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Like I ain’t see they asses since 6th grade and nigga I’m 18 so everybody was turnt, that felt good. My mom and Auntie were real big fans of Tupac and Eazy-E I was listening to them since I was a baby.

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YBN NAHMIRI’m a real rapper. I give off a different feeling. I got my own personality. It’s like God gave me a talent that nobody else has. I mean, other people have talent and know how to make music and rap. But you can tell that I’m blessed, ‘cause it feels like my success happened overnight. People can have talent, but not everybody’s gonna pay attention to you all the time. You gotta be different.

YBN Nahmir was born Nicholas Simmons on December 18, 1999, in Birmingham, Alabama. He was raised by his mother. YBN Nahmir looks up to ‘E-40′ and other rappers from San Francisco Bay Area as his main influencers.

One of Nahmir’s tracks took on a life of its own when it went viral. The attention surrounding the release of ‘Rubbin’ Off the Paint’ in 2017 signifies a huge milestone in the young rapper’s career, and it has now reached more than 160 million views on YouTube.

In Birmingham, there’s not really people you could listen to, nobody has really blown up out of there. I’ve always listened to West Coast rappers like Tupac and Snoop Dogg Most of my friends were from the West Coast and it was a big influence on me. I used to go out to the Bay a lot. My mom and Auntie were real big fans of Tupac and Eazy-E I was listening to them since I was a baby.

Industry plants don’t exist but, if they do, Cordae’s rapid ascent could only make sense if he was one. He connected with the collective through the internet, hanging out as friends while in Los Angeles on multiple occasions. He came into the spotlight with the sharp response to J. Cole’s “1985 (Intro to the Fall Off)” called “Old Niggas,” answering J. Cole’s condescending message to the new-age with a snarky, yet depressing look at the abysmal generation before him. It quickly went viral; next came his freestyle “My Name Is,” using Eminem’s song and beat as the template for yet another powerful lyrical statement. Cordae has been on a tear since then, possibly even besting both Jay and Nahmir in terms of relevancy.

Simmons’ interest in music started when he was fourteen years old and was gifted an Xbox 360 for Christmas. 6 Simmons began to play the video game Rock Band (which he would later use to record his first song.) 9 and eventually moved to playing Grand Theft Auto V and then started recording gameplay videos where he would generate a following on YouTube 10 During his time playing Grand Theft Auto V, Simmons would freestyle in Xbox Live parties and alongside numerous other friends, established the Young Boss Niggas collective. 11 In 2015, a close friend of his, YBN Valley, died of a heart attack, leaving Simmons depressed.

We bought a Ferrari California, but I didn’t use all my own money. Other people helped out with that. I can’t really drive it, though. They took my license away for some shit I did back in Alabama. At least I got a car already and when I get my license back I can use it.

Both the rebellion and the circumspection make sense. Although Almighty Jay got his rap moniker from Chief Keef‘s Almighty So project rather than a higher power, he was raised in a religious household. His grandfather was a preacher, so his mother in turn grew up listening to Christian music, and that was also what a young Almighty Jay heard around the house. With his dad and in his free time, though, it was all hip-hop. When he started rapping, his mother was freaked out by his lyrics about women.

Cordae, who was living in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and studying mass communications at Towson University, was already rapping under the name Entendre (the worst rap name in history,” he jokes). He fully won his place in the crew during February’s All-Star Weekend, and left school shortly thereafter. But even before that, he was YBN in all but his name: He just needed the social media handle.

If I were to, for a moment, compare the current rap zeitgeist to art history, I would probably point to the impressionist period as the correlating reference for understanding the way this period of rap fits in the timeline. If you don’t know anything about art history, just understand this period was considered the first distinctly modern movement in painting. The impressionist period saw artists focus on how to capture their images without detail but with bold colors. This was a less formal approach that emphasized specific styles and impromptu takes.

Before producing his own music, Simmons would listen to rap group Sob x Rbe out of Vallejo, California and credits getting his West Coast style from them along withe many other rappers out of California.

Right now, I’m bringing most of my people out to L.A. I’m rapping, my homeboy Almighty Jay out here rapping. He’s got something big coming soon. YBN Glizzy is about to drop his first song. Just know Manny is dropping some hot shit, too. I just want everyone to know we’re going to work and grind, then see what happens from there. I’m expecting my people to be at the top.

SBM Presents is thrilled to announce new wave hip hop sensation and leader of the YBN Crew YBN NAHMIR will be touring New Zealand for the first time this May. Nigga, crazy! Gettin’ more money, getting more fans, building more relationships, then we gon take this YBN shit off to a whole nother level.

Nick Simmons, known as YBN Nahmir, was among the teenaged rappers who made a commercial breakthrough in 2017. The Birmingham, AL native developed his exuberant and combative style – inspired by Bay Area figures such as E-40 and Mozzy – during online gaming parties. He formed the YBN collective, and started uploading tracks to social media platforms. He initially gained traction with Rubbin Off the Paint” which hit the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked in December at #46.

Almighty Jay’s quiet neighbor Cordae seems far more interested in the minutiae of music-making than in dating would-be Kardashians or pissing off parents. While listening to YBN: The Mixtape during the photo shoot, he’s focusing on details: how he wishes he had a verse on the project’s intro, ways he would adjust the track listing.

Nonetheless, the stress of a violent hometown, plus sudden viral fame, is a lot to deal with for someone just out of high school And last winter, Nahmir found himself in a new environment, abandoning Alabama for the glamour of Los Angeles. I really fuck with L.A.,” he explains, though the city’s lack of precipitation means he can’t engage in one of his favorite pastimes.

A bunch of people have. Matter of fact, I’ve got something with Breezy coming soon. You’re going to see some hot shit. Most of the remixes I’ve heard go hard. I fuck with the “Cash Me Outside” girl ( Bhad Bhabie ). It’s a few others I fuck with too. When they hop on that beat, I think it’s the beat that goes hard and people go crazy.

Although similar to Nahmir, Jay’s fandom occupies a different subset of new-age rap culture. Jay’s much cockier and more arrogant with his raps and aesthetic, appealing to youth more attuned to flexing as opposed to just existing. He bridges the gap between aware and alpha effortlessly. Seeing the two interact with each other is like watching puppies wrestle inside of a picnic basket. They toss and tussle, but like the dogs, it’s all in good fun to assert dominance. More than a plethora of other rap collectives, Nahmir and Jay seem to genuinely enjoy each other’s time. Probably because their relationship was forged prior to the recording booths and big lights but, nevertheless, the world notices and appreciates true chemistry. The mantra that “the industry is fake” is constantly dumped on us day in and day out; seeing two artists who showcase a realistic look at friendship makes fans of hip-hop tune in.

Nahmir, the first member to rise to fame, is the crew’s leader. He tells me that he’s the one who signed” Almighty Jay and Cordae to YBN (but they can still get a major deal,” he elaborates during our phone call.) Nahmir describes himself during the call as cool.” But when his groupmates talk about him, one word comes up over and over again: gangster.” Birmingham is a rough city, Nahmir tells me. So many of my friends dying,” he says. Niggas is really in the streets.” Those situations reflect themselves in his raps more or less uncritically, save for a few scattered moments of introspection.

Almighty Jay’s desire to run away is easy to understand. The YBN members are young—Nahmir is 18, Jay 19, and Cordae barely 21—and they have been working nonstop since Nahmir hit internet meme-dom with his video for Rubbin Off the Paint” last year. Since then, life hasn’t been all parties and pink backpacks. The trio has been on the road incessantly, separately and together, with everyone from Juice WRLD to G-Eazy, as well as recording music for their group mixtape and everyone’s solo albums. So when Almighty Jay says, to no one in particular, I’m tired as a motherfucker,” it makes sense.

YBN Nahmir stayed hot in 2018 with guest spots on G-Eazy’s “1942” and Wifisfuneral’s “Juveniles.” He also joined his friends YBN Cordae and YBN Almighty Jay for ‘YBN: The Mixtape,’ the first full-length display of the group’s talent alongside the likes of Gucci Mane and Machine Gun Kelly. The trio’s current tour stokes anticipation for Nahmir’s Atlantic debut, which he’s getting to drop in 2019. That he somehow found time to finish high school makes his achievements to date all the more impressive.

I made the track when I was 17. It was a really important moment, it was when I realised I wanted make music every day. I thought ‘I don’t just want to be sitting around’. I didn’t wanna go to school no more so I was just like ‘I can go crazy with this music stuff if I want to’.

Along with the star power of Nahmir, YBN Cordae, who the New York Times said was one of the most promising young lyricists in hip-hop”, and YBN Almighty Jay who XXL called a bona fide rap star” are set to become household names. The new tape sees The YBN crew’s diverse personalities set them apart from their counterparts, making guest appearances on episodes of MTV’s Wild N’ Out and Complex’s Open Late with Peter Rosenberg and landing performances at festivals like Hard Summer, Rolling Loud, and the first annual Lyrical Lemonade Summer Smash. YBN Nahmir in particular is capping off a busy summer that saw him crowned a XXL Freshman, make his late-night television debut alongside G-Eazy on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and celebrate as his breakout hit Rubbin Off The Paint” achieved certified platinum status from the RIAA.

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