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Vanyaland. He stalks the stage with Freddie Mercury flair and Phil Lynott swagger, constantly imploring the crowd to fucking enjoy themselves already. Working with producers like Butch Walker (Weezer, Panic!

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THE STRUTSBack in 2009, The Struts formed in the sleepy town of Derby , when Bristol-raised singer Luke Spiller moved to be closer to songwriter and guitarist Adam Slack. Soon recruiting bass player Jed Elliot and drummer Gethin Davies, the band put out a debut album, ‘Everybody Wants’, in 2014, followed by an EP, ‘Have Your Heard’, a year later, and exploded in the US. Their debut show at LA-haunt the Troubadour sold out in just 30 minutes.

Adam Slack: Luke and I wrote the majority of the first album over seven years ago. We’ve since evolved more as songwriters. The production is better now. We’re all better musicians now. There was much more experimentation production-wise and the complexity of the songs themselves is bigger and more ambitious.

LS: Right. And on reflection, what we have, it really makes you think. I mean, we’re friends with bands that get a lot of attention back in the U.K. and not one them seems to really spend the amount of time that we do here in the States. And make no mistake about it, the opportunities are here. We never would’ve got the opportunity, for instance, to perform on America’s Got Talent which we did backing up 14-year-old American Courtney Hadwin at the very last minute. We actually got asked to do that show 24 hours before we did it. We would’ve never been asked to do that show had we been touring back home. It just wouldn’t have been possible. Same thing with that Victoria’s Secret event and being on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Binns and Thomas were replaced with bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies in 2012. The glam rock band’s lead singer discusses their success in America, hanging out with the Foo Fighters, watching the World Cup and, even, playing English lawn bowls in LA.

Along with opening for The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Guns N’ Roses, the U.K.-bred four-piece was hand-picked by Mötley Crüe to serve as the supporting act for their last-ever performances, while Dave Grohl praised them as the best band to ever open for Foo Fighters.

Jed Elliott: I wouldn’t say sound-wise. Just in terms of their journey, because they did it backwards like us. There’s a reason that Joe Elliott loves us so much. He’s a big fan of the songs, and plays us on his radio show in the U.K. — he’s the only one — and he mentions us quite fervently. I’m convinced it’s because his band went through what we’re going through. They had to get a ticket to America and only then did they blow up before they went back home and got their recognition.

LS: I’m 30. The rest of the band is in their 20s. Even before I joined the band, I’d seen and done a lot of stuff. That kind of lifestyle was still quite profound in my early years. When we lived in that house in Darby, man, not really touring, you get bored, man. You get down on yourself for whatever reason so you drink and use heavy drugs. Then you grow up. You mature, you say to yourself, What do I find most important in life? Why am I doing this in the first place?” And the answer is you do what you do because you love playing. And I think for me, I started to realize that the tours are way too long to drink. You’re living in close confined spaces with others. I don’t do good with that anyway, regardless. And when I was hung over, it just never made things any easier. I didn’t sleep well. I wasn’t polite to people. Now, I do it clean.

The Struts are an English rock band from Derby, Derbyshire , England. The band consists of vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott, and drummer Gethin Davies. Formed in 2012, the original lineup was composed of Spiller, Slack, bassist Jamie Binns and drummer Rafe Thomas.

The short story is we were inherited from a certain label, and we put out this album, nothing really happened – we had no press, no radio, apparently radio didn’t want to play it. We were very much in the dumps, and we made some internal changes, and upon doing so we came into contact with these American managers, which heard the same music, the same mixes, the same album and took it straight to American radio and it went straight up to the top. All of a sudden it was like pack up your bags, you have to leave – and you won’t be coming back.

JE: We wouldn’t have got the Foo Fighters tour. Bassist Jed Elliot dates Little Mix’s Jade Thirwall, and she’s even performed with the band on stage in LA. Both were in bands that were on the verge of splitting and Slack and Spiller quickly connected musically, causing Spiller to move to Derby.

I’m sitting in a backstage Philadelphia dressing room with singer Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies, known collectively as The Struts. They just may be the hottest band in the world. The Rolling Stones, Foo Fighters and Motley Crue all wanted them (and got them) as their opening act. The major label Everybody Loves debut was strikingly anthemic, every song. The Young & Dangerous follow-up is even better, filled with fist-pumping adrenaline, dramatic choruses with that unerring propensity for over-the-top arrangements, very British influences and a definite Queen-centric vibe. Plus, the new one strays into sounds omitted on the debut. It has more character, balls and substance. And, yes, they’re already thinking about their third album.

If you live in the North America then it’s good news, because the Struts are playing everywhere from New York to San Diego on the Foos’ Concrete and Gold tour, and stopping in at some festivals inbetween.

In just a few years, The Struts have found themselves massively embraced by some of the greatest icons in rock-and-roll history. Along with opening for The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Guns N’ Roses, the U.K.-bred four-piece was hand-picked by Mötley Crüe to serve as the supporting act for their last-ever performances, while Dave Grohl praised them as the best band to ever open for Foo Fighters. After making their full-length debut with 2016’s Everybody Wants, The Struts now return with YOUNG&DANGEROUS — a sophomore album that cements their status as one of the most unstoppably passionate and endlessly thrilling bands making rock music today.

When it came to his favorite bands, Spiller watched every live performance clip he could find, studying his heroes’ moves, trying to figure out how they did what they did and how he could push it forward. A few years later, in a friend’s kitchen, he got the words SIR ROCK & ROLL” tattooed over his heart. As the band took off, Spiller connected with Zandra Rhodes, who designed outfits for Mercury and Queen guitarist Brian May. Soon, she began designing Spiller’s stage clothes as well – including that electric-blue top he wore in L.A.

But what I really love is that we are the only band daring to accomplish the impossible. What is the impossible? The impossible is first of all, taking a rock band from the United Kingdom, crossing over into the Top 40 chart, gaining so much success over here that U.K. radio will be forced to finally fucking play us. We’ll keep going until we achieve the impossible.

JE: In D.C. at The 9:30 Club. He’s from around there. He just showed up with a buddy who’s a big fan of us. He told Dave, You’ve got to check this band out!” We wound up chatting with him for three hours after the gig. That’s when he first told us, I really want to take you boys out on the road with us because you’re amazing!” Had we not put in the work and the time, we probably wouldn’t even have gotten the D.C. booking. I also think the fact that we were in this country for so long and this is our primary touring focus, that it led to opportunities like that, as Luke said, had we been forced on focusing on our career back home, we never would have achieved half of what’s gone on.

Since then, they’ve toured with the likes of The Rolling Stones and Guns N’ Roses, and are currently playing a string of sold-out shows with the Foo Fighters in America. Tickets have also sold-out for many of their own gigs.

The Struts dropped their debut studio album, Everybody Wants, on 28 July 2014, which was later re-released in 2016. Find out everything you need to know about the band Dave Grohl has dubbed one of the best ever Foo Fighters support acts.

Akin to the Darkness in their unabashedly over the top, retro-fetishist, classic rock style, English rockers the Struts burst onto an unsuspecting public with big dreams and loud mouths to match. The band was the brainchild of singer Luke Spiller, the child of strict Christian parents, who had dreamed of being a showman ever since becoming obsessed with Michael Jackson at the age of seven. With his sexualized swagger, powerful voice, and outrageous pronouncements like “I was born to do this, and I’ll die doing it,” Spiller came off like a cross between Freddie Mercury, David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Robert Plant. The band’s music was a similar blend of ’60s and ’70s tropes, with big, singalong choruses that earned their videos hundreds of thousands of YouTube hits and won them a deal with Mercury Records.

Other than Foo Fighters, The Stones and other bands they’ve supported on tour, The Struts are closer to the world of celebrity and pop music than you think. The Struts are a four-piece consisting of lead vocalist Luke Spiller, guitarist Adam Slack, bassist Jed Elliott and drummer Gethin Davies.

Last week saw Dave Grohl wax lyrical about The Struts to Radio X, calling them one of the best support acts the Foo Fighters have ever had when it comes to their ability to captivate audiences in the States.

On YOUNG&DANGEROUS, The Struts let loose with the sing-along-ready and riff-heavy sound they’ve brought to stadiums and arenas all around the world. Working with producers like Butch Walker (Weezer, Panic! At the Disco) and Sam Hollander (Fitz and the Tantrums, Neon Trees), the band adorns that sound with deeper grooves and more inventive textures, dreaming up a majestic glam-rock revamp that’s unabashedly fun but full of pure heart.

Other than the Foos, The Struts opened for The Rolling Stones in front of a crowd of 80,000 in Paris in 2014 and were the support for their No Filter tour date last year in Lucca, Italy. Marotta, Michael (21 August 2015). “Rock Lives: The Struts conquer ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’, set a course for American glory”. Vanyaland.

You’ve definitely got some different kinds of sounds on it that weren’t on the first. If Everybody Wants contained grandiloquent, emotional, orgasmic joyousness, the second one doubles-down on that, yet adds totally new sounds, spilling into a post-glam, post-punk arrogance like no band in recent memory. There’s an American band that also has always had that joyousness, Cheap Trick. I even hear some of them in what you do.

Then when it came time to shoot the video in Las Vegas, he just happened to be playing a show in town that night. We went to just say hi but we brought the camera. Just in case. That’s when we asked him to be in our video. He agreed immediately. At first, he was cast as my dad. That didn’t quite work out. Then we just did a bunch of b-roll footage. He likes to throw knives. When I first walked in, he was throwing a knife at a picture of Johnny Depp. I didn’t want to do that so we blew up a Struts pic and threw knives at that. I don’t think it would have been good for us to throw knives at Johnny Depp in the video.

GD: We all share that ambition. We want to be the biggest band in the world so why jeopardize that? We can have fun after. We can choose our times to do that, but we have our heads on straight to write the best music and make the best live show possible.

JE: Going back even further, when Ray Davies refused to get his teeth done, that’s when America turned their back on The Kinks and they went home, did their most British album of all, Village Green Preservation Society, total fish ‘n’ chip rock.” Extremely British. We’re conscious that we too can seem very, very English to the American ear and it’s a thin line because we don’t only want to be fish ‘n’ chip rock. I think our song Tatler Magazine” is our most British-sounding. But we have to maintain a balance. Maybe not so much in the future but now, only on our second album, we strive to be more universal.

LS: I went on holiday in Maui after the first tour in 2015. It was a very long tour supporting the EP. Our first album had yet to even come out. We did a lot of American radio stations too. We were always working. I had to just get away from everything. It was all too much. I ended up at an event in Maui where I met Alice and manager Shep Gordon. We were talking and he was already aware of the band, which I thought was really cool. Alice said, I love what you’re doing. I love the fact that you’re daring to do something different and you’re standing by that.” He was really cool.

On this particular shit-hot afternoon in Los Angeles, the Struts are about to perform at Shaun White’s Air + Style Festival – a bleak parking-lot gathering whose lineup is a mish-mash of rock, hip-hop and EDM, and whose main event is the 16-story snowboard jump that towers on the horizon. The Struts’ set is 30 minutes of bombastic, boldly off-trend rock & roll that wears its classic glam influences on its glittery sleeve. Even with the midday sun melting makeup and glitter and hair spray into his eyes, Spiller gave the man-made mountain some serious competition for the eyeballs. The frontman, who has said he wears about 80 percent women’s clothes,” is dressed in patent-leather pants with gold fringe and a flouncy electric-blue top. He stalks the stage with Freddie Mercury flair and Phil Lynott swagger, constantly imploring the crowd to fucking enjoy themselves already.

The band have an unapologetic balls-to-the-wall, glam-meets-rock ‘n’ roll sound, with influences in the likes of Queen, The Darkness, The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Def Leppard and more. Get our facts about the band, including their names, where they were formed, who they’ve toured with, their live dates and new music here.

LS: Tremendously, especially in the U.K. Foo Fighters had just done Wembley and, at the time, had Starcrawler and Wolf Alice opening, who are both getting more radio play in England than we are. Yet, as soon as he said that on the radio, though, people listened. And the most ironic thing was that the DJ interviewing him turned around and said, Oh yeah, I love that band. They’re amazing.” Yet the fucker’s never once played our music.

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