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But whatever was happening onstage Monday at the Black Cat, it was no cartoon. It blew my mind and I immediately tuned into the Country station just to hear that voice and learned to appreciate Tammy Wynette George Jones and Merle Haggard etc.

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Sturgill SimpsonSturgill Simpson has a new album coming this fall called Sound & Fury, and it will be accompanied by an anime film of the same name to be released on Netflix. Some people have the ability to appreciate more than one genre of music at a time. So yes, many people who read SCM are interested in this. Given Sturgill’s history with the country genre, and the fact that his voice is one of the most undeniably country voices out there today no matter what he is singing over, further makes it relevant coverage.

Make no mistake, I wouldn’t type this long of a rant about a bad musician. This is unprecedented for me and I’m already regretting making another effort. However, at one time, Sturgill Simpson was literally my favorite active artist. Sunday Valley and those first two solo efforts were truly a sign he’s capable of something special. That just makes it all the more disappointing that he’s failing miserably at the moment.

Higher than negligible, I’d guess. He seems to be a bit of a bookish sort. But the album isn’t going to be called The Sound and the Fury. Maybe he had to read MacBeth in high school and memorize the soliloquy, like I had to? See, that might have been the way to go.

Sturgill Simpson fans should not be caught completely off guard about him working an anime film into his latest music project. Simpson struck an affinity for Japanese culture while serving in the Navy for three years, stationed part of that time in Japan. Simpson’s first major video for his song Railroad of Sin ” off his 2013 solo debut High Top Mountain featured footage from trains and train stations in Tokyo.

It is his right to make whatever sort of music he wishes, as it is my right to listen, support, or not. I may support his project or veering away from country music, but that does not mean I will listen to it. I really like most of his country stuff, and do not like some of it, especially the stuff that sort of ‘walks the line’ in my opinion. I still don’t have a problem with him trying different genres, though. It’s my opinion and I have the right to be wrong, like everybody else.

Listen to all your favourite artists on any device for free or try the Premium trial. So you wrote all that to say your a fan of country music artist with two first names.

When Simpson does sing, much of what he has to say is similarly self-referential. He’s angstier than ever on Sound and Fury, plagued by his public platform, preoccupied with the way he’s been misunderstood and boxed in by an unforgiving music industry.

What’s music today? Do you think of it as an inexhaustible mystery-substance that we squeeze out of mini black monoliths directly into the privacy of our skulls? Or is music still a crowded room filled with shaking air and fellow shook ones? These felt like pressing questions during Sturgill Simpson’s powerhouse performance Monday at the Black Cat in Washington, where the apostate country singer played his new rock-and-roll album, Sound & Fury ,” front to back, lean and mean.

Singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson’s latest album — the psychedelic Sound & Fury — is accompanied by an original Netflix anime film featuring work by veteran Japanese animators.

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Once the Metamodern tour wound down, Simpson booked some time at the Butcher Shoppe in Nashville for what were intended to be laidback demo sessions with engineer David Ferguson (Johnny Cash, U2, John Prine). I didn’t know if it was going to work. I was scared shitless. The whole point was to go in and just woodshed some songs to get some demos down to see where I was.” He wanted the music to convey a sense of urgency, and a few days later, he emerged with a completed album: fully formed, remarkably focused, deeply personal and confidently self-produced to capture on tape the music that was playing in his head.

I feel the same way anymore. Talk about a snore” album. I know he can do some great hardcore country songs which made him popular in the first place. I don’t understand why he is shying away from what made him a household name. I’ve already moved on to other artists already.

I understand supporting Sturgill notwithstanding the declining quality of his recent music. I went out of my way to do so for some time before I realized (like everyone else) that I don’t listen to or like much of anything beyond Metamodern Sounds. It wouldn’t be such a big deal if music like his best work was abundant but, it definitely isn’t and maybe if more of his fans start pointing out how far he’s fallen, instead of blindly (or deafly) supporting anything he churns out, he’ll concern himself less with Sarah Silverman, Donald Trump, and Law and Order and get around to living up to his potential.

Should Sturgill be considered country”? That’s a murky question, but much like Tyler Childers I will support artists who do their own thing, even if it might not be my favorite.

Sound & Fury the animated movie, which has no dialogue, can be thought of as an extended music video. A main story, written by anime fan Simpson, is directed by Jumpei Mizusaki (Batman Ninja) with character design by Takashi Okazaki. It follows a young samurai seeking revenge for the death of her family at the hands of two ruthless villains in a futuristic wasteland – Mad Max: Fury Road meets Cowboy Bebop.Sturgill Simpson

Go listen to Sunday Valley he’s always been a rocker, he never claimed to want to save country music. He actually derided comments that he was the savior of country music.

Hmm. Problem is, people DON’T support chefs who cook whatever they want. People support chefs that make good food they like to eat. I suppose chefs have every right to cook only unedible vegan food if they want but, it is an odd choice if you became a prestigious chef for opening a steakhouse. People like steaks and people like McDonald’s notwithstanding its utter lack of any nutritional” value, otherwise mainstream country radio wouldn’t exist 🙂 People do not support chefs who no longer make good food though.

But whatever was happening onstage Monday at the Black Cat, it was no cartoon. Simpson and his band (keys, bass, drums) sounded alive and alert, as if everyone had suddenly awoken from a bad dream. Stripped of their studio gunk, the band’s gestures felt muscular and efficient, pushing Simpson’s shadowy baritone out into the light where it belonged. On Fastest Horse in Town,” the singer bemoaned his fame — Oughta be watching the children play in the yard I never see” — but instead of self-pity, his voice dripped with a homesickness that you practically could reach out and catch.

I mean, shit – he’s played songs from T. REX in his concerts for years! How surprised can people really be when he’s interested in psychedelic, sorta-sludgy rock? Has anyone seen a show from him in the past couple years? Just him, keyboards, bass, and drums, with a distinctively rock-tinged feel.

On a personal level, I would rather Sturgill Simpson continue to release country records because I’m a country music fan. But I’m a fan of all music first, so I’ll listen to it with an open mind, and judge it on its own merit. Sturgill is being honest that his next record won’t be country, which is a hell of a lot better than someone trying to pass off music as country when it isn’t.

Formerly the leader of Sunday Valley, an energetic roots outfit that made some waves in the early years of the new millennium, Sturgill Simpson gained greater renown as a solo artist, initially thanks to his muscular 2013 solo debut High Top Mountain. An outlaw country record in form and feel – its debt to Waylon Jennings clear and unashamed – High Top Mountain became a word-of-mouth hit in 2013, thereby establishing Simpson’s country credentials and opening the door to a wider future.

Yes, because it’s a news item. I may have more on the subject later, but for the moment, I was just informing the public of what the news was. Like I do for many artists. Like I did for Chris Knight when he announced an album earlier in the week. Not so sure why it’s so shocking to people. Especially when you look on social media and see how ecstatic folks are about this information. There was 0% chance I was going to ignore the news of Sturgill Simpson announcing a new record.

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