SHECK WES – Singer Justine Skye Accuses Sheck Wes Of Stalking And Abuse

With his piercing eyes and slender, lanky frame, Sheck Wes has a distinctive look, one that resulted in him being scouted by a modeling agent while riding New York’s subway a few years ago.

sheck wes age mo bamba – Justine Skye Gets Restraining Order Against Sheck Wes

SHECK WESLast Friday, Sheck Wes dropped his debut album, MUDBOY.” The featureless album includes 14 tracks, all of which document Wes’ life and his newfound fame. Sheck Wes’ height is 6ft 2in. He has an estimated net worth of $500 Thousand USD. Sheck Wes does not consider himself to be a rapper, but an artist. His first rap name was Kid Khadi. While living in Milwaukee, he was a member of a rap group called Milyorkers. Growing up, he used to hustle DVDs, mixtapes, and forged license plates. The idea of always traveling sparked his interest in basketball. His experience in Africa has drastically changed his outlook on life. His Instagram account has +520k followers and his YouTube channel houses another +185k subscribers. Sheck Wes’ girlfriend and romantic affiliation are currently unknown.

Either you’re stupid, you don’t understand, or you just don’t care. Paid for what? Paid for what? You think this shit just happens? I get you don’t like the video, but it still took work to make it. Then I went on to describe to him what we should have been paid for—six guys, all our lights, my RED, a $60,000 camera with all my lenses, the generator, I have a 15 passenger van that we brought out with the whole crew… You think that’s all just free? You think we’re down to do that for free for the almighty Sheck West? I got better shit to do.

Make no mistake: the high points of the 20-year-old rapper’s debut can be almost entirely attributed to the producers. Mudboy is a producer’s project. Each deafening kick, 808, snare, synth and obscurity like the techno kit at the end of Gmail” or the synthesizer riff on Fuck Everybody” carries the Harlem rapper through and holds him tight for as long as it can. Ultimately, Sheck seems unable to let go, and it’s obvious.

It’s a David and Goliath scenario where Universal can do whatever the fuck they want and Sheck can do whatever the fuck he wants, but people should get paid for their work. Sheck and I were talking back and forth last night, and he should’ve just been like Oh shit, you guys didn’t get paid? Let me try to figure that out tomorrow. Can you guys just delete the video?” I’m a video artist, but I was in music so I get it. I’m not trying to be vindictive, I’m really not.

Sitting on a leather couch in a plush hotel in London’s Soho, his sharp gaze transfixed by a poppy plant (that’s where opium comes from”) on the glass table in front of us, Wes is far away from the projects where he was raised. The son of Senegalese immigrants, Sheck Wes had a disrupted childhood, splitting his time living with his dad in Harlem and being with his mother, who owned a hair salon in the mid-west, out in Milwaukee. He says he’s always been rooted in the ghetto, and that lyrics about being able to hold cockroaches in the crib” are based on a humble day-to-day reality.

Major League Soccer issued a statement on Tuesday morning that it was removing the rapper Sheck Wes from marketing materials promoting the upcoming 2019 season after the musician was accused of domestic assault.

We’ve learned the “Mo Bamba” rapper won’t face any charges for allegedly beating his ex-girlfriend last summer at the Montrose Hotel in West Hollywood. According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the L.A. County D.A.’s office is rejecting the case due to a lack of evidence.

Mo Bamba” is a track named after Orlando Magic and former Texas Longhorn center Mohamed Bamba. He grew up playing basketball with Sheck and in this song, Sheck compares his experience as an up-and-coming rapper being targeted by labels with Bamba’s experience as a high school recruit being hassled by colleges.

The second half of the album again pivots back to Wes’ upbringing and time in Africa with the personal track Jiggy on the S—s.” On this track, Wes makes the standout choice to rap the majority of the bridge in Wolof, the native language of Senegal, speaking about how his mother left him in Africa with no identification or passport. Wes also points out that no other rappers switch up their languages in rap. Still, the shortcomings in Wes’ songwriting ability are evident on this track: Outside of the bridge, Wes barely does more than repeat and slightly alter the central refrain to fit his message.

Sheck Wes is a 19-year-old chart topping rapper from Central Harlem in New York City. He grew up on 116th Street and Lenox, right in the heart of a neighborhood that has come to be known as Le Petit Senegal” The area has been rapidly gentrifying since the early 2000s, but even today if you walk the area surrounding 116th street you can pass a plethora of stores run by a largely Francophone population of African immigrants, serving Manhattan’s uptown population. African restaurants, tailors, bakeries, Islamic centers and music shops were once regular fixtures in a neighborhood now filling up with condos and coffee shops. Wes’s father is a tailor (who once worked for legendary hip hop stylist Dapper Dan ) and his mother a hair braider in the area. Their community’s story is an important lens through which to understand African immigrant culture that is not yet widely recognized.

Another song in which Sheck Wes ekes out just the right amount of personality is the shocking third track Gmail,” with its rattling drums, perfectly subdued vocals, amazing flow, rapid-fire synths and amazing outro all coming together to make a memorable hit with endless replay value. It is unfortunate that the few tracks after this one do not come even close to replicating its charm. Sheck Wes seems to have all the talent and taste required to make great songs, but he lacks the quality control and creative cohesion required to produce consistently great bodies of work.

Singer and model Justine Skye has been speaking openly about being a survivor of abuse since the fall, first revealing her story in an Instagram post marking Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Though she’d talked about the situation publicly and even released a music video centered on the topic ( Build” ), she had declined to name her abuser. Speculation abounded that the man in question was Sheck Wes , and now Skye has confirmed that the Harlem rapper is indeed the target of her allegations.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney has decided not to take a case against New York City rapper Sheck Wes , due to’śinsufficient evidence,’ť according to a new r eport from TMZ. The rapper, who is best known for his hit Mo Bamba,” won’t face any charges for allegedly abusing Justine Skye , his girlfriend at the time, at the Montrose Hotel in West Hollywood.

MUDBOY is Wes’s first full-length album and a highly anticipated follow-up to Mo Bamba” that, for the most part, lives up to the hype. It possesses the same dark, brutal energy that characterized Mo Bamba” and the handful of other singles Sheck Wes has released in the run-up to the album, then builds off of them, crafting a refreshingly raw, genuine coming-of-age story for the barely-20 rap sensation.

After sharing screenshots of old text messages, in which she told a friend she was “fking terrified” and locked in a room while Wes was outside of her home “breaking things,” Skye additionally uploaded a video of Wes entering her property. “Are you going to lie now and say this is not you too?” she tweeted, along with a video of a man who appeared to be Wes jumping over a gate.

The thing I loved most about Carroll’s whole story was how implausible I thought it was. With high school basketball becoming an increasingly professional enterprise, the idea that someone could run wild through the underground while still playing ball, and doing it well, felt absurd. Well, apparently it wasn’t. Because the story of Sheck Wes, the 20-year-old Harlem rap phenom who is currently well on his way to becoming a star, has some strange parallels. Sheck Wes was a high-school ballplayer and a friend of Mo Bamba, the Orlando Magic center and the sixth overall pick in this year’s NBA draft. Bamba gave his name to Mo Bamba,” Sheck’s breakout hit, thus giving himself more rap visibility than plenty of guys who have played in the league for a decade-plus.

However, it is the aptly titled Fuck Everybody,” two songs later, which serves as emotional climax of the album, the moment in which the anger that courses through MUDBOY finally comes to a head. Sheck Wes, backed by a buzzy, dangerous-sounding synth, practically screams his verses, railing against all the doubters, all the fake friends, and all the forces that have held him down and gotten in his way. It is a fittingly unruly catharsis for a tense album.

Sheck Wes says unpredictable artists” such as Kid Cudi, Lil B (He created the internet fandom thing in rap right now, he’s crazy bro!”) and Wu Tang’s Ol Dirty Bastard, all of whom rarely spit conventional verses, are among his biggest influences. These are real free artists, they are unfiltered and that’s what I am too. They are rebels, who don’t care about their appearance!” Yet, ironically, Wes’s entrance into the entertainment industry was completely rooted in exactly that.

His upcoming debut, Mudboy, is shaping up to be a moving coming-of-age tale. I make music for anything, ns can run to this shit or cry to it, it don’t matter,” Wes said, detailing his album. It’s gonna have all of the crazy shit, all the chill shit, shit where I’m telling my story.” If Wes can continue delivering basement party-ready soundscapes laced with dark storytelling and the realities of coming into your manhood, he’s going to be a New York and hip-hop mainstay.

I really like that question, what do you hope to gain from all this? It’s hard to answer that, but I guess for lack of a better word, more of what we’re doing. More eyes on what it is that we’re doing because we’re not just creating content for other people. We’re trying to build our own platform, and we have a lot to say. I have a lot of artists on my team, and we’re having fun, but we should be getting paid for our work. We’re all very talented, and I really believe in my guys, I value them. I wish that these artists value that too, and I’m sure a lot of them do. Sheck Wes has a lot to learn, and I think that this situation is going to bring some humility into his life, which is something that he could benefit from greatly.

As Wes began building momentum with his music and fashion, his mother sent him to live in Touba, Senegal, where his passport was promptly confiscated by his older brother. Informed that he’d need a religious leader’s approval in order to return home, Wes first resisted his surroundings, but eventually had a shift in perspective and discovered a deep love for his family’s homeland. By the time he headed back to New York, 100 days later, Wes felt a new sense of purpose and a determination to empower others with his music.

The atmosphere created by Sheck Wes is one few modern trap artists can match. The cohesiveness of the album is readily apparent and unparalleled by many of his up-and-coming contemporaries. His lyrical deficiencies are made up for with stellar production, and initial fears about the lack of features are quickly remedied by Wes’ dynamic song styles on the LP. Among the most fun and eclectic trap releases of the year, the solid debut album Mudboy” solidifies Wes’ place in the rap industry and assures his status as more than just another one-hit wonder.

Chippi Chippi” is a show of starpower for Sheck Wes, who handles the whacked-out and harrowing production with an attractive flavor of irreverence. The hushed swagger of his delivery ensures he doesn’t get lost behind the busy beat. Sheck Wes is clearing a space for himself on the track, and owning it with ease.

After he chose music over ball, Wes started ‘śliving this wild lifestyle’ť which led his mother to send Sheck to Senegal to get his mind right. Once back in the States, Sheck started getting everything he ever dreamed that he would achieve from basketball’”but not in the way he originally planned.

I had a meeting with a friend of mine who worked at Nike at the time, and I was just talking to him about all my frustrations with the labels that were sold after me, the managers, the people, all the real and fake. And, how my phone won’t stop ringin’. I went to the studio right after, 16yrold invited me to the studio with Day Trip, and we all started making this beat and then we made the beat. I was like, Alright I’m gonna rap on the joint.” And I rapped on it, and then I, my friend Mo Bamba, who was a draft pick, asked me to put his name in the song or somethin’. But, then I started freestylin’ but I was freestylin’ about all the people callin’ me, and I guess it was just what I was talkin’ about, and I was frustrated about and I made this one-take freestyle about Mo Bamba and how I’m like Mo Bamba, like I’m a athlete. I was being recruited the same way as athletes do. So, that’s why I compared it.

Point 3 is the most important. A contract and, at the very least, a retainer (even given the time frame) are essential. If it was that important to produce the music video so quickly, then the artist or his manager should make the deposit before production began. Even in a worst-case scenario, production could happen, but no editing of the footage would be done until payment had been made.

Sheck Wes is exceptionally savvy and cerebral. I’m talking about some shit!” Wes told Pitchfork The high replay value of his music smoothes over the sucker punch of his messaging, making him all the more accessible without sacrificing meaning. One thing I did for Kanye is just rap a lot of my songs without the beat; I was teaching him shit, and he was teaching me shit,” he continued.

I consider us the modern day response to this Internet culture because a lot of production companies that have this old-school way of thinking where they need to do the pre-production meeting, and there’s the AC and the DPD, it’s just all this fucking bullshit that basically is preventing them from doing shit in a quick way. My phone is blowing up right now. I have a bunch of friends that are in this industry, and they’re just like, Dude, it’s the best thing ever, what you did.” I don’t think like a video guy, I think like a artist.

I did what I did because the management and label fully ghosted us as soon as they found out he didn’t like the video which is all good, don’t post the video, but at least give us the small amount of money that we’re requesting. We agreed to do the video for four grand which is crazy. The last video we did was 50 grand. Because he’s Sheck Wes and he’s poppin’ we were like It’ll be cool, that’s a good look. So as long as we don’t lose money, we’re all good.” So they just ghost us, we don’t hear from them, we’re sitting on this video for however many months it’d been since we shot it, and I’m like, Dude, we’re stoked on this video.” Had I known that it was gonna go how it went last night… I literally woke up to 200,000 views, people blowing up my Instagram, and every friend I had celebrating the injustice of this.

Ridge states that Wes agreed to pay them $4,000 for the video, which is certainly a bargain for a mainstream music video. However, regardless of quick turn around or friendly low rates to help boost your own brand, having some sort of agreement in writing and asking for something (if not the standard half) up front seems to be a big part of how both parties found themselves in this mess.

In the past year, Sheck’s intensity bubbled over with Mo Bamba,” Live Sheck Wes,” and Chippi Chippi,” the latest single about the fictitious jargon created by his friends about feeling so mad or anxious that you need a smoke break. Buried in his boisterous pleas to escape anxiety and dizzying screams of BITCH!,” there’s an undertone of sadness in the rapper’s music. Sheck Wes packs bitch” 216 times on the album’s 49-minute runtime. Whether it’s his observations about the lack of access to books or the racial profiling from the police force, Sheck has got a lot to be angry about.

For Sheck, a first-generation American born to immigrant parents from Senegal, he’s made decisions his parents didn’t always understand. His mother sent him to Touba, where she grew up, and stripped him of his passport unable to return to Harlem without the approval of a religious leader. The story of his 100 days abroad is told on Jiggy on the Shits,” the most introspective track we’ve received from Sheck Wes so far. He transports the listener to his 17-year-old self, where he even spits a verse in Wolof, a language of Senegal. By the tail-end of MUDBOY, there’s an overpowering nonchalance found on tracks like Fuck Everybody” and Danimals.” Both hooks are a middle finger to the roadblocks, both systemic and tangible, he’s still trying to overcome.

You should care about Sheck Wes because Sheck Wes doesn’t care about clout. The upstart only cares about music. He told The FADER as much when breaking down his rap name and the importance of sacrifice. There are elements of subversion and perspective to his music that force you to think and challenge your understanding of a banger,” a conscious rapper,” a New York” rapper, and every other subdivision of hip-hop. All of this, of course, is in the service of his ultimate downtown takeover.SHECK WES

Despite his initial success, Wes has big ambitions. He hopes to combine all of his passions and build a career intertwined in music, modeling, fashion design and basketball. It’s clear he knows where he’s headed because he knows where he’s been.

After Goldlink’s Justine’s Interlude ” freestyle, it became natural to understand that the DMV rapper had a thing for Justine, and definitely something against the Mo Bamba rapper. The relationship grew and became obvious to the public.

Wes initially set his sights on a career in basketball. Around the age of 13, he started to take basketball seriously — a decision he credits for making him more lenient in life and in music. By the time he was 16, his hoop dreams on the back burner: he signed with a New York modeling agency, and performed in his first show a day later.

Twenty Eighteen has been one of the biggest years in recent history for rap music. Songs by artists such as Travis Scott, Juice Wrld and Drake have become wildly popular and dominate the Billboard Hot 100 chart for weeks on end. There has been one song in particular however that has become one of the biggest songs the world has ever seen even though its release was more than a year ago; Sheck Wes’s Mo Bamba, released June 17, 2017. Wes is currently signed to Travis Scott’s Cactus Jack record label and Kanye West’s GOOD MUSIC. The song currently has over 190,000,000 plays on Spotify and currently sits at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100 chart while continuing to rise weekly. It has created an anthem for America’s youth.

Sheck Wes has been grinding for a decade and isn’t about to stop anytime soon. This past summer, the Harlem-based rapper shot to fame with his gritty hit Mo Bamba” and has been gaining non-stop attention ever since.

Harlem rapper Khadimou Fall, professionally known as Sheck Wes, is known for not playing by the rules. Today, a rap recorded in 20 minutes can go from internet obscurity to a Drake-approved club smash. The artists Sheck Wes, 16yrold and Take A Daytrip show us how they did it.

Spin has contacted representatives for Sheck Wes seeking comment and will update this post if they respond. Read Skye’s tweets below. Sorry. There are no upcoming Sheck Wes shows near Financial District, New York.

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