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Anything I do is because of me. Like, my label has nothing to do with me. I have creative control. On songs like “Love Scars” and “Romeo and Juliet,” Trippie is quickly positioning himself as the Frank Sinatra of the culture.

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TRIPPIE REDDTrippie Redd has his fair share of haters and critics who think he fell off since his last big hit, but that doesn’t faze him. Aside from making music, the “In Too Deep” lyricist also makes a killing by selling his own merchandise , from T-shirts to hoodies and key chains. According to Trippie Redd, his business ventures have bumped his net worth to an estimated $7 million, and he hasn’t wasted any time splurging on some pretty pricey gifts to celebrate his success.

The third track off ! is also the sequel to I Know How To Self Destruct” from Redd’s surprise 2017 EP, A Love Letter You’ll Never Get. Produced by OZ, also the man behind the hit Sicko Mode” by Travis Scott featuring Drake, this song stresses the importance of always being yourself.

Like so many who grabbed the brass ring before him, Trippie Redd came from humble circumstances but created a musical approach that endeared him to millions. He was born Michael White in Canton, Ohio, to an incarcerated father and a mother who had to shoulder the burden of parenthood alone. The budding performer soaked in the sounds of ‘90s R&B and hip-hop from his mother, and those influences fed his own musical vision, which revealed itself at an early age. By the time he was 17, Trippie Redd had released his first mixtape, 2017’s ‘A Love Letter to You,’ which busted through to the Billboard charts despite its indie origins. By the time 2018 rolled around, the precocious performer had himself a couple of platinum singles (“Love Scars” and “Dark Knight Dummo”) and a No. 3 mixtape, ‘A Love Letter to You 3.’ That same year, he got around to releasing his first full-length LP, ‘Life’s a Trip,’ taking it all the way to No. 4 on the Hot 100.

For the outro, Redd talks about logging off the internet to take a fing break.” The song marks the second time he’s collaborating with producer Staccato after Negative Energy,” and it’s a possibility that after the release of ! Redd will take a social media break.

Although he cites Lil Wayne as one of his favorite artists, he credits his older brother, who performed under the name Dirty Redd, as the person who really sparked his interest in rap. After experimenting with alternative music, he switched over to hip hop and really found his niche. But just as things were heating up for him and his music was getting a bit of online recognition, his brother was killed in a fatal 2014 car accident.

This one is more about me living my life. Just vibin’, happy and chillin’. I only have two love songs on it. In September 2019, rapper 6IX9INE testified that Trippie Red is a member of a rival Five Nine Brims gang.

After releasing home-produced mixtapes and videos throughout his teen years, Redd moved to Atlanta upon graduating high school. Making crucial connections with the city’s underground rap scene, he befriended Lil Wop and Kodie Shane, recording early projects that would generate local buzz and secure a recording contract with Strainge Entertainment. Early 2017 saw Redd issue his debut mixtape, A Love Letter to You, picking up millions of views across Soundcloud and YouTube while prompting the now-deceased XXXTentacion to invite Redd in for a collaborative single: ‘Fuck Love’ became Redd’s first appearance on the Hot 100, peaking at No 28.

Now on his own terms, Redd returned to Dallas on Wednesday night at the House of Blues to a packed house. The tour’s namesake comes from his debut album, Life’s A Trip, which was a slight departure from the raw, visceral material on his breakout mixtape A Love Letter To You and tracks that made him an instant star like Dark Knight Dummo” and Fuck Love.” Now fully into his experimentation phase, a set from Redd runs the gamut of pure emo rap tunes like Love Scars,” polished, radio-ready tunes like Wish” and Toxic Waste” all the way to alt-pop-inspired grunge. Sonically, Trippie Redd lives in his own space and values time on his own terms.

The rapper said he immediately recognized Ellison—who had been cut off for bad-mouthing Tekashi and his former manager— as one of the two assailants. He said he pleaded with his ex-friend to not shoot, offering him everything he owns.

Nah, I learned from just listening to people that knew how to sing. So I would just try and sing their songs, and it came out right. I was on Drake, The Weeknd, Partynextdoor when I was growing up. I was listening to whatever my mom played in the car, so I hit high notes. I made my grandma cry one day, I hit a note. (Laughs) I swear to God, on everything I love! On my dad and brother, she started crying! I hit a note in the car. (Laughs) That’s just so funny.

In 2017, Dark Knight Dummo” featuring Travis Scott arrived as the lead single to his highly anticipated debut album, Life’s A Trip , which yields incredible energy that can only be experienced at his live shows. If there’s one word to describe Trippie, it’s versatile.

While fans hoped for a love song between the couple, the artists settled on rapping about their wealth and fame instead. The title of the song is a nod to Leray’s debut project, Everythingcoz. Redd captioned the photo “Lmao I was so determined to get to where I am now love you all and my life,” wrote the “Love Scars” rapper on Instagram.

Rap star Trippie Redd had the unfortunate draw of not only going up against Rick Ross during his second album’s debut week but also rock legends Slipknot. Suffice to say, the Quality Control signee’s sophomore follow-up to 2018’s Life’s a Trip is facing some serious competition on the charts. But the Ohio native isn’t letting it faze him, and even had a little fun with it.

After taking the stage much later than anticipated, Redd wasted no time jumping into his most well-known tracks, which is a welcome side effect to the high-volume of music produced by artists who are extremely successful on platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. Gone are the days when crowds waited for the hit to be played at the end of a drawn-out set. Since all artists need is a few songs to hit and go viral, they throw up as many as they can and see what sticks.

That might seem like a step in the right direction, but Redd has worked with and continues to work with another alleged abuser, Florida rapper XXXTentacion (in 2017 alone, two singles—Fuck Love” and Uh Oh Thots”). XXX currently faces numerous charges including domestic battery and false imprisonment Perhaps he’ll change his tune on the guy, just like he did 6ix9ine, but right now, it’s concerning.

In his impossibly short career, Trippie Redd has signed with Elliot Grainge Entertainment and released a full length album, September 2017’s A Love Letter To You 2. This spring, he’ll hit the road with No Limit” rapper G-Eazy Not bad for a guy who hasn’t even been in the game for two whole years yet.

After releasing his first mix tape, A Love Letter to You , in May 2017, he joined the ranks of other budding musicians who had turned their hobbies of uploading music to their SoundCloud accounts into bonafide music careers. Infiltrating the industry as an underground artist, Trippie Redd eventually joined forces with other hip-hop newcomers and plowed his way through the Billboard Hot 100 chart with some help from South Florida rapper XXXTentacion and their track, ” Fk Love ,” which peaked at no. 41.

Despite a growing contingent of Rap Twitter detractors, critics and armchair A&Rs who have soured on the Canton rapper, Trippie Redd is continuing to survive in a landscape that could just have easily consigned him to a role as an also-ran with a brief run of success. His successes are quiet, the wins small, but they’re there. His debut album, Life’s A Trip, sold 72,000 album equivalent units in August and netted him a platinum plaque for Dark Knight Dummo,” his destructive hit with Travis Scott. He weathered a bad (albeit successful) Diplo song , managed to compete with Young Thug (a frequent feature killer) on his debut, and has turned in enough solid features to make him a considerable threat. Redd is now making some of the best music of his career, even if it isn’t necessarily the type that first broke him through the scene.

I first started being involved in music around eight or nine? I used to listen to Lil Wayne, and my mom listened to a lot of different vibey shit. Like, Alicia Keys, and fuckin’ Ja Rule, Tupac, Nas. A lot of shit.

Originally from Canton, Ohio, rapper Trippie Redd (also known as Lil 14) first emerged in 2015 with a series of online tracks that hinted early on at the versatile style he would come to develop, one that blended elements of cloud rap and trap influenced by T-Pain, Gucci Mane, and Lil Wayne with the energy of punk and metal inspired by Kiss and Marilyn Manson.

But the two frenemies have seemingly put the past behind them, and it looks like they won’t let anyone – not a sex crime nor Trippie Redd’s ex – come in between them. A video was posted online of the two of them videochatting and attempting to map out each other’s whereabouts so they could potentially meet up.

Most recently, he unleashed his third studio album, !, a title dedicated to his good friend XXXTentacion who was shot and killed in June of last year. REVOLT caught up with a much more mature Trippie Redd, but he still carries a zero fcks given attitude. Read below as he details his favorite memory with XXX, his endless plaques, his favorite Lil Wayne song, and favorite songs off of his new LP.

Redd used a slower melodic beat from Murda Beatz, known for his work on Drake’s Nice For What” as well as several Migos and Cardi B songs, to beg the listener to keep your head up.” The song also marks Redd’s first collaboration with the Canadian producer.

He’s not looking to drop a few hits, cash out his earnings, and fade back into obscurity. Many years from now, we’ll still be playing many of his songs if it were left up to him. “I want my music to be timeless,” he told XXL magazine.

White is best known for his songs “Dark Knight Dummo” (featuring Travis Scott) and “Topanga” with the former peaking at number 72 on the Billboard Hot 100 and the latter peaking at number 52. In July 2018, White announced his debut album would be titled Life’s a Trip. The album was released August 10, 2018, and debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 Album Chart selling 72,000 album-equivalent units. White earned his highest Billboard 200 charting in November 2018 with the mixtape, A Love Letter to You 3, debuting at number three. On August 9, 2019, he released his second album, !.

The rapper testified about crimes he committed, and that time he allegedly was a victim. Tekashi 6ix9ine recently brought up Trippie Redd during his trial on Tuesday (Sept 17). The “Gummo” rapper expose Trippie Redd as a “gang member” during his questioning.

11:06 AM PT – Tekashi’s now getting into the nitty-gritty of how his relationship with the Nine Treys soured. He says it all started in March 2018 when he’d booked a gig in Austin, TX – but didn’t “check in” with the people at Rap-A-Lot Records.

In this single which has nothing to do with the Louisiana rapper, Redd talks about smoking weed with a girl. Lil Wayne” is produced by Nils, who also worked with Machine Gun Kelly for his diss song to Eminem, Rap Devil” as well as Rich the Kid.

We play Xbox and everything together online, and shit like that. I’m personally cool with bro. Shit, I’m happy. I make music and my fans keep me going, honestly. Shit, it meant everything. It was fire. I love the song ‘ Everything BoZ’ It’s one of my favorite songs on there, too.

The rapper’s second mixtape found similar success, leading to collaborations with Baauer, Joji and Rich Brian and stoking anticipation for the debut studio album that would soon follow. Life’s A Trip, released in summer 2018, debuted at No 4 on the Billboard 200: featuring contributions from Young Thug, Reese Laflare and Diplo, the record produced the Platinum-selling lead single ‘Dark Knight Dummo’, featuring Travis Scott. The record was praised for it’s experimental nature, leading XXL to describe it as indulgent, polished and deeply personal”. Charting highly across America, Europe and Australia, Life’s A Trip announced the arrival of a uniquely gifted artist poised to dominate contemporary hip-hop.

One performance from a gang of opening acts that cannot go overlooked came from New Jersey’s Coi Leray, who is nothing but a burgeoning star. On a night when her male contemporaries relied on hype men and were unsuccessful in turning over a crowd solely interested in Trippie Redd, Leray commanded the room’s attention with a mix of old-school rap bravado and overt sex appeal.

I had some alternative rock shit, but I deleted that shit. It was, like, some guitar shit. And it had drums coming in. ‘Cause I can really do that shit. (Laughs) My voice—I can sing for real. So I be doin’ shit like that.

Soundcloud rap needs its signature crooner. The internet-driven scene tends to embrace harsh and abrasive sounds, but as it grows in prominence, the subculture is broadening its palette as well. Trippie Redd is only a year removed from posting his first notable work online, but the 18 year old from Canton, Ohio, has quickly carved out a critical spot in the pantheon of rap’s new underground. While most of his contemporaries produce gritty, bass-driven bangers, Trippie toys with melody and adds a softer element that sets him apart from the pack.

Big Noise Live, in partnership with Find Your Grind and UMUSIC Experience, presents the FYG U Fest at FSU Spring Fling April 5th at Florida State University’s Langford Green. Featuring artists Trippie Redd, DaniLeigh, and more, FYG U is a free, on-campus festival for college students featuring big-name artist performances, esports, entrepreneurial speakers, career mentors, scholarship opportunities and activities centered around music and technology that encourage students to celebrate their passions and the possibilities of who they can be.

After moving forward with his music career, he discovered there was already a group named Trippy Hippie, so a name change was definitely in order. “I’ve always been Trippie Redd and Trippy Hippie. I put Trippy and Hippie together and made it Trippie,” he said.

For the first verse, Redd talks about taking a girl on tour with him to travel the world and spoil her. In his next verse, he describes how success has changed his circumstances, but not him as a person. He then repeats I try” several times for the chorus. Even though it doesn’t relate to the first or second verse, the two simple words still work for the song.

It doesn’t take a Hip Hop scholar to realize Trippie Redd has developed a considerable amount of musical range over his short yet spirited career. His earlier works like 2017’s POLES1469” and Love Scars” were obviously drenched in trap rap tones but on the latter especially, Trippie showed underlying harmonies. As his A Love Letter To You mixtapes series progressed and he dropped his 2018 debut Life’s A Trip album, those harmonies began to heavily outweigh the haymaker punchlines.

is a 20 year old American Rapper. Born Michael Lamar White IV on 18th June, 1999 in Canton, Ohio, United States, he is famous for ‘Love Scars’, ‘Dark Knight Dummo’, and ‘Can You Rap Like Me’ in a career that spans 2015-present and 2014-present. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

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