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With an imminent show booked in their hometown, he invited his then 16-year-old sister to join his band onstage, with one stipulation: she had to write her own song rather than perform a cover.

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SIGRIDSigrid is the popstar you’ve been searching for. That honesty and authenticity, is what tricks us into seeing her as “youthful” or “innocent” — and what makes her songs slice through the thick pop haze of formulaic bangers designed to please and move our hips, but which feel distant from real, lived experience.

The ground-breaking Norwegian pop star this month also released the highly-anticipated new single Sucker Punch, following her critically acclaimed RAW EP and incredible jam-packed festival performances at Electric Picnic and Longitude this Summer. Highlighting the breadth of Sigrid’s maturing talent and aptitude for song writing, Sucker Punch cements the 22-year-old’s rise to pop prominence.

Sigrid kept the hits coming. Her debut EP Don’t Kill My Vibe dropped in April of last year and she started appearing on artist to watch lists, major festival lineups like Reading and Glastonbury, and late night TV.

SIGRID: I love that song, and we play it in the tour bus all the time. I have a thing for country music nowadays. It is another stylish number that shows off Sigrid’s signature falsetto and exquisite pop harmonies.

Sigrid’s Sucker Punch” album is top-to-bottom bops. She hit flawless falsetto on the title track to kick things off, and every standout song from the album — Basic,” Strangers,” Mine Right Now,” OK probably all of them — hit sharp and catchy like Scandanavian pop should. Mine Right Now” in particular felt like a right hook to your lizard brain.

S: I actually think for me, coming from a small town in Norway was an advantage. I didn’t have record labels outside the doorstep. I had the opportunity to work on things for myself for a very long time. It was a much slower process, which I think is very nice. I also took a break in high school from the music industry, to focus on my education. When it comes to music, I think you’ve got time, there’s always time. You should never rush things, always have quality in what you’re doing, and only release stuff that you really love. Because promoting stuff you don’t like must be horrible. I’m opinionated, and my team let me control what I put out, it’s so great. But my advice would be to take your time, and don’t rush into anything. And always take days off! And also have fun. It can be quite serious, this whole music business, and it’s a job, and that’s something to remember too.

Sigrid: Laughs Yeah, but not necessarily things I want to talk about. But of course, I’m a planner, and I’m very ambitious. I promise that Sucker Punch was just the first album of many. So there will be new music, but I’m going to take my time with it.

When Sigrid was 16, her older brother Tellef, also a musician, had a show coming up and with two weeks notice he invited her to open for him — so long as she wrote some original material. Cue Sun, some vocal guidance from her older sister, a successful first performance, and she was soon recording the song at OSR, using session time earned by her choir in exchange for assisting at the studio’s annual festival. Her brother suggested she submit the track to Norway’s version of BBC Introducing and not only was it was picked up, but she was soon announced as their artist to watch. The first song she had ever written resulted in phone calls from managers and labels, and if she’s honest (she is), she was a little overwhelmed.

S: Oh yes. ‘His Dark Materials’ the new BBC series based on The Golden Compass books – I am gonna watch everything of that! I also loved ‘A Star Is Born’ this year, the songs are so, so good. There was a Norwegian biopic movie about Sonja the figure skater (‘Sonja Henie’), and you should definitely watch that.

Sigrid name-checks Adele as a major early influence, particularly that artist’s hit Rolling in the Deep.” It didn’t fuss around, it got straight to the point,” she says. Sigrid says she didn’t actually understand what the lyrics meant until she was in high school — not that it mattered. It’s all about how it feels,” she says of her relationship to music. That connection appears in Sigrid’s work now, from the resonance of the lyric sucker punch” to the directness of the melodies.SIGRID

SIGRID: Well, I would put that Luke Bryan song on it, obviously. Other than that, let’s see… What did I put on this morning? I put on a song called Destroyer” by Panama, that I found in a Netflix series called Atypical It was in the ending scene in one of the seasons. That song is such a good driving song. Then War on Drugs, of course. That’s an obvious choice. All their songs are driving music. Or Kendrick Lamar. I’m either hip-hop or rock music. That’s what I listen to in the car.

Norwegian pop singer who followed her elder siblings into the music business, signing a major-label deal with Island at just 20 years of age. With that tenacity, and her uncanny ability to transform her truths into perfect pop songs, Sigrid might just be unstoppable.

I’m extremely ambitious. I’m only 22 years old. I’ve got a lot of time in front of me, and I don’t need to do everything all the time. I’m very hungry. But my goal is just to keep taking care of myself, and be happy and healthy—and I am. At the moment, I’m having a great time. Even though I am ambitious, I think my ultimate goal is to just love the music and keep writing until I’m old.

The Don’t Kill My Vibe EP, released last May, was a window into what was to come from the precocious popstar. All very much autobiographical, the record featured the just as impressive Fake Friends – also produced by Sjølie and as empowering as the lead – and Dynamite, a powerful and heartstring-tugging ballad (she can do those too – really well) about juggling work and private life. Plot Twist, meanwhile, is about a guy who played a role in her love life. With dynamic range and impressive control, her vocals reach powerful raspy heights with flashes of Hometown Glory-era Adele throughout.

We believe that music is a universal language that unites all of us and brings people from all walks of life together. We thrive on making people happy from the time we open our doors to the last note of the concert.

In 2016, Sigrid signed with Island Records 9 She released her debut single with Island, ” Don’t Kill My Vibe ” in 2017. 10 The EP achieved international success 11 when it charted in Norway, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 12 13 14 15 Sigrid also performed on Park Stage at Glastonbury Festival She was also a part of The Sims 4: Parenthood soundtrack with the Simlish version of her song, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”. 16 On 5 May 2017, Sigrid released her debut EP , named after title track, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”. 17 Sigrid performed at the Reading Festival in August 2017. 18 She is also featured on the 2017 Justice League soundtrack , performing a cover of Leonard Cohen ‘s 1988 classic ” Everybody Knows “.

The ascending musician promotes anthems of optimistic and positive emotions, even progressive and feminist records within the ever-expanding pop genre. The new wave Sigrid is riding has earned her quite the following, selling out the Madison venue more than a week before she even touched down in the U.S.

At just 22 years old, rising Norwegian vocalist Sigrid has been turning heads with the release of her debut single Don’t Kill My Vibe. It’s a fiery slice of pop brilliance, brimming with an understated attitude. The subtle melody – drawing from the likes of James Blake and Lorde yet with an unashamed pop edge – is packed with youthful confidence.

What about The Sims? You sang a song in Simlish” for the fourth soundtrack. How does that even work? Tell us everything. Sigrid: Thank you, and yep. We did Montreal last summer too, at Osheaga. I love being here.

sucker punch is the tender “Dynamite,” which first appeared on Sigrid’s 2017 debut Don’t Kill My Vibe EP. A heartbreaker of a ballad, it was a fitting finale to a project so near and dear to her heart.

By August 2016 a Don’t Kill My Vibe demo had reached the man who signed Amy Winehouse — Island Records president Darcus Beese — and, smitten by her sound, he led a retinue to Bergen to win the sudden international war for Sigrid’s signature.

It is again her incredible release, Don’s Kill My Vibe,” that waschosen as a soundtrack of The Sims 4: Parenthood.” She performed also thesoundtrack of Justice League.” This was a cover of Everybody Knows” byLeonard Cohen.

A good pop star connects to her listeners with songs that show she is animated by the same everyday emotions quickening inside the rest of us. When Adele sings about heartbreak we sense that she is expressing her own pain. When Robyn sings about loneliness, we can tell that she speaks from personal experience. Though they seem to live on stage or screen, these singers are also struggling to keep their heads above water in the same choppy sea of emotion we all find ourselves in. They convince us that they know how we feel.

A native of Norway who grew up immersed in the outdoors in her home country’s striking terrain, Sigrid now experiences being on center stage at an outdoor music festival as much she does in the cities and urban environment. The breakout singer-songwriter and BBC Sound of Music 2018 winner Sigrid blends artistic passion, fueled by lifelong influences from the natural world.

Sigrid Raabe is now known to many people as the performer of the explosive hit Don’t Kill My Vibe” released under her actual major label, Island Records, in 2017. However, at that moment, Sigrid wasn’t a newcomer in the industry. The Norwegian singer broke through nationally by launching her debut song called Sun” back in 2013. Now the girl is a superstar who has recently received the BBC Music Sound of 2018 Award.

Born in the seaside town of Ålesund, Norway , Sigrid spent her childhood immersed in nature, listening to Joni Mitchell and Neil Young. The first time she was put on stage in kindergarten, with 200 other children, she burst out crying and had to be taken off. Getting involved in school theatre made her bolder, and aged 13 she performed a terrible, but very fun” version of Smells Like Teen Spirit. In 2013 her older brother, musician Tellef Raabe, spurred her to write her own music so she could perform at a gig with him, and in two weeks she had written a song, Sun, that became her first single.

That honesty and authenticity, is what tricks us into seeing her as “youthful” or “innocent” — and what makes her songs slice through the thick pop haze of formulaic bangers designed to please and move our hips, but which feel distant from real, lived experience.

Her casual use of the word happened” makes her career sound like an overnight phenomenon. But Sigrid, who was brought up in the small town of Ålesund, began dabbling in music, dance and theater at an early age. There was always music playing at home, and her older brother and sister helped teach her to sing and play guitar. When she was 16, she wrote her first song, called Sun,” and uploaded it online. The subject: getting rejected from boarding school. I can thank that boarding school for not letting me in,” she says now with a laugh. The track got picked up by Norway’s state radio and found an audience. Soon, labels began seeking her out.

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