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Summary: One of Marvel’s most enigmatic, complex and badass characters comes to the big screen, starring Academy Award nominated actor Tom Hardy as the lethal protector Venom. The world has enough superheroes,” the posters for Venom proclaim.

venom movie poster – Venom (2018)

venom movieIt’s official: Tom Hardy is coming back for a Venom sequel. Venom may be an anti-hero, the sort of scary monster who only eats bad guys. But there are plenty of true villains in the Venom cinematic universe. Venom fought riot in his onscreen debut. And a teaser mid-way through the credits for the movie hinted that Venom would have to fight another Spider-Man universe baddie in a sequel.

So that’s not actually revealing anything but it’s good to know that Sony and Marvel are open to the idea of having Hardy and Holland share the screen together. That might be enough to wash 2007’s Spider-Man 3 from our collective memory.

Carnage is one of the most vicious villains in the entire Marvel Universe; learn a thing or two about the baddie that has Venom afraid. Following the success of Tom Hardy’s Spider-Man spin-off Venom, it should be no surprise that a sequel is already in the works.

In VENOM, a spaceship containing alien specimens crashes on Earth. One of the samples, a symbiote, gets away, while the others are taken to San Francisco for testing by the Life Foundation and its wealthy CEO, Carlton Drake ( Riz Ahmed ). Meanwhile, investigative reporter Eddie Brock ( Tom Hardy ) discovers damaging information about Drake on a computer belonging to his lawyer girlfriend, Anne ( Michelle Williams ), and tries to use it during an interview with Drake. The choice costs him his job – and his relationship. Later, Drake’s assistant ( Jenny Slate ) starts to feel guilty about what’s going on at Life Foundation and sneaks Eddie onto the premises. There, he becomes the host for another symbiote and turns into the powerful Venom. But Drake wants the creature back and will stop at nothing to get it.venom movie

Meanwhile, the fourth symbiote, Riot , makes its way from Malaysia to San Francisco by hopping from body to body. It bonds with Drake, who agrees to take Riot in a Life Foundation space probe to collect the rest of the symbiotes and bring them to Earth. Weying reluctantly bonds with Venom so they can free Brock. When Brock and Venom are bonded again, the latter states that he has been convinced to help protect the Earth from his kind through his interactions with Brock, and the pair attempt to stop Riot and Drake with Weying’s help. Venom damages the probe as it takes off, causing it to explode and kill both Riot and Drake. Weying believes Brock is no longer bonded to Venom after this, and that Venom also died in the explosion. However, the pair remain secretly bonded and set out to protect San Francisco by killing criminals.

There are also reports from Geeks WorldWide that Holland may have a cameo role in the second Venom movie following leaked casting details – however, it’s not yet clear whether he’d appear as the Peter Parker we know and love from films like Infinity War, or whether it would be an alternate universe Spider Man.

Venom (and Eddie, of course) is attacked by Drake’s henchmen and regular police officers, with many of those melees involving lots and lots of weaponry. Venom’s shot countless times by police, apparently without effect, and shrugs off grenades, too. In return, he tosses the armored officers like ragdolls—action that you’d think would kill or injure some, though the film never explicitly says so—and he nearly bites the head off of one before Eddie makes him stop.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. In this particular case, Sony does have some leverage. It has the proven global financial success of Venom to show that there’s an audience for these new movies, and it’d probably be to each of their mutual benefits (at least in terms of box office success) if they could get the characters to crossover, almost like the horror movies of yesteryear like Freddy Vs. Jason or Alien Vs. Predator.

If Venom” seems like a rare miss for Marvel, that’s because it was made only in association” with Marvel. It’s actually a Sony product that’s totally separate from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That detached language, in association with,” is used twice in the opening credits alone. My audience of film geeks was rolling with laughter, before any character had even spoken, at Marvel’s obvious attempt to distance itself from this wreck.

His space exploration research eventually results in the finding of three alien organisms or symbiotes, that could hold the key to humans’ low life expectancy by combining them with human hosts. There’s some amusing dialogue between Brock and Venom. And believers will appreciate the fact that villainous crackpot Drake is given lines denouncing the God of the Bible and offering himself as a substitute deity.

All of the cross-chatter made it difficult to be 100% sure, going into Venom’s release, that Tom Holland hadn’t been somehow sneaked into the cast. It can be argued that Sony benefited from the confusion, with fans of Marvel movies left slightly uncertain what the movie’s status in the series was, possibly believing that they had to see it in order to stay caught up on all the happenings in the MCU.

Venom has no moral compunction about eating people. He lops the heads off a couple of folks (off camera) and threatens the dismemberment of others. Rockets explode and spaceships crash. In a news report, Eddie references dead bodies buried in landfills. People are punched, kicked and head-butted. Live eels and lobsters are eaten. Guns are pointed. People are threatened. In an end-of-movie cutscene, someone writes Eddie’s name in his own blood.

Patience. Venom’s Eddie is a principled crusader rather than the ambitious corner-cutter we’ve seen before, a digital muckraker bent on taking down the powerful who oversteps when he goes after Carlton Drake (Riz Ahmed), an Elon Musk-y tech mogul with an ethically flexible approach to human trials. Eddie loses his job and his fiancée, Anne (Michelle Williams), whose trust he betrayed to get incriminating evidence on Drake, in short order, and is at his lowest when a rogue employee (Jenny Slate) calls him offering a chance to expose Drake for good. Eddie sneaks into Drake’s lab, and one act of misplaced compassion later, he’s fused with an alien being in both body and mind.

Ethan: I first got excited for this movie w hen I watched the original trailer that everyone thought was terrible. It reminded me of 2004’s Punisher. While it doesn’t have nearly the arc or deep bench of characters that movie had, it just felt so damn refreshing to see a comic book movie where it doesn’t seem like the writers, directors, or studio have a to-do list of boxes they need to check.

Although Carnage will be introduced in the sequel , he isn’t going to be the same as in the comic books. The comic books tell Carnage’s origin story as a vicious cycle of bloodlust, loss, and violence. While nobody has stated how the origin story will change, the producers have confirmed it will. Also? He won’t have his typical power set, because some of these powers have been transferred to Riot.

It’s no spoiler to say that Brock, whose snooping into Drake’s affairs loses him his job and his fiancée (Michelle Williams), finds himself hosting a symbiote. I am Venom,” it growls after revealing itself in its full seven-foot, toothy, Gene Simmons-tongued glory. Brock spends the rest of the movie engaged in bicker-banter with the voice in his head and fighting off Drake’s henchmen courtesy of all manner of CGI gymnastics.

It’s then that “Venom,” after about an hour of dancing around its titular alien subject, transforms into a different movie. When Brock becomes possessed by the symbiote Venom, the movie ramps up the action with car chases, fight scenes, and shootouts, but also the humor, as Brock begins hearing Venom’s voice in his head, who encourages him to eat raw flesh, get back together with Anne, and bite off people’s heads. This is a totally different avenue for the film from what came previously, which was more of a straightforward drama about Brock’s professional and personal failings, but it’s what the movie needs to go from sort of boring to entertainingly unhinged.

By all accounts, Venom is going to make a ton of money , both domestically and overseas. So despite the overwhelmingly negative reviews —HATERS!” my symbiote just shouted inside my head—the box office haul should be enough for Sony Pictures to consider a sequel. Please let that happen.

Anyway: Venom starts talking to Eddie. In an Auto-tuned Cookie Monster voice audible only to him. We always thought that any alien intelligence shrewd enough to try to take our world would be vast, cool, and unsympathetic, but it turns out Venom isn’t much different than the alien who starred in NBC’s 1980s sitcom ALF: A pushy boor motivated mostly by his next snack. “Let’s eat his head!” is a thing that Venom says more than once in Venom. He (?) is also surprisingly sensitive — he bristles at being called a parasite — and pragmatic. “Think of yourself as my ride,” he tells Eddie, floating briefly outside of Eddie’s body so they can talk eye-to- um, eye, heart-to, er, heart, man to extraterrestrial-of-indeterminate-gender. We all know this is heading towards a boring nocturnal CGI smackdown followed by a tee-up for a sequel, but Venom is at its deeply mediocre best in the scenes where the stakes are lowest.

While Sony and Marvel are no longer splitting apart over Spider-Man (with Marvel making one more solo Spidey flick and having him in another team-up movie), at some point we’d expect the characters to come together. The trailer was accompanied by a new poster for the film that depicts Eddie Brock in mid-transformation to Venom.

The CGI for Venom is also spot on, making him a highly flexible and versatile character with the symbiotic extensions doing some cool stunts. It makes Venom look cool and dangerous at the same time. The pacing is just right, and Tom Hardy’s versatility as an actor really stole the show, so much so that this would work even if this was a one man show.

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