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I was horrified when I found out that people in this industry don’t write their own music. I don’t think I’ve ever bullied anyone online or said mean things or ever just tried to hurt anyone, so it’s hard for me to understand that.

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NIYKEE HEATONNiykee Heaton’s career began on YouTube, where she sang covers of popular songs and generated enough followers to earn a recording contract. In 2011, whereas still listed in highschool, Heaton began uploading clips recorded in her room on YouTube, together with covers of latest hit songs in conjunction with occasional originals, for which she accompanied herself on acoustic guitar.

Niykee Heaton(full name: Nicolet Aleta Heaton), better known by her stage name Niykee Heaton, is an American singer. She was discovered through her YouTube channel after uploading acoustic guitar covers of contemporary hits, most notably hip hop songs, that went viral. She released her debut extended play, Bad Intentions, on September 23, 2014.

My parents kind of had sht taste in music. I think my mom was into, like, Steely Dan or something. I was like “you’re so annoying.” My dad, I don’t think he was a crazy music person either, it was more of my siblings. They were the ones who were very musical. My sister had a very deep appreciation for music, and my brother plays the mandolin and the banjo and everything like that, so that’s where I kind of got all my music taste from, my siblings. They listened to a lot of folk and bluegrass, so I was kind of brought up on that. Then, when I ventured out and I could think for myself, I started listening to rap music, so it’s kind of like those two worlds collided.

We found the right church in Harlem. Their minister Rev. Derrick McQueen is an out gay male and has a Ph.D. in ethics. We’re also working with Brooklyn’s First Presberyian Baptist Church that’s ministered by a black woman. These are spaces where people see them for who they are and love them because that’s the mission that God has given us.

Former classmates Megan Albrecht, 18 and Bri Phillips, 17, both seniors, along with freshmen students Alissa Ross, Paige Engebretson, Emily Bourbeau and Kristin Briner, all 14, said they are all fans of Heaton and her music. All were among those who turned out to greet Heaton.

Lil Kim: Why not? I’m a beast, I love music. Why not? I love music, I’m good at what I do, and my fans want it. As long as my fans want it, I’m going to keep giving it to them and doing what I want to do.

Lauren her manager found me on YouTube, and I moved in with her and we started to work. After the Love Sosa” cover blew up, all the labels started to reach out. They were interested, and we were excited, so we took a lot of meetings. Even though everyone was excited to meet me, they already had an idea of the kind of artist they wanted to mold me into, and we weren’t really interested in playing puppet games. So we took a step back, worked on the music, and built a catalog that we were proud of. Then, Lauren was online one day and saw an article about this new venture. It was YouTube-based, and we decided to take a meeting because we were bored. It just so happened that everything clicked that day, and they signed me on the spot.

Except Niykee (pronounced like Nicki) Heaton took a stripped-down, acoustic-guitar approach, adding depth and passion to tunes that previously lacked heart. Her rap covers went viral and led to a joint deal with Capitol Records and All Def Digital (a new venture helmed by Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons and film producer Brian Robbins) earlier this year.

On Sept twenty-three, 2014, Heaton discharged her debut extended play, dangerous Intentions, digitally within u. s., topping the sign + Twitter Trending one hundred forty chart and reaching the highest 10 in the U.S. iTunes Store on the day of its release.

An artist whose output alternates between acoustic pop ballads and bleary slow jams inspired by contemporary rap and R&B, Niykee Heaton was discovered through her YouTube channel. Since releasing her first full EP, Bad Intentions, Heaton says the response has been absolutely overwhelming.

In the year, 2012, Niykee Heaton’s cover of Chief Keef‘s Love Sosa” had been featured on the website called, WorldStarHipHop, and this had helped Niykee Heaton to propel herself to fame. She was discovered through her YouTube channel after started sharing acoustic guitar covers of contemporary hits in 2011, most notably hip-hop songs, which went viral.

Heaton embarked on her first headlining concert tour, The Bedroom Tour, in late 2015, and released the similarly titled mixtape, The Bedroom Tour Playlist, on March 18, 2016, which compiled remastered material she had previously shared online for free streaming and debuted for her live shows during the tour.

BNC has been over a decade in the making thanks to J.C. Watts, the former Oklahoma congressman who wanted to create a platform similar to CNN with only news and insight by people of color. Networks like BET and TVOne have respectfully released similar programming in the past with BET Nightly News and News One Now hosted by Roland Martin, but this new network plans to run on a 24-hour news cycle while tying in programs that will benefit teens, women, and HBCUs.

Lorely Rodriguez is back with a progressive synth-pop gem that shows the fluidity of gender and self-empowerment. Empress Of always does an incredible job of tackling hot button topics like sex, sexuality, race and gender in her lyrics, so Woman Is a Word” is another song that reveals why we need a singer like Rodriguez.

My manager Lauren and I were set on just covering songs from all kinds of genres. One day I picked her up in my car and had Pusha T on. She was taken aback like, “This is what you actually listen to?” I told her how much I love rap music and she straight-up said, “Why don’t you cover what you love then?” My first reaction was to say no, but we decided to take a risk. My main concern was that people would see me, a blond girl with a guitar, and take it like I was mocking rap music.

Niykee Heaton won’t let anyone knock her music hustle, determined to prove that she’s much more than just a pretty face on your IG timeline. She’ll release her debut EP with the label, Bad Intentions, on September 23.

On Gregorian calendar month twenty, 2015, she premiered her debut music video for a song titled Lullaby,” on Apple Music. The deviant diva’s killer curves and lust for danger in the racy music video for her RIAA-gold certified single “Bad Intentions” caught our attention back in 2016 , and we’ve been hooked ever since.

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Those fans make up the die-hard collective Naturyl Born Killers or NBK. To show how important this movement is to her, Niykee’s got NBK” and our fearless leader” tattooed on her hands. Today, she marvels at what this fanbase has become.

Niykee Heaton was born on December 4, in the year, 1994 and she is a very famous American singer. Niykee Heaton had been discovered via her YouTube channel after she had uploaded a few acoustic guitar covers of a few modern hits, most notably hip-hop songs, and these had become viral. Niykee Heaton had then released her debut project, the EP, Bad Intentions, in the year, 2014.

Up next, Heaton is hoping to embark on a tour around the country so she can better connect with her fans. Niykee Heaton has a silhouette of a flying eagle on the inside of her left wrist. It is a tribute to her older sister Rachel. You will always be with me. #rip,” Niykee wrote on instagram.

Niykee Heaton refuses to let the unseasonably crisp 43-degree April temps in NYC bother her during her day of press runs. As she struts into VIBE’s Manhattan offices, she’s wearing a heavy, light-colored jean jacket and an oversized gray NBK (Naturyl Born Killers,” her personal brand) sweatshirt, which work perfectly with the rather frightful weather outside. However, she can also be seen wearing two mighty-thin layers of flesh-toned leggings, which are more than likely designed to make you do a double take.

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Original song. Music and lyrics by Niykee Heaton. GENEVA – Hometown girl Niykee Heaton, 19, arrived from the airport Wednesday to a cheering crowd of about 30 fans and well-wishers in front of the old courthouse on Third Street in Geneva.

Niykee walks in with her Dream Team.” Today, that consists of her manager Lauren Pisciotta, her makeup artist Brittany Bear, assistant Taylor Pisciotta, and reps from Capitol Records. We each sign in to Snap’s security system and take a selfie for the day’s ID badge, before heading to the roof for a meeting about Snap’s features.

Nicolet Aleta Logan, better known by her stage name Niykee Heaton, is an American singer, songwriter, and model. She was discovered through her YouTube channel after uploading acoustic guitar covers of contemporary hits, most notably hip hop songs, that went viral.

Niykee Heaton had the graduated high school six months early, and Niykee Heaton had also self-financed the recording of many of her songs, and she had also opted to take one step back and also build a catalog that we were proud of” with Niykee Heaton’s manager named, Lauren.

A rarity in today’s world in which pop singers use songwriting teams and outside producers, Chicago-born, Florida-based singer Niykee Heaton writes her own music and produces most of her own beats. Last year, Heaton sold out her first North American headline run without the help of a radio campaign.

I know that message doesn’t resonate for everyone but for as long as there is a population of people who find affirmation and healing and flow in this work, then I’m just going to keep doing it and I can’t be concerned about what people who have this kind of blanket critique. I have a community of scholarly women and black female friends that give me solid feedback along the way. I do my best to live in community with that feedback and that critique, but for people who have decided to dismiss it? I can’t give you that energy.

As a child, she suffered speech impairment that probably contributed to her stage fright and ultimately led her to resort to online platforms. Her works eventually paid off in 2011 as she got her breakthrough. She has from then on, released an EP titled Bad Intentions in 2014, followed by her debut tour, and mixtape The Bedroom Tour in 2015.

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