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Thomas went by the stage name YNW Juvy, while Williams was known as YNW Sakchaser. He’s also been arrested, and charged with two counts of first-degree murder. Rapper YNW Melly was charged in connection with the killing of two of his friends.

ynw melly songs 223 – YNW Melly Reportedly Facing Death Penalty In Florida

YNW MellyA rapper who currently has his highest-ranked hit called Murder On My Mind is now facing two counts of first-degree murder in real life. On December 4, 2018, Melly’s official documentary — titled, simply, MELLY — was dropped, and it documented the young rapper’s rise to the top. Juvy and Sakchaser are both heavily featured in the documentary, and their deaths are explained at the end of the video as Melly and his mother reveal that they are moving from Florida to Atlanta.

Today, Miramar police announced that emerging Florida rapper, who most recently collaborated with Kanye West on Mixed Personalities ,” shot two of his friends dead last October. As the South Florida Sun Sentinel reports, he then tried to make it look like they had died a drive-by shooting.

Rising rapper YNW Melly was arrested and charged with two counts of first-degree murder on Wednesday. The charges stem from the October 26th, 2018 shooting of Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., according to a report from the South Florida Sun Sentinel. Cortlen Henry was also arrested in connection with the double slayings.

Melly was scheduled to begin a tour as a support act on Kodak Black‘s Dying to Live” tour on March 14. He was recently featured on Kanye West on the song Mixed Personalities,” from Melly’s album We All Shine,” released last month. His biggest song to date is Murder on My Mind,” which he posted on SoundCloud in March of 2017.

Under Florida law , the murder of a police officer — whether intentional or not — carries an automatic first-degree murder charge, which carries the automatic penalty of either life in prison without the possibility of parole, or the death penalty.

State troopers arrested Demons, Henry and Williams in June 2018 after finding three Glock handguns and large containers filled with marijuana in an SUV south of Fort Myers.

Rapper YNW Melly has been locked up in Florida since being accused of gunning down two of his friends — but that’s not stopping him from dropping a new mixtape, he announced on Tuesday.

The video begins in an urban neighborhood with the sound of gunshots and someone comforting a person who’s obviously been shot. The song talks about guns, drugs, yellow tape on a body and, of course, murder on his mind. In the video, it depicts a person dying in YNW Melly’s arms.

Henry gave a statement to police, but the facts discovered during the preliminary investigation did not match what was presented to detectives, police said. Further investigation and forensic evidence found that YNW Melly shot and killed Williams and Thomas, and that YNW Melly and Henry then staged the scene to resemble a drive-by shooting, police said.

Williams, who went by YNW Sak, and Thomas Jr, who went by YNW Juvy, aspiring rappers from Vero Beach, were brought to Memorial Miramar Hospital with multiple gunshot wounds just before 4:30am on October 26. The men died from their injuries. At the time, police did not identify the driver of the Jeep Compass that the wounded men showed up in.

In late 2017, while still incarcerated, Demons released his first project, an EP called Collect Call, which contained features from numerous well-known artists, including Lil B and John Wicks. In 2018, he released the singles “Virtual (Blue Balenciagas)”, “Melly the Menace”, and “Slang That Iron”. Other singles include “4 Real”, “Butter Pecan”, and “Medium Fries”. 11 The respective music videos have amassed 26 million, 16 million and 11 million views on YouTube , as of January 2019.

YNW Melly, 19, is charged with two counts of first-degree murder in the Oct. 26, 2018, shooting deaths of Anthony Williams, 21, and Christopher Thomas Jr., 19.

Billboard interviewed him a week before he was arrested and the rapper discussed his plans for 2019, how he linked up with Kanye and his overall background. During the interview, he said the two men who were fatally shot were his “day one brothers” and that he couldn’t speak on whether he was a target in the shooting.

Since the news of Melly’s charges hit the internet, mugshots and song lyrics have been flying, causing a lot of confusion about the exact order of events. Here is a complete timeline of YNW Melly’s career milestones and legal issues, with updates to his criminal charges.

In new legal documents, obtained by the entertainment news site, cops claim YNW committed the “especially heinous and atrocious” murders in “a cold, calculated and premeditated manner.” The State also believes Melly is a criminal gang member.

YNW Melly has since been released from jail and recently put out his new album, We All Shine. The album features Kanye West and Fredo Bang, with hits including Hold Up,” Rolling Loud,” and bonus track Butter Pecan,” among others. To the surprise of many, one of his greatest inspirations is Ed Sheeran, however true fans can detect similarities in the way that pure melody is so crucial to both artists’ work. As he continues to mature, we can expect to see the talented, independent rapper working with more big names and climbing toward his long-term goal of signing fifty artists to a label. I believe that we can all be excited to watch YNW Melly grow up right in front of our eyes, both personally and musically.

Melly is still awaiting his upcoming trial If convicted, Melly could face the death penalty for allegedly killing his associates YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy.

According to TMZ , police are saying that Henry drove the two dead bodies to an emergency room in the early hours of the morning on October 26, where he then claimed that they’d been shot at during a drive-by incident as they were leaving a studio session.

Florida rap newcomer YNW Melly, real name Jamell Maurice Demons, has been charged with two counts of first-degree murder; this confirmed by authorities Wednesday (Feb. 13).

Melly’s hit song Murder On My Mind” went gold last month, moving half a million units — and this past Wednesday, the 19-year-old turned himself in to Miramar Police on two counts of first-degree murder in the October deaths of his friends Anthony Williams, 21, and Christopher Thomas Jr., 19.

Aspiring rapper Jamell Demons, known better by his stage name YNW Melly, has pleaded not guilty to charges he murdered his good friends Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. in Miramar last October.

Demons had two tracks chart in the Billboard Hot 100: “Murder on my Mind,” which has been viewed on YouTube more than 90 million times, and “Mixed Personalities,” a track with Kanye West released in January.

The 19-year-old musician was arrested and charged on 13 February – along with Cortlen Henry, aka YNW Bortlen, aged 20 – with two counts of first-degree murder in Miramar, South Florida.

Florida prosecutors are seeking the death penalty against rapper YNW Melly who was charged with the murder of his two friends, according to court documents.

Williams, 21, and Thomas, 19, were shot multiple times Oct. 26 in Miramar, which is about 30 miles northwest of Miami. Police said Henry drove the pair to the hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Investigators said the victims were killed early in the morning of Oct. 26 and driven in a Jeep Compass to the emergency room entrance of Memorial Hospital Miramar, which is 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of Fort Lauderdale. Both were dead of multiple gunshot wounds, police said.

Consalo did not directly confirm whether both men had been officially made suspects. The VeroNews report cites “high-ranking law enforcement sources” saying investigators believe they were involved in the shooting death of the off-duty deputy. These sources also claim that the fact that Melly and Bortlen were allegedly at the scene of the shooting in Gifford two years ago is “common knowledge” among locals. Furthermore, these same sources have alleged detectives now believe one of them fired the shot that ultimately killed Chambliss. Melly and Bortlen are accused of having been “standing in a group and firing gunshots” when Chambliss was hit by a stray bullet.

Police allege Mr Demons shot both men, and conspired alongside Mr Henry to stage a crime to make it appear that they were killed by other people. YNW Melly made headlines after his friends and collaborators died in a hail of bullets. Now police say he was behind their deaths.

Demons, who was arrested in January on misdemeanor drug charges, was scheduled to launch his American tour on Thursday. Miramar police said an investigation concluded that Demons shot and killed Williams and Thomas.

Demons pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges in March. The rapper’s album We All Shine” was released in January and featured the hit song Mixed Personalities ” with Kanye West.

The rapper was arrested for the shooting alongside another man, Cortlen Henry. Prior to murder charges, YNW Melly, who was set to go on tour only days after his arrest, was arrested in Florida on drug charges.

Williams and Thomas Jr were also rappers and went by the names of YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser. They have been described as close friends of Demons. Jamell Demons, left, aka YNW Melly, and Cortlen Henry, aka YNW Bortlen.

Florida-based rapper YNW Melly makes raw, emotive rap songs about his turbulent life experiences. After he began releasing tracks during the mid-2010s, he broke through with his debut full-length, I Am You, in 2018.

As of today, Melly is also now being considered a suspect in the 2017 murder of deputy Gary Chambliss. A source revealed that both YNW Melly and YNW Bortlen were present at the scene during the time of the officer’s shooting. Allegedly the Mixed Personalities” rapper was standing with a group and firing bullets when officer Chambliss was struck and killed. Authorities currently believe either Melly or Bortlen were responsible.YNW Melly

YNW Melly, whose legal name is Jamell Demons, cemented his reputation as the next big thing in the Florida rap scene last August with the song Murder on My Mind ,” and just two months later, the tragic scene of gun violence that opened that song’s music video appeared to be playing out in real life for Melly when two of his close friends were shot dead in South Florida.

The rapper’s 20-year-old friend Cortlen Henry also was arrested, in Houston last month, and extradited to Florida on Tuesday in connection with the killings.

YNW Melly, who was born in 1999, hails from Gifford, Fla., a small town north of Miami that The Fader described as an “unlikely location to birth a national star.” According to the rapper, “Ain’t nobody ever made it out of there.” Well, except one person, he told The Fader. “We had one NFL player made it out, but he brought his a right back,” Melly shared.

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