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The film grossed over $300 million worldwide, against its $41 million budget, and was the 12th highest-grossing film worldwide in 2006. But, as we all know, nothing is ever that simple. Here, 50 things you never knew about the making of the film.

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THE DEVIL WEARS PRADATHE DEVIL WEARS PRADA’s music video for the song “Chemical” can be seen below. Andrea is considerably more hard-edged in the book. She is frequently angry and impatient, is a heavy smoker and uses profane language regularly. In the film she rarely uses bad language but instead employs euphemisms such as “shoot”. In the novel she is also prone to bouts of extreme road rage. One of the things that was criticized about the book was Andrea’s snobbery and her bad temper. In the film she is much more even tempered and is usually polite to everyone. She rarely, if ever, swears and does not smoke. She usually maintains her temper under the most drastic of situations although she is prone to panic attacks. The only display of aggression she exhibits during the film is angrily flinging the tray with Miranda‘s lunch on it (which she didn’t want) into a sink.

Not only is this a chick flick, but its a movie for everybody, even guys. This movie isn’t just about fashion, its about having a boss who is really tough on you, and you want to show her that you can keep up with her, and to finally earn her respect. First, all of the performances were just undeniable, they were fantastic. Anne Hathaway was great and made her more than a star, while Emily Blunt’s breakthrough and scene-stealing performance got her on top in the first place (and should of gotten an Oscar nom) in my opinion), then another scene-stealer was Stanley Tucci who should of earned more praise in this movie, but the real devil in this movie was Meryl Streep who seems to never disappoint, she was fantastic, she stole the show, and believe it or not, some heart in her cold and evil character. The Devil Wears Prada is a very fashionable, original movie with fantastic performance from its cast.

The movie is based on a book written by Lauren Weisberger, the former assistant to the editor-in-chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour. otsoNY Comments: The New York Mirror newsroom where Andrea gets hired at the end of the film is in fact the offices of the New York Sun newspaper.

Back at home, Andrea begins freelancing stories for magazines and develops a working relationship with Loretta, an editor at Seventeen. She is last shown going for an interview at the fictional magazine The Buzz.

Based on Lauren Weisberger’s novel of the same name, The Devil Wears Prada was one of the biggest films of 2006. It starred Anne Hathaway as Andy Sachs, a fresh-out-of-college journalism major who takes a job as personal assistant to Miranda Priestley, the editor of Runway Magazine. A soft-voiced tyrant with an icy gaze, Priestley tests Andy with a series of seemingly impossible demands — and Andy remarkably comes through. But as her new job increasingly takes a toll on her personal relationships, especially with her sexy-as-sin boyfriend (played by Adrian Grenier), she has to decide if this is the life she really wants.

Fans thought they saw the end of Andy and Miranda’s story. Thankfully, our fashion prayers have been answered. This summer, a musical stage production of this movie is coming to Chicago’s James M. Nederlander Theatre. The cast list for this musical has not yet been announced.

Inevitably, like so many other books and movies about the seductions of the big city, The Devil Wears Prada wants to have its non-fat, vegan cake and eat it. It wants to hitch a free ride on all the high-speed excitement of the wicked fashion biz – before finally growing up and deciding it’s way too superficial. Andy winds up being scared by how badly she’s behaving, though of course she never does anything really bad.

When Andy tells Nate she is going to Paris, he is angered by her refusal to admit that she has become what she once ridiculed, and they break up. Once there, Miranda, without makeup, opens up to Andy about the effect Miranda’s impending divorce will have on her daughters. Later that night, Nigel tells Andy that he has accepted a job as Creative Director with rising fashion designer James Holt at Miranda’s recommendation. Andy finally succumbs to Christian’s charms and, after spending the night with him, learns from him about a plan to replace Miranda with Jacqueline Follet as editor of Runway. Despite the suffering she has endured at her boss’s behest, she attempts to warn Miranda.

Then of course there are cameos for real-life fashion stars coming on woodenly as Themselves, and that is always, always the kiss of death. Real fashionistas, however stylish, are a boulder-sized lump of Kryptonite for comedy – here, as in Altman’s 1994 fashion film Prêt-à-Porter. In fact the film has a couple of all-too-serious speeches about how important fashion actually is, thank you so much. Now, I’ll be the first to admit I don’t “get” fashion, but to intimate its ephemeral pleasures to the non-believer and non-understander, I think you’d need a more astringent and detached – and a funnier – movie than this.

Andy even gets an invite to the glitzy benefit held at the American Museum of Natural History , Central Park West at 79th Street, as first assistant Emily ( Emily Blunt ) succumbs to a heavy cold. This is, of course, where Ben Stiller works in Night At The Museum (well, on the outside it is).

While the book was enjoyable, I didn’t like it as much as the movie. First of all, there are several subplots that differ from the movie that I didn’t appreciate, like the fact that Andrea has an alcoholic best friend who’s also a total slut. I know that slut-shaming is wrong and that I shouldn’t be judging, but when you can’t remember having slept with the guy who is currently smoking crack in bed next to you, you need to re-evaluate your life choices. Just saying.

I’m going to be quite honest here: I saw the movie before I read the book. Several times, in fact. The movie came out in 2006, when I wasn’t a reader yet. The Devil Wears Prada is one of those movies that they play on TV quite regularly, and is one of those movies that I almost always watch when it is. Because it’s a really great and entertaining movie – Anne Hathaway’s, Meryl Streep’s, Stanley Tucci’s and Emily Blunt’s performances are absolutely top notch. So when I saw the book in the library, I thought, Why the hell not?” and brought it home with me.

When it came time to record The Act, the process marked a series of career firsts. Dubbed the driver of the album” by the frontman, Jon assumed production duties, wrote The Devil Wears Prada songs on piano, and penned lyrics for a handful of tunes. Not content to rest on their laurels, it would also be the first time the musicians scrapped nearly 60 songs” in pursuit of the best possible material.

Not bad, I thought, looking in one of the omnipresent full-length mirrors. You might not even know that mere minutes before I was hovering precariously close to murdering myself and everyone around me. I strolled confidently into the assistants’ suite outside Miranda’s office and quietly took my seat, looking forward to a few free minutes before she returned from lunch.

The scene, apparently first posted back in 2015 , takes place at the big charity ball where Andy (Anne Hathaway) proves herself to ice queen Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), editor-in-chief of Runway magazine. Except Miranda’s husband makes a drunken appearance, acting like a jerk to his wife’s boss. Andy takes notice and comes to the rescue ― pulling the boss away from the situation and distracting him with a question.

And Christian’s chic hotel, where Andy discovers about the secret plans lined up for Runway magazine, is the W Times Square , 1567 Broadway. When Emily first met Andy, she wasn’t impressed by her ignorance and lack of knowledge about fashion.

For any out there who don’t know what this is all about, quick summary: college grad with aspirations of being a writer lucks into the dream job” as the personal assistant to the editor of Runway magazine, a thinly disguised roman e clef about Vogue magazine and Weisberger’s time there. Most notably it is about her off-the-charts difficult boss, Miranda Priestly.

Andy (Anne Hathaway) is a recent college graduate with big dreams. Upon landing a job at prestigious Runway magazine, she finds herself the assistant to diabolical editor Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep). Andy questions her ability to survive her grim tour as Miranda’s whipping girl without getting scorched.

Dust of your cerulean sweaters, people! The Devil Wears Prada just scored a musical adaptation , per The Hollywood Reporter, and it’s heading to theaters sooner than you might think. What the film gets right about fashion magazines.

Miranda: You thought I didn’t know. I’ve known what was happening for quite some time. It just took me a little while to find a suitable alternative for Jacqueline, and that James Holt job was just so absurdly overpaid that of course she jumped at it. So I just had to tell Irv that Jacqueline was unavailable. Truth is, no one can do what I do, including her. Any of the other choices would have found that job impossible and the magazine would have suffered. Especially because of the list. The list of designers, photographers, editors, writers, models, all of whom were founded by me, nurtured by me and have promised me they will follow me whenever and if ever I choose to leave Runway. So he reconsidered. But I was very very impressed by how intently you tried to warn me. I never thought I would say this, Andrea, but I really, I see a great deal of myself in you. You can look beyond what people want, and what they need, and you can choose for yourself.

One day, Emily was down with infectious mononucleosis and she phoned Andrea to inform her that she is very sick and can’t go to Paris with Miranda. Instead, Miranda wants Andrea to be in Paris. Andrea had a dilemma here as she cannot decide for herself whether she should go to Paris or just stay in New York. Finally, she went with Miranda to Paris. During one occasion, Miranda was informed that she will be receiving an award on behalf of Runway America. Miranda ordered Andrea to type out an entire speech in 30 minutes or so. Andrea did as she told, but her effort was in vain as Miranda turned to leave the award ceremony because she was impatient. Andrea went up stage on behalf of her and received the award for her, where everyone in the hall looked puzzled.

Without Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada would get maybe a 5 rating, but because of Ms. Streep giving a performance that will undoubtedly get her a 14th Oscar nomination it is reason alone to see it. Is it even possible for her to do something that is even remotely similar to anyone of her past characters? The answer is NO! Her Miranda Priestley is once again a completely new role that seems made for her and she is so deliciously devilish that you want her in every scene, but we’ll settle for a supporting actress nomination come February in a movie that would have essentially been Pricess Diaries 3 without her. A very enjoyable summer fluff movie that is a great escape thanks, once again to the brilliant Meryl Streep.

That’s partly because the appeal of watching put-upon underlings triumph over haughty higher-ups never loses its gloss. In this case, it’s Anne Hathaway ‘s Andy, personal assistant to tyrannical fashion-magazine czarina Miranda Priestly ( Meryl Streep ), who emerges, slightly scarred but undaunted, from the battleground of her first magazine job. (The movie, directed by David Frankel, was based on Lauren Weisberger’s 2003 novel, which drew from her real-life experience as the assistant to Vogue magazine’s notoriously demanding editor Anna Wintour.) The movie’s pleasures are hardly negligible: A montage showing Streep’s Priestly heedlessly tossing her coat-and-handbag combo onto Andy’s desk, morning after morning after morning, is partly a clever pantomime of the monotony of being a wage slave and partly a grand eye-roll at the sort of person who has so much great stuff to wear that she can just fling it around without a thought.THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA

The Devil Wears Prada musical has been in the making for a long time. Famed Broadway producer Kevin McCollum announced that he was developing a stage musical based off the movie back in January 2015, as part of a movie-musical partnership with 20th Century Fox. And in January 2017, it was announced that the one and only Elton John would be composing the music for the new production.

She graduated from Northwestern University and landed a job that “a million girls would kill for.” Andy started off with no interest in the fashion world, but became more stylish and invested as the movie progressed.

Imagine my surprise to find that the movie had more depth than the novel did. One of the most charming and fully-realized characters (relatively speaking, here) in the movie was nothing more than a throwaway gay joke in the book. And whereas there’s growth and change among most of the major players in the movie, the novel pays only lip service to “your characters must change by the end of the book,” and then only to the protagonist, whose “change” is telegraphed from page 1. The boss, the “devil” of the title, remains exactly the same from beginning to end—possibly intentionally, but I thought the Hollywood treatment of her, though formulaic, was more satisfying.

Step three: Skim through the boring parts. HA – just kidding! Don’t do that. Suffer instead. Enjoy Andy whining throughout the entire book. The entire time I was reading this book, I was whining about her whining and how I would rather participate in a star wars movie marathon.

It’s been 11 years since the premiere of The Devil Wears Prada and fans are still finding opportunities to recite the iconic quotes any chance they get. (“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.”) But do you know what went into the iconic movie? Here, 50 things you never knew about the making of the film. That is all.

Emily is hit by a taxi and tossed up against its windshield. We later see her in the hospital with a badly bruised face and a cast on her leg. Andy accidentally closes a taxi’s door on her father. Furious with Miranda, Andy smashes a plate.

Andy’s got the job! But has no idea what she is doing. From answering the phone the wrong way to the awkward taking of the sticky note and then asking how to spell one of the most famous names in fashion, this moment shows she still has a long way to go.

The stars of The Devil Wears Prada at the Venice premiere, front row: (left to right) Anne Hathaway , Stanley Tucci , Lisa Tucci and Meryl Streep Valentino can be seen behind and between Stanley and Lisa Tucci, and Beatrice Borromeo is partly visible to Stanley Tucci’s left.

While Anne Hathaway and Simon Baker flew out to Paris , Fox thought it would be too expensive to fly Streep out. Instead, her “Paris” scenes were filmed in the U.S. The real joy is in a smoulderingly sinister turn by Meryl Streep as Andy’s egomaniacal boss.

If The Devil Wears Prada, 10 years old this week, represents the wrong way to look and think about fashion, this week has also given us a reminder of the right way, although it’s a sad one: Bill Cunningham , the New York Times’ longtime on-the-street photographer—and the subject of the superb 2010 documentary Bill Cunningham New York—died on June 25, at age 87. Cunningham had actually made fashion himself (he was a milliner in the 1950s), and was a cofounder of Details magazine. But for some 40 years—almost right up to the day of his death—he could be found, dressed in his trademark blue workman’s smock, pedaling the streets of New York on his bike, camera around his neck, at the ready to capture fashion in the wild. His subjects included socialites wrapped in plush furs and club kids in improvised outfits that might have cost a nickel.

What. The. Fuck. This deleted scene from Devil Wears Prada has just blown my mind. Changes the whole film. After “The Devil Wears Prada,” Baker starred on the short-lived drama “Smith,” but most people probably know him for his role as Patrick Jane on CBS’ “The Mentalist” (which lasted for seven seasons).

Lauren’s first job after returning to the U.S. and moving to Manhattan was the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour. Lauren became proficient in the language of stilettos and Starbucks before moving to Departures magazine, where she wrote 100-word reviews by day and took writing classes at night. The Devil Wears Prada, begun at the Writer’s Voice, was published in April 2003, and spent six months on The New York Times Bestseller List. It was sold in thirty-one foreign countries and made into a major motion picture by Fox 2000 starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway. Lauren has a half-second cameo in the film that even she is hard-pressed to locate after several viewings. Her second novel, Everyone Worth Knowing, was published in October 2005 and is also a New York Times Bestseller.

Miranda Priestly through the doe eyes of Andrea Andy” Sachs, who doesn’t realize that perhaps she is the real antagonist of the novel. Through her own confession she has no clue about the company nor her potential boss when she takes on the role of Miranda’s 2nd assistant, nor does she seem to really care. While her coworkers at Runway are said to be vapid and stuck up, they have a much better work ethic than the lazy Andy who complains about every part of her job (except all the perks, of which there are plenty). She is ungrateful for the experience and the contacts she gains while doing Miranda’s errands, instead she focuses on moaning about having to actually earn her dues. I see her as an unreliable narrator since nearly all of her commentary comes from the place of entitlement.

Casting for the musical has yet to be announced, but fans shouldn’t expect to see Streep, Hathaway, or Blunt on stage. According to the Tribune, an industry workshop was held in New York featuring Broadway actors Emily Skinner and Krystina Alabado in the roles of Priestley and Sachs, respectively, signaling that producers are potentially looking at more well-known theater actors to fill their shoes.

The film went on to be nominated for two Academy Awards , including a nod in the Best Actress category for Streep’s performance, and a costume design nomination for Patricia Field. And with such a significant history behind the film, expectations for the musical are sure to be higher than the heels Andy struggles to walk in.

Not only is this a chick flick, but its a movie for everybody, even guys. This movie isn’t just about fashion, its about having a boss who is really tough on you, and you want to show her that you can keep up with her, and to finally earn her respect. First, all of the performances were just undeniable, they were fantastic. Anne Hathaway was great and made her more than a star, while Emily Blunt’s breakthrough and scene-stealing performance got her on top in the first place (and should of gotten an Oscar nom) in my opinion), then another scene-stealer was Stanley Tucci who should of earned more praise in this movie, but the real devil in this movie was Meryl Streep who seems to never disappoint, she was fantastic, she stole the show, and believe it or not, some heart in her cold and evil character. The Devil Wears Prada is a very fashionable, original movie with fantastic performance from its cast.

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