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In 2013, Top Dawg Entertainment announced its hostile takeover of hip-hop through Compton wordsmith Kendrick Lamar’s scathing “Control” verse, as well as the battle-ready TDE cypher at the BET Hip Hop Awards.

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JAY ROCKAlmost skipped this one since I’ve spent so much on concerts lately and just saw Rock as part of The Championship Tour. Really glad I didn’t skip this one, Reason and Rock both killed it plus SZA came out and did Love Galore plus performed Redemption with Jay Rock. Great show, TDE never disappoints.

I’m curious, what’s influenced your sound? Because it feels like the verses are sharp, the subject matter is intact. But also it feels like it has some accessibility to it. Like there’s joints where they got light bops to it. Like songs that feel like they’re made for radio. Not sacrificing integrity, but it’s got sounds that maybe fans outside of the TDE listener, outside of Jay Rock ear can get into.

Aware of the correlation between sung vocals and crossover appeal, Jay Rock’s makeover could require past listeners to suspend disbelief if they’re to take this progression as organic. Reminiscent of DJ Mustard’s finger snap driven sound, Tap Out” is a radio ready number featuring R&B singer Jeremih The Cardo-produced Troopers” finds Rock crooning in the style popularized by Swae Lee, likening his former crew of illegal entrepreneurs to armed forces. Rotation 112th” flourishes as an ode to getting wasted, successfully channeling the fast paced archaic Southern crunk sound, one of the clearest indicators that Redemption represents a turning point for the once staunch tough guy.

Jay Rock: It’s a lot of people that go through sh-t and just get to a point where they’re like, “F-k this. I’m not trying to do this no more.” But I’m like, “Nah, don’t give up.” I know how hard it might get. I done been though the bullsh-t with this industry sh-t, but I’m still here and still going. F-k what people gotta say. At the end of the day, you living for you.

Next, Jay took us back to his 2011 Follow Me Home album with a nostalgic performance of Hood Gone Love It.” Vice City” featuring Black Hippy from 90059 and his verse on Kendrick Lamar’s Money Trees” followed.

For its annual Big Spring Concert, the Ohio Union Activities Board announced that electronic-music DJ trio Cheat Codes and Grammy-award winning hip-hop artist Jay Rock will be headlining the concert at Coffey Road Park on April 12.

Jay also recently finished up the TDE Championship Tour , which saw him out on the road with fellow TDE artists including SZA, ScHoolboy Q , and of course, Kendrick Lamar, stopping in 29 cities across North America.

Many of his supporters likely admire Rock’s rise from Watts’ Nickerson Gardens public housing projects. A fan named Marshall Spellmeyer, for instance, said Jay’s come-up inspired his art. Another fan, Miracle McKinney, told us she’s moved by how Rock embodies the streets. As you’ll see in our Q&A with Rock below, that growth and influence is all part of his mission.

Jay Rock has overcome a lot since releasing his last album, and his new album, Redemption, is the motivation and inspiration the rapper is proud to share with fans. After suffering injuries from a motorcycle accident two years ago not long after dropping his last LP, 90059, Jay is fully recovered and back with a new outlook.

The thunderous declaration that arrives on WIN” is a fitting exclamation point to close Jay Rock’s Redemption chapter, placing the stoic on a champion’s pedestal with his most technically sound album to date. His delivery and vocal performance are stellar throughout the project, making for a more engaging product that still retains his hard-edged persona. On Rotation 112th” he slices back and forth over the eerie synths with the precision of a five-star chef, while elsewhere on The Bloodiest” he settles into an exasperated cadence in the first verse before snapping into laser-sharp focus on the second.

Walton also explains how growing up in Memphis, Tenn. has influenced his music and who he is as a person, allowing him to work well with all kinds of artists. He got his start working with his brother, rapper June , and while they didn’t really grow up in a musical family, they learned together, releasing an album called EVOL in 2012.

On June 21, 2011 Rock released his second single, ” Hood Gone Love It “, featuring Kendrick Lamar 16 His debut album Follow Me Home was released on July 26, 2011 under independent record labels Strange Music and Top Dawg. 13 17 The album debuted at #83 on the Billboard 200 , selling 5,300 copies in its first week. 18 ” Hood Gone Love It ” was featured in the character trailer for Franklin, a main protagonist in the video-game Grand Theft Auto V The song is also featured in the in-game radio station Radio Los Santos.

As discussed earlier, Jay Rock’s talent and presence give him a unique opportunity to carve his own lane by building on previous blueprints. He carries stories burdened with battling his demons while trying to provide for his family—stories the world deserves to hear. The time has come for him to choose how the next chapter in his career will be written. Either way, by any standard, Jay Rock’s breakthrough into the Billboard Hot 100 is a huge, well, win.

All of these features run in the streets and perhaps somewhere in your own family tree. Which is why Trouble’s real life approach to music has garnered a following of devout fans who either relate to his story personally, or know of someone who has seen a similar life.

Jay Rock , TDE’s first signee, is determined not to fall victim to circumstance—a common fate to those in his hometown of Watts, California. On his new album Redemption , he returns to reap the benefits of all that he and his label have sowed, and to inspire others to get out and grab all that they came for.

The gradual growth of Jay Rock’s artistry is noticeable with each successive project. As a lyricist, he has only gotten sharper, more refined. His beat selection has also improved, an expanding sonic palette that puts more consideration into musicality. Gumbo” is a fine display of Rock’s fine-tuning, with two strong verses over a stripped and soulful soundbed from producer There’s a pleasant softness to how well the synths sampled from Kool & the Gang’s Summer Madness” intertwine with the guitar riff. Inspired by Rock’s late grandmother, Gumbo” lives up to the warm, flavorful dish that encouraged its creation.

The artist known as Trouble is still viewed as ‘new’ by those just hearing of him. But he’s 8 solid mixtapes in, and a seasoned veteran to those that love his music. As far as life outside the studio goes, Trouble probably looks familiar.

Jay Rock is the OG of TDE, also one of first artists Top signed to his thriving roster. On Monday, October 29th, the King’s Dead” rapper shut down The Fonda in Hollywood with a sold-out hometown show on his Redemption Tour. Both old and new fans alike filled the room as Jay Rock took the stage a little after 10pm, following Reason , the latest rising artist to sign to TDE.

Jay Rock is always good for street raps, though, and Redemption serves those up by the pound. “ES Tales,” “For What It’s Worth” and “Broke+-” all feature bars about trying to cope with poverty and crime in an oppressive system that’s difficult to escape. While most of Rock’s verses might seem par for the course, he switches up his delivery enough to keep things fresh. On the verses for “Rotation 112th,” Rock chooses a higher-pitched cadence. He’s straight-up singing for much of “Troopers.” On “King’s Dead,” the usually cool and collected Jay Rock becomes unhinged and frantic. The Kendrick Lamar verse that closes this track on the Black Panther soundtrack is absent, yet Future’s glorious Three 6 Mafia interpolation remains intact , thank God.

Jay Rock: What little bro taught a n-a is staying dedicated. That’s one dude that works hard as a mother—ker. It’s times where he’ll be up at 3 or 4 in the morning. I’ll text him, like, What you think about this?” That dude don’t sleep with this sh-t. That’s what gives me inspiration to keep going. We all learn off each other and feed off each other’s energy. He might do something that’s hard as a motherf—ker and that’ll inspire me to do something hard. It’s just friendly competition within us. It’s no ego sh-t. It ain’t about thinking you’re better than the next n-a. It’s all about bigging each other up and making each other better.

Is there any instrument that gets humans as a collective species more hyped up than the trumpet? The trumpet is victory, it is pomp, it is ceremonious as all fuck, and Jay Rock and Kendrick Lamar know it, because it’s all over their new track “Win”—hear it above.

On Redemption, TDE performs something like heart surgery, laying bare the engine that has secretly driven the TDE machine to its unchallenged success. Not only is it Rock’s most introspective, confessional material yet, it reveals how hard he works to step up his craft. Lyrically, Redemption is leaps and bounds over his debut, Follow Me Home, and displays more technical, efficient songwriting from 90059, as illustrated by the aforementioned metaphor from Broke +-.” Wordplay” might not have been something the blunt-force rapper was best known for on earlier works — the idea of play” seemed foreign to him as he mean-mugged and growled his way through almost brutal, street-centric tales with a delivery like a thrown brick. Those stories are still present here on tracks like ES Tales” and Rotation 122th,” but they are leavened later on by the sheer joy of hearing Rock trade bars with Kendrick on Wow Freestyle,” a looser, more lighthearted offering than anything he’s ever tried before.

In terms of his sound, Rock is at his best when he contrasts soulful beats with his distinctive, rugged voice. We saw him channel his inner-Jeezy on 2014’s “Hood Gone Love It” and deliver a feel-good anthem that also resonates with the streets. And he shares the enigmatic nature that made an artist such as Ja Rule a force to be reckoned with on the airwaves in the early 2000s. Though he is beholden to the West Coast sound, it’s hard not to Birdman hand-rub at the thought of Jay Rock working with soulful, versatile producers such as legends No I.D. and 9th Wonder.

Mullin, Kyle (June 28, 2018). “Jay Rock: Redemption” Exclaim! Retrieved June 29, 2018. Jay Rock may arguably have the album of the year so far with his third studio project Redemption. Win” was the cherry on top, as the entire TDE roster (minus Ab-Soul) took the stage to celebrate Jay Rock’s success.

Trouble’s career has seen continual growth mostly thanks to his ‘refuse to lose’ attitude and straight from the hip realism in his music. I’m not ashamed to tell people who I am,” says Trouble. When I go through struggles, I make more music. I feel like anything I’m going through, there is a beat for.” Even though he has the street credibility that many rappers dream of having, Trouble isn’t out to promote his rap sheet. He’s here to make his raps matter.

When he first signed to Top Dawg Entertainment in 2005, Jay Rock was the chosen one. He was the foundation upon which TDE was built, had several mixtapes under his belt, and a promising career ahead of him. During the course of the last decade, he’s experienced his share of wins and losses. He’s released two solid albums, dealt with fluctuating frequency of output, suffered and recovered from a very serious motorcycle accident All the while TDE blossomed into a music powerhouse.

Jay Rock: The first time we ever did a song together. Kendrick came in the studio and didn’t write sh-t down. I was struggling on a piece of paper. He just came in, gave me a shout out on the record with no pen and no pad. I was like, Damn, this n-a crazy.” Yeah, inspiration.

Few Hours ago Jay Rock performed at Real Street Fest in L.A. at California,where he sat down for an exclusive interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood” During the chat Jay Rock teased his upcoming album which he desribes as Crazy” and Can’t wait for people to hear it”. Jay Rock also added to expect the album to release on the fall.

Yeah, around that time I was dealing with a lot. I’m quite sure everybody knows the story. I was like one of the first dudes that was signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, and one of the first dudes to even get a deal out the camp. Going through what we went through with the label, I had one of the hottest songs out featuring Lil Wayne , one of the hottest dudes that was in the game. It just came to a point in time when everything came to a stop. Everybody knows what goes on with labels and shit like that.

Jay Rock: The overall message is that no matter what you want to do in life, don’t give up. I always try to push motivation. I know how it is. I was one of those kids who didn’t really know what he wanted to do. I said “I want to play ball” but I was always f-kin’ up. But then, it came to the point where I said, “Whatever you’re good at, stick with it.” I know how it gets sometimes where people feel like things aren’t working out. But f-k it, follow your intuition and don’t stop. If you really got a dream, chase that motherf-ker.

For all the attention he doesn’t receive, that comparison to the sixth Jackson child continues to feel apropos, but not just for that one similarity. Both performers may not have received the same level of shine as their compatriots, but they occupy integral positions within the framework of the group. Neither can be taken away without losing something in the process. For the Jackson, it would be many of their signature dances, as Marlon was the chief architect behind such moves as the iconic funk shovel.” For TDE, Rock represents something more nebulous. If Kendrick is the soul, Ab-Soul is consciousness, and Schoolboy Q is the attitude, Rock is something along the lines of the group’s heart, the unseen motivator driving all the other parts to their fullest potential.

Rock’s commercial debut single All My Life (In the Ghetto)” was released in 2008 featuring Lil Wayne and Doors opened and the single was made available on the iTunes platform. In 2010, his musical talent earned him recognition as one of MCs breakthrough by MTV. He released several mixtapes including Tales from the Hood 2” and From the Hood to the Cover of XXL” in March and July respectively. Jay Rock’s contract with Warner Bros. Records became conflicted and the two parted ways. Towards the ending of 2010, he signed a major record deal with Strange Music. That same year, he toured with the likes of 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar, Tech N9ne , Glasses Malone and E-40. His debut album Follow Me Home” was released in July 2011. It debuted at #83 on the Billboard 200.

There’s a line on Jay Rock’s new album, Redemption , where the gravel-voiced, Watts-bred rapper compares himself to, of all people, Marlon Jackson. Specifically, he raps a line saying: I’m just part of a winning family, call me Marlon Jackson.” It’s a telling summation not just of his career so far and his place in the Top Dawg Entertainment hierarchy, but of his perception of his career and his place within TDE. He knows how he’s viewed by those outside of the family circle. Or rather, not viewed — he, like Marlon Jackson within the Jackson 5, is an oft-overlooked, sometimes maligned, yet critical facet of the team, the consummate good soldier. Redemption doesn’t just represent an aim for his immortal soul but also for his reputation. In a just world, the introspective reinvention he manages on this latest collection should bring him just that.

In 2012, Rock collaborated with Kendrick Lamar and was featured on his album good kid, m.A.A.d city.” The single Money Tree” rewarded him with major exposure to mainstream listeners. Rock was nominated for Album of the Year as a featured artist on Lamar’s album. At the ending of 2013, he announced that his second album will be launched the following year. In 2014, Rock parted ways with Strange Music and worked solo with T.D.E. He continued his musical output releasing single such as Pay for it.” In 2016, Jay Rock was involved in a motorcycle accident. Since then, he underwent surgery and made a timely recovery. As of recent, Rock’s single Kings Dead” has been making headlines. His untitled third album is set to be released in 2018.

As fate would have it, we spoke to Jay a mere 48 hours before he attended the Grammys for the first time (take two). King’s Dead” took home the award for Best Rap Song, giving Jay his first Grammy and solidifying the track’s place in the cream of the pop culture crop. Even more impressive was the fact that he was competing against himself; his Redemption track Win” was nominated in the same category. I mention that the circumstance feels almost too metaphorical to be real – a roller-coaster journey to the top of his industry that ends in literally competing against his own work.

Hailing from Watts, CA, Johnny Reed McKinzie, Jr. (born March 31, 1986), better known by his stage name Jay Rock, is an American rapper, songwriter and record producer. To complicate this further, labelmate Kendrick Lamar has ascended to the top of the game without sacrificing his dense lyricism—though his features have become increasingly less potent overtime.

Redemption is the third studio album by rapper Jay Rock; it was released by Top Dawg Entertainment and Interscope Records on June 15, 2018. It succeeds Rock’s second album 90059, released three years prior. Redemption features production executive producer and Top Dawg Entertainment label-head Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, Sounwave, Hit-Boy, Mike Will Made It and Boi-1da; as well as further contributions from Jake One, Teddy Walton, Cardo and Vinylz, among others. The album features TDE label-mates Kendrick Lamar and SZA, as well as appearances from Future, J. Cole and Jeremih.

He’s not ignorant to, nor intimidated by, any of this. In fact, it’s his acknowledgement and acceptance of life’s setbacks, the urgency he now feels, and his reignited love for life and music that have become the subjects of his third studio release.

I’m just trying to win, baby. At the end of the day, everybody who’s been following Jay Rock, and know my story, I took too many losses. I was like, this time around, it’s just for anybody that… I want to be a motivator. Somebody asked me a question not too long ago: Do you feel like you’re a community leader or things of that nature?” No, man. I just want to be a motivator.

The vigor soars to new heights once SZA abruptly interrupts the two with a voice soaked in love and butterscotch. When Rock reappears over the elegant loop, he doesn’t miss a beat, closing the record with one final reminder that the song still belongs to him. The remix could be separated into four different records, but somehow all the moving pieces combine into a layered super-song that just explodes like it’s covered in landmines throughout its five minutes.

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