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The rapper directs white people” in the crowd to put their hands in the air, then directs Black people” to do the same. Weaver noted how he’s made well over $1.9 million since the release of the original film.

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YBN CORDAEThe latest episode of Complex’s hit series Sneaker Shopping features a rising star in rap music, YBN Cordae. On this track, YBN Cordae mentions how he knew his family members were in pain from experiencing domestic abuse, poverty and abandonment from nonexistent fathers. Yet, while his family members were going through all this turmoil, YBN Cordae was discovering that his purpose in life was music. His family stood there, emotions bubbling, but they didn’t let their pain rise to the surface so they could support and love YBN Cordae in the pursuit of his dreams.YBN CORDAE

Of course Sweet Lawd” transitions into the Acid Rap-esque Cordae record. Even though I like the song, this sample should’ve been retired with Scarface’s My Block.” Cordae is comfortable. He sounds right at home. This gospel atmosphere fits both of them. Chance’s verse is incredible. Even his voice has that Acid Rap pitch. I don’t want another Acid Rap, but I want this passion and creativity in all of Chance’s verses. His pen is too potent when dipped in that energy. Not quite a defining record, but I would love to see Cordae explore his lane of personal, gospel-inspired rap songs.

On Bad Idea,” YBN Cordae and Chance the Rapper collaborate for the first time, trading bars about the highs and lows of life over a laid back instrumental reminiscent of On My Block” by Scarface. Summary: The debut full-length studio release for the rapper features guest appearances from AndersonPaak, Chance the Rapper, Meek Mill, Arin Ray, Pusha T, and Ty Dolla Sign.

To see the entire interview and some of the rare pairs that YBN Cordae walked away with, check out the full episode in the video player above. YBN Cordae’s maturity to rise above his pride and see how he could have taken advantage of his family’s unconditional love is refreshing to hear from a young male rapper.

Cordae Dunston (b. August 26, 1997), known better by his stage name YBN Cordae (formerly Entendre), is an up-and-coming rapper and YBN affiliate from Maryland. He began to gain traction from his My Name Is” remix that gained over two million views on WORLDSTARHIPHOP in two weeks. His next track Old Niggas” was a response to J Cole’s 1985” and gained major traction, gathering 3 million views on Worldstar in just under a week.

Cordae is considered to be the lyrical forcefield of the YBN crew. He is known for his songs “Old Niggas” and “My Name is”. Old Niggas” is a remix of J. Cole ‘s song 1985 where he criticizes how people who enjoy rap from previous generations who talk down to the newer rappers, most notably SoundCloud Rappers. My Name is” is a remix of Eminem ‘s song “My Name is”.

Best Tracks: RNP,Broke as Idea,First time ever listening to Cordae and I’m impressed. RNP is one of the best of the year. Cordae released three mixtapes under his old alias between 2014-17, and joined a collaborative mixtape with the YBN crew in late 2018. His debut album, The Lost Boy , was released on July 26, 2019.

It means the fking world to me. It’s bigger than me,” Cordae says about how it feels to achieve his goals of finally being able to take care of his family. It gives me that sense of responsibility, too, that keeps me grounded. Like even if I have this money, I can’t go take a fking private jet to L.A. last minute for no reason all the time.” He looks over to his two friends in the room, making it clear this was some sort of inside joke between the three. Regardless, it’s believable that Cordae prioritizes keeping a level head, and he does so by keeping his circle tight and genuine.

The star-studded project clocks in 15 tracks with additional features from Meek Mill, Ty Dolla $ign, Pusha T, and Arin Ray. While Cordae is only 21 years old, his spitfire flows and lyrics of substance give hope to all hip hop heads from both the new school and the old school. Songs like “We Gon Make It” featuring Meek bring back that motivation and drive to work hard and chase your wildest dreams, while “Way Back Home” featuring Ty$ brings back that soulful R&B that we all know and love.

YBN Cordae steps into his debut album with confidence, hunger and extreme determination, and he has mastered the art of the remix. His bravery in remixing some of the biggest names in hip-hop, such as Eminem and J. Cole, distinguishes him from other artists. YBN Cordae now has a producer credit from J. Cole and a spot on XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class list.

YBN consists of multiple members, with three core members, namely YBN Nahmir, YBN Almighty Jay, and YBN Cordae. Other members include YBN Glizzy, YBN Manny, YBN Bielsa, YBN Jmore, YBN Choppa, YBN Ballout, YBN Al, YBN Carl, YBN Nicky, YBN FRESH, YBN Lonzo, YBN Dayday, YBN Lil E, YBN Luigi, and YBN Mirr.

Wedged in between early morning interviews and rehearsals for Jimmy Fallon later on that night, Cordae takes a moment to open up his Instagram Story memories to reflect on what exactly he was doing a year ago. I actually think around this time last year was when ‘Kung-Fu’ dropped,” he says.

In just the same amount of time it took for the earth to make another full revolution around the sun since his unofficial debut with Old Nias,” Cordae already catapulted from the new guy in the YBN crew who killed that J. Cole remix,” to the young rapper who comfortably positioned himself, intentionally or not, as the much-needed bridge between old and new.

Saturday Night Live’s favorite former impressionist Jay Pharoah is the first person that you see in “RNP” in an afro wig and terrible period fashion. He’s the announcer of the YBN Summer Classic, a basketball game featuring some of NYC’s best, including YBN Cordae andPaak, or known by their names in the video, “Big Play” and “Sweet Shot” respectively. But aside from quick glimpses at their terrific ball-handling, we’re not introduced to them until the next scene where they stop a robbery in progress. They’re like Batman and Robin, only much more bitchin’.

The official YouTube channel of YBN Cordae. Subscribe for the latest music videos, performances, and more. His flow is a mix of old and new and YBN Cordae has definitely showcased that he can actually spit bars in his songs as well as killing freestyles when he steps into radio stations for interviews.

Although he’s a well-known member of the Young Boss Niggaz (YBN) collective, Cordae’s potential as a solo act has caught the industry’s attention. The excitement around his name is now centered around The Lost Boy, Cordae’s major label debut on Atlantic Records. Can he focus his talents for wordplay into a unique, captivating body of work? That is the question The Lost Boy must answer.

The J. Cole-produced cut comes from Cordae’s debut record, The Lost Boy , which dropped back in the summer. He andPaak previously premiered RNP” on Fallon ahead of the album’s release, and the choreography they worked through on BET was almost the same as that previous TV appearance. Only this time, they were backed by a group of ’70s-attired dancers on a set that made it feel like an old school stoop party. Watch the replay below.

Despite the glossy guestlist, The Lost Boy remains Cordae’s show. At 15 songs, it could have used an edit, another voice in the room telling him to tone it down. But still, it’s an assured debut. BET: So now let’s talk about The Lost Boy. I want to know the inspiration behind the name, and what went into it. Walk me through the process of coming about this project.

YBN Cordae just passed 170 Million streams on his new album and it keeps growing. Duet partners H.E.R. and YBN Cordae at the 2019 BET Awards on June 23 in L.A. On Broke As Fuck,” YBN Cordae details painful emotions brought upon by his grandmother’s passing and the murder of his cousin but also uses the track to hype himself up moving forward.

Both across and within songs, the style constantly changes; he goes hard on Broke as Fuck,” where immediately it sounds like another loud and trappy song, but then surprisingly slows down as he starts talking about his struggles of being a black male and dealing with mental issues. The way Cordae slows down this song shows how rappers are expected to be tough and hard, as the style of the song begins. However, as he begins talking about his struggles and mental health issues, the pace instantly changes and shows how rappers face these kinds of struggles despite being in a world of toxic masculinity.

At this time last year, I only had like three songs officially out,” says YBN Cordae, who is comfortably sprawled out on the couch at the VIBE office in New York City. He quickly makes himself at home, hugging onto the nicest cushion he could find and politely resting his eyes during any breaks he can find. The 21-year-old budding rap star is clearly drained from the whirlwind of a press run he’s currently on, but this exhaust is starkly different from the fatigue he was trapped in just less than two years ago while working as a server at TGI Friday’s in Baltimore, Maryland. He’ll be just fine.

After converting his basement into a makeshift studio , Cordae started recording at age 16 under the name Entendre. His maiden mixtape, Anxiety, dropped in 2014; two more tapes followed within the next three years. It wasn’t until a blooming friendship with the rest of the YBN crew that Cordae says he began taking music seriously. After linking online, Cordae met his partners-in-rhyme in person back in early 2017. Aaron Ace” Christian, one of YBN’s paternalistic managers, had been looking for a traditional lyricist to round out the crew. He added Cordae into the YBN fold after Nahmir posted a video of the DMV rapper’s music on social media. I saw something that was really reminiscent of the classic vintage style of hip-hop,” Ace remembers of first encountering Cordae’s music.

He showed promise on early mixtapes like 2014’s Anxiety and 2016’s I’m So Anxious, which were full of thoughtful and creative songs that incorporating funny anecdotes into commentary on current events and pop culture. But it wasn’t until 2018 that Cordae achieved widespread attention with his remixes and freestyles over classic rap songs (we’ll get into that later).

YBN Cordae uses his music to make amends and promote a message of appreciation and kindness, and The Lost Boy” is storytelling at its finest. Once you press play, you will be personally introduced to YBN Cordae — he explains his morals and his struggles as he shakes your hand. He is an old soul, but his music isn’t outdated and irrelevant.

On this track, he realizes that his family was there for all the stages of his life. They were present while he was in college, switching majors and working part-time jobs in despair. His family was present when he found his purpose, and when his craft became his focus because he needed it to stay hopeful. YBN Cordae teaches that failing to acknowledge your loved ones’ pain leads to invisibility.

In the first half of YBN Cordae’s lyrics, he speaks on his inner belief that he can make it as a rapper. Then, the anxiety sweeps in, and YBN Cordae is suddenly crippled with uncertainty and the feeling that he doesn’t have the skills or power to make it.

Yes, YBN Cordae was seen playing a snippet of this song during Episode 1 of his Life is Dope” docuseries on July 12, 2019. At the same time, he promotes the collaboration on Zane Lowe’s World Record. The song also has a music video to go along with it. Watch that and listen to Bad Idea” below.

Oh, now these aren’t pleasant keys. Cordae is telling us exactly how he started rapping: his mom kicked him out. Wow! The flow is strong and his lyrics are so sharp. The kid doesn’t fumble. Nice little harmonies on the hook. Pusha! The feature killer. Man, he started selling drugs in ninth grade? Man, this man is so good. Collect calls on them landlines.” Pusha raps like he wants to be in the GOAT conversation. Every time he touches a mic, he’s reminding us to never overlook him. The best energy an emcee can have.

As the genre of rap is constantly evolving, different types of rappers emerge like mumble rappers. YBN Cordae is one of those rappers to combine both lyrical and mumble rap to compose stories about women and his family, demonstrating his ability to integrate different aspects of rap into his music. He somehow embodies many older legendary rappers while still remaining characteristically similar to newer mumble rappers.

YBN Cordae’s debut project is arriving at the end of the month. YBN Cordae is a rapper who’s been making a name for himself and is of course part of the YBN music group which features YBN Nahmir and YBN Almighty Jay.

YBN Crew co-founders Nahmir and Almighty Jay first met in 2014 via the online-multiplayer version of Grand Theft Auto.” Cordae linked up with them on Instagram in 2017, as Nahmir’s Rubbin’ Off the Paint” went viral and eventually hit No. 46 on the Billboard Hot 100. In the summer of 2018, Cordae moved to L.A. and the crew’s ambitions took on a new intensity.

Cordae keeps his range fairly similar throughout the first few tracks, and he’s able to match Chance the Rapper’s flow perfectly on Bad Idea.” The next track, titled RNP,” features AndersonPaak and is far more upbeat and playful than what we’ve heard so far. Other features include Ty Dolla $ign, Meek Mill, and Pusha T, which all prove that this 21-year-old shows some serious promise in the rap game.

YBN Cordae jumped into the mainstream music scene in 2018 with his remix of Eminem’s My Name Is”, which was released alongside a WordStarHipHop exclusive video via YouTube. In addition, another remix of J. Cole’s 1985” caught the attention of those in mainstream music circles. Lastly, YBN Cordae’s LA Leakers freestyle stamped him as one of the most talented up-and-coming lyricists of his generation.

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