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Cordae’s presence on the trio’s collaborative September release, YBN: The Mixtape , is limited to five of 23 tracks, yet songs like the racial-profiling tale Target” only augmented the demand for more music from the promising wordsmith.

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YBN CORDAEYBN Cordae and Anderson Paak release the video for the hit single from The Lost Boy, RNP” in perfect old-school fashion. At this time last year, I only had like three songs officially out,” says YBN Cordae, who is comfortably sprawled out on the couch at the VIBE office in New York City. He quickly makes himself at home, hugging onto the nicest cushion he could find and politely resting his eyes during any breaks he can find. The 21-year-old budding rap star is clearly drained from the whirlwind of a press run he’s currently on, but this exhaust is starkly different from the fatigue he was trapped in just less than two years ago while working as a server at TGI Friday’s in Baltimore, Maryland. He’ll be just fine.


Interesting that the album starts with Wintertime” and by track five we’re at Thanksgiving.” These aren’t themes we usually hear on a July album release. Cordae wants you playing this album in November. I really like this sample flip. A nice, personal verse. Thanksgiving” is taking me back to College Dropout when we cared about Kanye’s Family Business” I always been an overthinker.” Not a bad second verse. I don’t love his voice on the hook, but the sentiment is a nice one. It’s a warm song. Makes you think about family and loved ones. A nice thought to have. I’m not skipping this one, but not quite good enough to be a favorite.

In the first half of YBN Cordae’s lyrics, he speaks on his inner belief that he can make it as a rapper. Then, the anxiety sweeps in, and YBN Cordae is suddenly crippled with uncertainty and the feeling that he doesn’t have the skills or power to make it.

One of my favorite songs on the album, Lost & Found,” is an interesting conclusion and sums up the album very well. It features a soulful beat paired with hard-hitting flow, bars on top of bars, endless love for family and clever rhymes, both serious and not. Cordae somehow combines usual rap topics of women and fashion with others such as family and his opinions on rap culture, even controversially calling X, the Pac of his time.” Cordae doesn’t care what others think and raps for his own desire to express his opinions and create a platform.

The album is slated to drop on July 26th, 2019. Along with the announcement came the colorful cover art for the album as well. The cover art, which was posted on Cordae’s Instagram page, is a play on the title, with a boy who looks to be YBN Cordae walking on a lonely road in the direction of fallen travelers. See post below.

Asked what his favorite album of all time is, the rapper initially jokes that it’s an album that just dropped called The Lost Boy from this young cat” called Cordae, referring to his own album. He then lists Jay-Z ‘s The Blueprint, Kanye West ‘s The College Dropout, and Nas ‘ Illmatic and It Was Written as some of his top picks.

Cordae is trying stack up as much bread as possible through his rap career and he is not going to let other people opinions pressure him into buying shit he doesn’t need. He already stands out above the crowd of rappers by making this choice.

On this track, YBN Cordae mentions how he knew his family members were in pain from experiencing domestic abuse, poverty and abandonment from nonexistent fathers. Yet, while his family members were going through all this turmoil, YBN Cordae was discovering that his purpose in life was music. His family stood there, emotions bubbling, but they didn’t let their pain rise to the surface so they could support and love YBN Cordae in the pursuit of his dreams.

I’m excited to hear this album again. Oh yeah, this is a keeper. The dream chasers have a new anthem. Loving this loop. If we never had a shot, how can we take it?” If that’s not true. Almost forgot this was a Cordae song. Starting with Meek was fun. Might be a new favorite. Meek came to speak the good gospel. Every move I made chess, it’s important.” I have been playing chess lately and that hit me deeply. Meek might have the feature of the album. He smoked it. I reminisce the cold days in the wintertime” might be the album’s thesis. Taking those winter thoughts and building a project around them. Cordae loves the Meek hook. It’s such a good hook! Man, kids are about to be so inspired. End the album here. I don’t need another one.

Some gentle keys to begin. A nice jazz horn, too. Production is already taking me to a peaceful place. Cordae has a good voice. Not too light, not too heavy. He’s rapping with a serious tone. This isn’t a careless rapper. This is lyrical exercise, told my idols to step aside.” Reminds me of Cole, Friday Night Light era. Man, North Carolina is a treasure chest for rap talent. A strong intro. I’ll be back. Voices. I didn’t catch what was said.

Recently the 21-year-old rapper sat down with BET Digital to discuss his latest project and what’s next in his career. Check out what YBN Cordae had to say about music, mental-health and finding himself through The Lost Boy.

Oh, now these aren’t pleasant keys. Cordae is telling us exactly how he started rapping: his mom kicked him out. Wow! The flow is strong and his lyrics are so sharp. The kid doesn’t fumble. Nice little harmonies on the hook. Pusha! The feature killer. Man, he started selling drugs in ninth grade? Man, this man is so good. Collect calls on them landlines.” Pusha raps like he wants to be in the GOAT conversation. Every time he touches a mic, he’s reminding us to never overlook him. The best energy an emcee can have.

Last month, YBN Cordae collaborated with H.E.R. for the R&B singer’s Racks” The rapper’s 15-song The Lost Boy also features Chance the Rapper, Ty Dolla $ign, Pusha T, Meek Mill and Arin Ray, with an additional appearance” from Quincy Jones, according to YBN Cordae’s Instagram post.

To see the entire interview and some of the rare pairs that YBN Cordae walked away with, check out the full episode in the video player above. YBN Cordae’s maturity to rise above his pride and see how he could have taken advantage of his family’s unconditional love is refreshing to hear from a young male rapper.

The star-studded project clocks in 15 tracks with additional features from Meek Mill, Ty Dolla $ign, Pusha T, and Arin Ray. While Cordae is only 21 years old, his spitfire flows and lyrics of substance give hope to all hip hop heads from both the new school and the old school. Songs like “We Gon Make It” featuring Meek bring back that motivation and drive to work hard and chase your wildest dreams, while “Way Back Home” featuring Ty$ brings back that soulful R&B that we all know and love.

Family Matters,” a standout track on the album, bravely details the dark side of his family life growing up. On the song, he raps about a variety of different situations he witnessed early in his life, including his aunt going into prostitution, his cousin’s addiction to Xanax, or watching family members constantly being mistreated and cheated on. Cordae Dunston was born in North Carolina, raised in a trailer park in South Carolina, spent time in the trenches” of Maryland during his adolescent years, and finally went on to live in the suburbs of MD for his final two years of high school.

Ty Dolla features are the Chick-fil-A employees of the music industry; they are certain to leave you feeling a bit better about your day. Cordae rapping with a soulful melody. The warmth and soulfulness in this production are pleasant on the ears; reminds me a lot of Chance. Not a bad thing. Just interesting how similarities appear in style. Ty has appeared. It’s like there’s a bottle of Hennessy attached to his vocal cords. Hennessy drinkers understand how the famous liquor has a certain smoothness that’s apparent when Dolla $ign sings. Is JAY-Z watching? I can change that Hennessy to D’Usse. Good song.

Following Cordae’s rebranding as YBN Cordae, the rapper began making waves with an update of Eminem’s My Name Is” in May 2018, the first salvo in a shrewd marketing plan. Elastic, clear and distinct, he contrasted YBN Nahmir‘s penchant for simple-but-effective hits and YBN Almighty Jay’s rambunctious tracks and tabloid-worthy dating life (he’s been romantically linked to Blac Chyna). Cordae’s presence on the trio’s collaborative September release, YBN: The Mixtape , is limited to five of 23 tracks, yet songs like the racial-profiling tale Target” only augmented the demand for more music from the promising wordsmith.

YBN Cordae jumped into the mainstream music scene in 2018 with his remix of Eminem’s My Name Is”, which was released alongside a WordStarHipHop exclusive video via YouTube. In addition, another remix of J. Cole’s 1985” caught the attention of those in mainstream music circles. Lastly, YBN Cordae’s LA Leakers freestyle stamped him as one of the most talented up-and-coming lyricists of his generation.

Cordae is one of the most promising young rappers in America. His gifts are intergenerational: the introspective, meticulous lyricism of Gen X heroes such as Jay-Z and Elder Millennials including J. Cole; the exuberance and conscience of peer and collaborator Chance the Rapper; and the shape-shifting charisma that drives the SoundCloud and Spotify charts.

Best Tracks: RNP,Broke as Idea,First time ever listening to Cordae and I’m impressed. RNP is one of the best of the year. Cordae released three mixtapes under his old alias between 2014-17, and joined a collaborative mixtape with the YBN crew in late 2018. His debut album, The Lost Boy , was released on July 26, 2019.

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