TAY-K – K’s Team Asks Fans To Send Him Money While He’s In Jail

Though McIntyre did not pull the trigger himself, prosecutors argued he was just as guilty as the others involved. Prosecutors want him to be tried as an adult in a separate capital murder case in Texas’ Bexar County.

tay k sentence reaction – K Sentenced To 55 Years In Prison For A Fatal Armed Robbery

TAY-KSoundCloud rapper Tay-K, whose real name is Taymor McIntyre, has been sentenced to 55 years in prison by a jury in Tarrant County, Texas. In addition, the rapper released his standout single The Race” during his manhunt, which was entered as evidence for his sentencing Monday The video shows Tay-K holding a gun while standing next to a wanted poster. The aforementioned 65-year-old man was the last witness to testify before the jury went into deliberation. The six other young defendants were also all found guilty.

The case stems from the April 2017 murder of 23-year-old Mark Saldivar. Police believe Tay-K shot and killed Saldivar when he was on the run from police. The Tarrant County jury on Friday found 19-year-old Taymor McIntyre of Arlington guilty for his role in the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker at Walker’s home in Mansfield, southeast of Fort Worth.

Tay-K’s involvement in the the Mansfield, Texas home and invasion and robbery in July 2016, which left 21-year-old Ethan Walker dead, drew national attention. After a judge released him to home confinement, the rapper, who was 16 years old at the time, cut off his ankle monitor and ran. He tweeted out on March 26, 2017, fuck dis house arrest shit fuck 12 they gn hav 2 catch me on hood,” and on June 30, 2017, released the music video for his song, The Race,” which he recorded while on the lam.

Tay-K gained notoriety in 2017 when he cut off his ankle bracelet and fled house arrest. He released a song called The Race,” which now has more than 174 million views on YouTube. The video shows Tay-K posing next to a wanted poster of himself.

Tay-K’s sister took to Facebook to pen a note marking her anger and frustration with how his case was handled. Just so y’all know what white girl just got 10 years for a murder that she did commit, by walking into this man’s HOME. Meanwhile, they just convicted my brother of murder and sentenced him to 55 years for a murder he did NOT commit because ‘he should’ve anticipated it.’ He should have anticipated that someone else would pointlessly pull a trigger in a situation that it was not necessary. But let’s talk facts, y’all go look at the case facts. Get educated!” she wrote.

While a fugitive, Tay-K fled to Elizabeth, New Jersey, in June 2017, where he recorded songs and shot a music video. One of these songs was a viral hit titled The Race,” which made its way on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. People were fascinated at the fact that the song was recorded while he was on the run from authorities.

Update: Tay-K has been found guilty of murder and robbery, according to NBC’s Dallas-Fort Worth affiliate repo rts in connection to a 2016 home invasion he was involved in. He was sentenced to 30 years in prison along with 13 years in prison for two remaining aggravated robbery counts to which he pleaded guilty.

The rapper would spend three months successfully evading authorities, all the while releasing new music, before being captured. During his run from the cops, Tay-K allegedly robbed a 65-year-old in Arlington, Texas, in May 2017. He’s been charged but is still awaiting trial.

The rapper was recently convicted of murder and sentenced to 55 years in prison However, his legal team has appealed both the conviction and the sentencing in the hopes of having them overturned. While Tay-K remains incarcerated, his representatives are asking fans to put money on his books, send him fan mail, and provide him with reading material.

Tay-K is attending his capital murder trial in Tarrant County, which is expected to last one week. If he is not convicted of capital murder, he and his three lawyers are asking the jury to consider probation for his involvement in the 2016 crime.

For starters, its title alludes to the fact that the rapper was actually on the run from police when the song was recorded. And its subject matter references this reality Or as Tay-K states in the chorus, he was trying to beat a case”, as in prevent himself from being incarcerated due to a criminal charge. However, due to being unable to do so he did the race”, as in fleeing from authorities.

A jury in Fort Worth convicted 19-year-old Taymor McIntyre last week for his role in the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. On Tuesday, the jury deliberated for about three hours before sentencing McIntyre to 55 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Merritt, 25, was found guilty of capital murder in 2018 and has appealed the verdict. Richard Walker, father of the man Tay-K is convicted of murdering, is said to have told the court he carries “hate” for the people profiting from the death of his son.

Tay-K’s attorneys argued that he wasn’t the person who fired the gun and so shouldn’t have been found guilty, according to KTVT. Prosecutors said Tay-K knew that the plan was to rob Walker. His attorneys argued that McIntyre was unarmed during the robbery and did not know that Walker would be killed.

Walker was fatally shot in the stomach after he told the group of robbers, including Tay-K, that he didn’t have any drugs or money, according to CBS Dallas-Forth Worth. Walker’s roommate Zachary Beloate was wounded but survived.

The Texas rapper, born Taymor McIntyre, was accused of participating in a home invasion and robbery in Mansfield in July 2016. During the robbery, a 21-year-old named Ethan Walker was killed. The rapper is also being charged with the 2017 murder of 23-year-old Mark Anthony Saldavir, but that is a separate trial.

Taymor Travon McIntyre, 19, who goes by the name Tay-K, had been charged with capital murder in the death of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. A jury found him guilty Friday of the lesser charge of murder, as well as one count of aggravated robbery for the shooting and robbery of another man.

On Monday, jury selection began for rapper Tay-K who is accused of murdering a man when he was just 16-years-old. Tay-k is accused of committing more crimes while on the run and recorded a violent music video….

He reportedly was involved in Arlington robbery that left one person severely injured in May 2017. He also faces a capital murder charge in San Antonio for the fatal April 2017 shooting of a photographer.

The rapper, now 19, was sentenced to 55 years in prison and fined $10,000 for the first shooting. He was also sentenced for three additional counts of aggravated robbery and will concurrently serve a 30-year prison sentence for the murder conviction and then 13 years each for the remaining two, according to Rolling Stone.

The man who shot Walker was sentenced last year to life in prison. Prosecutors have said McIntyre was charged with murder because he recruited the triggerman and organized the robbery. He was 16 when the killing occurred but was tried as an adult.

Tay-K’s capital murder charges were filed in Bexar County, along with additional aggravated robbery charges for the savage” beating of a defenseless 65-year-old,” according to authorities. Rapper @tayk sentenced to 55 years in prison for his role in the 2016 murder of Ethan Walker, 21.

Rapper Tay-K may be tried as an adult in another capital murder case in Texas’ Bexar County. The 22 Shots” rapper is being tried for the April 2017 murder of 23-year-old photographer Mark Saldivar Police believe the rapper shot and killed Saldivar at Texas Chick-Fil-A.

Tay-K is currently in jail serving a 55 year prison sentence after being found guilty of murder in connection to the 2016 killing of Ethan Walker. McIntyre also pleaded guilty last week to two additional counts of aggravated robbery related to other victims of the home invasion.

On Friday, July 19, rapper Tay-K, real name Taymor McIntyre , was found guilty of murder and robbery by a Tarrant County jury in Texas. The 19-year-old had pleaded guilty at the start of the trial of two counts of aggravated robbery by threats, but pleaded not guilty to capital murder and to an unrelated count of aggravated robbery.

US rapper Tay-K has been sentenced to 55 years in prison for murder, with a platinum-certified hit song he released as a fugitive being included in prosecution evidence. June 30, 2017 is also the date the official music video for The Race” premiered on YouTube The song was originally featured on Tay-K’s debut mixtape, entitled Santana World”.

Tay-K, whose real name is Taymor Travon McIntyre, is a rapper from Arlington. On New Year’s Eve 2016 in Denton, he was in an SUV with a passenger who shot a 20-year-old sorority girl in front of her boyfriend while at an intersection. Tay-K didn’t face any charges for this, but the assailant, Eric Johnson, was convicted on capital murder charges.

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