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As fellow headliners Migos wrapped up a strong set on a sister stage, Uzi Vert continued into the night as the sole remaining act, performing an extended set for a seemingly endless sea of Bay Area fans.

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Young ThugYoung Thug is the 102nd most popular rap & hiphop music artist and the 89th most famous Young Thug is described by fans as: Overplayed, Noisy, Funny and Gets the party going. Eyeballing the throne of Hip hop royalty, Young Thug began to create a sound and style that would inevitably place him on top. Young Thug’s catchy verses and raw lyrical talent distinguished noise from art, clearly being the latter his creations are the best that remain of Southern hip hop. He is the embodiment of the evolution of Southern hip-hop. Young Thug is the representative for a generation that doesn’t see hip-hop as a hobby but a lifestyle. Keeping true to himself, his art, and his home Young Thug will stand alone as the one true savior of the Southern movement.

Charity: Oh, Lifestyle” resembles other songs on Tha Tour—and, if Cash Money had released Tha Tour a couple years deeper into the modern streaming music ecosystem, Tha Tour would have definitely included Lifestyle,” if only to boost the mixtape’s overall streaming count—but I think the mixtape’s overall execution and energy” are radical improvements, if not a departure. I remember Tha Tour striking me as a curveball. It was very dynamic, and—owing crucially to London on da Track’s bleak flourishes—it was noir. London produced Lifestyle,” too, but Tha Tour demonstrates London’s style, and his talents, far more definitively.

Young Thug was born Jeffery Lamar Williams in Atlanta. The Zone 3 rapper was born Aug. 16, 1991, as one of 11 children of which he is the second youngest. His family lived in the demolished Jonesboro South projects. Thug also has a brother who is deaf and mute. The MC had American Sign Language interpreters in his 2015 music video, “Anybody,” featuring Nicki Minaj.

I’m not really interested, from a technical standpoint, in producing club music. I want to use all the tools but have it feel more like songs than tracks. A few years ago, I made this track called “Feel What” inspired by one of the first times my friend Terrence visited me in Montreal. The ecstacy was a little too strong, and there’s one moment in the night we had to go find a bench in the back room and just sit there for five minutes. He’s not throwing up; he doesn’t have to go, but he’s just got to sit and collect himself, take it all in. The euphoria was too much.

Micah: I’m gonna assume you’re referring specifically to deep-space dread coursing through Imma Ride,” or the sci-fi horror synths that kick in two seconds into the chorus on Flava,” mutating a wistful, bright-eyed ballad-ish song into something more maniacal, and therefore, more fun. London was, as they say, on some (alien) other shit.

Bow Wow: Rapper Shad Moss was arrested by Atlanta police Feb. 2, 2019, following a fight with a woman. THUG: I dream of winning 20 Grammys. I dream of being acknowledged as the best rapper alive and the richest rapper alive.

Thug made a brief cameo in the Juice Wrld set that immediately followed, making no reference to his previous absence and coming onstage only for a few minutes — an appearance that felt less like consolation than insult to injury. And yet, the rapper suddenly showed up again on a separate stage later, during what was Lil Uzi Vert ‘s scheduled slot, playing a partial but nevertheless fun performance.

It’s only recently that Thug has had the wealth and freedom to live a life of impetuosity. One of 11 children, he spent much of his adolescence in juvenile detention, after breaking his middle-school teacher’s arm. When he left the programme, he started recording, mostly in a wardrobe in a friend’s bedroom. In 2011, he began releasing his first mixtape series, I Came From Nothing. You start to get a sense of Young Thug on those early tapes – his sing-song style, his cartoonish imagery (I’ll eat your ass up – then burp”). But it’s a long way from the Thug of today.

I was a teenager and got an MPC. I wanted to be a cross between Timbaland and Boards of Canada. I would play a lot of really obvious movie soundtrack records, like the Taxi Driver soundtrack, and try to chop up the strings. I was making really bad, eerie hip-hop. The first Jacques Greene song I ever made, I was DJing more house music and techno.

Tha Tour was sophisticated without being even remotely prestigious. Think of all the middlebrow signifiers Odd Future has had to hoard, for a decade now, to sound one tenth as interesting as Tha Tour. Freestyle,” such an unassuming title suggesting an unstructured demonstration, turns out to be this vivid and tricky composition with the faintest, luxurious hint of a choir behind Quan’s voice. Listen to Tell Em (Lies),” and it turns out Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan are Mariah Carey and ODB for a new generation.

When Super Slimey dropped in October 2017, people tried their best to pick it apart. A surprise collaborative project between two of the music industry’s most ferocious, innovative and enigmatic artists seemed too good to be true. Expectations were so ridiculously high that it was impossible for Super Slimey to not fall short in certain respects. However, some distance has allowed for the project to receive a fair judgment.

Another piece of the overall levity comes from the biohazard-level viscous beats provided by a coterie of reliable producers. There’s not an instrumental on any of the 19 songs here that seems sleepy. Instead, each one is wide awake in slimy, synth-y textures and bloody with analog shrapnel of pianos (Just How It Is,” Bad Bad Bad,” Jumped Out the Window”), guitars (Circle of Bosses,” Boy Back”), organs (Ecstasy”) and bells (Cartier Gucci Scarf”). There’s even just enough birdsong, on What’s the Move,” to make Messiaen proud! But the clear winner in the battle of talented producers is Pi’erre Bourne, who put together the instrumentals for four different tracks, including standouts Surf” and I’m Scared.” The former sounds like Pokémon on Ice, the latter like a Luther Vandross horror movie. Honorable mention goes out to Dj Durel’s beat for I Bought Her,” which includes some inspired 8-bit passages to temper its Risky Business mood lighting.

One problem, however, is that most of Young Thug’s peers who drop verses on So Much Fun can’t keep up with his outer-space consciousness. Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, Lil Baby and definitely Machine Gun Kelly all struggle to stay in stride, and half of the verses by Gunna and Lil Duke don’t work either. But it’s even more of a pleasant surprise when a guest ends up going blow for blow, like Juice WRLD on Mannequin Challenge” (I got the tool, no Handy Manny”) or 21 Savage on I’m Scared” (Book me for a show, I put a Glock on my rider”).

By the time 2015 came to an early start, Young Thug was under controversy because of his part of Cash Money’s prime focus, his misogynistic lyrics and “gay” music style which forced fans to riot.

Released today (Oct. 18) through LuckyMe, the LP is a follow-up to his 2017 debut, Feel Infinite. The dozen tracks on Dawn Chorus capture the hazy, ambient feeling of joyful exhaustion. It’s an elegant soundtrack to a real moment in many ravers’ lives, and rather than create the music you might listen to then, he scores the scene as if it were a movie. He treated the writing and production as if he were a band, pushing himself to collaborate with others and trying his hand at some unusual hardware.

Last year, Gucci Mane made headlines after he offered Young Thug and Rich Homie Quan $1 million to reunite as Rich Gang, and now he’s reflecting on what spurred his high-dollar offer. In a new interview with Everyday Struggle, Gucci explained that he was trying to show love to both artists, but ended up having to walk back his comments.

Thugger teased the event on Instagram Thursday night, saying he rented out a Los Angeles Dave and Busters location to celebrate “Slime Language,” an album of collaborations with artists including Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Gunna and Jacquees, with the release coinciding with his 27th birthday on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Young Thug was gliding across the border on the Eurostar from Paris, without so much as a pat-down. Whereas Tyler is a geeky rapper who has never been charged with a serious crime in his life, Young Thug had his home raided in July after he allegedly threatened to kill a mall security guard in Georgia. During the raid, police found guns, cocaine and marijuana and he was hit with three counts of felony arms possession. That all happened on the same day an indictment was issued claiming that Thug, along with his label boss at Cash Money Records, Birdman, conspired to have Thug’s hero and mentor Lil Wayne murdered (a charge he strenuously denies).

In 2017, Young Thug officially began his own label, Young Stoner Life Records , or YSL Records for short. Its roster includes Wheezy , Lil Duke , Gunna , and Lil Keed , among others. The label released a compilation album titled Slime Language as a group in 2018.

A rapper born in Atlanta, GA on August 9, 1991. He was the second youngest of 10 siblings. He was raised in Jonesboro South Housing Projects, Along with Peewee Longway. Thug also has Jonesboro South Tattooed on his Chest.

So Much Fun proves to be an album completely unconcerned with its own legacy. Well, maybe not completely: the fact that J. Cole executive produced the whole damn thing seems to indicate that someone thought a co-sign from a so-called serious rapper could prove significant. In an age that relentlessly critiques the idea of genius and seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, it makes sense that Young Thug would release a LEED certified album (sustainable cover art included). I slept in the woods with the guys,” he raps, insouciantly. And when it was time to get up, they made sure the fire was safely contained within their own verses.

The Bay Area edition of Rolling Loud, arguably the country’s biggest hip-hop music festival, took place this past weekend, offering a hyped — and packed — gathering across three stages at the Oakland Coliseum grounds. The third Rolling Loud to take place in the Bay Area, this year’s festival saw a star-studded lineup — Future, YG, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert , G-Eazy, and the like — collectively put on an impressive show, save for technical issues that marred a handful of high-profile sets. Here are nine highlights from the weekend.

On July 15, 2015, the rapper was arrested by U.S. Marshals during a raid on his Atlanta-area home on a terrorist threats charge, after allegedly threatening to kill a mall security guard in Georgia a week earlier. Additionally, during the raid, guns and drugs were found, and he was hit with felony drug charges, for both cocaine and marijuana, and three counts of felony gun possession.

Young Thug defies categorization and is a true iconoclast. Emerging on Atlanta’s hip hop scene with his 2011 mixtape series, he launched into the mainstream with his knack for melodicism and unique vocal style. Thug’s highly anticipated new album So Much Fun is scheduled to release later this fall. He recently earned his highest chart placement on the Billboard Hot 100 with his latest single The London” ft. J. Cole & Travis Scott and produced by T-Minus. The London” also earned a spot on Spotify’s 2019 Summer Song Predictions list. Thug was recently featured on Ed Sheeran’s song Feels” on Sheeran’s collaboration album, No.6 Collaborations Project, as well as Post Malone’s new single Goodbyes” and on Lil Nas X‘s new remix of Old Town Road (Remix)”. In addition to his music, Young Thug recently launched his fashion brand SPIDER which premiered during Wireless week in London earlier this month.

When he was still unsigned, he gave an interview to a small YouTube channel in which he said he believed he would one day sign to Cash Money and work with Lil Wayne. A few years later, both Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane, another of Thug’s heroes, tried to claim him as a protege, with Gucci signing him to his record label and Wayne acting as a mentor. But it was the support of Birdman, the owner of Cash Money and one of the most powerful people in hip-hop, that has led many to believe Thug is being anointed as the genre’s next huge star. When Birdman included Young Thug in his Rich Gang supergroup , it seemed as though he was creating a sequel to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label, which launched Nicki Minaj and Drake.

Thug gave me the best concert experience of my life. From the stage presentation to guest artists he brought out, the whole night felt like a movie. Young Thug performed all songs possible. From thief in the night to light it up, my fellow thug fanatics were beyond grateful. I cried when Check came on. The energy given off by everyone in the building really set the tone. Not one dull moment. I lost my voice, but it was worth it. Next concert Thug is having, I will definitely be there lit then ever before. I love young thug and he loves his fans for sure, truly felt that last night. If you’ve never been to a thug concert, I promise you will NOT regret it.

My mom was fairly young and listened to a lot of Beck around the house. Odelay is simultaneously so in love with all the music that it’s touching on – hip-hop, DIY rock – but ironic and irreverent in how it’s mixing everything together. Not just in how I approach music, but in everything in life, it’s not quite devil-may-care, but sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes just like “fuck these rules.” That record ended up being very influential for my head space.

So Much Fun, which boasts the distinction of technically being billed as Thugger’s debut studio album, became his first project to debut atop the Billboard 200 album chart upon its release back in August. 300 Entertainment A&R Geoff Ogunlesi, who’s been working with Young Thug since the Barter 6 era, detailed the path to So Much Fun in an interview that same month with Complex.

Young Thug, aka Jeffery Lamar Williams, has been evolving and ever rising on the musical landscape since his arrival on the music scene. There’s a proud lineage of musical mavericks who have successfully subverted the zeitgeist, ranging from Sir Elton John, David Bowie, Prince to André 3000 and Erykah Badu. Since the release of his first mixtape I Came From Nothing in 2011, Young Thug has proudly earned his own position representing a shift in music and fashion. His signature siren squeal often wails like a guitar, while his viral wardrobe choices re-define runway ready.” Everything the RIAA multiplatinum certified 25-year-old rapper does makes headlines – most notably his innate, inimitable and infinite talent.

Charity: I think your earlier note about the Barter 6 controversy, and Thug’s strangely defiant admiration of Wayne, reveals the key problem with modern-day Thug. For the past five years, the music industry has neutralized his more rebellious and improvisational tendencies. I remember reading the old stories about Lyor Cohen begging Thug for hit singles. I remember reading Lyor’s pleas as repudiation of Tha Tour and a rush to move past Barter 6 and into cheesier territory. I remember when I first heard Pacifier,” which I love, actually, but I remember fearing some longer shift toward Chris Martin. Turns out, Chris Martin was J. Cole.

On his record “How It Is,” from “So Much Fun,” Thug referenced the mall incident in the song before Lucci’s response. When Thug got wind of what Lucci said on his Instagram story, he took his issue to his own Instagram story, telling him he would’ve been killed, Lucci. Their problem seems to date back to 2017 when Thug crowned himself the new Tupac Shakur. “Pac would’ve never wore a dress,” Lucci tweeted on his account.

Young Thug is no stranger to festivals. While the rapper does not go on tour very often, he frequently performs at festivals and other events across the United States. In 2015, Young Thug took the stage at Lollapalooza and Pukkelpop Fans saw him live at Mysteryland USA, Moonrise, Wireless, Breakaway, FYF, Hopscotch and Treasure Island in 2016. The following year, Young Thug performed at Billboard Hot 100, Music Midtown and All Things Go Fall Classic. He has also made appearances at Rolling Loud Festival, Open’er Festival, Astroworld Festival and Rolling Loud Miami.

Charity: I’ve interviewed London before, and he told me he’s always on some low-country church shit. But, altogether, London, Thug, Quan, and Birdman do amount to some uncanny sounds on Tha Tour.

One day while in the studio, rapper Peewee brought Young Thug and two other men to Gucci’s studio session. Peewee told Gucci he should sign the “So Much Fun” rapper. “Pewee is like, ‘Gucci listen, they hard. They’re the ones who got me to start rapping. Sign them!'” Hypebeast reported from an interview the Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane did with XXL magazine.

Charity: Musically, Tha Tour overwhelms me. I haven’t gone longer than a month since its unceremonious release five years ago without at least thinking about Tha Tour. It’s one of those albums in which musicians sound out all their ideas so profoundly, through sounds, without needing to tell you very much in explicit terms. It’s one of those albums where even beginning to explain what any given song is about” would reveal you to be an artless dweeb.

R. Kelly: The singer was previously arrested on Feb. 22, 2019 and charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. He spent that weekend in jail until a woman who described herself as a friend paid $100,000 (10 percent of his $1 million bond) to get him released.

Hot” comes off Young Thug’s album So Much Fun , which dropped in August. The album hit No. 1 on the RS Albums Chart the following week, earning nearly 150 million streams in its week of release. It marked an important moment of success for Young Thug, who also featured on Ed Sheeran’s Feels” from his No. 6 Collaborations Project earlier this year.

Upon its release this August, So Much Fun , technically Thugger’s debut studio album, earned the Atlanta rapper his first Billboard Hot 200-charting project.

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