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Smith’s image, which has been liked over 675,000 times on Instagram and over 43,000 times on Twitter , shows them shirtless, hairy chested, with facial scruff, an earring and a tattoo of two men kissing on their left shoulder.

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Sam SmithGRAMMY, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner, Sam Smith, returns to the concert stage in 2018 following the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album, The Thrill Of It All. Also in 2015, Smith penned Writing’s on the Wall” alongside Jimmy Napes as the theme song to the 24th James Bond movie Spectre. Writing’s on the Wall became the first James Bond movie theme to reach No. 1 on the UK Singles Chart. The song also earned Smith a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Original Song. Sam Smith’s second studio album The Thrill of It All debuted at No. 1 on the UK Albums Chart and also became the singer’s first number one album in the United States.

Smith’s debut studio album, In the Lonely Hour , was released in May 2014 on Capitol Records UK 7 The album’s lead single, ” Lay Me Down “, was released prior to “La La La”. The album’s second single, ” Money on My Mind “, became Smith’s second number one single in the UK. 8 The album’s third single, ” Stay with Me “, was an international success, reaching number one in the UK and number two on the US Billboard Hot 100 , while the fourth single ” I’m Not the Only One ” reached the top five in both countries. The fifth single, ” Like I Can “, reached number nine in the United Kingdom. They made their United States debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon , followed by a performance on Saturday Night Live in March 2014.

In 2014, Mr. Smith did something revolutionary. He came out publicly as gay just as soon as his album was released. He was not going to leave the question of his sexuality to guesswork or rumor. He thought this was very enlightened, a gay pop singer just integrated into stardom without the waves and the hand-wringing and the controversy. The handful of out gay pop stars before him — including his idol, George Michael — mostly endured lengthy are they or aren’t they?” periods before they publicly acknowledged that they were gay. Banking on pop stardom as your whole and complete admitted self wasn’t something that happened every day.

Tranter says they and Smith have written some songs together. … I don’t know if they’ll come out, but we had a fing blast together.” But clearly Tranter is having a blast all the time, living their best life and proving wrong all the industry naysayers who didn’t believe in them. In Yahoo Entertainment’s fascinating Spirit Day interview below, Tranter explains why they’re using their fame as a weapon, of sorts, to pave the way for other misunderstood and marginalized musicians.

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For the record, the BRIT Awards hasn’t attributed its 2021 plans to Smith’s recent announcements. Sam Smith is also related to fellow singer-songwriter Lily Allen and Game of Thrones actor Alfie Allen, both of whom are his third cousins.

A person who identifies as gender nonbinary is someone who is neither masculine nor feminine, but rather a cross between the two, neither or even more, essentially not conforming to any of society’s idea of what is male or female. They are also sometimes identified as genderqueer. While a transgender person can be nonbinary, most are not. Being gender nonbinary is not the same as being intersex nor does it have anything to do with the sexual organs one is born with.

Smith’s next hit was again via a featured role on another artist’s song: Naughty Boy’s Bollywood-inspired “La La La.” With Smith’s lead vocal, the song became an instant No. 1 single in the UK in the spring of 2013. In the fall, Smith released their first EP, Nirvana, on which listeners were treated to an acoustic version of “Latch.” A few months later, in February 2014, Smith was again at the top of the UK singles chart with “Money on My Mind,” and in May 2014, their full-length debut, In the Lonely Hour, was released in the UK.

Smith provided several resources for people interested in educating themselves on the non-binary and transgender communities, including GLAAD, the Human Rights Campaign, Stonewall UK, “Queer Eye” star Jonathan Van Ness and actress Laverne Cox, among others.

What an amazing night! The musicians, the design of the stage, the song arrangements and of course, the wonderful way in which Sam Smith makes the whole experience so intimate for each person without forgetting to make us come together while singing his songs.

Samuel Frederick “Sam” Smith (born 19 May 1992) is an English singer-songwriter. He rose to fame in October 2012 when he was featured on Disclosure’s breakthrough single “Latch”, which peaked at number eleven on the UK Singles Chart. His subsequent feature—on Naughty Boy’s “La La La”—earned him his first number one single in May 2013. In December 2013, he was nominated for the 2014 Brit Critics’ Choice Award and the BBC’s Sound of 2014 poll, both of which he won.

That’s also when the singer, who identifies as feminine and came out as gay in their teens, revealed that they identified as nonbinary and genderqueer, but said at the time that they planned to still use male pronouns.

The 27-year-old British singer, who recently changed his pronouns to ‘they and them’ after coming out as nonbinary, was snapped locking lips with an unknown partner at Quadz, a 24-hour gay club, last month.

This EP was followed by Smith’s much anticipated full length album In the Lonely Hour”. This album contains the immensely popular hit Money on My Mind” and Smith’s most successful single to date Stay With Me”. The latter song has made it into the top 10 single charts in 12 different countries including a number 1 spot in the UK and a number 2 spot on the US Billboard’s Hot 100. Smith has performed this song on several television shows including Saturday Night Live, Good Morning America and on the David Letterman show alongside Mary J. Blige. Blige also appears on an alternative version of the single. This single has also been herald by many other performing artists and has been covered by Chris Brown, Charli XCX, FKA Twigs and even Vin Diesel. In promotion for In the Lonely Hour” Smith embarked on a American headlining tour in the Spring of 2014, playing to multiple sold-out venues.

He realized two things. One was that he was ready to make a second album. The other thing was that coming out as gay wasn’t enough. He now understood that every visible gay person still had a leadership role. He now understood that he wasn’t operating on his own, but that he lived in context to a community whether he’d realized it or not. No, having come out as a gay singer, he realized it was now time to come out as a gay man.

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Smith has come out as gender nonbinary. Distinctively emotive, soul-inspired vocalist Sam Smith has been among the most commercially successful artists to arrive during the early 2010s.

Smith has since joined the James Bond canon of movie vocalists with his orchestral single “Writing’s on the Wall” for Spectre. Co-written with Jimmy Napes, the song became a No. 1 single in the UK. “Wall” received both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award in 2016, with Smith dedicating his Oscar win to LGBT communities across the globe.

But when Sam Smith came on stage, the audience exploded! With his strong, unique voice he brought us to smiles and tears. He did some danceable songs, and asked to sing with him, like in the songs “Like I can”, “La la la” and “Money on my mind”. He talked about the stories behind the songs, his past and his homosexuality.

I’m actually very hopeful right now. I’m hopeful for many reasons. I’m hopeful because of Lil Nas. I’m hopeful because of Sam Smith. I’m hopeful because a lot of corporations and entertainment companies are really stepping up to the plate to make sure that diverse stories are being told. There’s still a lot more to do, and a lot more diversity needs to exist in every part of entertainment, but people are trying to step up, and that makes me hopeful. The whistleblower makes me hopeful. Young kids that I work with make me hopeful. But I think there’s a lot of joy coming, a lot of light coming, but the fight to get there might be the hardest thing that I have ever seen.

And it was all totally fine, even when it wasn’t, even when the first boy he had a crush on said nasty, homophobic things to him that still make him cry. But he had a lot of friends. There were no other (openly) gay boys. He fell in love with straight boys. He could barely picture a future when one of them would look back at him with lust or sexual curiosity, let alone love. And still he was happy. He grew comfortable in his longing. People sometimes made fun of him, but so what? He understood who he was. He thought that if you know who you are, and if you’re confident in that and you don’t make a big deal of it, people will accept you.

He had been trying. Lord knows he’d been trying. He wanted to be open with the world; he wanted to share his truest self. He wanted to be known. His only goal with his music is to get closer and closer to who he really is, even though that’s sometimes hard when you’re in your young 20s. He’s 25 now. He is trying to bare his soul. But a 25-year-old soul can be a volatile thing. He doesn’t always know how to articulate what he thinks. He doesn’t always realize the implications of what he says. It feels to him like every time he opens his mouth, he gets tased. The soul can be sloppy is his point. The soul can be under construction. Please pardon his soul’s dust during renovations and maturing and figuring things out. This is new to him too.

When Sam Smith has toured in the past, he’s performed in cities throughout North America, Asia, Europe and Oceania. In addition to two solo tours promoting each of his first two albums, Sam Smith has also performed in at least a half-dozen music festivals, including several Lollapalooza festivals.

It was during this freewheeling period that Sam began to work on his new album, ‘The Thrill Of It All’, released today (November 3). Although aimed squarely at the mainstream, with big, swooping choruses that showcase his vocal acrobatics, it’s a record that sees him explore new musical terrain and subtly provocative lyrics. A gospel influence runs throughout the record. This is only hinted at by the soulful lead single ‘Too Good At Goodbyes’; standout album tracks ‘HIM’ and ‘Burning’ positively soar with jubilant gospel choirs and powerful religious iconography.

Sam moved to London when he was 19, having spent most of his adolescence in Cambridgeshire. Although he’d come out at 10, he didn’t really meet many gay guys” until he relocated to the city. Then, when it became apparent that ‘In The Lonely Hour’ was poised to make him very famous indeed, he chose to discuss his sexuality in an interview with music magazine The Fader.

Sam knew they were gay, they said, for as long as they could remember. They suffered bullying at school and were shocked to find that even in London—close to gay communities—they were subjected to homophobic attacks. These negative experiences, combined with an inherently emotional nature, inform their songwriting and delivery. The soulful, beautifully rich tone of their voice and the subject of the lyrics ‘speak’ to many people and have led to their success.

Sam Smith arrives at the 2014 American Music Awards in Los Angeles, California. The newly out non-binary and genderqueer British singer has no time for the haters.

is a 27 year old British Singer. Born Samuel Frederick Smith on 19th May, 1992 in London, England, United Kingdom, he is famous for his song Stay With Me. His zodiac sign is Taurus.

IN THE LONELY HOUR” was a little more than a half-hour crying jag about longing for a man — a straight, married one he was in love with whom he never so much as kissed. Nearly every song was about this: Stay With Me,” the sad song about wanting a man to stay even when it’s clear he’s not in love; Good Thing,” the sad song about deciding that he’s stayed too long waiting around — that one begins with a vision of him getting mugged outside the man’s door and dying in his arms like Éponine. And, on the deluxe edition of the album, a cover of Whitney Houston‘s How Will I Know?” which was not a sad song until he sang it.

Throughout their teenage years, Smith studied music while hitting the books at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire. They looked for inspiration in such soulful artists as Aretha Franklin and Stevie Wonder while keeping a close eye on their future in the music business.

In September 2017 Sam’s single ‘Too Good at Goodbyes’ , the lead single of their sophomore album, was released. It topped the charts in their home country and reached the top five in the U.S. It has accumulated over a billion views on the streaming service, YouTube. In early November, their album ‘The Thrill Of It All’ managed to top the official charts of eleven countries.

Yet the AP did not follow its own style guide in the Smith report — a story that existed solely to talk about their pronouns. Crucially, many news outlets across the United States, and world, rely on republishing the AP and, given staff and time restraints, likely did not fix this obvious error.

Sam Smith is one of the most famous and clebebrated openly gay singers in the world. Yes, most of his songs are about heartbreak and broken relationships, but his voice is too amazing to ignore. He rose to fame in 2012 after his breakthrough single “Latch” peaked at number 11 on the UK Singles Chart.

The thought of this inaccurate report spreading made me sick. Not only did it delegitimize non-binary folks — part of a group facing discrimination from the government, in education and employment, housing and more — but also it failed to educate cisgender readers (people who identify as their gender assigned at birth) on Smith. In this, the AP and other outlets with similar reckless reporting gave credibility to people who purposefully ignore who they are.

The soulful musician also acknowledged that there would be many mistakes involving misgendering, but asked that people please please try” to use the chosen pronouns.

That newfound confidence can have pitfalls. Take last year’s Oscars ceremony. Sam won Best Original Song for ‘Writing’s On The Wall’, the James Bond theme he co-wrote for 2015’s Spectre, and dedicated the award to the LGBT community all around the world”. Unfortunately he also implied, incorrectly, that this was the first time an openly gay man had ever won an Oscar. He’d read an article in which Sir Ian McKellen bemoaned the fact that no openly gay man had ever been named Best Male Actor at the awards ceremony. As many said on social media, it seemed Sam had misread the quote and ploughed in without checking the facts, thereby – unwittingly – undermining the achievements of others before him.

Smith would go on to make another guest appearance, which would prove important to his career. He showed up on Naughty Boy’s single La La La”. This track rose all the way to number 1 on the UK Singles Chart in 2013. The same year Smith put out his first EP, which was entitled Nirvana”. The EP contained an acoustic version of Disclosure’s Latch” as well as Together”, which was another Disclosure related effort and also a work containing a contribution from Nile Rogers of the disco group Chic.

I think the new frontier of the fight is just about accepting people on a spectrum… whether that’s the spectrum of sexuality or the spectrum of gender — the idea that those things can be fluid, that bisexual men actually do exist. Like, do I want to transition genders? No. But have my whole life have I only identified with the female perspective and only looked up to the female perspective and worshiped the female perspective? Yes. And has my mother called me “she” half of my life by accident? Yes — and I take that as the greatest compliment ever. I want to be able to live in this space where I love my femininity and don’t need to put rules on it. For people who do want to live on the binary, whether they are cisgender or transgender, that is fing amazing. There are a lot of us who live in this non-binary world, and I think that’s definitely the next thing to try to help the planet understand.

And then two, to any artists out there who’s afraid of being political: If the dream was just to write songs and have people hear them and you don’t want to get involved, that’s fine… except when people’s basic human rights are being violated. LGBTQ people are at threat of losing their jobs. Families are being separated at the border. Black people are being killed by the police. If you have any sort of platform and you are not going to speak up about these issues, that’s disrespectful. That is irresponsible. In a time that we’re living in now, if you’re not speaking out against this, you are speaking for it.

Sam Smith was first introduced to the world on Disclosure’s Top 10 hit “Latch” in 2012. Smith’s 2014 debut studio album, In The Lonely Hour, provided the impetus for his U.S. success, with both the album and the third single released, “Stay with Me,” reaching No. 2 on the charts.

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