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Yes, Bo wears pants now, but that’s not why she’s become a leader among the outcast toys; her femininity has nothing to do with how well she holds her own in a fight or survives in the wild and risks breaking along the way.

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Toy Story 4Explore our magical Toy Story 4 collection featuring everything from talking Buzz and Woody action figures to Rex and Lotso soft toys and Bo Peep costumes. Written and directed by Valerie LaPointe (who was Story Supervisor on Toy Story 4), the charming seven-minute short allows Bo to recount her hilarious adventures to Woody firsthand, and we’ve got an exclusive sneak peek at the short – which you can watch in the player above or below – ahead of the film’s release on Disney+ on January 31. Annie Potts once again lends her voice to the resilient Bo, alongside Ali Maki reprising her role as Giggle McDimples, while Jim Hanks, brother of Tom, voices Woody (and you’d be hard-pressed to tell the difference).

All of these illustrations provide reference material for the next stage of computer modeling. This is when the toys and their environments begin to take form in three-dimensional space. Modeling artists take the basic shapes of the characters, sets, and props and mold them into a 3D mesh, then sculpt and refine these builds until they’re satisfied. In constructing the sets, scale was a chief concern, as the artists wanted to accurately represent the diminutive size of the toys relative to their surroundings. To nail down that contrast, they photographed models of the toys interacting with objects out in the real world, then used those photos for reference. The character models require an extra step.

Well, the very first version — this was always just in animatics — all the toys, including Bo, came back to Bonnie’s house at the end, and it was kind of like, Bonnie has a new lamp now, and everything’s reset the way it was, but now with Bo in the picture.” And it just wasn’t emotionally satisfying. We didn’t really learn anything in that version.

The lesson sits heavily with us, the viewers, because it mirrors the life of the Toy Story franchise. Kids who watched the first movie in 1995 are now adults, possibly with their own children. Parents who took their kids could now be grandparents, perhaps still buying Woody and Buzz dolls for their grandkids. This collection of stories about a pull-string cowboy, a space commander, and their secret lives in the toy box has shaped our own lives has made us reflect on the journeys we’ve taken alongside them. Letting go of Toy Story isn’t something any of us wants to do, and we haven’t yet had to.

The reason for this change is because the main cast are going beyond Tri-County as director Josh Cooley and producer Jonas Rivera stated during an interview. This change was done to accommodate the fact that Woody’s world had opened up once he reunites with Bo Peep.

Amid the complex emotional situations in which the characters find themselves, the script pits loyalty against love and friendship against romance – with poignant results. It also explores the guidance offered by that “little voice inside,” the conscience. The latter theme is treated both seriously and as a source of laughs, with Buzz pushing the buttons in his chest and relying on the random messages they generate for counsel.

Many critics and viewers thought Toy Story 3 was a perfect (albeit heartbreaking) ending to the film franchise. Which is why it came as a surprise to some people – including the filmmakers – that there would be a fourth installment.

One of the largest differences that we notice about Bo Peep is in her clothes. While in the first movie she sported a long and fluffy pink dress covered in polka dots, in the final she wears a blue pantsuit and uses what first appears to be her skirt as a cape instead. That is not to say that all traditionally feminine aspects have been stripped from her clothing: her outfit is still form-fitting and feminine, and she is wearing a pink belt around her waist and a pink bow in her hair. But the pantsuit is more practical for the new life that she has built, fending for herself out in the wilderness. It’s a huge contrast to living in a bedroom, waiting for others to take care of her.

The film rather haphazardly follows Woody, Buzz and the gang as they adjust to life with their new owner, Bonnie. One day the kid comes home from kindergarten with a toy of her own creation: Forky is a plastic spork adorned with pipe-cleaner arms, mismatched googly eyes and broken popsicle sticks for feet. He’s a gangly, ghastly-looking creature and of course Bonnie loves him more than anything in the world.

She wouldn’t be killing toys or anything like that. I think we had an idea where she was freeing toys from the bedroom, like she was helping toys run free. We kind of did a version of that. She’s representing everything that Woody’s terrified of, but she’s fine with it — like in the first movie, she’s a lost toy. I think that’s the most shocking way to affect Woody. She helps turn him. She helps be an example that there is more outside a kid’s room.

Toy Story 4 is the first film of the franchise featuring Bonnie ‘s dad, Mr. Anderson. Flirting and longing looks between toy characters that culminates in a lingering embrace. Quick joke about a toy’s previous fling with He-Man. That’s no simple task. Because software evolves from movie to movie, filmmakers have to rebuild the characters every time.

Just as he continues to lead the familiar gang of toys who come to life when humans aren’t looking – including Buzz Lightyear (voice of Tim Allen), the astronaut with whom he once carried on a rivalry – cowboy Woody (voice of Tom Hanks) also continues to serve as a model of selfless devotion toward their kid owner, Bonnie (voice of Madeleine McGraw).

The antique store isn’t just a graveyard of unloved toy souls, though. It’s where the toys reunite with Bo Peep, who was given away to the same antiques store as Gabby Gabby nearly a decade ago. Bo Peep has experienced the highs and lows of love and loss: Whiling away in plaything purgatory isn’t the life she wanted or expected.

Toy Story 4 is also the final Pixar flim to feature the involvement of Lee Unkrich who left Pixar in 2019 to which he is credited as the Executive Producer. Gabby Gabby is the clear villain for most of the film, but similarly to Pixar’s Incredibles 2 , gives Hendricks a nuanced role that weighs slightly more toward being misunderstood than outright destructive.

Woody and Bo begin a life together with Ducky, Bunny, Giggle, and Duke, dedicated to finding new owners for lost toys. On her first day of first grade, Bonnie creates a second impromptu toy out of a plastic knife, who suffers the same existential crisis as Forky once did, who immediately becomes smitten with her.

Last year, I wrote about my (unfounded) fears that Mary Poppins Returns might trample the memory of a movie I fell in love with as a child. I felt a similar anxiety about Toy Story 4, after arguing that the first three movies formed cinema’s first note-perfect trilogy”. Despite being in my early 30s when Toy Story came out, I feel like I’ve spent a lifetime with its characters, not least because they’ve been with me throughout my children’s lives. The finale of 2010’s Toy Story 3 , with its echoes of the last chapter of The House at Pooh Corner, just seemed so… final; a sublime evocation of the bittersweet sorrow of growing up that probably meant more to adults than children.

My son was about 4 or 5 at the time, so I took a picture of the character home and said, “What do you think this guy’s name is?” No context. And he looked at it and went, “Forkface!” And I was like, “Whoa! That’s pretty funny, but we’re not going to be able to use that.” I told everybody at work, and we were all laughing. And then somebody said, “Well, Forky is pretty funny.” Bonnie doesn’t need to know what a spork is, and it’s not clear what he is: “Am I a fork or a spoon?” That ambiguity became part of the character.

So, when Bonnie forms an eccentric attachment to the home-made doll she has created out of the utensil referenced above, Woody not only resists resenting his displacement in her affections, he becomes a mentor to the newcomer, whom Bonnie has dubbed Forky (voice of Tony Hale). Forky will need all the guidance he can get since he’s convinced he’s trash rather than a plaything and fails to understand his obligations toward Bonnie.

The Toy Story franchise is the closest thing we have to an undisputed national anthem, a popular belief that celebrates what we think we all stand for — cooperation, ingenuity, and simple values, such as perpetual hope. This fact of our infantile, desensitized culture became apparent back in 2010 when I took a knee on Toy Story 3 and Rotten Tomatoes sprouted death threats — as if I had made Ilhan Omar-style comments against the history of America and its institutions.

Toy Story 4” mixes and matches your favorite scenes and scenarios from those last three movies in the crowd-pleasing fashion of a greatest hits medley. Like an aging rock band on a summer shed tour a decade or two after being relevant, it hits all the expected notes with a practiced professionalism and provides a fun night out for anyone who isn’t foolish enough to expect any inspiration. It’s got everything you’re looking for except for anything new.

Let’s stipulate up top that Toy Story 4 has no inherent reason to exist. At the end of the last movie, the series’ arc felt perfectly complete: A motley crew of toys belonging to a young suburban boy named Andy, having witnessed his transition from kid to young adult, got passed on to a new owner, the preschool-age Bonnie. That film’s closing scene, which provoked more sobs than any Pixar moment since the hanky-drenching opening montage of Up , felt like our goodbye to the beloved playthings as much as it was Andy’s. And given that, since then, more than half of the studio’s releases have been sequels, it’s hard to shake the suspicion that Toy Story 4’s creation was motivated less by a passion to further explore the lives of Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, et al., than by a passion to make another billion dollars (the approximate global box-office take of Toy Story 3 ).

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