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YFN LUCCIYFN Lucci can be seen in the video doing the minimum while his wingman, Trey Songz, gets handsy with various video vixens. And performing, I love performing, I be feeling like Michael Jackson , even though I’m a rapper. It just feel like it my stage. I’m up here. I get to take over. I get to do what I want to do. I get to paint my picture, and they going to watch and pay attention.

YFN Lucci has struck gold in his musical pursuits. He secured a record deal with Warner Records in 2018, and has worked with some of the industry’s biggest stars such as Quavo and Rick Ross. Still, as many artists can attest, no deal or amount of money or success can soothe one’s pain, such as losing loved ones and the pressures that come along with fame. When Lucci, born Rayshawn Lamar Bennett, signs off his latest mixtape, 650Luc: Gangsta Grillz , with the words, An album worth of hits made a mixtape worth of pain,” the line reads as a loud reminder of the connection between songs, success, and struggle.

With major hits like Wish Me Well and Never Change, it doesn’t come as a surprise YFN has managed to score his first platinum plaque before the age of 30. His mixtape, Long Live Nut, passed a million sales in May of 2017.

Lucci’s desire to hit every possible demographic is as consistent as his Wish Me Well series , which he’s kept in his repertoire since 2014. Both the original mixtape and its 2016 sequel contain some of Lucci’s biggest hits, such as the unavoidable “Key to the Streets” and the downtempo track “Documentary.” For Lucci, it was a natural choice to stretch out the series once more, with the third installment of the trilogy expected to arrive later this year.

It feels good. My women fanbase is huge. So, I know they loving it It’s good to cater to the women, that’s who’s supporting you the most. Buying yo shit, playing yo shit, making their boyfriend love your shit.

YFN LUCCI: I got, like, two. I can say two. I can say Cincinnati in Ohio. I think it was at Celebrities, my first time there. It was so lit. I got three. I got three. And then Baltimore. I forgot the club name in Baltimore, but it just the way everybody standing around, standing up, the lights on, everybody smiling, camera phones out. It just make you just – you think about everything, not even just that. You think about since – I go back to when I was 4 years old. I think about my auntie and everything. Like, “Dang. I wish y’all could see this.” And Houston, Houston my third city. My first time in Houston, it was crazy.

I used to listen to R. Kelly a lot. My momma used to say she had to hide R. Kelly’s CDs from me Laughs. But I figured it out later in life when I was about 18 because I was never in a real studio. Once I got in a real studio, the engineer told me that I didn’t need Auto-Tune all the time because my voice sounds good. Once he told me that, and he mixed it just right I got comfortable with my voice.YFN LUCCI

In 2016, ‘Key to the Streets’ was listed in XXL Magazine as one of the 50 Best Hip-Hop Songs of the year. By September 2016, Lucci was honoured by Rolling Out Magazine with a front-page feature, alongside names like Migos, 21 Savage, Kap G, Young Dolph and Zaytoven. This was part of a special issue called Hidden Hip-Hop Gems of Summer 16. Continuing to make waves in December, Billboard magazine also recognised YFN Lucci as a big emerging talent, by including him in their 10 Hip-Hop and R&B Artists to Watch In 2017 issue.

Everyday We Lit” marks Lucci’s second consecutive summer hit, following last year’s Key to the Streets,” a collaboration with Migos and Trouble. Impressively, it’s also the third straight warm-weather smash for Think It’s a Game: Rich Homie Quan’s Flex” was popular in the summer of 2015.

I know that message doesn’t resonate for everyone but for as long as there is a population of people who find affirmation and healing and flow in this work, then I’m just going to keep doing it and I can’t be concerned about what people who have this kind of blanket critique. I have a community of scholarly women and black female friends that give me solid feedback along the way. I do my best to live in community with that feedback and that critique, but for people who have decided to dismiss it? I can’t give you that energy.

And it don’t be fake love. You know fake love. I guess from the way my music is and how I be talking and they feel like they can relate to me, so it just feel like they know me. So when they see me, it already feel like they know me, so they be ready to just at least try to talk to me or walk up, at least get a handshake or anything. So that be the best.

Because they’re from where I’m from, man. To see anyone make it from where I’m from and then, the shit they talk about and rap about be real shit — they don’t just be rapping, they motivate you. They’ve inspired me since I was a youngin’. I fuck with them.

The single became Lucci’s first ever Top 40 hit, and two months ago, Think It’s a Game entered into a joint venture with Warner Bros., which now serves as their distribution partner. YFN Lucci has also had the opportunity to collaborate with fellow Atlanta rapper, late Bankroll Fresh on the song Dirty Game (Remix).

Where I came from, I don’t really ever want to go back that route. I seen a lot growing up. I seen my mama struggle a little bit. It motivated me to go hard, get some money to take care of my family so they don’t have to want like I did.

YFN Lucci is an American rapper and songwriter. He’s known for songs like Key to the Streets”, Everyday We Lit” and I Wonder Why”. His discography include the mixtapes Wish Me Well (2014), Wish Me Well 2 (2016), and the EP Long Live Nut (2017). Lucci was born Rayshawn Lamar Bennett on February 16, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised in the neighborhood of Summer Hill. His older brother ‘YFN Kay’ is also a rapper. Lucci attended Southside High School. He was a member of the school’s football team.

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YFN LUCCI: Yeah, that’s what I do. A lot of people say it’s amazing. But sometimes it can take an hour. Sometimes it can take two, three hours. Sometimes it can take 30 minutes. It just depends on the vibe and how I’m feeling, and I guess how the words coming out.

YFN LUCCI: Yeah, I got friends that when we was younger – when I was like 15, 16, I had three friends go to jail for five years, ten years, so they came home and they just seen the path I took and see what I’m doing now, and then they be around me now and they see how I be moving and handling business. It just inspired them to not just want to stay up in the hood and do regular hood stuff. They want to get jobs and stuff. They want to better themselves. They don’t think hood no more.

Remember Lucci mentioning that, despite growing up without much money, and with only one parent in the house, his mom made sure to keep him and his brother decked out with gifts? Well, the mere mention of Sean John brings back a very fond memory: That was all I used to wear, so my mother used to buy me Sean John. One time she came home with a jean jacket and a burgundy track suit.” Those became staples in young Lucci’s closet, and the feeling of putting on the garments for the first time has stuck with him ever since.

YFN LUCCI: Nah nah nah nah. I talk about family like my mother, my big brother. All my friends I hang around now, we grew up with each other since I was in the third grade. So it might be some of they names I say, and basically that be it. I be talking about people around me on a daily basis, my auntie who passed away. I got a cousin who passed away. She was a girl named Muffin. And I just talk about people around me.

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The Hebrew Bible scholar in me has to say, we have to be attentive to the fact that race was not operative in the biblical world, right? So these distinctions of black and white are not there in the Bible. What is there for me as a Bible scholar is that there are communities that were being formed and there are some people who are celebrated and belong in the text and there are some people who don’t. So it’s not about talking about black women in the Bible, but it is about how black women can find themselves in the Bible.

You could mount a strong argument that hip-hop’s modern ethos is captured best by those within it who merge a strong fashion sense with an entrepreneurial spirit. The genre has long dictated trends—why not capitalize on that? With Sean John, Sean Combs did just that, and furthered his legacy as one of hip-hop’s great visionaries. So when the brand came calling, YFN Lucci jumped at the opportunity to represent it.

YFN LUCCI: Yeah. It wasn’t like, “Just sign.” “Come with me. I’ma teach you things, I don’t want to see you mess up your money.” And somebody telling you that – where I come from a lot of people don’t tell you nothing, so somebody telling you that that it made me feel like that might be the right place for me. Ever since I signed I been going up.

But after that, I just kept staying with the dream, kept writing. When I was young, it was certain things I couldn’t write about, because I didn’t experience a lot. So as I grew and experienced more, I became a better writer. And I met – one of my homeboy named Shay, he had a brother, and he used to just love my music. His name was Nut. He passed away, but he introduced me to Fly – that’s my CEO of Think It’s A Game – and they had made it happen.

That last bit is important. Born Rayshawn Bennett in February of 1991, as a child Lucci was inundated a variety of styles of music, as so many were at the turn of the century. He was enamored with R&B singers like Ashanti, raucous rap acts like the Hot Boys, and by those who were able to blend the two styles, like Ja Rule. And going to school in Atlanta during the 2000s, it was only natural he came to appreciate homegrown legends like T.I. and Jeezy. It wouldn’t be long before Lucci was synthesizing those various influences into something new and vital, but he couldn’t jump into the musical fray right away. First, he had to experiment on his own, and he did so by recording himself on a tape player his mom had purchased.

YFN Lucci’s melodious and unfiltered raps—many of which tackle growing pains and everyday struggles of poverty-stricken youth coming of age in the Summerhill section of Atlanta—have turned the 27-year-old into a notable and highly respectable MC.

I want them to have fun first. I want them to learn on some songs. Like with me and Fab, let ‘em know everybody ‘Want It All,’ but what you gon’ do when you get it? You can’t just fuck up. A lot of folks gon’ want something, you gotta know how to handle it. You can’t save everybody, we ain’t no superheroes. Just listen to me and understand what I’m going through because I know everybody else is going through the same things.

Lucci’s music is multidimensional, but as you’ll hear in this interview, his intentions are serious. This is him being heartfelt, and we’re really grateful he opened up to us about his family and and the about future he’s building for himself.

The breakout was coming, though. The second Wish Me Well came out at the top of 2016, and with it a single called Key to the Streets.” Produced by June James, the song linked Lucci with Trouble and the Migos, and quickly became a runaway hit. It ruled airwaves for most of the year, and was pumping out of apartment windows or car stereo systems from the South to both coasts, and everywhere in between. A video came out over the summer; in the fall, a remix, aided by verses from Quavo, 2 Chainz, and Lil Wayne—a dream come true for a Southern kid who grew up on the Hot Boys’ catalog.

Liberty is 4, Justice is 3. I got an Honest and Rayshawn now, too. They know who I am now. I take them places and they see how everybody runs up and take pictures. They already listen to me so they say, ‘Damn, my daddy a rapper.’ My son is like, ‘I’m Lucci.’ When I’m taking pictures with people, they’re jumping in the pictures and sht.

When Rayshawn was just nine years old, he had a desire to make music. He began by making recordings of himself with a tape player that his mother purchased for him. His older brother was 12 at the time, and he also had a passion for rapping and Rayshawn imitated his brother. Both of the boys grew up to become professional rappers.

YFN LUCCI: Yeah, of course, of course. I know it’s a lot of people out there that can relate to a lot of things I go through, so I talk about things I go through in my music. Like from not having when I was growing up to my mama couldn’t pay the rent, or, you know, a lot of people – deaths, people dying. And I know people can relate to it, so I just talk about it. And I know growing up when I used to listen to music, that’s the type of music I used to like, music I can relate to because I might be going through it one day, and then I listen to their song and it make me feel a lot better.

The explicit videos hit a nerve in the worst way for many people, including Carter who took to social media to air her disgust and come to terms that her on-again, off-again relationship with the rapper has met its end.

So I think there are a lot of people who come to the mass for various reasons. The best that I can do is to create a meaningful worship center that hopefully provides some healing and centers people on what I think is God’s mission in the world.

It’s a beautiful thing. As you can see, nothing but greatness and beautiful things have come out of that. Look at the BET Hip-Hop Awards! That shit was fucking nostalgic! That shit was fucking amazing. Junior M.A.F.I.A. came out and the crowd went nuts. Sometimes when people realize things they have done and they apologize sincerely, that is worth more than gold. That’s a family member. Family fucks up, that’s it. We do that in our family and relationship. But when it’s family, especially for someone like Biggie, we have to come together and we have to let Biggie live the way he’s supposed to. That was my way of mending his broken heart.

YFN LUCCI: Yeah, you right. But I just love the slow music. I always wanted to make my own. I know girls ain’t going to just rap gangster songs all day. I wanted to write a song that a girl can sing and fall in love with and sing it for 30 years.

ALI: Yeah, I know a lot of great writers that that’s their process. They’ll go in, listen to the music, and scat a rhythm. No words, just the dun dun dun dun, and then they go back in and turn all of that into words. It’s so magical to me.

Sign me up to discover more artists like YFN Lucci and other offers. The victim was not the Everyday We Lit” rapper, and YFN Lucci wasn’t listed on the police report. YFN LUCCI: Real hard. No hand outs. Although there are similarities between Reginae and YFN as both are rappers, there were a lot of differences between the two. After many ups and downs, the pair ended their affair earlier in 2019.

YFN Lucci is artist, entrepreneur, owner from Summerhill, a place in Atlanta, Georgia by Turner Field, Zoo Atlanta. It’s where I grew up at. Basically, we were just all young with dreams. I was one of the kids who chased mine and made it come true.

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