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SaweetieCalifornia rapper and style icon Saweetie’s tour outfits are my type ! With his 1994 classic, Illmatic, Nas announced himself as one of New York’s finest talents. A master rhymer, he made it fashionable to be lyrical, with incredibly dense bars and unerring delivery. The rest of his discography is mixed, albeit with a number of undoubtable high points, such as his clear-eyed, fearsome 2001 album Stillmatic but it’s that debut album that is still held up as an icon of what it means to be a rapper from that part of the East Coast.

Is Quavo about to make girlfriend Saweetie his wife? The Migos rapper and the ‘ICY GRL’ rapstess have been dating for less than a year, it sounds like wedding bells may be on the horizon.

When Saweetie walked into my office … I felt she had all the makings of a true star — the voice, the musicality, the charisma, the confidence,” recalled Warner head Tom Corson, who made Harper one of his first signings when he joined the company earlier this year.

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Honestly, my dad has always been so cool. He always taught me the game and let me do my thing from a young age. I feel like that’s why I wasn’t a wild kid, he didn’t raise me like no little girl. He raised me like a little boy and he trusts. He put me on, and was one of the first people to hear my raps. And he used to be like ‘You’re boring.’ You got lyrics but you ain’t got no character. He has always been my teacher, and one of my best friends. I love him and he’s supportive. He saw that I had a passion for music. His homeboys would come over to play dominoes and he would call me down to rap for my friends. He would put me on the spot, and that kind of helped me come out of my shell.

What are your thoughts about seeing really large artists pay so much homage to the afrobeats sound? I mean some people find it offensive, but I actually don’t. I mean, first of all, people in Africa do hip-hop, right? So you can’t come and say these people are taking our sound when we have artists back home doing trap, doing all these things. I feel that everybody should feel free to do what they want to do, but maybe it won’t hurt to evolve. Like, I feel like it was nice how Swae Lee had Tekno produce that record for him and Drake, stuff like that. And they have more of our producers more involved in the sound because those are the ones who really know how to get the sound. Yeah, I think the producer side needs more shine but apart from that, doing afrobeats is for everybody. Any artist is free to do any kind of music they want.

Initially, her follow-up was slated for a November 2018 release, but Saweetie is taking her time, releasing a handful of singles before letting the full project loose.

If Herc is the father of hip hop, then Afrika Bambaataa is one of the godfathers. He founded the Universal Zulu Nation collective and, inspired by Herc to start his own similar DJ parties, he took those breakbeats and ran with them – first, to the clubs of downtown New York, where they proved hugely popular, and then even farther afield. Along with the Soulsonic Force, an ensemble Bam founded, he released the seminal Planet Rock in 1982, which injected electronic dance energy into hip hop’s funk, and was in many ways a precursor to the Nineties-era obsession with the music of George Clinton.

Saweetie: Yeah, I’ve been writing since I was 14, and I was originally just doing poetry and open mics at my school. But then Nicki MInaj came out, and I was like ‘Oh sht,’ and I loved her. I thought I could writer poetry I could write raps, and that’s really how I transitioned into making music.

Unlike her idol Ashanti, who opted to pursue her career over attending Hampton University, Saweetie enrolled in San Diego State University and later USC while remaining fully devoted to her music.

Throughout her career, Saweetie has racked up over100 million cumulative plays, partnered with many brands, including Fashion Nova and Beats, released her own ICY” jewelry collection, and modeled for numerous magazines. Saweetie is pushing the boundaries of a modern-day working woman as a multifaceted talent. Above everything else, one of her most captivating projects is the release of her latest EP, ICY.

She pleased her parents by putting music to one side to finish her degree. Mum and Dad, long since separated, didn’t disapprove of the rapping, though. Her mum was once an aspiring actress who appeared in music videos for songs by LL Cool J and R Kelly. Her dad rapped for fun and is a close friend of MC Hammer.

She released her debut EP, High Maintenance, which gained critical acclaim all over the world. About a year later, she released another EP, Icy, with the major label.

It’s what she’s good at, anyhow, and why her ICY GRL ” freestyle blew up so readily in 2018. Icy, the EP, functions in much the same respect, with Saweetie using her cutting, precise flow to explain just how bossy she is and how much further she’s planning to go. Driven by an all-star production cast that includes Buddah Bless, Hit-Boy, and Murda Beatz, Icy is a fun re-introduction to the element that primarily made Saweetie a star in the first place: Her energetic, confident, and convincingly-delivered rhymes. While the production is a step up from the popular instrumentals she built her reputation on, as well as those of her 2018 debut EP, High Maintenance , the main attraction rhymes her santoku-sharp delivery.

A graduate of California’s USC with a major in Communications and a concentration in Business (plus a 3.6 GPA and full scholarship), Saweetie came out of the gate armed with an understanding of the wild world known as the music industry. It also helped her interacting with all different personalities. Communications gave me the confidence to communicate with people and hold a conversation,” she says.

The American rapper commanded attention in a revealing sheer mesh dress after talking to the catwalk for her PrettyLittleThing x Saweetie Show at New York Fashion Week on Sunday evening.

Then came Saweetie — storming the stage in a custom, sparkling ruby-hued set by Angel Brinks — who treated spectators to energetic renditions of her viral hits “Icy Grl” and “My Type,” the latter of which peaked at No. 21 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart this summer. Earlier in the evening, the California native and USC graduate (born Diamonte Harper) chatted with The Hollywood Reporter about preparing for what she called a “dream” gig and becoming a fixture at NYFW as her star quickly ascends.

Those artists come from the places I come from,” he said of the ban. In instances like this, you have to separate the art from the incident. Clearly these artists come from different pasts—they talk about it in their music. But the point of the music is to transition out of that.” Many of the artists like Cassanova and Don Q spoke out against the NYPD’s influence in the festival.

But for Saweetie, juggling multiple jobs while attending school and building her rap career sounds crazy, but when you’re actually doing it, it’s not that bad,” she says nonchalantly.

Once she warms up a bit she’s nowhere near as intimidating as her imagery suggests. Her 1.1 million Instagram followers get the high gloss of her LA lifestyle as the physically striking daughter of an African-American father and a mother of Filipino and Chinese descent. The video for ICY GRL, watched more than 54 million times on YouTube, is all palm trees, waist-length platinum hair and giant fur coats. But there’s a small clue in the line: Looking in the mirror I thank God for what I’m about to be.” Until very recently, this has been a case of faking it till you make it.

Without the resources to get to a real studio, Harper improvised by recording herself rapping into her phone. She soon started filming herself rapping quick freestyles over popular songs and posting the clips to her Instagram. Those car raps,” as she called them, grew her following and Harper continued to lean on social media to build and engage with her fan base.

Saweetie is a 24-year-old Bay Area rapper who accrued a following on Instagram in response to videos of her spitting over classic rap beats. This past October, her remix of My Neck, My Back,” entitled ICY GRL ,” exploded, launching her into the national spotlight. Eight months later, the video has racked up 46 million plays and counting. Saweetie has since signed a record deal with Warner Bros., who released her debut EP, High Maintenance, on March 16. For fans of her car freestyles, the EP took Saweetie’s well-known wit and charisma and covered it in a veneer of polish and opulence. For intrigued converts from ICY GRL,” the EP proved Saweetie to be a true spitter with surprising range.

The 25-year-old Bay Area vixen has had a whirlwind 2018 following that moment. Her critically acclaimed debut EP ‘High Maintenance’ arrived in the spring, led still by the charge of the infectious ‘ICY GRL’.

After her college graduation, Saweetie started focusing more seriously on her rap career. She took on the nickname Saweetie because that’s what her grandma called her.

Saweetie, best known for “Icy Grl,” hails from Hayward. With so much to do, it might seem like Saweetie wouldn’t have time to write music. But she found her muse in an unexpected place — her daily commute.

Saweetie is an American rapper and songwriter best known for her song ‘Icy Grl.’ She is from Hayward, California, and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Her mother is Filipino, and her father is African-American. In her teenage years, she developed a keen interest in music. She started writing music at the age of 14. She ventured into rap music after graduating from the ‘University of Southern California.’ She began posting her short rap videos on ‘Instagram’ in 2016. Soon, she tasted success. Her fan base increased after one of her videos became viral. The video showed her rapping on the beats of Khia’s classic ‘My Neck, My Back (Lick it),’ which was later released as ‘Icy Grl.’ The video received unanimous appreciation and fetched around 10 million views on ‘YouTube’ till March 2017. Following the success of the video, she released a freestyle rap album on March 16, 2018.

For those who don’t spend hours per day on the internet, they might think the only female rappers in the industry are Nicki Minaj and Cardi B But the truth is that the rap game has expanded exponentially. One of the most promising artists to land on our radars is Bay Area rapper Saweetie — thanks to her infectious breakout single ” ICY GRL” The song, which is a freestyle over Khia’s 2002 hit “My Neck, My Back (Lick It),” went viral in 2017, propelling Saweetie to stardom and earning her praise from some of the most legendary artists of all time. In just a matter of months after the song’s release, she signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records and created her own label, Icy, which shows that she’s definitely one to keep an eye on.

West Coast, East Coast—Saweetie is the real deal. We’re talking the back of the classroom, kicking freestyles during Algebra real deal. It would be easy to write off Saweetie as another viral flash in the pan, but her core is pure hip-hop. Interview after interview, she has assured fans of her desire to really rap, and her influences speak for themselves: 2Pac , Nicki Minaj , Foxy Brown And while these influences pepper her work, the callous-meets-quirky tones that mark Saweetie’s sound are all her own.

The 25-year-old is on a flying visit to the UK to perform two songs at Mayfair nightclub Tape London, record a track with 2016 X Factor girl group Four of Diamonds and promote her imminent new single, Up Now.


The 25-year-old West Coast rapper got started by recording 15-second raps on Instagram which went viral. She gradually flipped into followers and views, and eventually a budding rap career.

At a time when Cardi B can hit No 1 in the US and Nicki Minaj has just released her latest blockbuster album, female rappers are prominent. She shouldn’t struggle to be taken seriously. Yet she’s still in the minority and her looks haven’t always been a positive. She told the website Genius: When you’re normally networking, it’s with men. And they claim they want to help you and work with you, but when it comes down to it, they want to go on dates.” On her song Too Many, she complains of too many snakes”.

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