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Flame wars across the twitter-sphere. While renting out his charter boat to drunken tourists, Baker obsessively chases a mythical tuna. You see, Baker, Patrick’s father, actually died years before in Iraq.

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serenity movieIf there’s anything that you might already know about the new Matthew McConaughey movie Serenity, it’s that it contains a big twist. While I can’t whole-heartedly recommend going to see this film — the first hour, i.e. when it’s still trying to hide the fact that it’s a video game, is a drag — I can’t imagine that there’s a single other movie coming out this year that will match it for how utterly unbelievable it is. That alone makes Serenity worthy of distinction, despite how impossible it is to figure out exactly what audience the film was meant for. A movie that swings wildly for the fences and misses is infinitely more memorable than one that never tries.

Written and directed by Steven Knight (the talent behind Cronenberg ‘s Eastern Promises screenplay and the writer-director of Locke ), Serenity is a film of two equally disappointing halves. The first looks to revamp the tropical crime thriller, a heady cocktail of sun, sex, subterfuge and sailing, in a modern milieu. The second takes the premise into a whole different unforeseen zone of madness while still playing on familiar noir themes of fate and destiny. Either way, the film misfires on practically all levels, wasting an A-list cast, some intriguing ideas and big ambition on a story that is deeply flawed, and over-sincere but under-cooked.

44. Baker Dill and his ex-wife, Anne Hathaway, finally get down to business. He gave her a pinch of D and then agreed to kill her husband, the evil John Connor. Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway in a boldly preposterous noir. Dill soon begins to realize that he and the other inhabitants of Plymouth Island are merely artificial intelligence characters created by his own son. Nevertheless, he decides to go along with the objective of killing Frank.

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So, genres. Second up, after the man-versus-fish adventure, and not-at-all spoilery, we have film noir: Baker Dill’s (McConaughey: Gold , Sing ) slinky, sultry ex, Karen (Anne Hathaway: Ocean’s Eight , Colossal ), shows up outta nowhere and offers him ten million dollars in cash to kill her mobster husband, Frank Zariakas (Jason Clarke: First Man , Winchester ). She has a sob story about how Frank beats her and sexually abuses her, and how he treats Karen’s son, tween Patrick (Rafael Sayegh) — who is Baker’s biological child, not that he’s seen the kid in years — like dirt. Karen proposes that Baker take Frank out fishing, get him drunk, and push him overboard to swim with the fishes.

Matthew McConaughey’s character has an existential crisis when he discovers that he is the protagonist in a video game. Serenity features a stellar award-winning A-list cast. You have Oscar winners Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, and Oscar nominees Djimon Hounsou and Diane Lane.

In the opening scene of the mind-numbingly bonkers Serenity, a wild-eyed Matthew McConaughey, as the skipper of a boat with the titular name, pulls a knife on the paying customers” he has taken out fishing from his home base of the vaguely Caribbean-ish Plymouth Island,” because he thinks they’ve got on their line the Beast,” the giant tuna he is absolutely obsessed with catching. He needs to be the one to catch it, and he will cut anyone who gets in his way.

Serenity is a difficult movie to review because of the twist without giving everything away, but suffice it to say it shares more of its DNA with The Sixth Sense and The Matrix and even last year’s awful Kin than with Chinatown.

You might also wonder why all the other townsfolk were so against Matthew McConaughey killing Jason Clarke, or whether they have missions of their own, or why Jeremy Strong turns out to be a personification of The Rules,” or why it was significant that he was always a few seconds late, or why a kid would design a game which would allow him to watch his father fucking Diane Lane for money, or whether Matthew McConaughey’s actual consciousness lives on within this computer simulation, or whether this is all just a complicated way for a grieving child to engage with the memory of his father. I would urge you not to wonder too hard, because you are not going to find out. But please join me in congratulating It was all a computer simulation” for having beaten it was all an autistic child’s dream” and it was all a deathbed hallucination” as America’s Hottest Lazy Way To Pull The Rug Out From Under An Audience.

Then what is it? Well, McConaughey, playing the role of Baker Dill (anagram for ‘Bad Killer’, yes, seriously) is a very nearly broke fisherman. He is even turning tricks for Constance (played by Diane Lane) to make ends meet. But along comes Karen Zariakas (Anne Hathaway), Baker’s ex to enlist him in the role of schmuck. Why? Because Karen’s current husband, Frank Zariakas (played by Jason Clarke, from Knight of Cups ), is a total and complete douche. A rich douche, but a douche all the same. And so Karen needs Frank to die, and who better to make that happen than her ex-husband Baker? And so she attempts to rope him in however she can. But it might be their boy, Patrick, that Baker might be swayed by the most in this equation. But we’ll just to see what happens on this front.

Let’s recap: Serenity stars Matthew McConaughey as a video game character trying to commit a murder in a game that would be rated E for Everyone if not for all of the boning going on in it. 2. Matthew McConaughey’s character (I don’t know his name yet) seems to be fixated on catching the same fish that Jesus used to feed all those people. It’s a big-ass fish.

She dumped Baker but kept their son Patrick (Rafael Sayegh) when she married this creep; now she’s back, admitting her mistake, and wondering if Baker would be interested in sailing Frank out to sea and leaving him there to bond with the sharks. There’s $10-million in it for him, if he’s interested.

Billed as a neo-noir thriller, Serenity” also involves large tuna; unsexy sex scenes; domestic violence; murder for hire; McConaughey’s butt; and a bonkers plot twist we can’t write about without spoiling everything. And as of Friday afternoon, it had a 21 percent Rotten Tomatoes score , based on 68 critic reviews.

McConaughey, 49, plays Baker Dill, a fishing-boat captain down on his luck, and Hathaway, 36, is a woman named Karen who suddenly walks back into his life. Baker Dill is a fishing boat captain leading tours off a tranquil, tropical enclave called Plymouth Island. His quiet life is shattered, however, when his ex-wife Karen tracks him down with a desperate plea for help.

Yet to try to imagine Serenity in either lane is to almost instantly render it totally unwatchable. The fun of the camp is that it’s not self-congratulatory; the knowing winks are spread so far apart that the audience seems encouraged to hoot and holler at it, rather than with it, while still removing the sheen of mean-spiritedness that can accompany such experiences. But if Serenity were self-serious, it would be absolutely unwatchable. Instead, it finds a balance in the middle, and gives the impression that all involved — Knight, McConaughey, and Hathaway in particular — are testing the boundaries on either side, seeing how far they can go. The result is a hell of a watch, even if it’s not all that well-made. Serenity somehow simultaneously has no idea and knows exactly what kind of movie it is.

There are thrillers that hold on to their twists under lock and key, and then there’s Serenity, a torrid noir enigma so in love with its underlying, insane concept it simply can’t wait to tip you off. Approaching it in spoiler -free fashion is hardly worth the trouble, since the movie spoils itself , littering its own path with increasingly ridiculous clues.

Concerned for the welfare of his son, Patrick (Rafael Sayegh), who lives with the new couple, but distracted by his Capt. Ahab-like obsession with catching an elusive giant tuna, Baker wavers over whether to accept. Duke, who is shown to be an active member of his Catholic parish, offers sound moral guidance.

I’ve never written a review before, so be kind! I went to the theater this afternoon to see Serenity with friends and low expectations. I left feeling good about it. I thought it deserved a better review than it was getting. The plot twist did not take me completely by surprise, but I found it very easy to believe. The Anne Hathaway character, who I thought was very poorly written, made much more sense when I realized that a 13-year-old boy had created her. The visits to Diane Lane’s character reminded me of having to collect coins in other games to continue play. The movie was fun to discuss with my friends and I’m sure I’ll be thinking about it for quite a while.

Anne Hathaway is one of those movie stars who is constantly getting flak. She’s known as one of the most hated stars in Hollywood, and yet no one really knows the reason for this. With the right role, whether that’s Andy Sachs in The Devil Wears Prada or Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises , she can be a fantastic actor.

And from here on out it all leads towards one inevitable conclusion, which is the death of Frank at the hands of Baker and Karen. Frank heads down to the docks for $10 tail, and gets all busted up. Karen and Baker have sex on the boat, because, of course, they do. And it’s up to Karen to convince Frank that he still needs to go fishing even after his head is all busted up. And it’s ultimately up to Baker to get past all the things tempting him away from killing Frank. Ultimately he does it by belting Frank in with the big tuna finally on the line, and ultimately Frank triple gainers into the water. But that death actually doesn’t even matter, because it didn’t really happen. No? Well, no, because we are living in the bowels of a video game dang it. I told you already.

This film comes from writer-director Steven Knight, whose previous film Locke was a highly engrossing drama with just one main character seen on screen for most of its runtime, and who was nominated for an Oscar in 2003 for his screenplay for the intriguing thriller Dirty Pretty Things. This script and concept, unfortunately, don’t hold a candle to either of those or his recent screenplays, instead presenting an idea that might have seemed cool on paper but fails completely on screen. The twists that come to explain why events are playing out as they are end up being far from believable or coherent, sinking a film that is already flailing. This mystery isn’t worth following down the rabbit hole, as what’s waiting to be discovered is both overly simplistic and almost laughable. Six seasons on the island featured in Lost included their fair share of questionable revelations and demanded frequent suspension of disbelief, but nearly all of it was more credible than what’s at play here.

This film noir set on an island starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway takes a bizzare turn. Reviews are in for the Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey-led thriller “Serenity” and critics thoughts on the movie are decidedly less serene.

However, as Baker gets drawn into a dark plot involving Karen’s husband Frank (Jason Clarke) and a mysterious corporate suit Reid Miller (Jeremy Strong) is endlessly pursuing him, he comes to find that on the island of Plymouth nothing is as it seems.

There is an entire cottage industry of films, made mainly in the 90’s and early aughts that seemed to rest firmly in the noir film space. (Including, I might add, the movie Unfaithful which Diane Lane acted it – making her part in this movie all the more mind blowing.) And that is what this movie is playing off of. It seems like a trite, kitschy, paint by numbers movie that is too cookie cutter for even Hollywood’s standards. Which is what alerted me to a twist coming right out of the gate. There has GOT to be more to this movie than meets the eye.

As I mentioned at the outset, this movie is being trashed in the news and in reviews left and right. McConaughey and Hathaway signed on to do a promotional tour for the movie. But at the last minute the movie’s promotional efforts were all scrapped by Aviron Pictures. But the actors find themselves in a bind. They can’t let the movie’s twist slip. And yet, the trailer makes the movie look like the epitome of stupid. So they are stuck in this horrible rock and a hard place dilemma.

From the creative mind of Oscar nominee Steven Knight comes a daringly original, sexy, stylized thriller. Baker Dill (Matthew McConaughey) is a fishing boat captain leading tours off a tranquil, tropical enclave called Plymouth Island. His quiet life is shattered, however, when his ex-wife Karen (Anne Hathaway) tracks him down with a desperate plea for help. She begs Dill to save her – and their young son – from her new, violent husband (Jason Clarke) by taking him out to sea on a fishing excursion, only to throw him to the sharks and leave him for dead. Karen’s appearance thrusts Dill back into a life he’d tried to forget, and as he struggles between right and wrong, his world is plunged into a new reality that may not be all that it seems.

At last, only 2 details… first, The very first scene of the movie is the camera entering the boy’s eye, and reaching the island to start the movie. When I saw it, I already started to thinking that it was all happening inside of somebody’s mind and something was going on… but my mind exploded anyway when I figured out that it wasn’t, but in fact it was a real programmed game developing as the story was being told, with the boy with those conflicts closed in his bedroom.

But then another newcomer, traveling salesman Reid Miller (Jeremy Strong), who has been chasing Baker since the beginning of Serenity,” finally catches up with him and introduces a weird plot twist meant to upend audience expectations and perceptions.

The quiet life of Baker Dill, a fishing boat captain who lives on the isolated Plymouth Island, where he spends his days obsessed with capturing an elusive tuna while fighting his personal demons, is interrupted when someone from his past comes to him searching for help.

His life takes a turn, however, when his ex-wife and mother of his child suddenly turns up. A femme fatale with unfortunate blonde hair, Karen (Hathaway) is here to offer Baker $10 million to kill her current husband, the abusive Frank (Jason Clarke). The proceedings are supposed to have a beach noir” haze, but it all comes off weirdly stilted, with McConaughey and Hathaway smoldering right past each. It feels more like a high-end YouTube fanfiction video than a Hollywood blockbuster.

The grand meta-plot crashes in the door midway through the second act, and blows its load suddenly and all at once. We are literally served up a character whose sole purpose is to break the twist to Baker. After some rough housing from Baker, this mysterious prophet spills the beans with zero nuance, and the film ruins itself at a blistering pace. Then (as to pull a rug over the vomit) the film has Baker questioning the prophet’s proclamation for what seems like eternity (Eternity would’ve been a more apt title upon further thought) regardless of the blatant signs plastered all around him.

McConaughey plays Baker Dill, a renegade ex-pat that takes tourists out to fish tuna. He’s also harbors a Moby Dick-esque obsession with a giant fish he calls Justice. If that sounds like a painfully obvious thematic motif, then you would be spot on. Baker’s fixation with the creature frequently jeopardizes his excursion business, which puts himself in financial potholes. Then enters the most elementary conflict possible: Our protagonist is broke, and needs to make personal compromises to become rich. Baker’s financial salvation arrives in his ex-wife Karen (Anne Hathaway) who has married up to possibly a construction tycoon (this is my best guess).serenity movie

One of the places he likes getting naked is with one of the rich island ladies (Oscar-nominee Diane Lane), who he has sex with regularly in exchange for money when he doesn’t make enough to put fuel in his boat. Which is quite regularly. We really can’t overstate just how much McConaughey gets his butt out in this movie.

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