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It came just hours after Summer, 23, revealed she and London On Da Track had split just two months after going public with their relationship. The Atlanta native flips the narrative female R&B artists are expected to have on her debut album.

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SUMMER WALKERRecently, it felt as though R&B had made a comeback with moodier albums like SZA’s CTRL, Solange’s When I Get Home, and Ari Lennox’s Shea Butter Baby impacting the charts over the last few years. Sadly, since then, it has appeared that the trend had been losing steam. Then on Friday, the world was blessed with Summer Walker ‘s Over It. Most R&B heads have more than likely been pining for a very long time for an R&B album like this — one that truly encapsulates the emotions the genre is all about.

The artist also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show as part of Apple Music’s Up Next campaign before hitting the road to headline her sold out Girls Need Love Tour last spring. Walker is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her sophomore album, titled, Over It.

So the whole setup of “Drunk Dialing,” in the first half of the song, is her just trying to talk herself out of drunk-dialing an ex, which is obviously a distinctly millennial sentiment. And then we flash back to her covering Lenny Williams, who’s a super old-school R&B singer. I think that just speaks to her R&B sensibilities and the way she bridges old with new.

Walker has been singing since she was at least 15, influenced by straight-talking soul singers like Jazmine Sullivan and the late Amy Winehouse. She taught herself to play the guitar by watching YouTube videos and perfected her honeyed voice on covers she posted online when she wasn’t cleaning houses or dancing.

The truth is, our favorite artists are a guiding light. For years, we have looked toward their lyrics for relationship and life advice packaged into Instagram-worthy captions and mantra-making verses. Now, it only makes sense that they begin to embrace the freedom of resembling the same women who are tuning in.

The highs and lows weaved throughout Over It and the bodies of work that precede it are relayed in real time via social media. This appears to be an ironic circumstance at first glance, but a deep dive into her lyricism presents more clarification. Walker isn’t afraid to admit to being overzealous in a relationship, and not just with some radio-friendly hook that barely scratches the surface.

Over It” feels like the last attempt to a toxic relationship that you know is bad but is hard to give up. More than anything, Summer’s gathering of melodies shows off her adaptability and capacity to switch between pop-influenced R&B and slow jams.

The fifth track on the album, Come Thru,” samples Usher’s You Make Me Wanna,” channeling the late 90s, early 2000s vibes. The singer flips the narrative of the story about a man who is infatuated with two ladies.

Last week, they broke up, with Summer Walker accusing London of chauvinistic behavior. R&B newcomer Summer Walker and producer London On Da Track have split. Walker took to Instagram on Monday (Oct.21) to announce that she is currently single.

The artist also appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show as part of Apple Music’s Up Next campaign before hitting the road to headline her sold out Girls Need Love Tour last spring. Walker is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut album, titled, Over It.

Over It was executive produced by fellow Atlanta native London On Da Track. Besides making music together, Summer and London were also dating. This week’s installment of Tweets Is Watching includes London On Da Track showing his love for Summer Walker and Meek Mill’s activism.

To add, the demands of an artist in the digital age are unique, in that musicians are now expected to deliver faster and be more visible. There are several cautionary tales of Black women artists fading to the background before their time, unable to manage their mental health issues under stress of the machine that consumed them. Nina Simone, Lauryn Hill and Azealia Banks are a few examples. Listeners don’t have to enjoy Walker’s reserved form of artistry, but her harshest critics should be mindful of the fact that she’s facing something more complicated than they realize.

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Summer released her first song, Session 32,” in April 2018. In July 2018, she signed to LVRN ‘s (Love Renaissance) management and released her breakout single Girls Need Love” bringing her major success and the attention of some popular artists: above all of them, Drake, who eventually got involved in the official remix of the song. Walker also released her debut album Last Day of Summer that same year.

Summer Walker ‘s debut album, Over It, came out earlier this month — and it’s already broken records. The 23-year-old’s record became the most-streamed album by a woman R&B artist ever, breaking the record Beyoncé set with 2016’s Lemonade. What’s all the buzz about? Music critic Briana Younger of The New Yorker went in on the album’s standout songs to unpack her appeal.

Toward the end of the conversation, Walker reveals she’s also over” performing live. In response to Lennox asking What are we gonna do outside of this?” Walker quips, somewhat tragically, Go home and live a lovely, normal life.” If that’s the price Black women artists have to pay for suffering from social anxiety, the public has undoubtedly failed them as fans, critics and consumers.

Ari Lennox is responsible for some the year’s smoothest outputs and makes it a routine to hop on Instagram Live with her curls out and not a drop of makeup in sight to give fans some of the purest entertainment you’ll find on the internet at the moment. Chicago’s Ann Marie, like Walker, sports a host of tattoos and flexes a gritty background all while delivering on ’90s-inspired slow jams.

Things have been looking great for the singer. Her album has topped Spotify and YouTube since it’s release Friday and is expected to make a nice debut on Billboard’s 200 charts. Summer Walker has the highest streamed R&B album created by a woman in history, as apart of her celebration she stopped by NPR for her Tiny Desk performance.SUMMER WALKER

Earlier in her career, Beyoncé famously discussed embodying her alter-ego Sasha Fierce to conquer her nerves before going onstage. Today, the HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM performer is considered one of the most electrifying live acts on the planet. But Walker’s journey should be given space to be unique, as experiences with anxiety may vary for different artists depending on their triggers and how severe their condition is.

The project kicks off with the title track, Over It” as Walker questions Am I really that much to handle?” Much of her music speaks on her presence as an independent woman, and how her strong personality draws people away, yet not in a way that begs for pity…but rather sticks a middle finger up to those weak enough to walk away.

A clip of R&B sensation Summer Walker’s performance on NPR’s Tiny Desk went viral this past week after critics labeled it lackluster. Not only did that assessment dismiss the decidedly somber aesthetic the singer has crafted over time, it also exemplified a widespread disregard for Black women struggling with their mental health.

Off the heels of her debut project, the Atlanta songstress shared Drake’s admiration for her project Sunday (Oct. 6) which included collaborations from Jhene Aiko, Usher. 6LACK and Bryson Tiller. Drake had a strong reaction to “Fun Girl,” a track that speaks to the acoustic aura of her precious project, CLEAR.

The reality is that love— R&B’s resilient emblem— is not always wrapped in a bow, and is easily the most volatile of all emotions. Walker, whether purposefully or not, is a superb example of broadcasting this both in the booth and day-to-day- her “messiness” (for lack of a better word) IRL and on social media reflects aspects about love we can’t necessarily enumerate, when love becomes difficult to grasp or understand but still, clicks.

The dichotomy of Summer Walker presents us with the growing trend of sincerity that is leading the way for R&B’s next wave of stars. While she may be the most prominent, Summer Walker certainly isn’t alone in the group of women who are breaking out of the role of the traditional industry sweetheart.

Close your eyes, snap your fingers, and sway to the beat — but don’t make a sound while Summer Walker and her band play. They all stopped by to perform for NPR Music’s Tiny Desk series, and you’re there in spirit, absorbing the warmth in the room.

Summer Walker loves music, but she surprisingly seems to hate interviews and the behind the scenes of the music industry. In this social media era, we have become accustomed to seeing loud, outgoing personalities like Cardi B or Lizzo; but we’re caught off guard when a voice like Summer Walker’s debuts with an unapologetically shy and unsociable personality.

In 2018, the songstress released “Deep,” signaling an official arrival from the newly-minted LVRN artist. Obscure artwork and a limited Instagram feed at the time fed into the growing trend of mystery often leveraged by R&B’s most poignant stars in the digital age. Those inclined to take a closer look, however, would get into an image counterintuitive to the traditional tropes of someone poised to be R&B’s next it girl.” Unbeknownst to us all, face tats, a slew of piercings and charming quirks would be the combination paving the way toward Girls Need Love” and a period that introduces audiences to a new way of consuming the topics of love and sex by way of R&B.

The album begins with a song of the same title, Over It.” Its emotional overtones set the stage for Walker’s angsty, heartfelt way of communicating through sound. Am I really that much to handle?” she asks herself as the album opens.

Budden then broke down Walker’s “chauvinist” message, arguing that London must have pressed her on Drake’s emoji-filled message, feeling a certain way about Drake’s jumping in and talking about an album that he is largely responsible for. She didn’t like that being an “alpha”, thus the public breakup.

But all of that—as Elle and others have since pointed out —was basically tossed out the proverbial window by convinced fans when Hailey Baldwin shared a screenshot to her Instagram of her currently-listened-to song: Summer Walker’s “I’ll Kill You,” featuring Jhené Aiko.

Over It follows Walker’s recent projects like Last Day of Summer and CLEAR with songs like “Potential,” “Fun Girl,” and “Off of You” capitalizing on the sound she’s already established. Prior to Over It, Walker only had one feature to boast, although it was a huge one: Drake on “Girls Need Love Remix.” Her new London on da Track-produced album is stacked with features from her peers like Bryson Tiller, 6LACK, and Jhene Aiko. But her collaborations with Usher and PARTYNEXTDOOR take the album beyond the moments of solitude we were expecting.

Before Summer released Over It, only three tracks were made available for play: Playing Games,” Girls Need Love Too ” featuring Drake (which was also a staple on her debut mixtape Last Day of Summer) and Stretch You Out ” plagued by A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s perc-laced vocalization. Honestly, his feature is one of the only deficiencies Over It holds, which is pretty good considering it is a collection of 18 songs. In fact, it’s probably one of the more relatable hymns on the project.

Photo Credit: Natalie Murray listens to Summer Walker’s Over It.” Art by Maxi Wardcantori. The singer’s highly-anticipated debut album features guest spots from artists like Usher and PARTYNEXTDOOR. It’s been one week since Summer Walker dropped her highly anticipated debut album Over It, and we’ve had the candid record on replay since.

To Jusu’s point, brooding white singers Lorde or Billie Ellish have also spoken openly about how anxiety affects their performances —testimonials that have been met with overwhelming support. Rarely do we ever see the same sort of understanding offered to Black women artists with similar struggles. For the most part, the public largely remains silent on the issue of Black women’s mental health, only to then celebrate their success stories.

Summer Walker is a very busy person. Between shooting music videos and playing huge festivals in the States, the Atlanta-born singer songwriter hardly has any down time to herself. After several days of trying to pin her down to talk, Clash finally manages to pin the elusive songstress down to talk to us.

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