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Still, the shortcomings in Wes’ songwriting ability are evident on this track: Outside of the bridge, Wes barely does more than repeat and slightly alter the central refrain to fit his message.

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SHECK WESGrowing up in Harlem, 19-year-old rapper Sheck Wes used to spend his summer days hooping at the renowned Kingdome and various leagues around New York City. Wes initially set his sights on a career in basketball. Around the age of 13, he started to take basketball seriously — a decision he credits for making him more lenient in life and in music. By the time he was 16, his hoop dreams on the back burner: he signed with a New York modeling agency, and performed in his first show a day later.

After Goldlink’s Justine’s Interlude ” freestyle, it became natural to understand that the DMV rapper had a thing for Justine, and definitely something against the Mo Bamba rapper. The relationship grew and became obvious to the public.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has decided not to take a case against New York City rapper Sheck Wes , due to’śinsufficient evidence,’ť according to a new r eport from TMZ. The rapper, who is best known for his hit Mo Bamba,” won’t face any charges for allegedly abusing Justine Skye , his girlfriend at the time, at the Montrose Hotel in West Hollywood.

Harlem rapper Khadimou Fall, professionally known as Sheck Wes, is known for not playing by the rules. Today, a rap recorded in 20 minutes can go from internet obscurity to a Drake-approved club smash. The artists Sheck Wes, 16yrold and Take A Daytrip show us how they did it.

The first five songs, including the standout Wanted,” are all bursts of energy that few artists today can match. The tracks also outline much of what becomes Wes’ signatures on the album, in the ad-libs on songs like Mudboy” and B—h,” as well as his references to himself in the third person.

Throughout the album, we learn about the insane last three years of Wes’ life, in which he was stuck in Africa. He tells the story of his mom being concerned about his behavior, so she decided to send him to Senegal and take away his passport. She made him stay there until a religious leader he had to meet with every day believed he was ready to come back home.

Mo Bamba” was described by Interscope Records A&R Sickamore as this generation’s Smells Like Teen Spirit.” It is a bombastic, melodic-yet-corrosive record that many listeners, at first, love to hate but eventually, hate to love. The 20-year-old Harlem rapper showed promise on this track with his unique moans and catchy ad-libs, turning it into a sleeper hit a year after its initial summer 2017 release.

In the meantime, it’s fun to watch his rise. Anytime a New York rapper catches fire, that rapper seems to elevate the whole city in some strange chemical way, and we can see that happening in Sheck’s joyously chaotic Wanted” video. A few months ago, Sheck was announced as the opening act on Travis Scott’s big fall arena tour, which also features Trippie Redd and Gunna. That tour started last week, and Sheck already feels like the second-biggest star on the bill. That’s a quick ascent and a great story, and maybe we need to start casting that biopic now.

Point 3 is the most important. A contract and, at the very least, a retainer (even given the time frame) are essential. If it was that important to produce the music video so quickly, then the artist or his manager should make the deposit before production began. Even in a worst-case scenario, production could happen, but no editing of the footage would be done until payment had been made.

There’s a truthful story being told as Wes creates music to mosh to. For a debut album, there is great content and some important lessons embedded. However, Wes tweeted that he executive produced the album himself, and while there are highlights, being his own executive producer makes some moments feel amateurish — he is still a rookie. If he had help from Travis, Kanye or Mike Dean, some of the underwhelming moments in the latter half of the project may have been brought to a higher level.

Chippi Chippi” is a show of starpower for Sheck Wes, who handles the whacked-out and harrowing production with an attractive flavor of irreverence. The hushed swagger of his delivery ensures he doesn’t get lost behind the busy beat. Sheck Wes is clearing a space for himself on the track, and owning it with ease.

Justine Skye named rapper Sheck Wes as her abuser in a Twitter post on Monday. The singer, model and actress previously opened up about domestic violence she endured in a former relationship but hadn’t identified her alleged abuser.

Mo Bamba” caught the attention of Travis Scott, Drake, and Kanye West, earning him a deal with Scott’s Cactus Jack Records. Wes has also gained a tremendous amount of support from Drake, who brought him out as a frequent guest on his Scorpion Tour.

Sheck Wes is a 19-year-old chart topping rapper from Central Harlem in New York City. He grew up on 116th Street and Lenox, right in the heart of a neighborhood that has come to be known as Le Petit Senegal” The area has been rapidly gentrifying since the early 2000s, but even today if you walk the area surrounding 116th street you can pass a plethora of stores run by a largely Francophone population of African immigrants, serving Manhattan’s uptown population. African restaurants, tailors, bakeries, Islamic centers and music shops were once regular fixtures in a neighborhood now filling up with condos and coffee shops. Wes’s father is a tailor (who once worked for legendary hip hop stylist Dapper Dan ) and his mother a hair braider in the area. Their community’s story is an important lens through which to understand African immigrant culture that is not yet widely recognized.

Sheck Wes dropped a trash album, had his hit single coopted by art school white boys, and is now stalking a woman he abused and had his friends jump one of the most likable rappers out. The Sheck Wes Didn’t Like Our Music Video, So We Made This” has gone on to garner over a million views on Youtube and has blown up on Reddit and other online filmmaking communities.

Wes is one of a few artists signed to Cactus Jack Records, a record label founded by Travis Scott in 2017. Being under the wing of one of today’s hottest rappers, Wes is establishing his identity and making a name for himself in the world of hip-hop.

Life-affirming and melodic Chicago-kid rap music should’ve gotten boring by now. It has not. The rappers involved are too good. No wonder college white boys who roofie girls drinks love sheck wes. I’m still in the projects! That’s why I did the Mo Bamba” video there.

Last year, Sheck Wes experienced a fast rise to fame after dropping his debut album MUDBOY Since then, he’s been busy working the fashion circuit by curating Nike’s Inaugural NYC Editions Program and being the face of GUESS and Infinite Archives’ collaborative campaign among other things. But last night, the rapper got put on blast online over a video that Ridge Production posted on their YouTube channel.

The energy of the overall album is high but there are some songs with more eerie production. The beat on the single, Chippi Chippi,” sounds like it comes from the part of a scary movie where the climax is building, and in a sense this is sort of true. Wes is rapping about wanting to leave wherever one is at and to go get high, and is actually a shout out to another one of Sheck’s friends, Ali Ba. The track is a fantasy of escaping a reality, which is something that is very real when living in a tough environment. Meanwhile the track Danimals” is a slower song on the album that basically talks about how much Wes doesn’t care about opinions, and refuses to be put into a box.

Named for Mohamed Bamba , an N.B.A. prospect who grew up with Sheck and shared his African heritage, Mo Bamba” features a beat by the producers Take A Daytrip (Denzel Baptiste and David Biral) and 16yrold (Jerry Cruz), who met online and decided to collaborate for the first time last summer at Take A Daytrip’s Soho studio. A looped keyboard melody, some deeply distorted bass and a simple drum pattern was all it took to inspire Sheck Wes, whose improvised, mantra-like chants rounded out the song’s lo-fi punk spirit.

The sixth track on the LP, Never Lost,” provides a brief respite from the overwhelming energy permeating the beginning of the LP. The low-key track, produced by WondaGurl, who has worked extensively with Travis Scott, features breathy singing and rapping by Wes, who croons longingly about his upbringing in Harlem. Wes raps about how he started slipping into crime and how his mother sent him to Senegal, where his family is from, to reform himself. The months Wes spent in Africa clearly had a significant impact on his life, as they are mentioned multiple times throughout the latter half of the LP.

Make no mistake: the high points of the 20-year-old rapper’s debut can be almost entirely attributed to the producers. Mudboy is a producer’s project. Each deafening kick, 808, snare, synth and obscurity like the techno kit at the end of Gmail” or the synthesizer riff on Fuck Everybody” carries the Harlem rapper through and holds him tight for as long as it can. Ultimately, Sheck seems unable to let go, and it’s obvious.

To some, this might sound arrogant. A 19-year-old rapper signed to two of the biggest artists in the world is perhaps expected to behave more like a student, rather than the teacher. Yet there’s an unshakeable feeling when listening to Sheck Wes’s music that this confidence is merited.

James Baldwin once famously said, To be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a constant stage of rage every time.” At this point, quoting someone like Baldwin might read as cliche, but Sheck Wes seems to understand this mentality in a way that feels different than most in this new generation of rappers. There’s something to be said about growing up in New York City, and dealing with the misconception that because it’s a big city, there’s tons of access to everything—when in reality, most people, generationally, never leave their block—let alone their borough. To grow up in this city of opportunity”—where people are living grand, lavish lives at the opposite end of your trainline—is a major disconnect. For many, this dystopia” has existed long before a man named Donald Trump sat in the Oval Office.

However, it is the aptly titled Fuck Everybody,” two songs later, which serves as emotional climax of the album, the moment in which the anger that courses through MUDBOY finally comes to a head. Sheck Wes, backed by a buzzy, dangerous-sounding synth, practically screams his verses, railing against all the doubters, all the fake friends, and all the forces that have held him down and gotten in his way. It is a fittingly unruly catharsis for a tense album.

For Sheck, a first-generation American born to immigrant parents from Senegal, he’s made decisions his parents didn’t always understand. His mother sent him to Touba, where she grew up, and stripped him of his passport unable to return to Harlem without the approval of a religious leader. The story of his 100 days abroad is told on Jiggy on the Shits,” the most introspective track we’ve received from Sheck Wes so far. He transports the listener to his 17-year-old self, where he even spits a verse in Wolof, a language of Senegal. By the tail-end of MUDBOY, there’s an overpowering nonchalance found on tracks like Fuck Everybody” and Danimals.” Both hooks are a middle finger to the roadblocks, both systemic and tangible, he’s still trying to overcome.

Roc Nation singer and model Justine Skye accused rapper Sheck Wes of physical abuse on Monday, with the 23-year-old claiming that the rapper, whose real name is Khadimou Rassoul Cheikh Fall, and his associates stalked Skye and her friends before assaulting her friends. The 23-year-old described the alleged attack on Twitter, with Fall later denying the claims.

The singles employed a similar formula to that used in Mo Bamba” with their never-ending motifs and aggressive display of Sheck Wes’ distinctive personality; this already began diminishing his novelty, however, as listening to each song started to feel like a chore. Sheck Wes seems to use these annoying synths, constant ad-libs and high-energy vocals on every track.SHECK WES

Apparently, Justine Skye was walking with her current boyfriend, Goldlink, and some friends before they were attacked, while Sheck Wes was in a nearby getaway car. This incident sparked Skye to bring up previous occurrences of Wes’ alleged abuse.

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