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It included a large stage with a DJ performance by Cut Snake, carnival rides, custom adult-themed carnival games, a photo booth with a contortionist, adult-themed henna tattoos, black light arm tattoos, carnival food, and so much more.

tove lo habits remix – Pop Sensation Tove Lo On Feminism, Politics And Overnight Success

TOVE LOThe Swedish pop singer Tove Lo has experienced a rapid rise through the music business since releasing the single ‘Habits’. In 2014, Tove Lo, nee Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, received much praise that spoke of how her debut album traded in pop clichés but flipped them. ” Honestly, Tove Lo’s never done anything all that revolutionary. Her grunge-tinged electropop was foretold early in the ‘10s by the Weeknd, Natalia Kills and Kesha, and her excessive party animal image was already introduced to the mainstream by the latter. Though not quite a revelation, Tove Lo does excel at writing fantastically catchy music. The problem is that stellar cuts like My Gun ,” Cool Girl” and Moments” are always lost in albums with shaky concepts and frankly forgettable music.

Halsey’s new album Manic isn’t out until 2020, and it apparently won’t include Nightmare,” the nu-metal-esque single she shared earlier this year. Nightmare” is audacious and weird, so that’s too bad! It will, however, include her #1 hit Without Me” even though that song dates back to 2018. Without Me” is good, so I don’t mind. Graveyard,” the ballad she chose to accompany her album announcement, is neither audacious nor weird nor above average by any measure, so, bit of a letdown there.

But you can see how she might not totally stand out in a pop-music landscape full of Nickis and Mileys and Gagas. Maybe if I had a big blue Afro, people might be like, ‘Oh, that’s the girl with the Afro,’ ” she says, shaking a half-ounce of weed into a bowl of coconut oil for the treats” she is making on the occasion of her friend’s birthday.

I started writing Sunshine Kitty after my massive touring year in 2017 and I was kinda like, ‘holy shit, that was a lot’. After releasing Blue Lips and the short film, I’d kind of completed all the missions I had set out to do and I was just like, ‘oh my god I’m so sick of myself!’. I started writing for others again and it was a nice break from my own head.” One of the many hits Tove Lo has co-written, it should be pointed out, is Lorde’s totally brilliant Homemade Dynamite.

The NSFW Fairy Dust” was banned by YouTube upon release. That day, Lo tweeted, #imnotevennaked,” and it was reinstated with a warning. Seriously, we can see a guy get shot in the head without any problems. Yes, I’m masturbating, but why is female sexuality so scary?” Lo flaunts that defiance most places she goes, whether it’s turning up to the Australian Record Industry Association Awards in her tabloid-nicknamed uterus dress” (a sheer outfit emblazoned with, yes, a depiction of the womb) or flashing her boobs onstage in Paris. The crowds flash me back—guys and girls. I shouldn’t need to apologize. Because I’m a woman, I have to. There’s so much more to me than the vagina stuff.” At this point, I notice one of Lo’s rings and ask if its depicting two people having sex Oh, yeah!” She puts it in my hand so I can see the detail, butt cracks and all. The engraving reads: HEALTHY AS FUCK.

There’s that feeling of never being satisfied,” Lo explains. Always needing something to feed my adrenaline rush, but the more you get, the more you need.” This insatiable feeling led to Blue Lips, her equally cheeky follow-up to last year’s hugely successful Lady Wood. That’s the bigger metaphor but it’s also a fun way to say ‘blue balls,’ like when you don’t reach sexual satisfaction,” she says with infectious laughter.

She first rose to prominence for her single, Habits (Stay High) , which became a top ten hit in the U.S. a year after its 2013 release, a dark breakup anthem that generated such Internet buzz that it led to a deal with Universal. Habits and its follow-up, Out of Mind , appeared on her debut EP Truth Serum , in 2014.

As we reach the end of the year, let’s take a look back and highlight the absolute best pop music that has come out of the Nordic countries over the past twelve months. So it’s no surprise that with ‘Lady Wood’, the Swedish singer’s second effort, you’re drawn deeper into the same, dark, desperate, rebellious and destructive world.

A notoriously spontaneous performer, Lo invites listeners to join her on an emotional journey during live shows, no matter what the circumstances. Even if it’s a Monday night, I want people to let go and feel whatever you need to feel. If you’re having the best night of your life and dancing, or if you just have to cry—if you wake up covered in glitter, you’re good,” she decides.

Lady Wood is a cheeky reference to female arousal — a sensation that plays heavily into the album’s titillating first half, titled Fairy Dust.” “It’s a lot about love, but also about chasing rushes and doing things that turn you on and scare you at the same time,” says Lo, 28. True Disaster, for instance, is about staying with someone even though you know it’ll end in heartbreak, while Vibes details the ecstasy of romance over a minimal techno beat.

The lyrics Tove Lo writes are not built with anyone else in mind, and are incredibly personal as a result. I’m always like an open book and my songs are like my journals. I feel like some of them admit to maybe needing a bit of a change in myself, rather than just being like ‘I embrace myself!’” Just like Tove Lo, the One Star model has repeatedly gone against the mould over the years, whilst keeping an inherently anti-conformist approach at its core.

PRIDE: I actually saw you perform at SXSW in the Spotify house in 2014, before “Habits (Stay High)” blew up. And I vaguely remember that you were sick. You’ve come a long way since then. Bummed out and drugged up, Tove Lo turned a failed relationship into pop gold. She talks to the BBC about her unflinching lyrics, and the correct way to pronounce her name.

One thing I love about Tove Lo is how open she is about her sexuality, not only just in terms of sexual preferences, but her general feelings surrounding sex as well. She talks about how sex can be casual or can mean everything with the right person.

This shot was taken by celebrated photographer Herb Ritts, who later teamed up with Madonna for the Like a Prayer” and You Can Dance” covers. It is one of her most recognisable images, inspired in part by Andy Warhol’s pop art and also by the iconography of Madonna’s idol Marilyn Monroe. Here, she invites fans to make the immediate connection between pop art and commercial value, making her the first to exploit the late Eighties concept of pop artist as brand.

For its 30th anniversary, the Beastie Boys’ landmark 1989 sophomore release gets the 180-gram double vinyl treatment. The densely layered album, built around rapid-fire rhymes piled high with Gen-X pop culture references and hundreds of obscure samples spliced together by producers the Dust Brothers, is a stone-cold classic. Even now, songs like Shake Your Rump” and Hey Ladies” have the capacity to inspire unadulterated joy.

Aside from her buoyant club beats, it’s Love’s acute self-awareness — compounded by a rare ability to open up about such raw, uncomfortable insecurities in relatable lyrics — that make her stand out from the typically mindless, manufactured pop that often tops the charts today.

Sunshine’s other standout feature, Jax Jones, brings the exact same formula he’s brought for years to Jacques.” His productions always carry a light undertone of mischief, and Tove Lo’s own humor plays in well with the deep, pounding percussion. It allows for what is also the album’s best line, I can be an assstronaut.” It’s a ridiculous metaphor, but it relays everything you need to know about Tove Lo: she’s a Romantic, she’s horny, and when she wants to, she has the most entertaining way of tapping into both sides.

Having fallen in love with music and songwriting, Lo enrolled in the prestigious Rytmus music school in Stockholm, where she became close friends with Caroline Hjelt, later one half of I Love It” duo Icona Pop. They would go on to work the same local pop scene together, before an A&R spotted Lo and invited her to Los Angeles, where she began to collaborate with the ubiquitous Swedish producer Max Martin , and write tracks for Girls Aloud , Lea Michele and The Saturdays.

That’s meant that sometimes she’s called provocative for the point of provocation — lines about eating pussy out and flashing her ‘disco tits’ live sure gain a lot attention — but talking to Tove over the phone (and seeing her headline Spotify’s Front Left Live in Melbourne a few days later), it’s clear she’s just an all-in person.

As a teen, she developed a crazy fascination and love” for Nirvana, but it was Kurt Cobain ‘s wife, Hole frontwoman Courtney Love , who had the most profound impact on her. Love was both adored and vilified, merging a punk ethos with radio-friendly pop hooks, her lyrics soaked in caustic wit and brutal honesty. Her frankness when it came to body image, fame and feminism, specifically on Hole’s seminal 1998 record Celebrity Skin (That album was my everything,” Lo says), can all be found in Lo’s own material.

Luckily, there’s a serendipitous link between Lo’s personal life and the shifting currents of pop music. Just as Gen-Z have killed off the musical genre and once-steadfast rulebooks are being rewritten, so too has Lo arrived at a point in her own life where she has more degrees of freedom in her writing, and can meet the new challenges pop has thrown up. While she was once quoted as saying she was incapable of writing good songs that weren’t downhearted, she’s enjoying a newfound flexibility.

It’s because of those qualities that Sunshine Kitty feels like a beacon of hope, a collection of danceable and distinctly ToveLoian cuts. The calculated hedonism still exists, but it seems more sincere than her Twinkie binges or Muppet fantasies In the past, she made such an effort to not G.A.F. that songs lost their authenticity. Thankfully, this album and its nod to her own feline nickname place Tove Lo in an environment that’s suitable for her proclivities but doesn’t make them come across as props.

The event displayed custom signage and displays produced by Mirrored Media, including a gold 17-foot Lady Wood logo build-out that guests walked through as they entered the event. Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson, professionally known as Tove Lo (pronounced Too-veh-Lu), is a Swedish singer-songwriter born and raised in Djursholm, Sweden.


When we meet in an upscale hotel the next day after the show, she cuts a cheerful figure far removed from ‘the saddest girl in Sweden’ – an early media nickname given to her which has, annoyingly, stubbornly stuck. She’s in a more stable place” than that which defined her turbulent previous LPs, she says. After the releases of ‘Lady Wood’ and ‘Blue Lips’ – a two-album post-mortem of the beginning and demise of a relationship – she was exhausted.

Despite her mainstream success with follow-up hits Talking Body,” Moments” and Timebomb,” the star, who teamed up with pal Nick Jonas on his summer hit Close,” has maintained that edgy lifestyle…for the most part.

The Swedish artist released the LP’s first single Glad He’s Gone,” at the end of May and fans have been anticipating this follow up project ever since. In the song, she talks about having a friend who is in a toxic relationship. Did you give into his ego? Yup. I think you know it’s time to let go. You’re better off, I’m glad that he’s gone,” she sings. After she sees her friend giving into tons of things her partner demands, when she finally leaves him, Tove is glad to have her friend back.

I started writing Sunshine Kitty after my massive touring year in 2017 and I was kinda like, ‘holy shit, that was a lot’. After releasing Blue Lips and the short film, I’d kind of completed all the missions I had set out to do and I was just like, ‘oh my god I’m so sick of myself!’. I started writing for others again and it was a nice break from my own head.” One of the many hits Tove Lo has co-written, it should be pointed out, is Lorde’s totally brilliant Homemade Dynamite.

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