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It’s something that could happen. As you work your way through the record it becomes apparent The Menzingers have said it all before. Anna” is the lead single and only song released to the general public.

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The MenzingersSince forming as teenagers in 2006, The Menzingers have shown their strength as rough-and-tumble storytellers, turning out songs equally rooted in frenetic energy and lifelike detail. The Menzingers are an American punk rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania , formed in 2006. The band consists of Greg Barnett (vocals, guitar), Tom May (vocals, guitar), Eric Keen (bass) and Joe Godino (drums). To date, the band has released six studio albums, with their most recent, Hello Exile, released on October 4, 2019.

Their second opus Chamberlain Waits and its extensive touring cycle garnered more attention from the wider American punk scene, but it was the Epitaph-released On The Impossible Past that truly put The Menzingers on the industry’s map. Praised as the band’s masterpiece, OTIP’s raw and vulnerable angst was a complete critical success and became an instant classic for many.

The heavy Telecaster influence is a new one for both guitarists. Back home in Scranton, a couple of hours outside Philadelphia, Barnett wrote his first songs on a white Strat before picking up a Les Paul around the time The Menzingers were working on album four, 2014’s riff-happy Rented World, while May has also changed things up in recent years.

With 2012’s On The Impossible Past, The Menzingers turned in their version of The Gaslight Anthem’s The ’59 Sound, a punk record for Bruce Springsteen devotees. It was packed full of short, hooky songs with simple, effective narratives, and it set the bar for that type of Americana-inspired punk. 2014’s Rented World dealt in more of the same, with the album skewing a bit too closely to its predecessor. But on After The Party the band tries something new, at least lyrically: looking back on the experience of living your twenties as hard as you can in order to find hard-earned wisdom. It’s an attempt to seem wistful and wise, but The Menzingers just end up looking weathered in the process.

To celebrate the release of their new album Hello Exile, The Menzingers will be treating their fans to a special intimate performance at Creep Records. The band will appear in-store to play an acoustic set and sign records on October 4, the same day the new LP is released. Space is, of course, very limited, so Creep Records has provided detailed instructions on how to RSVP to the event, which is free with the purchase of a vinyl copy of the record.

The Menzingers explore the tension between recklessness and responsibility all throughout After the Party, with the chorus to its opening track 20’s (Tellin’ Lies)” brashly asking Where are we gonna go now that our twenties are over?” On lead single Lookers”—as in, You were such a looker in the old days”—the band pays loving tribute to their time spent in Asbury Park, weaving in memories of smoke-filled diners and Jersey-girl heartbreakers. Equally soaked in nostalgia, the bittersweet yet blistering Midwestern States” offers what Barnett calls an ode to being in our early 20s and touring across the country for the first time, and just how eye-opening that all was for us.” On Bad Catholics,” meanwhile, The Menzingers match their heavy riffs and high-powered rhythms with a gorgeously detailed narrative of running into a lost love at a hometown church picnic.

Any doubt about the reception the band’s music was obliterated by the fervid response from the audience of about 800 – which not only sang loudly along to virtually every word, but brought the first crowd surfing and stage diving in memory to Musikfest Café.

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The follow-up to 2017’s After The Party, the band’s newest studio effort is described as the band’s most emotionally daring work to date, and a deeper dive into reflections on aging, troubled relationships and political ennui. The band welcomed back longtime producer Will Yip (the brains behind Mannequin Pussy and Petal’s recent LPs) to helm the band’s fourth project for Epitaph.

The Menzingers have never been an ambitious band. There’s an inherent simplicity to their work, which has always felt by design. Even when the band was putting together its knottiest songs—found predominantly on its first two releases—it’s always been in the business of anthems.

The Menzingers: Laughs I can tell you a lot about Fucked Up at Frankie’s! We started this running joke where there’s this charm that I love about our band where we’re a band where we could play places like Webster Hall and big historic theatres and headline them, but we’re always going to be the band that plays little dive bars. I don’t ever see it changing for us. We’ll always be a band that’ll go to Toledo and play in front of a hundred people, then the next day go to Chicago and play in front of 1500 people. It’s the spirit of our band.

The Menzingers released a split 7″ EP with The Bouncing Souls in November 2013. Both bands released a new original song on the split, along with a cover of one of the other band’s songs. The Menzingers covered “Kate is Great” from The Bouncing Souls , and The Bouncing Souls covered “Burn After Writing” from On the Impossible Past.

In their 13-year career, Philly quartet The Menzingers have not only built up one of the most dedicated fan bases in punk, but also a deserved reputation as consistently excellent songwriters. That doesn’t mean that frontman Greg Barnett is any less nervous when the band have something new to unveil, though.

Proving the punk obsession managed to escape the confines of California, Pennsylvania outfit The Menzingers are doing punk rock in their own way. In less than a decade they have recorded and released four solid albums packed full of punk inspired gems adored by critics globally and have toured extensively. The lack of commerciality does not effect either the group or the fans as they both live for the live shows and getting to share the music together.

Charlie’s Army” is the only humor you’ll find on After The Party. It’s one of the funniest songs Barnett has written. I love my Juliette, but her ex-boyfriend wants me dead” only pales in comparison to comparing an ex’s wasted buddies to a military force.

A year later, The Menzingers had released their debut album, titled “A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology,” which made significant waves in the punk world, finding new fans, achieving a sound similar to the likes of the Lawrence Arms. The band moved to Red Scare Industries in 2009 to release their four-song EP, “Hold on Dodge,” before then embarking upon a tour alongside Broadway Calls.

The Menzingers are known for making leaps. Not just into the audiences crowding the edges of the stage, but in their music, too. But on their new album After the Party their dynamic, introspective punk has been replaced by an aged cry for nostalgia, rebellion, and bands that sound a lot like The Clash.

But songs from the group’s other four albums sometimes carried the same trademarks. The good Toy Soldiers,” with both its social and militaristic references, was very Clash. The also-good Nice Things” barreled forward, and In Remission,” with its lyrics of conflict, was very punk rock.

Voices get hoarse. Muscles shrivel. Anger subsides. Memories fade. When a punk ages, it’s not always graceful. Greg Barnett, the frontman of the Menzingers, knows that all too well — We put miles on these old jean jackets,” he sings — and is looking to find a dignified way through middle age.

Seven years ago, The Menzingers brought On The Impossible Past, their breakthrough album, to London with a febrile show at the 250-capacity The Fighting Cocks in Kingston. Next year, they’ll headline the O2 Forum in Kentish Town for the second time, with a couple of thousand friends in attendance. In that context, Hello Exile feels like a fitting capper.

The Menzingers: Absolutely. I don’t think in this kind of climate, you can not go full in with it. I think we’d be doing a disservice to the song and how we all feel if we didn’t fully go in and make a statement. That was one of the most difficult parts of writing that songs. I wrote like 20 verses-I can’t even count. We wrote them over and over again, because it’s hard to say everything you want to say in three and a half minutes. It’s really tricky. I wanted to stay on theme of who I am as a person. I didn’t want it to come off as pretentious. I wanted it to feel how I typically write songs. It was a challenge to hone in the lyrics to a way that I felt comfortable with and happy with and said as much as I wanted to say. At the end, I was really happy.

Most fans hopped on the Menzingers train around their breakout album, 2012’s On The Impossible Past, a masterpiece of mid-twenties misadventures. The album is a young person’s idea of what it means to feel old. It’s when Barnett started noticing more Menzingers tattoos and when fans started telling him that his music has helped them transition into adulthood. He’s heard from more than a few people that the album’s love ballad Gates” has been used as a wedding song.

The Menzingers quickly incepted on the back of a supportive local scene and a debut album displaying what was described as some of the best melodies this style’s heard in ages” By 2008, May and Barnett had moved to Philadelphia to pursue higher education , and by 2010, the band were fully based in the City of Brotherly Love.

After the Party’s sophisticated yet emotionally raw songwriting also owes much to The Menzingers’ broadening their palette of influences in recent years. May, for instance, mined inspiration from the off-kilter song structure of Regina Spektor. Listening to her made me realize that you can go in with an idea and build the song around that, without it really having to go anywhere in particular,” he notes. Barnett, on the other hand, found himself swayed by their bus driver’s constant spinning of Meat Loaf’s Bat Out of Hell on a summer 2015 tour of Europe. You can say what you want about Meat Loaf, but his ability to craft catchy melodies is absolutely insane, where there’s ten of the strongest melodies ever written all just in one song,” says Barnett.

Specifically, the band opted to utilise the sound of the room at Studio 4. They littered the place with microphones, leaving Joe Godino’s drums as a huge, boomy centrepiece with everything else orbiting them: bassist Eric Keen’s varied tones, tailored to each song for the first time on a Menzingers record, plus Barnett and May’s jousting vocals and guitar lines. As a duo, they pulled apart their contributions, ensuring that they would balance each other out rather than stepping on each other’s toes.

It’s a thought Barnett wouldn’t have had the foresight to consider on the band’s early records, which were largely marked by the mistakes of adolescence. But now he’s contemplating how to mature gracefully and, as he’s been discovering, so are his fans.

It helps that chief songwriters and vocalists Greg Barnett and Tom May sing like late-night drunks at a high school reunion. Barnett’s the sloppy drunk, selling the hell out of contrived rhymes like if I come into your periphery, please just act like you don’t see me” on after-the-breakup anthem Strangers Forever”. It’s like our studio apartment’s just a place to keep your stuff,” he half-rages, half-laments on Anna”, a song about growing up – and growing apart – that packs a decade worth of regrets into a tight three and a half minutes. May is the angry drunk: set a course for the sun”, he bellows over a militaristic beat on Strawberry Mansion”, condemning humanity for its part in the climate crisis.

With hype building, Epitaph Records signed the act, going on to release their third album through the popular punk label, titled “On the Impossible Past, released in 2012. The album was voted album of the year on a number of online media outlets, including “Rented World” followed, being released in April 2014.

In 2010, they released their second full-length, “Chamberlain Waits,” which went on to be named one of the best punk records of the year by sites like , and The success of the record also gained them a front-cover appearance on AMP Magazine. The album brought the respect of their peers, embarking on support slots for The Gaslight Anthem, Against Me!, NOFX and ANTI-FLAG across the US and Canada.

The sing-along’s are huge, so much so that often lead singer Greg Barnett is not heard over the noise of the crowd. It’s not just singing where the crowd get majorly involved though. From an outsider looking in the front of the stage at a Menzingers gig can look like a car crash. Bodies fly everywhere. Members of the crowd will quite regularly end up on the stage, much to the bands delight before diving back into the crowd. That’s not something that should put people off seeing them though; the number one rule at any punk show is look after the people around you, if you see someone down help them get back up.The Menzingers

Back when the band announced the album, the Menzingers revealed they will be heading on tour with Tigers Jaw and Culture Abuse as support. Tickets are available here You can check out all of the upcoming dates below.

The Menzingers: Exactly. It was insane to sit on it that long. That was a big learning experience for us, where we knew we didn’t want to do that. Music is changing so quickly with regards to streaming that we felt it was in our best interest, and in our interest as songwriters, to constantly be releasing singles between full-on LPs. This time, we had The Freaks” and Toy Soldiers.” We weren’t writing for the album just yet, but we had those songs, and we said, Y’know what? These are great songs, but I know that we’ll be able to write more at least to the same caliber. So, let’s release them as singles in between, and make that a thing so we’re constantly releasing music.

They are such an evocative and lively act who have no issues invading the crowd through the show and jumping along whilst getting totally lost in the bold riffs and thumping bass lines. They all jump in unison yet the musicians never drop notes even though the sounds are pretty chaotic at times. They have already worked out which songs go down best with the crowds and stick primarily to these so that the pace remains lively and anthem. It culminates in a round up of their most momentous songs so far including ‘In Remission’ ‘Sun Hotel’ and finally ‘Casey’.

Songs that hit a little harder emotionally are peppered throughout the album as well, like the title track, Hello Exile,” the blunt, I Can’t Stop Drinking” and the incredibly powerful closer, Farewell Youth.” Easily one of the strongest songs on the album, Farewell Youth” feels like the cumulation of the themes addressed on Hello Exile and reminisces about growing up too fast as a punk kid in a small midwest town and eventually, growing apart from the people that meant the most to you. It’s beautifully heartbreaking and sure to touch people who have been in the same boat.

As you work your way through the record it becomes apparent The Menzingers have said it all before. If it’s bittersweet longing of youth you crave look no further than On The Impossible Past. Five years later, putting a nostalgic spin on calling cigarettes smokes” and glorifying drunk driving does not make it any cooler than it ever was (these lyrical refrains have always been some of the most cliche aspects of The Menzingers’ image).

The Menzingers are an American punk rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania , formed in 2006. The band consists of Greg Barnett (vocals, guitar), Tom May (vocals, guitar), Eric Keen (bass) and Joe Godino (drums). To date, the band has released six studio albums, with their most recent, Hello Exile, released on October 4, 2019.

By emphasizing the acoustic rhythm guitar and steady percussion that accompanies the entire record, though, most of the album’s compelling songwriting gets lost in the final mix. May and Barnett are already not the best at annunciating; this sound mixing doesn’t do them any favors.

It’s tempting to see Bay Dream, due out June 15th, as a concept album. Bluebird on My Shoulder” is the perfect ending song that brings everything into perspective like a drive down the California coastline, and the dub influence is just right. Kelling remarks, I’ve written songs like this always. Just finally working up the guts to show other people.” If Bay Dream is any milestone of where the band is going, there are clearly more good things up the road.

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