Blanco BrownNone of this is real ladies and gentlemen. Yeah, but they didn’t come to country via terrible crossover songs. Where’s the data saying it hasn’t panned out? I think more black people listen to quality country than you realize.

This was true of Old Town Road,” Lil Nas X‘s ubiquitous smash, which has been sitting pretty atop Billboard’s Hot 100 for the past 10 weeks. And it may soon be true of Blanco Brown’s The Git Up,” another impossibly catchy country tune that has quickly been gaining traction on the social media platform—and on streaming apps.

But there are several reasons The Git Up” thrived where Old Town Road” failed. Brown is signed to a country music record label (BBR Music Group). He deploys a country twang earned growing up spending summers in the rural South. He plays lap steel guitar.

It wasn’t until Billy Ray Cyrus, a country music icon and white man, collaborated on Lil Nas’ song that it was deemed country enough” to be put back on the charts. Watching what happened with Lil Nas X didn’t surprise me; it just reinforced what I knew about being a non-white artist or fan in the genre.

I have only heard snippets of Old Town Road and I have not heard one note of this Git Up song.” I plan to keep it that way. It is frightening to me that Tik Tok memes can even be allowed to compete as real songs. Have attention spans really gotten that short? The human race is no longer evolving, we are de-volving. This stuff is just ridiculous.

Billboard have described him as an artist helping decrease racial barriers in Country music and to date, ‘The Git Up’ has had over 27 million online views and over 150 million online streams.

While The Git Up” is Brown’s first release as a solo artist, he is far from a newcomer. Brown has worked as a hip-hop and pop producer for Chris Brown , Fergie and Pitbull , among others. He also produced Goalie Goalie ,” one of the theme songs for the 2018 World Cup.

Now the cowboy boot is on the other foot. Billboard’s removal of Old Town Road” from its country chart suggests that some proportion of white fans are sensitive to their music being hijacked. Curiously, the purists weren’t complaining a few years back when a growing gaggle of white country artists started appropriating black music, all to the profit-making benefit of the industry. Old Town Road” could be considered the latest product of a trend that emerged roughly six years ago. Dubbed Bro Country,” the subgenre came to life when acts including Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton and Cole Swindell began incorporating rap-style party rhymes and R&B- and blues-inflected rhythms into their songs. With its satiny melody and hip-grinding beat, Jason Aldean’s 2014 hit Burnin’ It Down ” is virtually a R&B makeout song, yet it reached No. 12 on Billboard’s Hot Country chart. Unlike its action on Old Town Road,” Billboard never questioned the authenticity of Aldean’s tune.

Blanco Brown has taken the world by storm with his unique blend of country and hip-hop music as showcased in the hit single “The Git Up” and fans will have the chance to hear tracks from his newly released self-titled EP.

With heavy footprints in the urban and pop world, Loba asked Brown what he wanted to do in his career. He said, ‘I was always the most safe and happy in Butler, Georgia. Country music to me is security. It’s family, it’s happiness. It’s blue skies, and I love the stories. That’s where my heart is and that’s where I want to start,’” Loba recalls.

The music video was directed by Eric Welch (Carrie Underwood’s ” See You Again “) and filmed in the quaint town of Watertown, Tennessee. We see Brown instructing various people, including firefighters and senior citizens, how to do “The Git Up.” After practicing the moves, the group all gather together in a field and dance to the song’s commands.

Brown’s single fuses elements of country with elements of rap and hip-hop, creating what the artist describes, according to Complex , as something similar to “trailer trap,” with influences taken from both OutKast and Johnny Cash , among other artists. Sound familiar? The jump in popularity for “The Git Up” is similar to that of Lil Nas X ‘s mega-hit “Old Town Road,” a song that also fuses genres and got a hefty boost from a viral TikTok challenge.

I said, You can clearly do any kind of music you want, but where do you want to live?” and he said, I want to be a country artist first.” And if you go back, there’s a YouTube video from 2006 where he’s being interviewed and they ask him about making his own music. Even then, he says he’d mix country and trap music.

Last week, the track became Brown’s first entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, landing at No. 66 off the strength of a combined viral boost by way of TikTok and YouTube. In its second week, the song reached No. 51. Not unlike Lil Nas X ‘s out-of-nowhere megahit “Old Town Road,” which would go on to receive a Billy Ray Cyrus’d update and a high-budget video stacked with cameos , “The Git Up” has been positioned as a meme of sorts complete with a dance tutorial clip from Brown himself that’s currently sitting at around two million views.

Brown, a singer, songwriter and record producer who has produced for stars such as Chris Brown and Pitbull, released “The Git Up” earlier this year in April. The song has more than 50 million streams on Spotify.

Loba then asked Brown to play a label showcase the following night in the Hollywood Hills. Unsure how his staff would react, as some are staunch country traditionalists,” Loba says the traditionalists became Brown’s biggest champions. They can hear that honesty and that grit of Johnny Cash in it. So we quickly got the deal done and have been waiting and preparing and getting it just right,” Loba says.

But for the sake of argument, let’s imagine that Lil Nas X and Brown really are culture vultures just looking to make a buck in country music. Isn’t it about time we black folks did more cultural borrowing? In the never-ending appropriation debate, we are often the most egregiously offended people, and understandably so. From redlining and voter suppression to racial profiling, we’re constantly reminded of the institutional disdain this country has for its African American citizens. Given this contempt, it’s maddening to witness the white ruling class appropriate our culture, imitating and commodifying everything from our music and fashion to our colloquialisms and mannerisms.

Brown dubs this not-new, but certainly now-poppin’ intersection of country and hip-hop trailer trap.” And according to Noisey , the sheer popularity of the song on social media has propelled it to more than three million streams on Spotify as of last week—without any support from radio.

It wa an inspired risk. Brown appeared about two-thirds of the way through this ten-hour event, right after the kind of thing one would expect from a modern country bill: Midland, three handsome Texans in cowboys hats, singing cool if calculated southern rock songs about drinkin’ and cheatin’.

I feel further research about the artist was heavily needed before making criticisms about the intention of said artist and overall the seriousness and respect that one brings to the country genre vs the other who wanted to do a gimmick to emerge on the mainstream scene because he wasnt getting any hits from soundcloud.

I agree, the entanglements and hypocrisy with the Hot Country Songs chart is real, and I felt like I broached them in this article in an honest and objective way. But don’t blame me or country music for that. Blame Billboard.

Exactly. And he sings with more of a country accent than all the guys you listed. My best friend’s wife (black lady) thought it was a white dude singing when I played the song for them.

Sampling in the music industry means using parts of a track from another song and putting it in your track. Like that shitty song DJ Khaled put out recently that samples I’m Sorry Ms. Jackson by Outkast. That’s real steel on Blanco’s song, buddy, played by a real steel guitar player. Look it up.

Why not just engage with my comment instead of making these cute little asides about how I’ve been trained by the media?” I’ve never blamed country music for anything. It seemed like you always took the really reasonable criticism against Billboard both personally, and on behalf of country music as a whole, which wasn’t really necessary. You did write a lot about Lil Nas X, and worked it into articles and reviews that had no conceivable connection (unless someone was really motivated to make one.) But look who cares how much you write about something – what’s more important is getting it right. I agree this article broaches the issues mentioned more objectively and honestly than previous ones, but that also underscores that you got it wrong the first time.

Tim McGraw and Blanco Brown recently met up to collaborate on McGraw’s 1994 hit song “Don’t Take The Girl”! Listen to it here. I hope the black community is proud of the two clowns Lil Nas X & Blanco Brown.

He was experimenting with a different tuning on the lap steel when he came up with the twang that he looped throughout The Git Up,” which has shot to No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart in just five weeks. He named the song after a saying he heard from his childhood.

But these truths are held so self-evident, the song is not even worth shitting on. In fact doing so with some scandalous rant or series of hot air think pieces would have only fueled its ascent to the top of the charts as the completely biased and stone blind media would have used it as fodder to incite faux controversy. I run the risk of this occurring even now simply by broaching the subject, but purposely waited for the song to fall out of its top spot on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs to do so. Blake Shelton, and his mega hit God’s Country” has now overtaken Blanco Brown after his one week reign. What a massive, career-resurging single God’s Country” has been for Mr. Old Farts & Jackasses is the real story mainstream country should be focusing on, even if The Git Up” still sits out there to possibly retake the top spot in the future.

And they don’t come more successful in country music than Tim McGraw, who with his black Panama hat and ripped physique looked the contemporary form’s archetype.

Following the release of “The Git Up” on Soundcloud on April 26, Spotify’s charts featured the track at No. 1 on the streaming service’s influential Global Viral 50 and U.S. Viral 50 charts. “The Git Up” is also climbing Nielsen’s digital songs charts, jumping an impressive 69 spots to reach No. 63 on this week’s charts after debuting at No. 132 a week earlier, its first week on the charts.

The wildest applause at this country music festival went to a hip-hop producer with a novelty hit. I’m not sure what double standard you’re referring to. Blanco Brown’s had the same treatment as Sam Hunt, Bebe Rexha etc.

Well, those little moves set off the #GitUpChallenge. Though you can find challenge contributions across social media, they’re especially prevalent on TikTok, where USA Today reports the song soundtracked over 130,000 videos.

The quality of the song itself is so down the rung of the concerns with it, just like it was with Lil Nas X. If people enjoy it, that’s all that matters. It’s the way it’s making a mockery of all the systems put in place to rate music that is concerning.

The Git Up,” on the other hand, is a direct invitation. You see it in the videos. The one in which Brown coaches Wilson is one of a few circulating online where he gamely demonstrates the dance for white people. In another, he suffers the rhythmlessness of the longtime radio and TV personality Storme Warren , who currently hosts a morning show on Sirius XM.

Fusing hip-hop and rap with country into a new sound he’s dubbed TrailerTrap,” Brown draws on artists like Johnny Cash and Outkast — both of whom he listened to growing up. Back then, Brown spent the school year in the housing projects of Atlanta and summers with family in rural Butler, Georgia, but this year he’s exploded onto the country stage with his danceable sensation, The Git Up.” The track has now spent 9 weeks on top of Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, and Brown figures to take fans deeper into his musical world with his debut full-length project.

I’ve been avoiding taking about Blanco Brown, and his #1 on top of the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart called The Git Up” because ultimately it just doesn’t matter. Of course the song is indolent and without depth or value, and it isn’t country aside from containing a few surface level elements that should be considered more as stereotypical insults to country music as opposed to genre markers or authentic expressions.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Achy Breaky Heart” is the perfect test case of how Old Town Road” will be judged in the future, and the longer it remains hot, the harder it will fall when it cools off. It will become a punchline, just like the career of Billy Ray Cyrus for many country music fans, fair or not.

While The Git Up” is popular online, Brown’s label is just now making an official push to get the song played on country radio. Brown said that music fans are a lot more open to new sounds and mixing of genres than ever before.

This week, track was released to country radio, with an official country radio tour happening in July, bolstered by early support from heavy hitters in the country radio community.

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