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The Beatles would record two more albums, first, Let It Be , originally titled Get Back, which was such a mess at first that it was shelved, and Abbey Road , titled after the recording studio where they had recorded the bulk of their work.

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THE BEATLESThe Beatles’ Please Please Me album was rush-released by Parlophone on 22nd March, 1963 to capitalise on the enormous success of the title track which had been the group’s second single and their first no. 1 in the majority of UK charts. Abbey Road presented with new mixes in stereo, 5.1 surround, and Dolby Atmos; expanded with previously unreleased session recordings and demos. The album, The Beatles, is released in Britain and the United States. It goes straight to number one in both countries. The album is also known as the White Album.

For the fourth time in the UK, no single was lifted from the album and this also held true in the US. The album was also not banded, encouraging the listener to play it all the way through, pausing only to turn the disc over.

With its cheery singles, theatrical medley and iconic cover , The Beatles’ 11th studio album, Abbey Road ,” holds a special place in the hearts of the band’s fans. Paul McCartney is the only one who still thinks there’s a future for the band and persuades the others to record a new, final Beatles album. It’s their last collaboration before the final breakup.

A Höfner “violin” bass guitar and Gretsch Country Gentleman guitar , models played by McCartney and Harrison, respectively; the Vox AC30 amplifier behind them is the model the Beatles used during performances in the early 1960s.

On Friday, Apple released an early, intimate take of “Come Together.” Listening to it almost feels like being somewhere you’re not supposed to be—like you’ve somehow snuck into the studio and you’re witnessing something no one’s ever seen before.

PS: A very easy way to tell that a signed Beatles album is fake is to check the year of the pressing. Obviously, an album signed by all four Beatles, which is a pressing after 1980 is phoney (John Lennon died in 1980) or a record or CD signed by the Beatles (except John) thats a pressing after 2001 is fake (George died in 2001).

Ironically, Paul recalls everyone telling the band what a lousy name Beatles” was and urging them to change it. Paul himself says he remembers John and Stu running up to him and anxiously telling him how they had thought of the name Beatles” the previous night.

Anyone who doesn’t like this album must be stupid. A fellow across the street from me gave me this album. I wanted to buy it for a while, but didn’t have any money. Back then, I would have allowed a beating just to touch it. My husband is a big Beatles fan too.

63. John’s Julia,” which appeared on the Beatles White Album and a song dedicated to his late mother Julia, and wife Yoko, was the only Beatle song wherein he played alone, without assistance from the rest of the group.

See which Beatle’s lyrical genius brought us the anthem Let it Be” (released in 1970) by typing it into the Find Song” search bar. 22. Cry for a Shadow” is the only Beatles song to be credited to John Lennon and George Harrison alone. It’s an instrumental that was written by John and George as a parody of The Shadows style.

The Abbey Road Anniversary Edition features 17 original tracks such as “Come Together” and “Here Comes the Sun”, newly mixed by producer Giles Martin and mix engineer Sam Okell, as well as 23 unreleased session recordings and demos. The album release was accompanied by a new music video for “Here Comes the Sun”, featuring photos from the Apple Corps archive and footage supplied by Paul McCartney.

The Beatles are both the gold standard and the launchpad for British popular music as a global force. Over the course of 11 studio albums and a run of worldwide number one singles – standards such as From Me To You, Help!, Day Tripper, Let It Be – EPs and countless sessions and interviews for BBC radio, often with their friend Brian Matthew (which were later compiled into two double albums), they took American rock ‘n’ roll and soul, added a unique sense of optimism, and set about charming the world.

Now Martin has remastered that “Abbey Road” sound for a new release to mark its 50th anniversary. It is a sound that runs through Martin’s veins. His father, George Martin, was the record producer who helped launch the Fab Four to the global stage.

76. Although the Revolver album was released before the last Beatles tour in August 1966, the group did not perform any songs from the album live as most were too complex to perform with live instruments.

The Beatles have songs in the top five positions of the Billboard’s singles chart. This is a first for Billboard. The songs, in order of their charting position, are: Can’t Buy Me Love, Twist and Shout, She Loves You, I Want To Hold Your Hand, Please Please Me.

Legal wrangles at Apple prevented the official issue of previously unreleased Beatles material for over two decades (although much of it was frequently bootlegged). The situation finally changed in the 1990s, after McCartney, Harrison, Starr, and Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, settled their principal business disagreements. In 1994, this resulted in a double CD of BBC sessions from the early and mid-’60s (a second volume followed nearly two decades later). The following year, a much more ambitious project was undertaken: a multi-part film documentary, broadcast on network television in 1995, and then released (with double the length) for the home video market in 1996, with the active participation of the surviving Beatles.

The music legend, now 77, told Stephen Colbert Monday night on “The Late Show” that he still thinks about the late John Lennon “quite often,” nearly 39 years after The Beatle’s death. Nobody believes that anymore. The vigorous now 77-year-old is working on his first musical and has hinted that there may be a new album forthcoming with outtakes of studio sessions from the past.

Beginning with 1965’s Rubber Soul ,” The Beatles started exploring new sounds. This quest continued in Abbey Road,” where the band was able to deftly incorporate emerging recording technology in a way that set the album apart from everything they had previously done.

Luckily, Malcolm Davies felt the same way. The Apple mastering engineer was charged with cutting a playback lacquer of the whole sequence so the Beatles could review it, and he also chose to leave “Her Majesty” tacked on the end – even though Kurlander had noted that the song was unwanted. That’s how McCartney – and then the world – came to hear the Abbey Road medley in its current configuration.

It took an unlikely pop group, not only to make things right, but to begin the greatest, most fertile period ever of American pop and rock. They were four lads from Liverpool, of all places, collectively called the Beatles. With mop tops and dry humor, with British accents and sharp suits, the Beatles also happened to play some of the most compelling rock & roll of the era—any era, actually—all tightly wrapped in a Union Jack.

They capitalized on this phenomenon by touring extensively, and releasing five albums in little over two years. Lennon and McCartney developed a fruitful songwriting partnership, which inspired The Byrds , The Rolling Stones , and The Who to write their own songs. Lennon was writing increasingly intricate lyrics with the aim of matching Bob Dylan ‘s abilities, while McCartney’s own rivalry with Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys pushed the band in new sonic directions. Resenting his marginalization, Harrison began writing songs of his own, which reflected his mystic interests.

Ten of the album’s fourteen tracks were recorded in just one day – 11th February, 1963. These included a mixture of stage favourites and “Lennon-McCartney originals”. The four remaining songs had been committed to tape in 1962 having formed the B-side of their debut release and both sides of their second single. A slightly later recording of ‘Love Me Do’ to that previously released, was selected for the album. This version would also appear on a subsequent EP and later still on an American # 1 single in 1964.

Hamburg was the Beatles’ baptism by fire. Playing grueling sessions for hours on end in one of the most notorious red-light districts in the world, the group was forced to expand its repertoire, tighten up its chops, and invest its show with enough manic energy to keep the rowdy crowds satisfied. When they returned to Liverpool at the end of 1960, the band – formerly also-rans on the exploding Liverpudlian “beat” scene – were suddenly the most exciting act on the local circuit. They consolidated their following in 1961 with constant gigging in the Merseyside area, most often at the legendary Cavern Club, the incubator of the Merseybeat sound.

Now, a new PEOPLE special edition, The Beatles: 1969, examines how a year filled with weddings, babies, musical side gigs and money disputes set the stage for the Beatles’ dissolution and the creation of four new careers.

The Beatles have sold more records than any other musical artist in history, with EMI Records estimating more than one billion albums sold worldwide. The song ” Yesterday ” alone has been covered more than 3,000 times. They also hold the record for most #1 singles in the U.S. with twenty.

The early Beatles albums were released separately in the U.K. and the U.S. The U.K. versions invariably contained 14 songs, while the U.S. versions would contain 12. In addition, they would release numerous singles which would not appear on any U.K. album, but which would be packaged with the songs which were unreleased in the U.S., thus guaranteeing extra album sales in the U.S. With the advent of the CD, this difference would be rectified by making the U.K. versions the standard albums, and the addition of two singles and rarities compilations, Past Masters: Volume One and Past Masters: Volume Two , would make the collection complete.

88. After John Lennon’s remarks in 1966 that The Beatles were bigger than Jesus, some radio stations banned the playing of all Beatles records. One such station, KLUE in Longview Texas, was taken off air the day after they announced a ban after a lightening bolt struck their transmitter and knocking their news editor unconscious.

The Beatles woodshedded in Hamburg, Germany, playing five sets a night in bars and strip clubs for drunken sailors and tourists. They mastered the rock sounds they heard from America and then began to write their own songs. The Beatles came back to Liverpool after their Hamburg jaunts a top-notch rock & roll band and Lennon and McCartney an increasingly capable songwriting team.

29. On December 17, 1963, a disc jockey at WWDC in Washington, D.C., became the first person to broadcast a Beatles record on American airwaves. James Carroll played I Want To Hold Your Hand,” which he had obtained from his stewardess girlfriend who brought the single back from Britain.

The song “Yellow Submarine”, from 1966’s Revolver , was adapted into a cartoon movie in 1968. A soundtrack album accompanied it, with several new Beatles songs and a score by George Martin , The Beatles’ producer.

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