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twenty one pilotsTwenty One Pilots, the critically acclaimed duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, will celebrate their new album TRENCH with The Bandito Tour,” a massive headline world tour traversing through the U.S., Australia, Europe and the U.K. The band began the Blurryface Tour on May 11, 2015, in Glasgow, Scotland. The tour spanned the United States, Australia, Asia, and Europe. 83 The U.S. leg began September 8, 2015 and featured Echosmith and Finish Ticket as openers. 84 Twenty One Pilots performed “Stressed Out” on Late Night with Seth Meyers on September 14, 2015. 85 The band announced a London show in February 2016, and later announced a run of UK dates, with a second London date added. The band Transviolet served as openers. 86 This run of UK dates ended the initial Blurryface Tour.

One of the more controversial songs from Trench has Joseph examining the dynamics of suicide in a way that at first seems brusque or insensitive. By the song’s end, he advocates for new ways to address the problem for future generations to appeal to. A brave statement in a troubling time.

This is a band with a penchant for concept albums dealing with faith and depression, and the subtleties of Joseph’s lyrics are obscured by the shock and awe of the Twenty One Pilots live experience. But the message isn’t lost on the faithful, who sing along with every word, and wave signs reading: This is my 21st Twenty One Pilots show” and You saved my life.” For everyone else, Joseph’s unerring gift for irresistible hooks and a stage show that would turn PT Barnum green are more than enough.

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Having ascended to three-nights-at-Wembley status, the US duo Twenty One Pilots rise to the occasion. The David Blaine-worthy illusioneering is merely an opening gambit. Joseph keeps his young audience rapt by stuffing the two-hour show with set pieces and distractions, including, but not limited to: multiple costume changes; performances on lighting rigs suspended above the audience; a drummer who can’t stop revealing his taut torso; and a bizarre interlude where roadies, dressed in gas masks and Clockwork Orange-style white boiler suits, discharge fire extinguishers into the audience.

Simplified to the extreme, the story focuses on the city of Dema, its ruling class of nine Bishops and the rebellious Banditos, who want to help people break free. It’s a concept record, deliberate and full of detail, but you don’t need a manual to connect to the restless soul of the record. You don’t need to know who Nico is to understand the anxiety of the everyday. You don’t need to stand alongside Clancy to know what it means to feel alone. The questions of faith, trust and belief that are asked in ‘Trench’, plague this world as well.

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As a songwriter, you get excited about trying to come up with a new metaphor, a new way to shine a light or take a different angle on a topic that’s probably been talked about many, many times in the history of songwriting. But then there are other songs where you just know you don’t want to misrepresent the topic that you’re talking about. It makes more sense to be more black and white about it.

For fans wanting new music, there might be a wait on your hands as the band are still promoting their fifth album, Trench, which has sold more than a million copies so far.

The duo’s ability to build up this local base was confirmed when the band sold out the 2,300-capacity LC Pavilion last April to announce that they were signing to Fueled By Ramen, after being courted by over a dozen labels. That’s right, there was no fancy marketing or gimmickry that lead to twenty one pilots’ rise, it was based solely on the organic relationship they cultivated with their fans via their music, live performances and online content. To our fans we say we never got our big break, you created our big break. Thank you,” Joseph says.

By the time Transviolet came on at 8, the venue was full, but there was still some breathing room in the pit. Transviolet were good, but the people around me seemed generally unimpressed. I had listened to their music for the past week to prepare myself, so I knew what to expect. They just didn’t bring the energy to the crowd that some support acts do. Still, they were nice enough and filled the time.

Twenty One Pilots is a duo from Columbus, Ohio made up of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun. They released two self-released albums, Twenty One Pilots” in 2009 and Regional at Best” in 2011 before signing with Fueled by Ramen in 2012.

Now three years later, the duo of Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun have returned to write the next chapter of their story with TRENCH, the band’s highly anticipated new studio album. TRENCH finds Twenty One Pilots fearlessly reimagining the possibilities of their music through the same candid expression and genuine identity that helped to cement their place as one of the largest bands in the world.

Twenty One Pilots combines hip-hop with pop and rock to create a unique blend of sound that’s 100% its own. More recent releases from Blurryface and Trench even have the duo adding reggae to the mix.

Their commitment to their current album was clear: The 25-song setlist included all 14 tracks from Trench,” much of which was co-produced by New Orleans native Paul Meany of Mutemath. But Trench” tracks such as Cut My Lip” and the falsetto-driven My Blood” simply do not translate as powerfully to the stage as much of Blurryface” did.

Ahead of the release of production holds, Twenty One Pilots have announced The Regrettes as support for their shows at 3Arena Dublin and SSE Arena Belfast. Tickets are on sale now.

At the beginning of the concert, the opening act was SAFIA, and they were excellent. When TOP came on was really good with the introduction to blurryface. I liked how the weaved the rabbit running away from the dog. Which is a really good metaphor for tyler and josh running from blurryface and death. I liked the song choices, and I was surprised how good they sounded live. Which weird because most artists sound not as good live. But they were amazing. Even though i don’t gave any money, I would definitely go again to their concert. It was really good. I liked how they kept checking up on everyone and how genuine and down to earth people they are. And their communication was amazing, how Tyler kept stoping to taking in the atomosphere. I was amazed how good Josh was a drum with his drum solos. And the back drop was really cool. Like in Stressed out how there it was referring to the video clip. And there was a tree during trees. And compare Josh through his big drum solo.

You can expect to hear some of its bigger hits like “Stressed Out” and “Heathens” from the Suicide Squad movie during a Twenty One Pilots tour. You’ll also hear some earlier songs like “Car Radio.” Blurryface is still considered one of its most popular albums. In addition to “Stressed Out,” you’ll hear other songs like “Ride” and “Lane Boy” in addition to quieter songs like “Hometown.” More recently on its Bandito Tour, the band played songs from Trench, including “Chlorine,” “Jumpsuit” and, most recently, “The Hype.” You might hear some covers as well – and you can always expect crowd interaction as Joshua Dunn crowd surfs with his drum kit and as Tyler Joseph directs the crowd to do as it’s told.twenty one pilots

The musicians each cite each other as the most important influence on Blurryface, reflecting the palpable connection that exists within the music. Both the album and the band’s live show feels like a conversation between two artists, and it’s that back-and-forth that lends the songs their inherent strength. Tyler jokes that one of the band’s greatest achievements so far is figuring out how to do a two-man huddle before we go out on stage,” a sentiment that reveals the importance of the duo’s collaboration. As you listen to Blurryface, as the songs shift between genres and stylistic aesthetics, it’s Twenty One Pilots as a unit that connects the experience. It is meant to be heard all at once, in order, although the musicians concede to the idea that everyone listens to music in their own way.

But Joseph and Dun are not opposed to deploying elements of old-school arena rock. They rode aboard scissor-lifts that served no function other than to make them seem bigger. Lasers and eruptions of smoke punctuated several songs. Joseph divided the arena in half for a singalong, albeit a more ambitious one than most.

twenty one pilots’ cathartic, kitchen-sink style—which folds in alt-rock, reggae, electronic music, and rap—is one of the most unique, unclassifiable commercial sounds of the 2010s. Formed by friends Tyler Joseph, Nick Thomas, and Chris Salih in Columbus, Ohio, the band took its name from Arthur Miller’s play All My Sons, in which a contractor knowingly sends off faulty airplane parts to Europe during World War II, resulting in the death of 21 pilots. The band self-released two albums before making the leap to a subsidiary of Warner Music Group in 2012, shuffling ranks along the way before settling on singer-songwriter Joseph and drummer Josh Dun as its core members. As a duo, they delved further into the idiosyncrasies of their sound—characterized by a minimal blend of keyboards, driving drums, and playful, self-probing lyrics—winning a Grammy in 2017 for their single Stressed Out.” In 2018, they released the heavily anticipated Trench.

Thank you Josh and Tyler for making me feel alive again. Twenty One Pilots are bringing their Bandito Tour to Prudential Center this Summer. we plaid such a great time filming a music video with some of our amazing flans.

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