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These early uploads showcased her ability to experiment with genre, and her penchant for comedy (case in point: 2017’s Saggy Tits, a funny and frustrated tirade about a particularly useless partner).

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TIERRA WHACKTierra Whack is becoming one of the biggest names in hip hop, garnering support from artists like Meek Mill and A$AP Rocky. In her childhood, Tierra had an obsessive inclination towards poetry and performance, turning her rhymes into raps under the moniker Dizzle Dizz. In high school, she and her crew petitioned their strict principal to allow them to perform a couple of songs from Sister Act 2 at a talent show. Tierra performed the famous Joyful, Joyful” rap verse, naturally – and they won.

2017 saw the release of Mumbo Jumbo.” It became a fan favorite, racking up 500K+ views on YouTube. Whack’s debut studio album, Whack World, arrived in May 2018. The visual album included tracks like Hungry Hippo”, Flea Market” and Fru!t Salad.” Whack World was supported by a 15 minutes film by Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Leger. It attracted more than 2 million views within the first 6 months. Tierra Whack is reportedly signed to Interscope Records. Since her debut, she’s toured with Lauryn Hill, 6lack and Flying Lotus. She’s worked with acts like Meek Mill , Temi Oni and Student 1.

By delivering this zany charisma totally deadpan, she has become the most refreshing and brilliant new voice in rap. Her 2018 album Whack World was 15 tracks, each exactly a minute long, and these miniatures are received with joy. Whack inverts the energy of each: the mournful 4 Wings gets chanted in a steroidally masculine manner, while she becomes cartoonish and animated for Cable Guy, trading its ad-libs (Bitches eat tacos!”) with her DJ Zach Whack, a skinny, tattooed white guy with whom she has charming odd-couple affection. Less euphorically received but no less strong are recent longform singles, which she has the mic stamina for.

Whack started releasing music on SoundCloud in 2015, after coming back to Philadelphia. On those songs, Whack began playing around with her artistic voice. Soon, she was singing as much as she was rapping, and she was trying on new voices or running her voice backwards. She was rapping over airy, hazy, art-damaged beats. Last year, she had a minor viral hit with her Mumbo Jumbo” video, a colorful surreal nightmare about an appointment with a dentist from hell. The whole time, she was working as a doorwoman at a Philly apartment building. And then came Whack World.TIERRA WHACK

In a time where Kanye West has tried to trim down albums to seven songs and work his hand at doing more with less, Tierra Whack does it in a way that is not only more difficult, but also executed with much more finesse. In a way you can look at Whack World as being one giant song, just with 15 chapters. Accompanied with the audio is a stunning short film that really helps emphasize just how smooth each chapter rolls into the next. It’s not just a lot of mini music videos rolled into one, either. Each scene switch is a puzzle piece helping form Tierra’s mind and vision. It all fits together to become one whole. While individually each song is great, Whack World is something that no matter how hard you try, you can’t just listen to one song. You want the whole apple — not just one bite.

Fellow Philly royalty Meek Mill heralded Whack as the best female rapper in the world” in July and teenage sensation Billie Eilish hailed her as a god” during a conversation with NPR at ACL Fest’s new podcast stage Bonus Tracks. Though the Grammy-nominated rapper failed to live up to her lofty billing, she put up an earnest fight in sweltering conditions. In the spirit of Whack World’s nightmarish, cinematic visuals, various colored depictions of Tierra Whack’s rotating head served as a stage backdrop.

The 2010s saw Philly’s music scene balloon in all direction, so it’s no surprise that online music magazine and cultural tastemaker Pitchfork’s list of the 200 best albums from the decade features plenty of Philly flavor.

Whack’s “Whack World”, just 15 minutes long, ran together 15 one-minute songs and debuted alongside a 15-minute music video, easily one of the loudest and most defining opening statements from a new artist this decade.

Whack’s discography may not be full of high-energy party songs, but when she raps over dance tracks like Mr. Cheeks’ “Lights, Camera, Action!” she certainly finds that energy. In a July 2018 Instagram post captioned “OH OKAY,” she delivers a head-nodding flow over the classic party beat while taking shots at people in her life. She brings up her father, with whom she reportedly has a strained relationship, saying, “Hope you wake up without a penis.” She also warns everyone from her sister to Frank Ocean not to test her.

Tierra Whack: What? You know what’s so crazy. People always say I’m a wild card because I love the most gangster, crazy, and that’s why when I rap I become so hard because the people I listen to are just so gutter and hardcore. DMX, he’s like a poet. You know I started with poetry so he’s everything and people forget to include him in like, top five, top ten, whatever greatest rappers. He is the shit. DMX needs like, I want to throw him a birthday party.

In March 2017, Whack made her debut as Tierra Whack with 3 tracks, including “Toe Jam” and “Shit Happens”. See below for a list of Tierra Whack’s GRAMMY Awards history. Rocking gold hoop earrings, turquoise makeup, and neon nails, the 25-year-old Philadelphia rapper delivered a glowing set of buoyant live rap energy pinned on the board with superb songwriting.

In life our minds seem to travel out to these worlds and rabbit holes that seem so unreachable and imaginative. They can become artistic marvels when powered by the right person. Which is why when they can take an actual form, it’s often times breathtaking. Tierra Whack falls directly into that category, finding herself as the main character piloting her very own world. We’re just lucky enough to get a peek inside.

But instead of using Atlanta as a launchpad to propel her nascent career, Tierra went the other way, choosing to remain incognito. She eventually moved back to Philadelphia and linked up with engineer Kenete, her closest creative partner and her manager. ‘Whack World’ was the result of the union.

Narrator: Tierra Whack is quickly becoming one of the brightest new stars in hip-hop. She’s gotten co-signs from hip-hop juggernauts like Meek Mill, and appeared on Beyonce‘s The Gift album. But what really makes Tierra Whack one of a kind is her video style.

Over the phone from Philadelphia, Ms. Whack — who works as a condominium doorwoman when she’s not recording and says she does not drink or smoke — was fittingly loopy, interrupting her own remarks with an opera-like falsetto and making nearly 20 seconds of tongue noises while thinking about an answer.

The Cat Solen-directed visual is a spud horror that resembles an alternate-dimension Bon Appétit video In the clip, Whack’s on chef duty slicing and mashing anthropomorphized potatoes for a ravenous giant potato beast. It’s a sight to behold.

Tierra Whack: The more I travel and the more things I do, I just get inspired by everything, so it’s no telling what I’m gonna do tomorrow or next week. I just live life and let that form into some type of idea cause you’re never supposed to force it. You’re supposed to just live and whatever comes you just like I’ma put this here” like a puzzle.

Tierra Whack is a Philadelphia native whose theatrical, undeniably unique take on contemporary rap and R&B has received widespread acclaim. Last year’s Whack World” was spastic, dryly funny, and a snap: It’s only 15 minutes long.

When Tierra Whack was just setting out on her musical journey, she went by the name ” Dizzle Dizz” Whack first started developing her artistic identity when she moved to Atlanta by way of Philadelphia with her mom in high school. There, she began putting her spoken word poetry to beats and eventually reverted her name to Tierra Whack.

A Philly native, Tierra’s rise to relevance has been one of pure creative flow and inhibited idea-generation. After a period of living in Atlanta in high school, Tierra returned to Philadelphia in 2015 and linked up with sound engineer and producer Kenete Simms where they began making music under another moniker. From there she gained recognition as an independent artist, going on to sign with Interscope Records in 2017. Since then, Whack has been redefining the female hip hop landscape as a multi-faceted and intoxicatingly fresh artist. From touring the world to making the 2019 XXL Freshman Class, Whack is making moves and is planning on delivering some new material that is sure to leave us and the world in shock and awe.

Back in 2011, Whack was standing on a corner in Philadelphia wearing a pink collared sweater declaring she’s, “on top near Lauryn’s Hill.” In a video posted by YouTube channel “We Run the Streets,” she kicks into high gear, launching into her fast-paced flow without needing a beat at all. She announces she’s destined to become a rap star after growing up poor, but wants to leave behind some aspects of the hood, saying, “I used to rap about gats … but now I’m off of that.” Instead, she hits onlookers with Dexter’s Laboratory references, and still slays the corner cypher.

Tierra Whack burst onto the scene seemingly out of nowhere in May 2018, when the 22-year-old Philadelphia native constructed an unprecedented playful universe with Whack World, her debut project that exists in the realms of both the aural and the visual.

Tierra Whack can’t help what goes on in her head, and she’s fine with that. The North Philly rapper is lounging on a hotel bed while the Disney cartoon PJ Masks plays on TV, and she apologizes for taking a long time to answer a question because she’s distracted by an especially nice-looking skyscraper peeking through an adjacent window. Along with all of the largely self-induced overstimulation in the room, she admits her mind is running regardless.

She’s eager to follow a tangent wherever it leads, and that oddball quality is probably why Solange thinks we—the royal we—don’t deserve Whack. (According to a March Billboard interview , Whack sent her a Tierra Whack is my mom” T-shirt and Solange wears it proudly.) She grasps at something simple and tumbles headlong into profundity, much like Alice and her infamous rabbit hole. Except instead of a tea party for an unbirthday , on Whack World—whose trippy visuals were directed by Thibaut Duverneix and Mathieu Leger and diced into minute-long vignettes perfect for Instagram —the rapper finds herself at a nail salon. And then a taxidermist’s office, and then a chicken joint, and then a trailer home, and eventually a cemetery, where she dances.

Since ‘Whack World’ came out, Tierra’s been drained. It’s been a relentless run of press while touring across multiple continents. She now hates answering routine questions she’s been asked thousand times over. It’s all the same questions, I did it all yesterday,” she cautions, before the interview starts.

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