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You can either secure passes for any of the upcoming Twenty One Pilots concert dates online by simply following the three steps below. The band was created back in 2009 by lead vocalist Tyler Joseph, Nich Thomas and Chris Salih.

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twenty one pilotsIt has been a month since Hurricane Dorian slammed the Bahamas, but it’s no time to get complacent. There’s still a lot of relief and rebuilding needed. So Sol Relief, a St. Petersburg disaster relief organization that enlists volunteer pilots to deliver support and supplies, will be collecting donations at a benefit concert this weekend. It’s free, but they will be collecting at the door. On the bill: Ella Jet and Future Soul, Four Star Riot, the Headtones, the Inhalers, Ricky Wilcox and the Moonsnakes, St. Pete Sons and the Wrenchers. 2 p.m. Sunday. Jannus Live, 200 First Ave. N, St. Petersburg. (727) 565-0550.

The thinking, the group’s 29-year-old singer and songwriter Tyler Joseph said, was that other groups were practically begging: It was just a bombardment of ‘come see us play.’” So Joseph and the drummer Josh Dun played tiny, unpromoted gigs on any nearby bill they could join, leaving strong impressions with their theatrical antics and genre-agnostic songs. Eventually, they’d announce a big hometown show, go all-out — lights, grander stunts, fresh set lists — and tell everyone to be there.

As a songwriter, you get excited about trying to come up with a new metaphor, a new way to shine a light or take a different angle on a topic that’s probably been talked about many, many times in the history of songwriting. But then there are other songs where you just know you don’t want to misrepresent the topic that you’re talking about. It makes more sense to be more black and white about it.

Twenty One Pilots have announced a new U.S. leg of their global headline Banditø Tour” due to overwhelming demand. The new Live Nation-produced tour dates, which follow this summer’s sold-out arena run, hits Target Center on Thursday, October 24. Misterwives will open the show.

My three favorite parts of their shows are when Dun (the drummer) plays his drums over the crowd on a platform held up by the crowd, when Dun does a back-flip off the piano and the finale, when both play a kettle drum on a platform over the crowd. What is truly unique about this duo is that after almost every show, Joseph & Dun will come out and meet their fans to take pictures or sign an autograph, provided they don’t have to be somewhere early the next day or the weather is bad.

Fans love Trench because it’s vulnerable, resolute and introspective. They feel like they know Twenty One Pilots and can relate to their everyday struggles and musings. In “Neon Gravestones,” a staggering and stark track from Trench, Joseph wrestles with the cruelness of society and how fleeting life can be. The band moved to a second stage to perform this song, filling the arena with a somber chill as the front man leaned over the keys and disassembled his daunting persona in prose.

Twenty One Pilots then spiced up their music with a fourth album, Blurryface.” This was the era of black, lots of red, white, neon purple and yellow lights, synth, patterns of many kinds, black paint, dark lyrics, heavy sound, and insecurities. Blurryface” was the album that gave Twenty One Pilots their first Grammy. It was for their hit song Stressed Out.” This was the album of alt-pop-rock. From the poppish sounds of Ride ” and Stressed Out,” to the heavy rock sound of Heavydirtysoul” and Fairly Local” This was the album that introduced me to Twenty One Pilots. Blurryface” is about Tyler’s insecurities. In almost every song one can pick up hints of insecurity. (Doubt), ( The Judge ), ( Message Man ).

My favorite part of the night may have been the encore. After Joseph played the softer ‘Goner,’ the duo went into fan favorite ‘Trees.’ Throughout all seven times I’ve seen these guys they’ve always ended with ‘Trees.’ It’s the perfect Twenty One Pilots song and ends with the dueling drum solo the guys play on top of the crowd.

Twenty One Pilots’ latest album, Blurryface, is out now on Fuelled By Ramen. They play Alexandra Palace in London on Friday 11 and Sunday 13 November.

Their 2015 album, ‘Blurryface’ took Twenty One Pilots from scrappy, scene-less outsiders to global megastars with a breakneck velocity. A magpie nest of sounds, styles and influences, its fourteen tracks could only exist in a world where streaming is king, and even then, its devil-may-care attitude for genre makes for a jarring first impression. But something about its vibrant, stylistic swathes and vulnerable, lyrical bloodletting connected with the world at large.

At 9:00, twenty one pilots came out, and we got crushed in the pit as people swarmed and shoved towards their idols. They opened with lots of smoke, obscuring our vision, and a thrilling rendition of Heavydirtysoul, complete with masks, screaming and Tyler doing his dramatic ‘fall’ onto his back.

This album is their hidden gem. Only fans who truly know Twenty One Pilots would know about these songs. They are a blend of nostalgia, self-identity, struggles with mental illness, and inner turmoil. Forest” is a popular song of theirs that is about everything going on inside our heads and how to deal with it.

Clearly, Twenty One Pilots has confidence in their catalog and career, as the band unspooled its two biggest hits – the Grammy-winning Stressed Out” and Heathens” – during the first 15 minutes of the concert. By now, the twosome was unmasked and grinning, as Joseph donned his familiar red knit cap for a reshaped Stressed Out” (think reggae lilt and handclaps) and a moody Heathens,” which began with a quiet piano intro before bursting into a kaleidoscope of pink and green lighting and booming sound.

That was just four years ago. The duo’s grassroots approach has, to their surprise, propelled them way, way beyond central Ohio. They are easily the biggest group to break out in the past year: In mid-January, Twenty One Pilots had a Top 10 single (Stressed Out”) and the country’s Number Three album, lodged between Justin Bieber and One Direction. Weeks ago, they announced a 58-date arena tour, including two nearly sold-out shows at Madison Square Garden.

The resulting album feels innovative and vibrant, every track imbued with a sense of propulsive motion that derives largely from Josh’s drumming. Even as the musicians explore diverging styles, shifting between genres in a way that is unnecessary to define, the urgent live drums draw the music together. The album’s debut track, Fairly Local,” plays with a moody sparseness of instrumentation to create a surging atmospheric number that bluntly proclaims This song will never be on the radio.” Single Tear in my Heart” takes a more buoyant vibe, teasing out a pop-inspired melody and anthemic chorus. The lyrics, overall, connect, but for Tyler it’s essential not to reveal his exact intentions behind them. The band is interested in creating music that feels unexpected and open to interpretation, both thematically and instrumentally. The songs are as much for Tyler and Josh as they are for the listeners.

Both Dun and Joseph grew up nearby in strict, religious homes, a topic they deftly avoid when recounting their childhoods today. Dun, with a gray knit hat pulled down snugly on his head, described himself as a rebellious kid who questioned authority throughout high school, but never caused serious trouble. His family wasn’t very musical, but his grandfather had a love of jazz that led him to his first instrument, the trumpet, which was quickly replaced by drums.

A Christmas tree sits in the living room, next to a ceramic Nativity scene. There’s not a single Twenty One Pilots photo or bit of memorabilia anywhere within sight, though the walls are covered with signs that say things like JOY and A LOVING FAMILY MINE TO TREASURE BETTER THAN WEALTH OF ANY MEASURE. Dun’s basement bedroom has been stripped of most personal artifacts, but his decent-size DVD collection — which includes movies certain to be approved by CleanFlicks like Finding Nemo and The Truman Show — remains intact.

Adding even more layers to the world that they have created, this let people navigate their way through ‘Trench’ at their own pace. Soundtracked by the album, this demonstrated even more how far the band’s vision stretched.

Joseph definitely deserves credit for his ability to transition through multiple different vocal styles in songs such as the funky Nico and the Niners”, to his heavy hitting fast raps in Lane Boy” to the piano ballad Bandito”. He executed each song flawlessly, all while bouncing around the stage, keeping the crowd engaged. To add to the excitement, Dun then crowd surfed an entire drum kit above the fans on the floor in the beginning of Car Radio,” which morphed into a fierce drum solo.

Flying high on their number one album release, Trench, avant-garde rock icons Twenty One Pilots blazed across the United States through the fall months on their sellout Bandito Tour.” Packing A-level arenas at every stop, frontman Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun underscored the show’s physical acrobatics and visual pyrotechnics with potent audio delivered by a 138-loudspeaker Meyer Sound LEO Family system supplied by VER Tour Sound in partnership with Concert Investor.

Twenty One Pilots, the GRAMMY® Award-winning duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun,are gearing up for the release of their massively anticipated new album TRENCH, which arrives worldwide this Friday, October 5th. TRENCHis available for pre-order now at all DSPswith exclusive vinyl and pre-order bundles available at All pre-orders are joined by instant grat downloads of the album tracks My Blood,” Levitate,” Nico And The Niners,” and Jumpsuit,” each of which is also available for individual streaming or download.

American duo from Columbus, Ohio. In 2009, lead vocalist and keyboardist Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih formed the trio, but after Thomas and Salih departed in 2011, Joseph and new member, drummer Josh Dun, moved forward as a duo.

Casual fans of Twenty One Pilots have likely listened to their 2015 smash hit album Blurryface, or perhaps even their 2013 album Vessel. And while Twenty One Pilot’s ascent into pop stardom is a recent one, it isn’t one that came quickly or easily.

i discovered twenty one pilots around april of 2016, and even though i’m not a fan of many years like some of you, i truly value twenty one pilots. The spiritual messages in songs, and the emotional significance of these songs are truly special. blurryface has helped me through some rough times. just hearing these songs just reminds me that things will be all right, and even though sometimes we feel alone, we know the guys have “been around” and have seen the streets we’re walking down.

The dynamic duo kicked off their sold-out State Farm Arena concert Friday night as they have every show of this two-week old Bandito” tour. Dun, his face covered by a gold bandanna, carried a torch across the stage before slipping behind his drum kit and pumping his kick drum to open Jumpsuit.” Joseph, ski mask intact, crouched atop a car spewing flames and hopped down to center stage before the major plumes of pyro spewed.

Ride” spent five consecutive weeks atop the charts at Modern Rock radio outlets nationwide – the band’s second #1 single at the format in 2016 – while also ascending to #5 on the overall Hot 100.” Another global smash, Ride” is certified 4x platinum by the RIAA with additional platinum carts around the world. In addition, the track’s companion video – directed by Reel Bear Media – has now garnered over 683 millionviews via Twenty One Pilots’ hugely popular YouTubechannel.

2017 saw the release of yet another BLURRYFACEhit in Heavydirtysoul.” Like its predecessor, the RIAA platinum certified single’s companion video received the 2017 MTV Video Music Award for Best Rock Video” with views now exceeding 84 million via YouTube.

Dun covers his neck and hands in the makeup while performing live with bandmate Tyler Joseph. Twenty One Pilots concert tickets are available for Denver, Las Vegas and many more. Browse the Vivid Seats inventory for tickets in a city near you.

Now three years later, the duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have returned to write the next chapter of their story with TRENCH, the band’s highly anticipated new studio album. TRENCH finds Twenty One Pilots fearlessly reimagining the possibilities of their music through the same candid expression and genuine identity that helped to cement their place as one of the largest bands in the world.

The music of Twenty One Pilots (TOP) defies pigeonholing. It’s a genre-hopping mash of alt-rock mixed with electro-pop, hip-hop, reggae and whatever strikes the duo as imperative in the moment. The inherent challenge of defining the music mix is further complicated by dynamic staging that includes soaring risers, the magical teleporting of Joseph to the rear of the arena, platform crowd-surfing by Dun with his drumset, and performing on an audience bridge and B stage far in front of the arrays.

As the lights dimmed and the curtain covering the stage dropped, drummer Josh Dun was greeted by a sea of fans as well as tidal wave of screams as he stood still, facing the crowd with a blazing torch. He gazed over the crowd before approaching his drum set, with lead vocalist Tyler Joseph rising from below the stage atop a car. The song Jumpsuit” began to play, and the car burst into flames with a heat so strong that even the farthest seat in the venue could have felt it. The post-apocalyptic stage set up was the perfect scene for such a heavy hitting opening song.

Third time to see this tour and it was awesome! I could feel the heat from the pyrotechnics. These two guys are s talented and exciting. The concert in Paris was the best because we were in the lounge but no fires there.

hometown: this is the first song off of Blurryface i ever heard, and it is now my favorite. it’s beautiful guys, and so good live. This was the band’s first TV appearance in over a year, and also only the second performance of the whole ‘Trench’ era after their show in London.

Twenty One Pilots announced their new album “Trench” (out Oct. 5), the follow-up to mammoth breakthrough release “Blurryface,” with three new songs and an accompanying music video trilogy.

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