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Bad Intentions , a six-track EP of alternately sleek and strummy pop-R&B hybrids, was released in September 2014. Her works eventually paid off in 2011 as she got her breakthrough. It was the first song I ever recorded in a real studio.

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NIYKEE HEATONAn LA photographer is suing Maxim after the men’s mag published his image of YouTube sensation ­Niykee Heaton in a black bathing suit without paying or giving him credit. Niykee Heaton had the graduated high school six months early, and Niykee Heaton had also self-financed the recording of many of her songs, and she had also opted to take one step back and also build a catalog that we were proud of” with Niykee Heaton’s manager named, Lauren.

I’ve never understood that. I didn’t grow up as this, like, hot, sexy girl who won people over with my looks. When I got on Instagram and started posting pics, that was for me. I don’t play that game of like, “Oh, let me post this thirst trap” and see if people go crazy. I was in a bathing suit eating hot Cheetos for three days, so I took a pic of that. People need to chill.

Lauren her manager found me on YouTube, and I moved in with her and we started to work. After the Love Sosa” cover blew up, all the labels started to reach out. They were interested, and we were excited, so we took a lot of meetings. Even though everyone was excited to meet me, they already had an idea of the kind of artist they wanted to mold me into, and we weren’t really interested in playing puppet games. So we took a step back, worked on the music, and built a catalog that we were proud of. Then, Lauren was online one day and saw an article about this new venture. It was YouTube-based, and we decided to take a meeting because we were bored. It just so happened that everything clicked that day, and they signed me on the spot.NIYKEE HEATON

You know, people are entitled to think what they want to think. I’m not worshipping Beyoncé and I’m not encouraging anyone to worship her. I’m very clear that this is a Christian worship service and we’re just using the music to tell a story about black women and to provide an alternative vision of who and what the church can be and we know that can be intimidating to people.

But it would ultimately be her covers of songs by popular artists, which she began uploading to YouTube in 2011, that would be Heaton’s claim to fame. After her cover of Chief Keef‘s “Love Sosa” went viral, the singer garnered interest from several major labels, with Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons’ YouTube-based label, All Def Digital, coming out as the victor in the fight to acquire the young talent’s services.

We found the right church in Harlem. Their minister Rev. Derrick McQueen is an out gay male and has a Ph.D. in ethics. We’re also working with Brooklyn’s First Presberyian Baptist Church that’s ministered by a black woman. These are spaces where people see them for who they are and love them because that’s the mission that God has given us.

On March 18, 2016, Heaton released The Bedroom Tour Playlist, a mixtape titled similarly to the tour, compiling remixed and remastered material she had shared online and debuted on live shows in previous months.

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Nicolet Aleta Heaton (born December 4, 1994), known professionally as Niykee Heaton, is an American singer, songwriter and record producer. She was discovered through her YouTube channel, in 2011, after started sharing acoustic guitar covers recorded in her bedroom of contemporary hits, most notably hip-hop songs, which went viral.

Sure, she’s already garnered millions of social media followers through stunning photos, cool cover songs, and a deep connection with fans, but she’s not content with just that. It’s not that she’s mad at any of it; she’s just focused on much more.

Heaton embarked on her first headlining concert tour, The Bedroom Tour, in late 2015, and released the similarly titled mixtape, The Bedroom Tour Playlist, on March 18, 2016, which compiled remastered material she had previously shared online for free streaming and debuted for her live shows during the tour.

There are always people telling me what I shouldn’t be doing. Even with my music, people will say I’ve l changed or sold out or something, just for moving from acoustic songs to pop music. I express myself in the way I want to. The “Bad Intentions” EP itself is a reflection of that.

Jacksonville Jaguars owner Shad Khan wants Black News Channel to reflect the views of African-Americans but critics aren’t thrilled about his political ties. Khan reportedly voted for Trump and donated $1 million to his inauguration. During an interview at Yahoo Finance’s All Markets Summit this month, Khan explained his appreciation for Trump’s economic retort but a distaste for his social policies around immigration, religion and civil rights.

Niykee Heaton had then signed with All Def Digital in the year, 2014, a YouTube-based label of Steve Rifkind and Def Jam-founder Russell Simmons, and this had been in partnership with Capitol Records. Niykee Heaton had topped Billboard’s Next Big Sound chart in the year, 2014.

At first it was hard because I’m not a mean person. I don’t think I’ve ever bullied anyone online or said mean things or ever just tried to hurt anyone, so it’s hard for me to understand that. That was really crazy to me, so I was like, maybe, I just don’t look at any of those things. But what’s hard is that in order to see the comments and messages from my real fans saying positive things, I have to go and see all the terrible things, too. In order to appreciate the fans who are there to show me love, I have to hurt myself by seeing all of these awful things. It’s hard to balance, so I try to stay away from Instagram comments because that’s where most of the rolls eyes is, so I try not to read Instagram comments. But Twitter is good. It’s mostly my real fans so it’s not that hard.

After writing her initial song at age 5 and teaching herself to play a stringed instrument at 9, Heaton dedicated her childhood years to creating music. Despite realizing timely that she wished to be a musician, she ne’er saw herself as an entertainer and simply wished to create music, developing a stage fright.

When I was a lot younger, I feel like what helped me the most was Bob Dylan because that was my sister’s favorite,” she says. After she passed, the song that would get me through a lot of tough times was ‘Evangeline’ by Matthew Sweet because that was her favorite song.

Niykee Heaton was amazing. Loved the venue it was a very close setting and it was good natural vibe. I will definitely see her again. Listen to Niykee Heaton’s “Bad Intentions EP” below. She initially made a name for herself through YouTube where she would post covers of notable artists’ songs. Her cover of Chief Keef ‘s “Love Sosa” was particularly popular.

An artist whose output alternates between acoustic pop ballads and bleary slow jams inspired by contemporary rap and R&B, Niykee Heaton was discovered through her YouTube channel. Since releasing her first full EP, Bad Intentions, Heaton says the response has been absolutely overwhelming.

Niykee Heaton had the graduated high school six months early, and Niykee Heaton had also self-financed the recording of many of her songs, and she had also opted to take one step back and also build a catalog that we were proud of” with Niykee Heaton’s manager named, Lauren.

Instagram is my favorite social network because people react visually. So maybe I’ll post a pic of me looking really hot, but next I’ll share a picture of me sitting on my bed playing a Bob Dylan song. People come for the thirst traps and stay for the artistry.

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