ybn nahmir and sahlt – YBN Crew Is Headed For Greatness—If They Can Hold On

The first song he ever made was called Cupcake Remix” and pointed toward his past nemesis, now brother-from-another” YBN Almighty Jay In 2013, they openly dissed each other back and forth on the internet, for no cited reasons.

ybn nahmir rubbin off the paint audio – YBN Nahmir Fuck It Up Lyrics

YBN NAHMIRBreaking through with a viral hit when he was just 17, YBN Nahmir went from being an online gamer to a rap star virtually overnight. Along with friends YBN Cordae and YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Nahmir made up the core membership of the sprawling YBN collective, with all three of the main players rising to enormous success around the same time in 2017. Singles and videos streamed in the millions and hit the Billboard charts, as did 2018’s YBN: The Mixtape, an album-length release that collected the brightest output of the collective’s early days.

SBM Presents is thrilled to announce new wave hip hop sensation and leader of the YBN Crew YBN NAHMIR will be touring New Zealand for the first time this May. Nigga, crazy! Gettin’ more money, getting more fans, building more relationships, then we gon take this YBN shit off to a whole nother level.

Shit, all they gotta do is be their self. If you be yourself, you’re good. If you try to be somebody else you gon KO your whole career in a fucking second. Nigga you gotta be yourself, matter of fact, you gotta be yourself period no matter what you doing. Cause if you not being yourself, it’s not hard to tell.YBN NAHMIR

Nahmir was just like, ‘Yo, let’s do this YBN shit. You’re already YBN; just put that shit on your social,’” the rapper explains. It was just, like, one of those things that just made sense.” Thus began the rap career of the newly rechristened YBN Cordae.

Although a bit indecisive as he switched from song to song, YBN Nahmir played an intense set of rap songs, prompting the crowd to jump incessantly as the speaker blasted trap beats and YBN Nahmir’s voice echoed through the plaza. Y’all crazy,” YBN Nahmir snickered as the crowd cheered for him.

Cordae knows he’s an outlier in the group, cheerfully answering No” when I ask if he has anything in common musically with the other YBN members. But he quickly spins that into a positive. We’re not stepping on each other’s toes,” he says.

I usually go to a studio once every month and I record a bunch of songs in one day like six or seven songs. I don’t need to go to the studio more often than that. Some of the time I just chill out, relax and enjoy life, hang out with my family or I do my shows.

One of Nahmir’s tracks took on a life of its own when it went viral. The attention surrounding the release of ‘Rubbin’ Off the Paint’ in 2017 signifies a huge milestone in the young rapper’s career, and it has now reached more than 160 million views on YouTube.

Almighty Jay’s desire to run away is easy to understand. The YBN members are young—Nahmir is 18, Jay 19, and Cordae barely 21—and they have been working nonstop since Nahmir hit internet meme-dom with his video for Rubbin Off the Paint” last year. Since then, life hasn’t been all parties and pink backpacks. The trio has been on the road incessantly, separately and together, with everyone from Juice WRLD to G-Eazy, as well as recording music for their group mixtape and everyone’s solo albums. So when Almighty Jay says, to no one in particular, I’m tired as a motherfucker,” it makes sense.

Industry plants don’t exist but, if they do, Cordae’s rapid ascent could only make sense if he was one. He connected with the collective through the internet, hanging out as friends while in Los Angeles on multiple occasions. He came into the spotlight with the sharp response to J. Cole’s “1985 (Intro to the Fall Off)” called “Old Niggas,” answering J. Cole’s condescending message to the new-age with a snarky, yet depressing look at the abysmal generation before him. It quickly went viral; next came his freestyle “My Name Is,” using Eminem’s song and beat as the template for yet another powerful lyrical statement. Cordae has been on a tear since then, possibly even besting both Jay and Nahmir in terms of relevancy.

I made the track when I was 17. It was a really important moment, it was when I realised I wanted make music every day. I thought ‘I don’t just want to be sitting around’. I didn’t wanna go to school no more so I was just like ‘I can go crazy with this music stuff if I want to’.

new mixtape serves as an introduction to YBN as a whole, with budding new members still set to emerge. YBN serves as this generation’s new breed of rap crew, formed by the internet and flourishing with viral hits like YBN Nahmir’s Bounce Out With That” which has accrued over 102 million plays on Soundcloud and YBN Almighty Jay’s Chopsticks” which has been streamed over 20 million times on Soundcloud and Youtube.

He played a lot of video games, such as ‘Rock Band’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto V.’ He used to record his video games to gain subscribers on his ‘YouTube’ channel. When he was not busy gaming, Simmons used to hang out on ‘Xbox Live’ parties.

A bunch of people have. Matter of fact, I’ve got something with Breezy coming soon. You’re going to see some hot shit. Most of the remixes I’ve heard go hard. I fuck with the “Cash Me Outside” girl ( Bhad Bhabie ). It’s a few others I fuck with too. When they hop on that beat, I think it’s the beat that goes hard and people go crazy.

Nahmir, Mr. Bounce out with that44, along with YBN Almighty Jay and YBN Cordae, make up the trio of rappers within the young boss niggas collective. They all met playing video games like GTA on Xbox live years ago, which people (including myself I suppose now) continually use as a talking point when discussing the group of rappers, which is particularly weird given this is no anomaly for a generation of kids birthed from the internet age. But anyhow, Nahmir at the head features a style that certainly feels Bay Area influenced with consistent dabs of the South’s unique snares and loops. And look no further than “No Hook” featuring compadre YBN Almighty Jay to find Nahmir in his most comfortable element, effortlessly trading gravitational pull like quicksand bars with Almighty Jay.

He founded the ‘Young Boss Niggas’ Collective, also known as ‘YBN’ Collective, in 2014. YBN Almighty Jay, YBN Cordae, YBN Glizzy, YBN Manny, YBN Walker, YBN Nicky Baandz, YBN Malik, YBN Carl and YBN Dayday are all its members.

YBN Cordae is one of the latest pieces of the puzzle that’s played perhaps the biggest part in increasing how serious both the industry and fans take YBN as a whole. He’s 20 years old—Nahmir is 18, Jay is 19—and seems to be a generation removed from his YBN peers in terms of both artistry and poise. He carries himself with the kind of mature confidence that is reminiscent of the steely calm that “Rigamortis”-era Kendrick Lamar did nearly a decade before. When he steps onto the mic, the comparisons to Kendrick Lamar continue; JAY-Z, Eminem, and J. Cole are all frequent comparisons, as well. He may be the most traditional rapper of his generation, falling back on pre-established rhyme schemes and verbal tics to craft light lyrical sermons that have went a long way in re-establishing lyricism as a tenant of contemporary hip-hop culture.

Last month, YBN Nahmir reconnected with YBN Almighty Jay and Gucci Mane for the official music video in support of their high-profile collaborative cut New Drip.” Now, the 19-year-old superstar is unveiling a visual for a new single known as Tweak.” Notably, the Tweak” video was put together by director Louie Knows and finds Nahmir spitting hard-hitting, aggressive gun-talk in front of a slick white Mercedes-Benz.

Gone are the days of structured, linear paths to success; the logic and ideologies of yesteryear are being rapidly replaced with the energy and constant reinvention of the youth. YBN Nahmir, a smooth-talking, 18-year-old rapper hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, is living proof that today’s movers and shakers are able to fashion themselves as multi-disciplined entities by combining a slew of unconventional influences and learning on the fly.

Nahmir’s life has quickly shifted into something he couldn’t imagine just last year, when he was on Xbox Live playing Grand Theft Auto V with friends, freestyling over beats into his headset. The 17-year-old is currently stationed in sunny Los Angeles, working on music a long way from home, but has brought much of the YBN crew out to build on this momentum.

A popular location for noon shows and small concerts, Storke Plaza served as the ideal venue for YBN Nahmir and Vincent to showcase their musical repertoire with its spacious area and many stairs that allowed students to peer above the crowd and catch a clearer glance of the artists.

I’m going to reach that No. 1 on Billboard,” YBN Nahmir confidently claims over the phone when asked of his music goals going forward. The Birmingham, AL native’s smash hit, Rubbin Off The Paint” is soaring up the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The gritty record currently sits at No. 52 (chart dated Dec. 9) and could continue its climb into top 40 status on the Hot 100 in the coming weeks.

Currently the song has garnered upwards of 70 million streams on Spotify while the video has been viewed 104 million times on YouTube – and counting. YBN Nahmir uploaded his first song on YouTube on March 21, 2015, with YBN Almighty Jay. He was only 15 at that time.

Cordae, who was living in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and studying mass communications at Towson University, was already rapping under the name Entendre (the worst rap name in history,” he jokes). He fully won his place in the crew during February’s All-Star Weekend, and left school shortly thereafter. But even before that, he was YBN in all but his name: He just needed the social media handle.

Shit, all they gotta do is be their self. If you be yourself, you’re good. If you try to be somebody else you gon KO your whole career in a fucking second. Nigga you gotta be yourself, matter of fact, you gotta be yourself period no matter what you doing. Cause if you not being yourself, it’s not hard to tell.

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