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We have music. It’s so weird that Mac Dre would die in KC, you know what I’m saying? At meet-and-greets and on social media, N9ne‘s fans reach out to him, asking for his support and thanking him for writing music that has saved them.

tech n9ne age – Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne, More Pay Respects To Dead Battle Rapper Tech 9

TECH N9NETech N9ne is the first Kansas City rapper to really blow up. His rapid fire “flow” is a mix of social and religious commentary, humor and hard-party beats – and his new album Killer is at the top of the charts right now. Aaron Yates, better known by his stage name, Tech N9ne, is an American rapper who has sold over 2 million albums and has had many of his songs featured in movies and video games. The performer’s stage name was originally crafted by rapper Black Walt after recognizing Tech N9ne‘s fast-rhyming, chopper-style flow and relating it to the TEC-9 semi-automatic handgun. Later on, Yates attached more significant meaning to the stage name, claiming that it represented the complete technique of rhyme. This gave the name a bit more substance and seriousness, relating it to artistry. Catch this unique rapping style for yourself at a Tech N9ne concert near you.

This Tech N9ne is going through customs back in the U.S., coming from Canada, coming from Europe,” the rapper continued while standing in the customs line at the airport. Just Juice put on a great set. His song Lavish is probably the hottest song on Tech N9ne’s label right now.

Rapper Tech N9ne (Aaron Dontez Yates) has found memories of performing in Cleveland. He’s played in town numerous times over the years, often at the now defunct Peabody’s, a venue that hosted metal and hardcore as much as hip-hop.

TECH N9NE: No. Because I say what I feel. But the people that love me around that time, it’s embarrassing to them to hear some of those stories. And you either have to have compassion and like, “OK. I won’t do that anymore.” Like my ex-wife told me, “Don’t write no more songs about me cause they’re not good.” And I’m said, “OK. I won’t.” So I haven’t said anything else since she asked.

FRANNIE: Well, two things. One is I think that’s sort of why people say that they’re surprised that you keep ending up on the Forbes list and that you have all these fans or whatever. It’s cause they didn’t go out and find out.

This isn’t the only bit of legal action Tech N9ne is taking to end off 2017. As we previously reported , Strange music is suing Strainge Entertainment for trademark infringement. Apparently, those in power at Strange Music believe they are being ripped off by Strainge Entertainment, another label that has only been around since 2016. They’re a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. Fans are supposedly getting Strange Music and Strainge Entertainment artists confused on social media, which Tech N9ne’s label believes might be leading to a loss of profits on their end. The lawsuit is still in the early stages, so there’s no telling to what side the justice system will side at this point, but the one thing we do know is that Tech isn’t down with others making money off anything with his label’s reputation getting caught in the mix.

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TECH N9NE: I’m still breathing. I’m still alive. Life is still happening to me. I’m still writing my life as it progresses, as it stays stagnant, as it — whatever it does, I’m writing it. I’m constantly going through things in life. And I just finally got my divorce Nov. 9, the day after my birthday, Nov. 8. And I’ve been separated since I was — since ’05. Just got it. It’s like, life is still happening. And after all those years, you end up on the Forbes list four times in a row. Things are happening. And as long as I’m breathing, I’ll have something to say. Every day.

Rapper Nipsey Hussle, a Los Angeles fixture known for his community involvement and dedication to West Coast hip-hop, was shot to death March 31. Hussle (born Ermias Asghedom), 33, broke into the rap scene with his mixtapes and went on to collaborate with hip-hop stars including Kendrick Lamar, Childish Gambino and Snoop Dogg.

Throughout Like I Ain’t,” Tech raps about his passion for music never dwindling despite his success. The artist is attacking the rap game like he never achieved a thing, expressing his hunger for greatness with each bar.

Tech N9ne performed for the first time in Evansville at the Old National Events Plaza Monday night. While the house that strange built started with those two men, its current success would not have been possible without the other high caliber artists who have joined the label over the years.

TECH N9NE: So I was so hurt by it that I just went someplace else mentally and spiritually. And I want to build my own planet with more love cause this one is lacking, with more care cause this one is lacking, for each other. And when I came back, I played it for my team and they all loved it. They all agreed. On the last album, The Storm, they found, like, one single. On this one, they found — and I don’t just write singles. I just write music as the beats come. They found like six of them when I came back.

Although Tech 9 is an underground rapper,” Heavy reported , but many mainstream rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Lupe Fiasco, and others also paid tribute. To catch the sounds of unique rapping techniques for yourself live, grab your Tech N9ne tickets at StubHub before they are gone.

The limited release beer will debut at this summer’s Boulevardia festival, to be held June 15 and 16 in KC’s Stockyards District. Tech N9ne will top the bill at the urban street party on Friday night. Bou Lou, packaged in 4-packs of 16-ounce cans, will hit shelves starting Monday, June 18 in select markets including Kansas City, Lawrence, Wichita, Springfield and Denver.

TECH N9NE: Yes, man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar and Superstar” rapper Lupe Fiasco were among the fans who paid tribute to Tech 9 on social media following word of his death. Tech N9ne’s “It Goes Up Tour 2019” gave attendees an exclusive first look at Kathartic – Episode 1.TECH N9NE

TECH N9NE: It’s just in the darkness. “Tech N9ne” is one of those ones I recorded just in the darkness, just my verse on it. Oh, it kills me. But “Al-Naafiysh (The Soul),” the “It’s Time” version. He said yes. Murdered it. For all those b-boy songs I did back then, a lot of people didn’t get. Now, boom, everybody’s getting it. It’s counting now.

No cause of death has been confirmed by the battle rapper’s camp, though Buttah From-Da Block revealed there were no outward signs of harm on the rapper’s body, he told XXL. He also explained close friends were praying Tech 9’s death was of natural causes. Tech 9 was 32 at the time of his death.

TECH N9NE: It’s the funnest part. The most fun, that is. Making the music and performing it for my fans. I said it in one of my new songs called “Comfortable.” I said, “I’m comfortable doing work in the studio. I’m comfortable giving fans an unruly show. Even if I got to take a voyage like Coolio to rock it, I’m with it, but outside of that shit is bootyhole.” You know? That’s how I feel.

Been battling for years. I’ve observed many battles of his. Condolences to the family.” He made sure to point out that this Tech N9ne” was making his way through customs at the airport after returning from his international excursion. Perhaps the video was even more necessary considering that his family was blowing up his phone amid the news, too, he said. Thankfully, he confirmed that he was OK.

Like I Ain’t,” a music video that turned into a film series called Kathartic,” opens with a Purge-quality introduction and some sheisty characters, including Tech, who’s clearly out for blood and unrelenting in his lyrical slashing.

Hip-hop superstars like Kendrick Lamar , Lupe Fiasco, Lloyd Banks, and many more remembered the late rapper on Twitter. Fans — and even family members — of Kansas City, Mo.-based rapper Tech N9ne (real name Aaron Dontez Yates) were momentarily confused by the news.

TECH N9NE: I’m supposed to say that. I’m supposed to say that, because it’s my new record. I’m supposed to say that. No. It’s going to speak for itself. It’s like, I’m supposed to say that, but I’m going to — I would — if it wasn’t, I would say, “It’s a dope album that I put together. Wait till y’all hear it.” But this is the best music I’ve done in a long while.

At Tech N9ne concerts you can expect to hear a harmonious, smooth sound coming from the rapper’s microphones that are unique to this performer. Above and beyond lyrics you can understand, you will also be met with a performance that is not like anything you have seen before. The music never stops for set changes, which will have you on the edge of your seat with excitement throughout the entire show. With actual theatrics and stage production, a Tech N9ne concert will be one you will never forget. It’s an all-inclusive audio and visual experience.

Tech’s unparalleled tour schedule and signature rapid-fire chopper” style combined with the business acumen of Strange Music CEO Travis ‘Guin have molded Strange Music into the number one independent hip-hop label in the world.

And it’s called “Brightfall.” It’s like, totally detach from the darkness, and a grip of my fans like it so much they like, “Don’t. Please.” I’m like, “Y’all don’t understand though. You can talk yourself into the grave.” I don’t want to do that. You can bring dark spirits to you. And I’m trying to lighten my life.

Tech N9ne Career Earnings: Between 2012 and 2016 Tech earned enough money to be one of the 10 highest-paid rappers on the planet. During that time period alone he earned $30 million. A self-proclaimed underdog, Just Juice was constantly telling the audience to work hard and avoid people in their life who brought them down. That’s what he did, and now he’s on tour with Tech N9ne.

This Tech N9ne is going through customs back in the U.S., coming from Canada, coming from Europe,” the rapper continued while standing in the customs line at the airport. Just Juice put on a great set. His song Lavish is probably the hottest song on Tech N9ne’s label right now.

While he debuted in the underground realm of horrorcore and seemed destined to be a future footnote, rapper Tech N9ne grew to be an indie rap superstar. In the process, he built his Strange Music label into a Psychopathic Records-styled empire with an accompanying loyal fan base, but when it comes to influence, Tech arguably topped underground trailblazers Insane Clown Posse thanks to collaborations with mainstream artists and a style that evolved from horrorcore to hardcore and confessional. Issuing a quartet of Top Five albums in the early 2010s – All 6’s and 7’s, Something Else, Strangeulation, and Special Effects – he built a vast and devoted audience with little help from the mainstream.

Another thing you’ll notice in the video, if you haven’t pinned it down yet in any other music video or production he’s put on, is that Tech never ages. Even through the Juggalo face paint, Aaron Dontez Yates, the kid from Kansas City, has an inextinguishable spark in his eyes.

TECH N9NE: I see the crowd changing. They’re getting younger, which is a beautiful thing. New life. I’m not ready to leave yet. I still have to let everybody know that I belong here, the strange individual that don’t fit in with regular people. I’m regular right now. I’m just an irregular mindset. I need everybody to know that. So I’m not done yet. I feel like I’m being preserved for something. I’ll be 47 this year.

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