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She told the crowd that she “wrote everything on one instrument first” and was pleased about getting the chance to play the songs the way they sounded “when she first wrote them.” Now those are some lucky Swifties.

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Taylor SwiftThe country-turned-pop superstar demonstrates that she’s still in touch with her roots as an acoustic singer-songwriter in the intimate performance. In 2018 the singer left Big Machine Records, her musical home since starting out as a teenager, for Universal’s Republic Records. He’s the Australian dancer who has toured with both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry as well as performing at Jennifer Lopez’s 50th birthday.

There’s a line in the song that I’m really proud of, and the line says, ‘With every guitar string scar in my hand, I take this magnetic force of a man to be my lover,’ and that line is really special to me because I’ve spent quite a bit of time writing break-up songs,” she told the audience.

The Clippers already cover Swift’s banner, along with the Lakers’ and Sparks’ championship banners and retired jerseys, during their home games. They have hung oversized portraits of their players in that area of the arena since 2013. The Lakers currently have no plans to cover the banner, which was presented to Swift by Kobe Bryant , but they would have just as much reason as the Kings in trying to reverse the banner’s possible curse. The Lakers haven’t won a playoff series in seven years and have the worst winning percentage in the league over the past six seasons.

But Lover arrives at the end of a period in which Swift’s grip on her narrative has become more white-knuckled. Her music has always been grounded in her interior life, but as her influence has grown, she has seemed increasingly out of touch. Her reputation for wholesomeness began to crack, revealing a hunger for profit margins and fan retention. A litany of confusing brand partnerships (Keds, AT&T, UPS, and Papa John’s) concretized her business-first mindset. Now infamously, she avoided alienating, well, anyone by declining to back a candidate in the 2016 presidential election. When white supremacists capitalized on her silence by naming her their Aryan goddess,” rather than condemn them, she threatened outlets that called attention to the alt-right’s embrace of her music.

Now, anyone that has listened to Lover knows that is simply not true. Despite being the picture of happiness with Joe Alwyn, Swift can still conjure up some heart-wrenching lyrics. “Death By A Thousand Cuts” from Lover is true to its title and will cut right to the heart, and “Cornelia Street” imagines a breakup that hasn’t happened yet. (Still sad, TBH).

Her biggest misstep, though, was in celebrity politicking. During a 2016 spat with Kanye West, she was caught in a lie about whether she had approved the use of her name in a salacious lyric. Facing mass criticism, she withdrew from the public eye. When she returned to deliver her sixth studio album, Reputation, in late 2017, she was still visibly cagey, mostly refusing to speak to the press about it. Reputation was full of breathless love songs befitting the old Swift—the very same that she pronounced dead in the album’s conspiratorial first single, Look What You Made Me Do.” But they were drowned out by more spiteful tracks and a conspicuous preoccupation with public perception. She was fanning flames that had long ago died down, and she couldn’t have been less subtle about it, starting with the adoption of the snake (the emoji with which West’s fans once ridiculed her) as her mascot.

Halsey is a big fan of Taylor Swift‘s latest album, and isn’t shy about telling the world about it. The whole new album is my shower music,” declared Halsey of Swift’s latest LP, Lover.

According to the Biebs, things are all good now. “Always homies,” he told a paparazzo when asked if he and Swift are “cool” and “just homies” via Entertainment Tonight When he was asked if they were always cool, Bieber said “yeah,” and then revealed the big lesson all this drama taught him: “I’m done with all that other stuff,” he said. “Other people’s drama is not my drama.” Other people as in Scooter Braun and Taylor Swift’s drama, presumably. Not a bad lesson for the Biebs to learn.

Swift has written or co-written every song on her albums, with the exception of Speak Now in which she is the sole writer of every song on the album. She has also released several of her songs with pop remixes and released them to pop radio, much like country-pop artist Shania Twain with whom Swift has often been compared to in both music style and fashion.

Swift on August 23 put out Lover, a week before Tool put out their latest release Fear Inoculum – their first studio album since 2006’s 10,000 Days – on August 30.

As for Spotify, Taylor Swift rereleased her catalog on the service in June 2017. The exact conditions for Swift’s return to Spotify have never been released, but it may have to do with Spotify modifying its streaming policies a bit. Regardless, Swift’s new contract with Republic Records and Universal Music Group included a specific condition that requires the label to distribute any money made from selling its investments in Spotify with its artist roster.

It sounds like things between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift is smooth sailing now following the drama between Swift and Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun this past summer. Swift was furious when she claimed she was not given an opportunity to purchase her master recordings before Braun’s company bought out Big Machine, her former record label, along with her library of music. After Swift and Braun went at it publicly, Bieber chimed in taking his manager’s side. However, it seems as though it never got in the way of the singers’ friendship.

In 2005 at age 14, trying to get into the music industry, Taylor Swift sent a musical package to the office of Scott Borchetta , a Dreamworks Records executive who was preparing to form his own independent record label, Big Machine Records Intrigued, Borchetta arranged a meeting with Swift who later performed for Borchetta at an industry showcase at Nashville’s The Bluebird Café Clicking with Borchetta, Taylor went on to become one of the new label’s first signings In 2006 she released her first single, Tim McGraw” , which went on to become a top 10 hit on the country charts. It also appeared on her self-titled debut album in October of that same year, which went on to sell more than 5 million copies.

The list of nominees for the 2019 E! People’s Choice Awards were released on Wednesday for a whopping 43 categories that span every corner of media. Taylor Swift political awakening was on display in full flourish at the MTV Video Music Awards on Monday night.

The timeline of Alwyn and Swift’s relationship was fairly hazy — that is, until the release of her new album, Lover In it, she alludes to the timeline so frequently that it’s all become very clear for fans who listen closely.

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Taylor Swift announced U.S. and international concert dates and festivals in 2020, which include Lover Fest West and Lover Fest East, her only U.S. concert dates in 2020. Opening acts for Lover Fest West and Lover Fest East will be announced soon. Taylor Swift will be the first woman in history to open an NFL Stadium on July 25 and 26, 2020 at SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. Lover Fest West kicks-off SoFi Stadium’s inaugural year of events, located at Hollywood Park. The following weekend, July 31 and August 1, 2020, Lover Fest East will hit Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts (each date ticketed separately) for Taylor Swift’s 11th and 12th shows at Gillette Stadium. Gillette Stadium has been the only stadium to host each of Taylor Swift’s previous tours, including Swift’s 2010 Fearless Tour, when Gillette Stadium became the first NFL stadium headlined by the global superstar.

With this song Lover, it was just one of those weird moments, just middle of the night, I’m like in my pjs, stumbling to the piano as I got this idea and the song just happened really quickly,” she added.

Life & Style then either forgot (or ignored) its own phony report, as just last month it ran yet another untrue article claiming Swift was pushing Alwyn to propose through her new song lyrics. It seems he wouldn’t need to be pushed to propose if they were already secretly engaged, as the earlier story alleged. The truth is that both article were completely wrong. Gossip Cop will continue to bust fiction about the couple’s relationship.Taylor Swift

In 2018, Taylor released a pair of Spotify Singles, as well as featuring on Sugarland’s Babe,” a song Tay wrote while working on the Red album. She also started her Reputation tour, which will end in Japan.

The story of Swift’s feminism is a chapter in the larger story of her political awakening, which picked up last fall when she broke her electoral silence by endorsing a handful of Democrats running in her adopted home state of Tennessee. Since then, she has made a number of efforts to articulate her politics. The Man” reads like a billboard for her burgeoning advocacy, but the kind of feminism that it espouses is individual empowerment—the least radical variety. Rather than challenge structural inequalities that oppress women across the board, the song concerns itself with a rarefied set of obstacles that she faces from her perch at the top. Certainly, we cannot fault her for writing about herself; it’s her lane. That she wants to overturn the patriarchy so that she can flash her dollars” without judgment, though, should not be interpreted as empowering when it is purely self-serving.

It’s a beautifully written song and Swift delivers it with a sweet, wispy vocal as she plays guitar. It has a ’60s doo-wop feel with the right amount of twang that serves as a reminder that although she’s now one of the biggest pop stars on the planet, Swift came from country music and has seemingly no issue tapping back into that space.

It’s really insane” she continued. I think that my assistant has, like, 100 videos from outside the door where I’m in the shower just like, ‘You’re my, my, my, my lover,’” she continued, belting out the lyrics with enthusiasm.

Taylor announced that she would be taking a break at the end of her 1989 World Tour. Taylor did not release an album during the fall of 2016, breaking from her normal two-year album release cycle, but it was revealed that Taylor had been busy writing songs for other people. Calvin Harris and Rihanna’s song This Is What You Came For” was written by Taylor under the pseudonym Nils Sjoberg. Later in the year, news came that Taylor secretly wrote another song for someone else. This time it was Little Big Town ‘s song Better Man,” which won Taylor CMA’s Song Of The Year award in 2017.

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