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In doing so, it normalizes the myriad of emotions that often accompany the experience of being in love: the mania, the elation, the anxious jitters, the disappointment, the hesitation, the yearning, and much more.

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THE REGRETTESLed by front woman Lydia Night, this punk rock project released a debut studio album called Feel Your Feelings Fool! Fifteen tracks stretches them too far, though, and on the likes of Fog, their woahs sound tired, and it becomes apparent that these are pretty empty musical calories. The Regrettes are, from left, Maxx Morando, Genessa Gariano, Lydia Night and Sage Nicole.

The band — rounded out by Maxx Morando, 17, Genessa Gariano, 19, and Sage Nicole, 18 — met while taking music classes in Burbank. Night, who says she’s been in bands since she was 7, turned to rock ‘n’ roll in part for revenge.

In her short but notable career fronting the Regrettes , 18-year-old Lydia Night has emerged as an ardent voice for feminism and political protest, wrapping those sentiments in catchy pop-punk nuggets. But she has 18-year-issues, too, like matters of the heart. And that’s topic on the table on the Regrettes’ sophomore album How Do You Love?” (out Aug. 9).

At only 18-years-old, The Regrettes’ front woman Lydia Night is a seasoned performer. In just the last decade she’s overcome stage fright, tackled open mics, mastered the guitar, honed in on her songwriting, played the likes of SXSW, Coachella, and Governors Ball, started selling out shows, and is slowly but surely becoming a household name.

Add to that list the work of the young members of The Regrettes, whose new album How Do You Love” was released last week. Get excited Riot Grrrls, feminist punk has a new face in the form of The Regrettes and their charismatic 17-year-old front-woman Lydia Night.

Juice B Crypts occasionally threatens to collapse beneath the weight of its overstuffed songs. But even when it’s too maximalist for its own good, Battles’s music is still compelling. That’s thanks in large part to Stainer’s mind-meltingly good drum work, which culls from an impressive array of influences, from breakneck-style jazz playing in the vein of Buddy Rich to polyrhythmic adventurism like that of Chris Frantz to post-punk thudding reminiscent of Stephen Morris. He remains Battles’s stabilizing force.

The sound is a glorious mix of melodic punk rock and 1960s girl-group. The second Regrettes album is due out this summer and, judging by the Dress Up” single that just dropped, power-pop elements have been added to the mix. It’s a potent brew. Night is the songwriter, and she’s gifted — poetry and melody are comfortable of bedfellows in her care. That said, on this new album, Night says that the other members have been more involved.

Wilco gets a lot of credit for being weirder than they actually are. Incorporating elements of genres ranging from krautrock to electronica, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and A Ghost Is Born —two of the most indelible rock album of the aughts—suggested the band would continue to evolve beyond their alt-country origins. Since 2007’s Sky Blue Sky , though, they’ve pretty much been returning to the same well over and over again, blending together light electronic elements and straightforward rock structures, with guitar pyrotechnics thrown in to show off Nels Cline’s undeniable chops.

It’s special to see music and lyrics mix this cohesively, to act as two megaphones for the same message. The Regrettes accomplished this, and the results are goosebump-inducing (looking at you specifically, Fog”). This is largely what makes the album’s story arc so clear, and it is because of this clarity that the listener is able to become as engrossed in the narrative of How Do You Love? as much as that of a novel that is simply impossible to put down.THE REGRETTES

That’s only part of the story. The Regrettes also just toured Europe with Twenty One Pilots, had their song used in a national commercial, and have amassed millions of streams and views on Spotify and YouTube. AQ recently spoke with Lydia about all of this and more to get the inside scoop on everything from those early open mic days, to writing poetry for The Regrettes’ latest release, How Do You Love?.

Perfectly imperfect – that’s one way to describe LA-based punk act, The Regrettes. Writing songs that proudly bear a brazen and unabashed attitude in the vein of acts Courtney Barnett or Karen – with a pop aesthetic reminiscent of ’50s and ’60s acts a la the Temptations or Buddy Holly – the Los Angeles-based four-piece create infectious, punk-driven tracks.

The Regrettes latest album is called Feel Your Feelings Fool! and is available now via Warner Bros. Records. Riot Fest’s latest interview is this one, available now via scrolling up. In an extended discussion, the group shared details of the album’s writing process, finding their confidence at a young age, and some great love advice.

While the official kickoff of A.V. Undercover’s eighth season is still a week away, we thought we’d whet our readers’ proverbial appetites with a special bonus track in advance. In the video above, the lovable scamps in The Regrettes take on Sweet’s Fox On The Run,” a song that you might be familiar with if you’ve been paying attention to our other recent video offerings. The up-and-comers tackle Fox On The Run” with a youthful ferocity that would seem a little daunting if you didn’t know the group’s lead singer, Lydia Night, is actually only 16 years old—and thus far more full of energy than the vast majority of us old fuddy-duddies.

By the final track’s ending, the listener may very well be able to answer the question posed in the album’s title for themselves. Perhaps they realize they love with the sun-soaked euphoria of California Friends”, the quiet affection of I Dare You”, or the longing of Dead Wrong”. How Do You Love? is an album with musical and lyrical strength, but it is much more than that. It is a work that has the ability to make people feel seen and understood for the parts of themselves they feel like they can’t always show to the world.

Night says she’s never met the various members of Against Me!, but she’s inspired by singer Laura Jane Grace’s story. Above all, she’s excited because her dad introduced her to Against Me! when she was a kid — so she views these shows as a sort of full circle” thing. As for the set, Night suggests that we’ll likely hear some new songs.

Despite a few musical shortcomings, How Do You Love is an ambitious project for 18-year-old Night, and one she largely succeeds on. It’s a surprisingly deep understanding of the complexities and contradictions of relationships without ever falling into the clichés of depicting a young romance while those feelings are still extremely present.

With the album announcement comes the WATTS -directed video for the new single I Dare You,” which finds the band — Night, along with guitarist Genessa Gariano, bassist Brooke Dickson and drummer Drew Thomsen — dancing, frolicking and basically playing their hyperkinetic selves.

If there’s a dip in momentum, it starts at FIBS’s most conventional song, Limpet,” which follows a more typical guitar-rock arrangement. Downtempo tracks like Ribbons” and Unfurl” also suffer in comparison to the album’s richer, bolder experiments. These songs’ lyrics can feel at times perfunctory, more in service to the melody than any actual meaning. The album’s purely instrumental songs—like Paramour,” a hulking behemoth of a track—spark more of a visceral, emotional reaction. It’s on tracks like these that Meredith is at her most daring, building and refracting shards of sound into bewildering, kaleidoscopic patterns.

Unsurprisingly, the Regrettes are energetic and mesmerizing live — the worthy descendents of ’90s riot grrrls. Night high-kicks and dances around the stage, and encourages crowds to let their hair down and roar along with her. It’s no wonder the Regrettes have toured with fellow rabble-rousers the Interrupters and Tacocat, and spent summer 2018 making the festival rounds at Coachella, Governors Ball, Bonnaroo, and Lollapalooza. With an endless stream of new music— and a spot on Alt Nation’s Advanced Placement Tour 2018 with Welles and Micky James also locked down — the Regrettes are just getting started.

I’m super duper inspired by the ’50s, the beginning of rock music like Buddy Holly, even Elvis. Lyrically, Buddy Holly, because he’s super straight up in the way he tells his stories. That’s something we lost in modern music, so I try to recreate it in certain songs. And then ’60s girl groups with our harmonies and the background. I’m a huge fan of The Ronettes, The Marvelettes and The Crystals. I will always love Live Through This by Hole. When I was eight or nine I got obsessed with that album and that’s when my music started changing and became a combo of the two. I also love Bikini Kill, L7 and 7 Year Bitch.

You know you’re at a Regrettes concert when you’re surrounded by a crowd of young girls dressed in pastel colors with tiny hearts drawn on their faces, taking style cues from the iconic 18-year-old Lydia Night, The Regrettes’ lead singer and rhythm guitarist. Her deep sultry vocals are reminiscent of Brody Dalle from early 2000s punk rock band The Distillers. Lead guitarist (Gennessa Gariano), bassist (Brooke Dickson), and drummer (Drew Thomsen) follow Lydia’s lead in tight rhythmic sequence. You could tell these guys practice. They may be young, but they’re not playing around. It’s fascinating to both watch and listen to.

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