination for Wendy’s High School Heisman trophy – and upon graduation, he enrolled at Middle Tennessee State University in 2003. Hunt didn’t play much in either the 2003 or 2004 seasons, so he transferred to the University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2005, where he graduated in 2007. During his time at UAB, Hunt began to teach himself how to play guitar and sing, so when his 2008 tryout for the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t go anywhere, he decided to head to Nashville to pursue a career in music.

During an interview ahead of the festival , Hunt said he hadn’t played a show in about six months but was ready to get back out to party with his fans at the festival. For a first-time headliner, Hunt’s performance was solid. He came out hard with Leave the Night On” and transitioned into House Party,” during which his crew unleashed dozens of giant balloons into the audience, which promptly blew away in the gusty desert winds.

Hunt did have warm, practiced vocals and his live performance is more impressive than his recorded albums, which couldn’t be said for every performer earlier in the day. There are two main differences between Hunt’s live performance and his recordings. The first, is the impressive well-rounded strength of is voice and the second, spontaneous, yet clean, guitar solos.

Fans have eagerly awaited new music from the record-breaking star since last year’s Downtown’s Dead,” the follow-up to Hunt’s 6x Platinum Body Like A Back Road,” and his GRAMMY-nominated, Triple-Platinum-selling debut album, Montevallo.

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