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After unveiling his debut album, which packaged and presented the potential he held within all this time, it’s safe to say YBN Cordae has nothing to worry about as of right now; he’s headed down the right road.

ybn cordae the lost boy – Broke As Fk (Official Video)

YBN CORDAEThe latest episode of Complex’s hit series Sneaker Shopping features a rising star in rap music, YBN Cordae. To see the entire interview and some of the rare pairs that YBN Cordae walked away with, check out the full episode in the video player above. YBN Cordae’s maturity to rise above his pride and see how he could have taken advantage of his family’s unconditional love is refreshing to hear from a young male rapper.

After rumours of the pair’s relationship emerged earlier this year and were swiftly followed up with some reported social media flirting, rapper YBN Cordae and Tennis star Naomi Osaka have now confirmed they’re dating.

A young, Black hand reaches, a millisecond passes and suddenly the basketball is no longer where it was intended to be. I tried to Kyrie these niggas,” YBN Cordae yells after his crossover dribble is swatted away by a zealous middle schooler with everything to prove. On a brisk October afternoon in Manhattan, the 21-year-old rapper has found himself in the heat of a four-on-four half-court pickup basketball game after a detour through the park while en route to fried chicken eatery Blue Ribbon. Having shed his Moncler coat to reveal a gray mock neck sweatshirt paired with black cargo pants, Cordae shares the court with a group of kids old enough to be jaded by the rising star in their presence, yet young enough to shamelessly request photos for Instagram clout. He takes no less than 25 flicks, but once the contest is underway, it’s all game faces.

His undeniable rap talent spoke for itself and gained him widespread respect in the industry. He’s got a heavy hand in the young crowd but also grabbed meaningful co-signs from hip-hop’s creme de la creme such as Cole himself, Meek Mill , Pusha-T , Drake, Dr. Dre and plenty more, all by age 21. If so many of the top dogs in the rap game—who all know exactly what it takes—are inviting the bright-eyed newcomer to pull up a seat at hip-hop’s table, there’s an extremely slim chance they’re wrong.

YBN Cordae just passed 170 Million streams on his new album and it keeps growing. Duet partners H.E.R. and YBN Cordae at the 2019 BET Awards on June 23 in L.A. On Broke As Fuck,” YBN Cordae details painful emotions brought upon by his grandmother’s passing and the murder of his cousin but also uses the track to hype himself up moving forward.

What’s striking about Cordae’s late night debut is how obviously comfortable he is performing withPaak. Their chemistry is tangible both onstage and on the song, where the two gleefully trade bars over an expertly-produced beat from J. Cole. Perhaps the most telling line is when Cordae raps, Ayy, we like a cold team” to whichPaak replies, like Shaq and Kobe.” On a different note, the J. Cole connection is notable because one of Cordae’s most prominent tracks is his response to the rapper’s 1985,” which called out the new generation of rappers. Listen to the actual track below.

Oh, now these aren’t pleasant keys. Cordae is telling us exactly how he started rapping: his mom kicked him out. Wow! The flow is strong and his lyrics are so sharp. The kid doesn’t fumble. Nice little harmonies on the hook. Pusha! The feature killer. Man, he started selling drugs in ninth grade? Man, this man is so good. Collect calls on them landlines.” Pusha raps like he wants to be in the GOAT conversation. Every time he touches a mic, he’s reminding us to never overlook him. The best energy an emcee can have.

Slow build-up. I like how the track is progressing. Nice little trap thump. The flow is clean enough to wipe off tables. What is that flute-esque sound? I like it. The smell of money has a great odor.” Ha, that’s weird. I wonder if Cordae would wear money cologne if Uncle Sam produced a fragrance? Our fascination with a green piece of paper will never cease to amaze me. A bit bored by the second verse. I like the hook, though. I know he can rap, I’m expecting more. Have Mercy” doesn’t showcase anything new or unpredictable. The production switch at the end is a nice touch. I love the keys and the kicks.

YBN Cordae jumped into the mainstream music scene in 2018 with his remix of Eminem’s My Name Is”, which was released alongside a WordStarHipHop exclusive video via YouTube. In addition, another remix of J. Cole’s 1985” caught the attention of those in mainstream music circles. Lastly, YBN Cordae’s LA Leakers freestyle stamped him as one of the most talented up-and-coming lyricists of his generation.

As I’ve constantly compared Cordae’s album to other rappers’ such as Chance and Kanye, this album signifies a huge turning point in his career, as he is becoming a lyrical storyteller through his many different approaches — some beats being soulful while others being hard and powerful. Through this, he talks about his family and mental issues, stylistically similar to how Chance made his start. He takes on this perspective of his predecessors but also combines it with a newer genre of rap, similar to Comethazine, Lil Mosey and Flipp Dinero.

Dr. Dre, whose legendary recording career is already old enough to drink, invited YBN Cordae to the studio on the very day the young spitter gained the right to take his first legal sip. On his 21st birthday, Cordae spent 16 hours straight in the studio with Dre, a fantasy-turned-reality for a young hip-hop scholar like himself. Growing up, Cordae would spend endless hours on YouTube, falling deeper and deeper into the suggested videos section, and Jay-Z, Nas, Big L, and Eminem became his solidified favorites. It was during this stage he began to buckle down and sharpen his skills as a wordsmith, waiting for his chance.

Rapper who was written up by World Star Hip Hop in May 2018 for remixing Eminem ‘s “My Name Is.” He wrote a response to J. Cole’s “1985” and posted a video for it to World Star Hip Hop in May 2018. He’s a member of the YBN collective.

Wedged in between early morning interviews and rehearsals for Jimmy Fallon later on that night, Cordae takes a moment to open up his Instagram Story memories to reflect on what exactly he was doing a year ago. I actually think around this time last year was when ‘Kung-Fu’ dropped,” he says.

The year 1975 is at the center of YBN Cordae and AndersonPaak ‘s new period piece video for ” RNP” Wearing Soul Train-esque wigs and (probably) paying homage to the over-the-top coolness of blaxploitation films like Shaft, the two rappers are New York City’s finest basketball players that aren’t in the NBA. They’re also best friends who have each other’s backs as they work to get out of a mysterious “game” and move onto better things.

The album is slated to drop on July 26th, 2019. Along with the announcement came the colorful cover art for the album as well. The cover art, which was posted on Cordae’s Instagram page, is a play on the title, with a boy who looks to be YBN Cordae walking on a lonely road in the direction of fallen travelers. See post below.

Roasting your buddies on Xbox Live might indeed be a new path to rap stardom (just ask teen phenom Lil Tecca): The YBN collective now totals over a dozen rappers, gamers and social-media personalities, scattered across the country. But influential, lasting crews such as Odd Future and ASAP require clear visions and work ethics, not just fun camaraderie. Cordae has that and more for YBN.

Ah, this has personality. Yes, yes, yes. Cordae has found his groove and he is moonwalking all over this banger. This is Will Smith in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air confidence. Cordae is no Carlton. Nice storytelling. Random freestyles on albums never disappoint. Sorry about your grandma, Cordae. He’s talking a lot of real life. I hope he keeps this momentum. Well, the keys just slowed things down. Is this his harmony? Drums added a nice, dynamic texture. More honest raps. A lot of bars that will draw back return listens. Shout out the Candy Lady.

A year later, YBN Cordae was part of XXL’s 2019 Freshman Class , a year after YBN Nahmir. To this day, YBN Cordae still includes his My Name Is” in his setlist. The NYC crowd he recently performed the song to can be seen fully engaged in the video below listening to the rapper spit, waving their arms from side to side. YBN Cordae attempts to unify his fans, black and white. The rapper directs white people” in the crowd to put their hands in the air, then directs Black people” to do the same.

Following Cordae’s rebranding as YBN Cordae, the rapper began making waves with an update of Eminem’s My Name Is” in May 2018, the first salvo in a shrewd marketing plan. Elastic, clear and distinct, he contrasted YBN Nahmir‘s penchant for simple-but-effective hits and YBN Almighty Jay’s rambunctious tracks and tabloid-worthy dating life (he’s been romantically linked to Blac Chyna). Cordae’s presence on the trio’s collaborative September release, YBN: The Mixtape , is limited to five of 23 tracks, yet songs like the racial-profiling tale Target” only augmented the demand for more music from the promising wordsmith.

YBN Cordae’s new album, The Lost Boy,” shows his great mastery of music in a slightly different sector of rap than that of YBN Nahmir or YBN Almighty Jay, as his focus seems to be placed on lyrical formation over the more mumble-y rap of the others — it’s almost a little surprising that he’s even a part of the YBN group. However, this album shows that he can be, and is, a hugely successful solo rapper despite the growing popularity of the collective.

They think we’re not talented. Even with the mumble rappers,” it’s all a talent in making music. They’ve just figured out the formula to fit their sound. Hip-hop isn’t dead, it’s evolving. There was a point at which people didn’t even sing their hooks on rap songs, and look what that’s evolved to. The genre is constantly changing, and people need to start embracing it.

The rapper has always set high goals for himself that he plans to achieve and he knew that the time would come when he would need to pursue his dreams. That hope came when his remix of Eminem’s My Name Is ” blew up overnight.YBN CORDAE

Rapper YBN Cordae and Tennis star Naomi Osaka have finally shared their first picture as a couple. Cordae started writing music at a young age, but did not start recording until he was 15-years-old. At the time, he was really into Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era. He did not take rap seriously until 2017.

Ironically, The Lost Boy never sounds uncertain. Every line, every sample, every song title is intentional and specific to the album’s world. Cordae leaves you musing on what you heard and interested in hearing more. The best introductions usually do.

On Bad Idea,” YBN Cordae and Chance the Rapper collaborate for the first time, trading bars about the highs and lows of life over a laid back instrumental reminiscent of On My Block” by Scarface. Summary: The debut full-length studio release for the rapper features guest appearances from AndersonPaak, Chance the Rapper, Meek Mill, Arin Ray, Pusha T, and Ty Dolla Sign.

Suddenly, a few songs later, he displays his enthralling singing range on Sweet Lawd,” a Chance the Rapper Coloring Book”-type song. And then, of course, Chance the Rapper himself comes on in Bad Idea,” a song that sounds more acid rap-like, with a slow, mellow beat and clever lyrics, bringing back the old Chance we all love. Cordae complements Chance extremely well with his smooth vocals over the sweet beat and raspy sound that both rappers possess.

Cordae is considered to be the lyrical forcefield of the YBN crew. He is known for his songs “Old Niggas” and “My Name is”. Old Niggas” is a remix of J. Cole ‘s song 1985 where he criticizes how people who enjoy rap from previous generations who talk down to the newer rappers, most notably SoundCloud Rappers. My Name is” is a remix of Eminem ‘s song “My Name is”.

On this track, he realizes that his family was there for all the stages of his life. They were present while he was in college, switching majors and working part-time jobs in despair. His family was present when he found his purpose, and when his craft became his focus because he needed it to stay hopeful. YBN Cordae teaches that failing to acknowledge your loved ones’ pain leads to invisibility.

Then comes the best song on the album —RNP,” which shows Cordae’s ability to keep up with the revered AndersonPaak and the contrasting style, as this song is very different from previous ones. The back-and-forth raps between Cordae andPaak is truly incredible and shows that Cordae can easily keep up with rap legends.

Along with the star power of Nahmir, YBN Cordae, who the New York Times said was one of the most promising young lyricists in hip-hop”, and YBN Almighty Jay who XXL called a bona fide rap star” are set to become household names. The new tape sees The YBN crew’s diverse personalities set them apart from their counterparts, making guest appearances on episodes of MTV’s Wild N’ Out and Complex’s Open Late with Peter Rosenberg and landing performances at festivals like Hard Summer, Rolling Loud, and the first annual Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash. YBN Nahmir in particular is capping off a busy summer that saw him crowned a XXL Freshman, make his late-night television debut alongside G-Eazy on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and celebrate as his breakout hit Rubbin Off The Paint” achieved certified platinum status from the RIAA.

Big Play” Cordae and Sweet Shot” Anderson both serve their comedic purpose throughout the visual with an effective acting job. Appearances by comedians Hannibal Buress and Jay Pharoah contributed to the atmosphere as well. It was essentially five and a half minutes of fun that synched flawlessly with the tone of the track.

Watch him reveal his top 5 rappers below. You can check out the full video interview with YBN Cordae above to find out which one food he could eat for the rest of his life, who his dream collaboration would be, and more.

After converting his basement into a makeshift studio , Cordae started recording at age 16 under the name Entendre. His maiden mixtape, Anxiety, dropped in 2014; two more tapes followed within the next three years. It wasn’t until a blooming friendship with the rest of the YBN crew that Cordae says he began taking music seriously. After linking online, Cordae met his partners-in-rhyme in person back in early 2017. Aaron Ace” Christian, one of YBN’s paternalistic managers, had been looking for a traditional lyricist to round out the crew. He added Cordae into the YBN fold after Nahmir posted a video of the DMV rapper’s music on social media. I saw something that was really reminiscent of the classic vintage style of hip-hop,” Ace remembers of first encountering Cordae’s music.

One of my favorite songs on the album, Lost & Found,” is an interesting conclusion and sums up the album very well. It features a soulful beat paired with hard-hitting flow, bars on top of bars, endless love for family and clever rhymes, both serious and not. Cordae somehow combines usual rap topics of women and fashion with others such as family and his opinions on rap culture, even controversially calling X, the Pac of his time.” Cordae doesn’t care what others think and raps for his own desire to express his opinions and create a platform.

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