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In June 2014, Nickelodeon released My Brother & Me: The Complete Series as a two-disc DVD, giving a new generation of viewers and longtime fans of the show an opportunity to relive the magic that the show captured during its short, yet unforgettable run.

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SaweetieDiamonté Harper (born July 2, 1993), better known as Saweetie, is an American rapper and songwriter from Hayward, California. Saweetie’s cousin, Zaytoven, was a record producer. They grew up together. Zaytoven later produced a number of tracks for Saweetie’s first major EP, ‘High Maintenance.’ Some of the tracks of this album were also produced by Hassan, Cash Money AP, and by Saweetie herself.

Sometimes when you’re too present, people think they know what you’re going to deliver. Exactly, and me being out here recording, all my producers I flew in from Nigeria. It’s not like I left my team. The whole team is here, so people ain’t really heard the music. Back home, in my studio, it’s like everybody comes through, so I can imagine recording my album back home, four or five of the songs would have probably leaked already.

Honestly, my dad has always been so cool. He always taught me the game and let me do my thing from a young age. I feel like that’s why I wasn’t a wild kid, he didn’t raise me like no little girl. He raised me like a little boy and he trusts. He put me on, and was one of the first people to hear my raps. And he used to be like ‘You’re boring.’ You got lyrics but you ain’t got no character. He has always been my teacher, and one of my best friends. I love him and he’s supportive. He saw that I had a passion for music. His homeboys would come over to play dominoes and he would call me down to rap for my friends. He would put me on the spot, and that kind of helped me come out of my shell.Saweetie

But being a rapper has been the dream since she was 14, spinning lines she had written in front of her high-school friends in the Bay Area of California and realising she might be good. She perhaps could have got somewhere in sport, having been offered volleyball scholarships, but feeling that, at 5ft 6in, she was too short to go far.

Saweetie: The trendy yet affordable pieces that I am providing is very important because I was that kid in high school who didn’t have all the money to buy everything that I wanted to wear. I think it’s dope that we’re giving people the chance to ball out on a budget. Because sometimes we have important things to pay for like… bills. I wanted people to be happy with their purchase and get what they paid for, which is good quality material that they can wear anywhere.

Drake is the modern rap superstar. His songs have been streamed billions of times, millions of people follow him on social media and he’s a fashion icon. Musically, he is unafraid to switch up his style, with plainly emotional lyrics defining his output, both rapped and sung and a sound that is always setting the vogue – his obsession with UK grime and how he’s incorporated this into the US sound is a fine example. He’s only going to get bigger as time goes on.

It’s crazy because just a year ago I was struggling, and I had so many interviews at Cedar Sinai and offers from other hospitals to take medical jobs. But my mom was definitely indifferent for a bit, just like any other Asian mom would be laughs. She was supportive but she would worry. But after she saw “Icy Girl, she was sold. I think she just wanted to see that I was serious, but I was kind of nervous at the same time. We know Asian parents can be a bit ‘Tigery.’ Her concerned-parent vibe just came from her loving me and wanting me to have a better life than her. But once she saw that I was following my passion she was all in. Now she calls me like everyday rapping my lyrics.

Her track went viral, and from there, the dominoes started to fall. She was signed to Warner Bros. Records. The ICY GRL” music video has already garnered over 80 million views. Her debut EP High Maintenance” came out in March 2018, and featured her breakthrough track and two songs with her boyfriend, rapper Quavo.

Those artists come from the places I come from,” he said of the ban. In instances like this, you have to separate the art from the incident. Clearly these artists come from different pasts—they talk about it in their music. But the point of the music is to transition out of that.” Many of the artists like Cassanova and Don Q spoke out against the NYPD’s influence in the festival.

Originally penning poetry, Harper — who’s better known as Saweetie — performed her first ever rap in her Algebra II class and was inspired by her classmates’ praise to keep writing. After that, it was her best friend coming over every weekend and hopping on her bed, adamant to hear her next song, that kept the fire burning. It was dope to have people that were interested in what I was writing and that gave me the motivation to write,” she reminisces over the phone from Washington DC.

Harper’s aspirational decree, eventually titled Icy Grl,” become a viral sensation on Instagram and turned the rapper, who performs as Saweetie (a pet name bestowed by her grandmother), into an overnight sensation.

This in spite of some provocative and sexually explicit lyrics that are at the same time empowering and brow-raising. As the hook delivers in an almost double-dutch beat: Rich n-, eight-figure, that’s my type!” The chorus became a TikTok call to action, then climbed into the Top 10 at the Urban format and now sees momentum building at Top 40. Boosting My Type” mid-run was a standout remix with Jhene Aiko and City Girls, bridging the gap between R&B and hip-hop. And adding to Saweetie’s own public profile, she recently hosted a show at New York Fashion Week to debut her new collection, PrettyLittleThing Accompanied by performances from Lil Kim and Ashanti , it served as another testament to Saweetie’s old school R&B roots.

It’s strange that Saweetie waxes upon the importance of feeling and emotion, then presents herself as unflinching, blank Teflon. But there’s one moment during the interview when she cracks. She’s asked why she raps so much about getting ready; her lyrics often tell the story of her showering, putting makeup on, smoking weed and drinking Hennessy while doing her hair. She laughs with such emphatic ha ha’s” and hee hee’s” that it almost sounds like she’s in pain.

Saweetie credits her stylist, Sankara Xasha Ture McCain , with helping her bring these visions to life. “Each night was a special night because my vision would come to life and each outfit was made by an up-and-coming Black designer,” she states. “I was proud to support my people while looking fly on stage.” Sankara was instrumental in building, sometimes piece-by-piece, the looks for Saweetie.

Polo G is currently one of the hottest young rappers in the game right now. The release of Die A Legend earlier this year helped him break out into the industry with a formal introduction. It’s only been a few weeks since the release fo his last single, “Heartless” but now, he returns with a brand new freestyle over Saweetie’s breakout single.

Saweetie is an American rapper and songwriter best known for her song ‘Icy Grl.’ She is from Hayward, California, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is Filipino, and her father is African-American. In her teenage years, she developed a keen interest in music. She started writing music at the age of 14. She ventured into rap music after graduating from the ‘University of Southern California.’ She began posting her short rap videos on ‘Instagram’ in 2016. Soon, she tasted success. Her fan base increased after one of her videos became viral. The video showed her rapping on the beats of Khia’s classic ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick it),’ which was later released as ‘Icy Grl.’ The video received unanimous appreciation and fetched around 10 million views on ‘YouTube’ till March 2017. Following the success of the video, she released a freestyle rap album on March 16, 2018.

In an interview, the rapper even admitted that Cole had influenced her mind to a great extent. According to her, he had also played an important part in her life and had motivated her to rap.

At a time when Cardi B can hit No 1 in the US and Nicki Minaj has just released her latest blockbuster album, female rappers are prominent. She shouldn’t struggle to be taken seriously. Yet she’s still in the minority and her looks haven’t always been a positive. She told the website Genius: When you’re normally networking, it’s with men. And they claim they want to help you and work with you, but when it comes down to it, they want to go on dates.” On her song Too Many, she complains of too many snakes”.

Already fighting off critics because of her stunning looks and lack of musical catalog, Saweetie still doesn’t see any of the chatter as road blocks and is currently preparing her debut EP. This proud college graduate sees the present day as the perfect time for her to get settled in hip-hop. She praises today’s reigning female rap stars like Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, all while hoping to have her name synonymous with the aforementioned after she rightfully pays her dues.

After all, when Saweetie recorded Icy Grl,” she was juggling a bunch of odd jobs,” pinballing from one sketchy Craigslist-rented room to the next – I pushed stuff up against the door when I slept,” she says – and filming 15-second raps in her car to post on Instagram.

Before Saweetie’s song “ICY GRL” became a viral sensation that landed her a deal with Warner Bros. Records, it was an aspiration—or a prophecy. Freestyled over the beat of “My Neck, My Back,” “ICY GRL” tells the imagined story of Saweetie’s rise to a life of fame and luxury—but she wrote it at a time when she was, in her words, “really broke” and uploading Instagram videos of herself rapping in her car.

During NYFW , Pretty Little Thing made its way to the Big Apple to celebrate its newest collection with rapper, Saweetie. Although its show was on the same day (and time) as high-end designers like Tommy x Zendaya and Pyer Moss, the brand brought out a packed house. Performances from Lil Kim, Ashanti, and Quavo and a packed front row that included Fat Joe, Remy Ma, Kehlani, Jasmine Sanders, Offset, and more A-list celebrities warranted for a successful NYFW debut from Saweetie and Pretty Little Thing.

In 2010 Nicki Minaj hopped on a track, Monster, with Kanye West, Jay-Z and Rick Ross, dropped a verse, and destroyed them all. For many, it was an searing introduction to a rapper who would dominate pop music, fashion and social politics for much of this decade, repeatedly breaking down barriers for female artists in the scene. Everything she does is bold, fearless and distinct – whether that be her eye-popping stage attire or her expertly delivered lyrics, which stare gender and race dead in the eye. She’s been hugely commercially successful, too, dominating the Billboard 100 – no other female rapper in history has charted more times than Minaj.

SAWEETIE: My first song, ICY GRL,” is platinum and My Type” is gold. Idris Elba is in the Art of the Wild lineup at Wynn Las Vegas and rapper Tyga performs at Jewel Nightclub in this week’s nightlife roundup.

From comfy to casual, the rapper includes that there will be 50 + pieces to chose from. If the collection is anything like Saweetie’s style, we will be purchasing everything from the Saweetie x PLT collection.

Saweetie: Yeah, I’ve been writing since I was 14, and I was originally just doing poetry and open mics at my school. But then Nicki MInaj came out, and I was like ‘Oh sht,’ and I loved her. I thought I could writer poetry I could write raps, and that’s really how I transitioned into making music.

Icy Grl” and My Type” rapper Saweetie performs her hit songs Saturday at Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay. Doors open at 10:30 p.m. Tickets start at $20 for women and $30 for men ( ).

KIM: You remind me of me. One of the things that I love that you adopted into your routine is the whole girly cheerleader thing. It’s so sexy. And then you were doing this dance at one show, you were doing this little butt move, and it was the perfect butt move because it was something I would do. When you recorded My Type,” did you like the beat right away? When Puffy brought me No Time,” I hated that freakin’ record.

Glance through the comments section of any of Saweetie ‘s social media platforms and you’ll see a flood of glowing praise. “My bae is so perfect,” one fan comments under a picture of the rapper holding a bottle of Hennessy. “QUEEN,” another writes, in response to one of Saweetie’s tweets. Emojis sporting heart-eyes and tears of joy currently saturate her feeds.

Saweetie drew inspiration from female rappers and posted her short raps on ‘Instagram.’ She had no idea that one of her songs was going to be so popular that she would become a celebrity. When her rap video on the beats of Khia’s classic ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick It)’ became viral on the internet, she became an overnight internet sensation.

Saweetie released her major label debut, High Maintenance, on March 16, 2018. It is composed of nine tracks and was produced by CashMoneyAP, Nyrell, and Saweetie’s cousin, Zaytoven. The single, “Icy Girl” was certified Gold in June 2018, for sales of 500,000 in the US. “Icy Grl” quickly became well-known and thus Saweetie gained a lot of fame. Saweetie released her second major label EP, Icy”, On March 29, 2019.

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