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twenty one pilotsTwenty One Pilots, the critically acclaimed duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, will celebrate their new album TRENCH with The Bandito Tour,” a massive headline world tour traversing through the U.S., Australia, Europe and the U.K. Ahead of the release of production holds, Twenty One Pilots have announced The Regrettes as support for their shows at 3Arena Dublin and SSE Arena Belfast. Tickets are on sale now.

Dun’s shuffling beat and Joseph’s indictment of what popular culture does to us—from consumer goods to digital living overkill—makes for commentary that’s both whimsical and on point. Literary fans will get the reference to Henry’s short story The Gift Of The Magi, and rock historians will learn how true love trumps the Who’s My Generation.” And if you don’t know those references, thank Dun and Joseph for making you curious.

My three favorite parts of their shows are when Dun (the drummer) plays his drums over the crowd on a platform held up by the crowd, when Dun does a back-flip off the piano and the finale, when both play a kettle drum on a platform over the crowd. What is truly unique about this duo is that after almost every show, Joseph & Dun will come out and meet their fans to take pictures or sign an autograph, provided they don’t have to be somewhere early the next day or the weather is bad.

Ride ” spent five consecutive weeks atop the charts at Modern Rock radio outlets nationwide – the band’s second #1 single at the format in 2016 – while also ascending to #5 on the overall Hot 100.” Another global smash, Ride” is certified 4x platinum by the RIAA with additional platinum carts around the world. In addition, the track’s companion video – directed by Reel Bear Media – has now garnered over 683 million views via Twenty One Pilots’ hugely popular YouTube channel.

Both Josh and Tyler also say that while it’s great discovering new music, people should never forget the songs that shaped them. MisterWives will accompany Twenty One Pilots on the Bandito Tour for all or portions of the tour.

Our die-hard-stan editor has some popular and unpopular opinions on Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun’s output prior to the commencement of the next leg of the Bandito tour.

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Joseph’s drive to create was sudden and overwhelming, and hasn’t waned. He has said the Blurryface” character is partially a manifestation of his insecurities, and he performed live during that era with his hands and neck slathered in black grease paint meant to symbolize anxiety’s perilous grip.

With the announcement of the world tour, Twenty One Pilots have shared two new songs: ‘Jumpsuit’ and ‘Nico And The Niners’. The first along with the video clip, directed by his collaborator Andrew Donoho. Two tracks that will be part of the new and highly expected studio album of the band (Trench). This album is the continuation of ‘Blurryface’, with which Twenty One Pilots won a Grammy and sold over 6,5 million copies worldwide.

On this Blurryface track, Joseph examines his faith, expressing his perceived failures of himself but pleads with a higher power not to forget about him. Here the message is more poignant than the song itself, coming off as merely indicative of trends in 21st century hip-hop with little sonic inversion.

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The group’s 2015 breakout album, Blurryface,” featuring the anxiety anthem Stressed Out,” went triple platinum. The track — known for its sing-songy chorus where Joseph longs for childhood comforts — has over 1.5 billion YouTube plays. The only bigger artists in 2016 were Drake, Beyoncé and Adele, according to Nielsen Music Their arena tour supporting the album — just the two musicians balancing a spectacular physical and emotional high-wire act — played 114 sold-out dates. They are so beloved here in their hometown that conducting an interview at Donatos, a pizza chain based in the city that gave Dun, now 30, his first job, felt like coordinating a clandestine mission.

The closing song on Vessel is an exercise in melancholy, madness and humanity. Joseph contemplates life, imparting the wisdom that we should strive to lead lives with meaning while raising each other up in the process. He’s certainly afraid of some corners of his mind, but he’s going to offer you solace and affirmation instead.

At 9:00, twenty one pilots came out, and we got crushed in the pit as people swarmed and shoved towards their idols. They opened with lots of smoke, obscuring our vision, and a thrilling rendition of Heavydirtysoul, complete with masks, screaming and Tyler doing his dramatic ‘fall’ onto his back.

BLURRYFACE was then followed by still another world-conquering hit single, “Heathens,” featured on Atlantic Records’ blockbuster SUICIDE SQUAD: THE ALBUM. The 6x RIAA platinum certified single – which received three GRAMMY® Award nominations including “Best Rock Performance” (Tyler Joseph, songwriter) – spent four consecutive weeks at #2 on the “Hot 100” while also topping Billboard’s “Hot Rock Songs” for a record-shattering 28 consecutive weeks and counting. The unprecedented one-two punch of “Ride” and “Heathens” made Billboard history, establishing Twenty One Pilots as only the third rock act with simultaneous top 5 “Hot 100” singles in the chart’s 58-year history, following only the Beatles and Elvis Presley. In addition, the “Heathens” companion video received the 2016 MTV Video Music Award for “Best Rock Video” and has now earned more than 1.2 billion individual views via YouTube alone.

Now by the time she had invited me I only really knew one song: Car Radio. Shortly after I learned Tear In My Heart, Kitchen Sink and The Run and Go. Then with the massive radio success of Ride and Stressed Out, I felt comfortable knowing a few songs I would be able to sing. It was then that I bought both Vessel and Blurryface and decided to give them a real, through-and-through listen.

The story inside ‘Trench’ took as much time, effort and space as the actual album it inhabits. There was no defining moment in the studio, no breakthrough where all the pieces of the puzzle fell into shape. Twenty One Pilots have never relied on divine luck, instead focusing on hard work and their own hands.twenty one pilots

Since the band’s earliest days, live performances have been a crucible, a way of speaking its purpose and maintaining an unusually symbiotic relationship with its fans. Even when there were five listeners in the room, Joseph ended each show by saying, We’re Twenty One Pilots, and so are you.” Their Emotional Roadshow tour for Blurryface” was crammed with grand gestures and spectacle — Joseph leaping and planting himself atop tall objects with his arms outstretched or tearing off masks; Dun losing pieces of his red-and-black suit until he was bare-chested, smashing his drums with an unrelenting precision — that built a complex arc of energy and emotions.

Known for a unique blend of indie pop and hip-hop, Twenty One Pilots has exploded in popularity since the outfit dropped its self-released debut in 2009. From early songs like Holding on to You” to later mainstream hits like Stressed Out,” Twenty One Pilots draws on all the biggest songs in its catalog to entertain fans in concert. Over the course of the outfit’s career, Twenty One Pilots tours have become legendary among fans thanks to the duo’s unbridled energy, even going so far as to do backflips off musical equipment on stage. You can either secure passes for any of the upcoming Twenty One Pilots concert dates online by simply following the three steps below. If you have any other questions about purchasing Twenty One Pilots tickets, you can also reach us online by accessing Live Chat.

This frame, the duo’s current single The Hype” lifts to a new high point of No. 10 on the Rock Airplay chart, becoming yet another top 10 hit for them on the list that ranks the most popular songs on rock radio stations across the country every week.

Dun and Joseph can describe the day they met in cinematically vivid detail. Joseph was performing with an early incarnation of Twenty One Pilots at Ohio State, and Dun, who was working at Guitar Center with the group’s then-drummer, came to check it out. A few nights later, they talked until sunrise. There were so many parallels, I had never really felt something like that, to where I think I felt like, emotional afterwards,” Dun said. Joseph’s initial three-piece Pilots lineup was coming to an amicable end, and Dun stood by at the ready.

The thing about rock bands in 2018 is they don’t do well commercially. Twenty One Pilots are unconventional — their songs stretch into rap, reggae, prog, electro-pop and screamo, often in the same track. Nobody plays guitar. And they do very well.

But Joseph and Dun are not opposed to deploying elements of old-school arena rock. They rode aboard scissor-lifts that served no function other than to make them seem bigger. Lasers and eruptions of smoke punctuated several songs. Joseph divided the arena in half for a singalong, albeit a more ambitious one than most.

Simplified to the extreme, the story focuses on the city of Dema, its ruling class of nine Bishops and the rebellious Banditos, who want to help people break free. It’s a concept record, deliberate and full of detail, but you don’t need a manual to connect to the restless soul of the record. You don’t need to know who Nico is to understand the anxiety of the everyday. You don’t need to stand alongside Clancy to know what it means to feel alone. The questions of faith, trust and belief that are asked in ‘Trench’, plague this world as well.

Currently, the band is on the Banditio Tour in support of its latest album, Trench. While it has already toured the United States, you can still catch it at festivals like Lollapalooza. And even between album cycles, Twenty One Pilots’ schedule has been known to include a tour – like when it closed out its Blurryface era with the Tour De Columbus.

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