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Barnett’s the sloppy drunk, selling the hell out of contrived rhymes like if I come into your periphery, please just act like you don’t see me” on after-the-breakup anthem Strangers Forever”.

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The MenzingersThe last time we heard from The Menzingers , they were fretting over getting older. In a 75-minute set that packed in 20 songs with virtually no down time, The Menzingers packed the best of The Clash’s melody-driven punk with an added life perspective to deliver a great show that was a rare rock-vibe show at the venue.

But songs from the group’s other four albums sometimes carried the same trademarks. The good Toy Soldiers,” with both its social and militaristic references, was very Clash. The also-good Nice Things” barreled forward, and In Remission,” with its lyrics of conflict, was very punk rock.

The Menzingers were the first band I could truly say was my own. I was twenty-one when On the Impossible Past came out, and looking back, I’m not sure there was ever a better time to be that young. For myself and others, the Menzingers had just written an album that could be considered as monumental as Reinventing Axl Rose or Caution. And since then, they’ve toured endlessly and continued releasing quality albums. Sure, they’re not as fast and screamy as they used to be, but they’ve settled into a comfortable niche within the greater world of punk and indie, and more importantly, they occupy this space with consistently poignant songcraft.

Charlie‘s Army” is the only humor you’ll find on After The Party. It’s one of the funniest songs Barnett has written. I love my Juliette, but her ex-boyfriend wants me dead” only pales in comparison to comparing an ex’s wasted buddies to a military force.

I wrote Farewell Youth” for some other friends who were dealing with a death that was really close to them and seeing how much they struggled with it. I wanted to write something for them. For High School Friend,” that was a difficult one to write too. I lost some friends, some bandmates from my first band. It’s a difficult thing to think about. I do have some really close friends from growing up in that time and having late night conversations with them really helps. I grew up in a really small town and moved to Philadelphia. I’ve been living here now for eleven years or something. It just feels like the person I wrote the song about is in the same exact situation as me, and sometimes, it feels like we’re the only ones that truly know each other, because we’ve gone through all these experiences of growing up this way. I feel like that’s probably a pretty similar idea for a lot of people. I wanted to write a song about that in particular.

Punk rock , more so than any other genre, comes with a built-in age limit. There’s only so long you can play weeknights at basement venues for a share of the door and travel expenses; only so many years your back can withstand so many nights on strangers’ sofas. Those that don’t age out, sell out: their youthful excesses repackaged to shill hatchbacks and low-fat spread. Thank god, then, for The Menzingers: a four-piece born in the Scranton, Pennsylvania punk scene who opted to channel their 30s into roots-rock with a latent edge, capturing the free-fall into adulthood proper with a certain deft magic.

Specifically, the band opted to utilise the sound of the room at Studio 4. They littered the place with microphones, leaving Joe Godino’s drums as a huge, boomy centrepiece with everything else orbiting them: bassist Eric Keen’s varied tones, tailored to each song for the first time on a Menzingers record, plus Barnett and May’s jousting vocals and guitar lines. As a duo, they pulled apart their contributions, ensuring that they would balance each other out rather than stepping on each other’s toes.

Back when the band announced the album, the Menzingers revealed they will be heading on tour with Tigers Jaw and Culture Abuse as support. Tickets are available here You can check out all of the upcoming dates below.

The Menzingers formed as teenagers in their hometown of Scranton in 2006, then later relocated to Philadelphia. The band made their Epitaph debut with 2012’s On The Impossible Past, which was voted Album of the Year by Absolute Punk and Punk News. Released in 2014, Rented World was praised as packed with clever songwriting” by The New York Times and a colossal fist-pumper” by Stereogum.

We spent our 20s living in a rowdy kind of way, and now we’re at a point where it seems like everyone in our lives is moving in different directions,” says May of the inspiration behind After the Party. Adds Barnett: We’re turning 30 now, and there’s this idea that that’s when real life comes on. In a way this album is us saying, ‘We don’t have to grow up or get boring—we can keep on having a good time doing what we love.’” Bad Catholics” follows the release of After the Party’s lead single Lookers,” which premiered on Noisey in August.

Looking at the road ahead, it’s hard to know whose footsteps The Menzingers should follow. All of the bands they’ve looked up to and cite as influences have faced problems of their own. Their Turnpike brethren in The Gaslight Anthem went on indefinite hiatus after their fifth album. Against Me! still endure, but have gone through their share of member changes over the years. The Menzingers have maintained the same lineup since the band’s inception, and have never gone more than three years without releasing a new album.

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Tigers Jaw is an American rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, formed in 2005. Greg Barnett of The Menzingers discusses the band’s brilliantly warm new album Hello Exile.

The Menzingers explore the tension between recklessness and responsibility all throughout After the Party, with the chorus to its opening track 20’s (Tellin’ Lies)” brashly asking Where are we gonna go now that our twenties are over?” On lead single Lookers”—as in, You were such a looker in the old days”—the band pays loving tribute to their time spent in Asbury Park, weaving in memories of smoke-filled diners and Jersey-girl heartbreakers. Equally soaked in nostalgia, the bittersweet yet blistering Midwestern States” offers what Barnett calls an ode to being in our early 20s and touring across the country for the first time, and just how eye-opening that all was for us.” On Bad Catholics,” meanwhile, The Menzingers match their heavy riffs and high-powered rhythms with a gorgeously detailed narrative of running into a lost love at a hometown church picnic.

The follow-up to 2017’s After The Party, the band’s newest studio effort is described as the band’s most emotionally daring work to date, and a deeper dive into reflections on aging, troubled relationships and political ennui. The band welcomed back longtime producer Will Yip (the brains behind Mannequin Pussy and Petal’s recent LPs) to helm the band’s fourth project for Epitaph.

Anna” is the lead single and only song released to the general public. On their new album Hello Exile, the Scranton punks ease into their role as the genre’s elder statesmen, wondering how to navigate adulthood.

That’s some solid company. But none of those beer-soaked heartbreak bands does anything like The Menzingers. “On the Impossible Past” proved how good these guys are. Every subsequent album, every single, every show has shown how little they ever needed to prove.

The band have announced a new fall headlining tour in support of Hello Exile and will begin their month-long North American headlining tour next week. You can check out both sets of upcoming dates below the album details.

The Menzingers quickly incepted on the back of a supportive local scene and a debut album displaying what was described as some of the best melodies this style’s heard in ages” By 2008, May and Barnett had moved to Philadelphia to pursue higher education , and by 2010, the band were fully based in the City of Brotherly Love.

Free printable and easy chords for song by The Menzingers – High School Friend. Chords ratings, diagrams and lyrics. The song comes from the Menzingers’ next album Hello Exile , out October 4 via Epitaph Records.

Though they would later relocate to nearby Philadelphia, punk rock unit the Menzingers came together in Scranton, Pennsylvania and included former members of local ska-punk bands Bob & the Sagets and Kos Mos. Tom May (vocals, guitar), Joe Godino (drums), Eric Keen (bass), and Greg Barnett (vocals, guitar) released a self-titled demo in 2006, and after it found its way into the hands of folks at Go-Kart Records, the guys earned a spot on the impressed label’s roster. The Menzingers’ debut full-length, A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology, subsequently came out in the summer of 2007. The record went over well and the band found its name spreading steadily among punk fans, especially among fans of groups like the Lawrence Arms. They hooked up with Red Scare Industries next and a four-song EP, Hold on Dodge, was released in May 2009; it was followed by tour dates alongside Broadway Calls.

With each new album from The Menzingers, it always feels like the band has reached their peak, like they can’t get any better than this. At this point, though, I shouldn’t be surprised when they simply outdo themselves every single time. With their latest album, Hello Exile, the band has taken what made their previous release, After The Party great and simply ran with it. Filled to the brim with emotional lyrics about existential dread, the fear of growing up and holding on to one’s youth and the people they love, Hello Exile is sure to hit home with the band’s fans who are going through similar things.

A year later, The Menzingers had released their debut album, titled “A Lesson in the Abuse of Information Technology,” which made significant waves in the punk world, finding new fans, achieving a sound similar to the likes of the Lawrence Arms. The band moved to Red Scare Industries in 2009 to release their four-song EP, “Hold on Dodge,” before then embarking upon a tour alongside Broadway Calls.

Go behind the scenes with Fit For An Autopsy as they track songs for their upcoming album, The Sea of Tragic Beasts. That is what came to mind when Scranton-native, Philadelphia-based punks The Menzingers played Saturday at Musikfest Café in Bethlehem.

Opening band Ramona, a Philadelphia-based trio, was far closer to The Ramones style of punk – speedy songs, prominent drums and good-sounding, melodic songs in a nine-tune, 20-minute set.

Songs that hit a little harder emotionally are peppered throughout the album as well, like the title track, Hello Exile,” the blunt, I Can’t Stop Drinking” and the incredibly powerful closer, Farewell Youth.” Easily one of the strongest songs on the album, Farewell Youth” feels like the cumulation of the themes addressed on Hello Exile and reminisces about growing up too fast as a punk kid in a small midwest town and eventually, growing apart from the people that meant the most to you. It’s beautifully heartbreaking and sure to touch people who have been in the same boat.

Most fans hopped on the Menzingers train around their breakout album, 2012’s On The Impossible Past, a masterpiece of mid-twenties misadventures. The album is a young person’s idea of what it means to feel old. It’s when Barnett started noticing more Menzingers tattoos and when fans started telling him that his music has helped them transition into adulthood. He’s heard from more than a few people that the album’s love ballad Gates” has been used as a wedding song.

Although the album tips its political hand right from its opening track – it’s typical Menzingers that a line like lately I feel like I’m a puppet in Vichy France” feels as primed for a punk rock singalong as what kind of monsters did our parents vote for?” – its strongest tracks tend to be those that look inwards. High School Friend” taps the same nostalgic vein as Bad Catholics”, from 2017’s After The Party – rose-tinted revisionist history”, its up-tempo melody shot through with a pang of longing by the second verse. I Can’t Stop Drinking” is a deliberate mood-killer, if a little over-long, in which Barnett trades his usual quotable poetry for lyrics staggering in how much they reveal.

The Menzingers: Absolutely. I don’t think in this kind of climate, you can not go full in with it. I think we’d be doing a disservice to the song and how we all feel if we didn’t fully go in and make a statement. That was one of the most difficult parts of writing that songs. I wrote like 20 verses-I can’t even count. We wrote them over and over again, because it’s hard to say everything you want to say in three and a half minutes. It’s really tricky. I wanted to stay on theme of who I am as a person. I didn’t want it to come off as pretentious. I wanted it to feel how I typically write songs. It was a challenge to hone in the lyrics to a way that I felt comfortable with and happy with and said as much as I wanted to say. At the end, I was really happy.

Hello Exile loses a little bit of the punk edge that could be heard on Rented World and On The Impossible Past and replaces it with a more midwestern rock influenced sound, but that definitely isn’t a bad thing. The album doesn’t lose the band’s energy and sing-along worthy choruses that made fans fall in love with them to begin with. The first two songs on the album, America (You’re Freaking Me Out)” and Anna” are sure to be fan favorites at live shows, but even the deep cuts like High School Friend” and London Drugs” will have you singing along within the first few listens. These songs, much like The Menzingers’ previous work, are memorable and catchy as hell.

Proving the punk obsession managed to escape the confines of California, Pennsylvania outfit The Menzingers are doing punk rock in their own way. In less than a decade they have recorded and released four solid albums packed full of punk inspired gems adored by critics globally and have toured extensively. The lack of commerciality does not effect either the group or the fans as they both live for the live shows and getting to share the music together.

The Menzingers are an American punk rock band from Scranton, Pennsylvania , formed in 2006. The band consists of Greg Barnett (vocals, guitar), Tom May (vocals, guitar), Eric Keen (bass) and Joe Godino (drums). To date, the band has released six studio albums, with their most recent, Hello Exile, released on October 4, 2019.

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It perhaps was telling that not only was a good chunk of the set from After The Party” – nine songs – but that several of them both sounded most like The Clash and were among the night’s best.

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