Watch Camila Cabello Bring ‘Cry To Me’ And ‘Easy To ‘Saturday Night Live’

Camila CabelloCamila Cabello‘s latest single is the fourth release off her forthcoming sophomore album, Romance. Mark Ronson and Camila Cabello have collaborated for one of the latest songs of the summer , their new track Find U Again ,” and the video—featuring a blonde-haired Cabello—is out now.

She has no Ryan to her Sharpay, but Camila Cabello silently belts out High School Musical 2’s “Fabulous” in her bathrobe with enough passion to cover both roles in a clip posted on social media in the wee hours of Saturday morning (Oct. 19).

Mendes didn’t go as far to explicitly address the rumors, although hours after Cabello’s post, he shared a sweet new photo of her kissing his cheek. He captioned the post simply with a black heart emoji, which doesn’t directly address the breakup speculation but does raise some eyebrows due to its timing.

Camila is singing on stage and her audience is surely in awe. She has a great talent that she’s happy to share with the crowd. Her biggest fan must be Shawn, and after every show, he’s waiting to compliment her on her performance. The front row center seat is always reserved for him.

It sounds like she’s doing the Ciara Fantasy ride approach…. really a bunch of songs until one is a hit then we will get the album and then pretend the first 30 songs released never existed….

She is one of music’s fastest rising stars and blew up due to her massive track ‘Havana’, which has been streamed over a whopping TWO BILLION TIMES worldwide and is Spotify’s most-streamed song EVER by a solo female artist.

After getting her start with supergroup Fifth Harmony, the Cuban-born singer-songwriter exploded onto the scene with last year’s chart-topping single “Havana.” Her solo album, “Camila,” debuted in January 2018 atop the Billboard 200, making her the first artist in 15 years to hold the top spot on the singles and albums charts simultaneously.

Camila performed ‘Cry For Me’ and ‘Easy’ from her upcoming sophomore album on Saturday Night Live last night. Watch ‘Cry For Me’ performance HERE. Watch ‘Easy’ performance HERE.

Together, they are a duo that’s nothing short of dynamite. But Camila is quite the cutie all on her own, and her main man must feel all kinds of lucky. Lots of guys would love to be by her side, but Shawn’s charm and talent won her over. Could be his good looks too, but perhaps she’s more into his personality.

At the time, Shamila posted a demonstration of their kissing technique to poke fun at some of the mean comments. A few days ago, Shawn must’ve decided that the video had served its purpose and removed it from his profile.

Recent rumours of a break-up between Canadian singer-songwriter Shawn Mendes and his girlfriend, fellow singer Camila Cabello , have not dampened Mendes’ mood to have a little fun. On Sunday (Oct 20), the 21-year-old took a selfie with the quokka, a small marsupial native to Rottnest Island off Western Australia.

Whilst Shawn popped in for a little visit with Roman, he couldn’t help but FaceTime the one and only Camila and of course the call became an instant classic.

She also explained how their steamy single brought them closer together. It was so fun, we’ve been friends for a really long time … there was a period where we didn’t hang out as much just ‘cause we were both busy. And this song was really fun because we got to just hang out again like we did on the song we did before, ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer,’ which is when we got really close,” she said.

UM, WOW, Camila drops the L-word in a birthday Instagram to Shawn, and it’s a Shamila moment for the ages. Girl Normani’s motivation” is still on the radio and on the charts. NONE of camilas songs are on the radio, dear.

Camila teamed up with Never Be The Same tour opener, Bazzi, to remix his single, Beautiful.” She listened to the song from backstage every night and fell in love with it.

They have both come so far from the teens on tour together in 2014- and were both doing solo performances at the Grammys, which is absolutely huge, but still found time to see each other backstage, with Camila posting a photo of the pair saying how proud she is of the Vine star turned superstar.

Men all over the world are privately weeping because Camila is so in love with her music-making boyfriend. She is showing him lots of affection by embracing him from behind. With all these two have in common, their connection is electrifying. She’s so happy, it hurts. He’s just as smitten.

Meanwhile, he posted a photo on Instagram of her kissing him on the cheek while he was hugging her, with a single black heart as the caption. Cabello left four heart-with-arrow emojis in the comments.

It’s just a regular afternoon for Camila, who is taking some time to herself to hang out by an open window. When she is not on stage performing, the pop princess can pop up onto the countertop and chill. Perhaps there’s a light breeze coming through to cool her off.

Camila is adorable in her jean shirt and pretty pose. She’s a beautiful woman, and pics like this bring out the best parts of her personality. Shawn knows what a wonderful woman she is, inside and out, and fans who have followed her career would surely agree. She never takes a bad shot.

That said, this isn’t the only time Cabello has been accused of “copying” other artists’ past work by their respective fans. Earlier this fall, Lana Del Rey had to clear up speculation that she was “shading” a teaser of Cabello’s that they believed was a “rip off” of Del Rey’s 2012 “Ride” video.

The figurehead of the modern Latin pop hybrid movement and having been in the public eye for six years now, you’d be forgiven for forgetting that Camila Cabello is still only 21 years old.

After going public with their relationship and having no fear in exchanging steamy PDAs, the couple were criticised for the way they kiss with some fans telling them they kiss “like fish”. So to shut down the comments they shared a video on Shawn’s Instagram of them literally kissing like fish, and it’s one of the best clap backs we’ve seen in 2019.

Born Karla Camila Cabello Estrabao on March 3, 1997 in Cojimar, Cuba. Camila Cabello got her start as a member of the group Fifth Harmony. In 2017 she released her breakout hit single as a solo artist, “Havana” featuring Young Thug, preceding Camila, which later debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. At the 60th GRAMMY Awards Cabello made her GRAMMY stage debut speaking up in support of immigrants and the DREAM Act.

He posted the photo with the adorable quokka on his official Instagram account with the caption: “I met a Quokka!!!” Cabello, 22, joined in the fun by commenting: “I love this picture of us”.

Recent months have seen the singer release a slew of songs – at times on a weekly basis – and with videos too. Who knew one SNL performance could turn into a miniature history lesson on pop music and inspirational women.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have taken to Instagram to shut down rumours that they’ve stopped dating and split up. This basically means. She will continue to release flops so the label won’t invest in a full album roll out. All the songs will have been released.

Whilst Shawn has refrained from posting anything indicative of him and Camila’s budding romance, Camila has been posting some not so indirect messages about love, tweeting: “for me, it was always going to be about love” and a few weeks earlier, “I think you’re gonna change my plans”.

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Whilst walking through an airport in LA, Shawn was quizzed by a pap who called his kiss with Camila ‘adorable’. When asked if he’d met Camila’s parents, Shawn admitted he’s known them ‘for a long time’ and they get along.

After the internet was sent into a craze over Shawn deleting the couple’s infamous kissing video , Camila was quick to set the record straight that they were still here and still couple goals.

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello have gone from BFFs to certified BF & GF, all whilst making some of the biggest pop hits of our time, so let’s take a look through their journey from friends to much, much more.

Just before the single was released, Camila broke up with Matthew, fuelling the rumours even more. But what’s the meaning behind the lyrics of “Find U Again”—and is the song about Cabello’s rumored beau Shawn Mendes ? We decode them here.

Outside of Fifth Harmony, Cabello paired with rapper Machine Gun Kelly for the October 2016 single “Bad Things.” Well-received, the track made a slow climb toward the top of the Billboard singles chart, and ultimately garnered the singer her first Top Ten song as a solo artist. That December, Cabello announced her departure from Fifth Harmony. Following her exit, Cabello collaborated with Cashmere Cat on “Love Incredible” and Pitbull and J Balvin on “Hey Ma” from the Fate of the Furious soundtrack.

On the heels of this success, she started focussing on a solo career more and released the huge joint single Bad Things” alongside Machine Gun Kelly in 2016.

Pop music enthusiasts jumped for joy when Oscar-winning producer Mark Ronson revealed one of his latest collaborations: Find U Again” featuring Camila Cabello. It’s a match made in pop heaven; after all, he is the source of Uptown Funk, Shallow,” and Valerie,” and she is the woman behind last year’s Consequences” and Havana.” Now, “Find U Again”—written by Kevin Parker and Isley Juber—is a synth-pop jam, with lyrics that have a deeper meaning about the process of healing from heartbreak with new love. For fans of songs that make you dance your heart out while you cry your eyes out, Ronson and Cabello have done the trick, creating what can only be considered dance floor magic with this track.

Mendes didn’t go as far to explicitly address the rumors, although hours after Cabello’s post, he shared a sweet new photo of her kissing his cheek. He captioned the post simply with a black heart emoji, which doesn’t directly address the breakup speculation but does raise some eyebrows due to its timing.

Cabello and Mendes have shown that they love trolling people about their relationship on social media. In September, the couple posted a viral video on Instagram of themselves sharing a sloppy kiss.

Cabello and Mendes began dating in July , a week after they released their steamy duet single “Señorita,” and have often been seen packing on the PDA online and in public.

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