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I used to think that I saw things that other people didn’t see, that I could put things together in a way that the average person couldn’t. London produced Lifestyle,” too, but Tha Tour demonstrates London’s style, and his talents, far more definitively.

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Young ThugYoung Thug is the 102nd most popular rap & hiphop music artist and the 89th most famous Young Thug is described by fans as: Overplayed, Noisy, Funny and Gets the party going. The LP doesn’t constitute some great leap forward in Thugger’s art. It isn’t what Reasonable Doubt was for Jay-Z, what The College Dropout was for Kanye or what Thank Me Later was for Drake. Then again, it’s really not supposed to signify an ambitious masterwork or exist in the same kind of grand hip-hop symbolic zone that Jay, Kanye and Drake all pushed towards from the very beginning of their careers. Instead, So Much Fun represents what we might expect a self-titled album to represent: a distillation of Young Thug’s artistry up to this point in time.

One problem, however, is that most of Young Thug’s peers who drop verses on So Much Fun can’t keep up with his outer-space consciousness. Lil Uzi Vert, Quavo, Lil Baby and definitely Machine Gun Kelly all struggle to stay in stride, and half of the verses by Gunna and Lil Duke don’t work either. But it’s even more of a pleasant surprise when a guest ends up going blow for blow, like Juice WRLD on Mannequin Challenge” (I got the tool, no Handy Manny”) or 21 Savage on I’m Scared” (Book me for a show, I put a Glock on my rider”).

It’s 100 percent Young Thug. We need him. My favorite track has got to be “Hercules.” There’s so many deep cuts that probably rise to the top, but on first effect, I saw him live once, and when he went in “Hercules,” it was just a problem, it was crazy, so I’ll stick to that.

After Thug’s 2015 single Best Friend ” went platinum , pick up the phone ” became his highest-charting song as lead artist, peaking at 43 on Billboard’s Hot 100 This would later be succeeded by Havana ,” his collaboration with Camila Cabello that would top Billboard’s Hot 100 in 2018. However, his current highest-charting song as lead artist is The London ,” which debuted at 12 on the Hot 100.Young Thug

Young Thug started to thrive on the scene with the release of a couple of mix tapes that were part of the I Came From Nothing” project, which captured the attention of many between 2011 and 2012 including that of the rapper Gucci Mane, who employed Young Thug, signing him to his 1017 Brick Squad Records. He released his first project under the label, entitled 1017 Thug”, which was hailed as having a distinctly original style. It made a few end of year lists of 2013 such as Rolling Stone who put it at number 10 Best Mixtapes of 2013, and then The Guardian put it in their top five of 2013. Complex put him in the 25 New Rappers to Watch Out For list. He managed to have his song Danny Glover” remixed by Waka Flocka Flame, Nicki Minaj, and more. He also performed at Fool’s Gold Day Off performance in Miami alongside Trick Daddy and Travis Scott.

Micah: And yet here we are, five years later, hailing it as the best rap album of the decade, distraught that there was only ever one stop on the eponymous tour, and that we’ll probably never get the Part 2 that we want. In February 2015, Quan stepped away from the group to work on a solo project, Thug called him Bitch Homie Quan” onstage, and that, apparently, was that.

The Bay Area edition of Rolling Loud, arguably the country’s biggest hip-hop music festival, took place this past weekend, offering a hyped — and packed — gathering across three stages at the Oakland Coliseum grounds. The third Rolling Loud to take place in the Bay Area, this year’s festival saw a star-studded lineup — Future, YG, Migos, Lil Uzi Vert , G-Eazy, and the like — collectively put on an impressive show, save for technical issues that marred a handful of high-profile sets. Here are nine highlights from the weekend.

The weekend possibly meant more to G-Eazy than anybody else, as the Oakland rapper’s headlining performance doubled as victory lap and heartfelt homecoming. I thought about this sh- today: I’ve gone from playing my first shows at the f—ing New Parish, like eight years ago, to headlining Rolling Loud,” he said, reflecting on his early-career shows in Oakland, before he performed his breakout 2014 hit I Mean It” for the crowd. The rapper arrived in an Oakland A’s hat and jersey, which he eventually signed and threw into the crowd to reveal a Mac Dre t-shirt underneath. Mac Dre’s own mother took the stage as G-Eazy paid tribute to the late Bay Area legend. It was just one of a string of local guests — rappers P-Lo, Allblack, Kossisko, Jay Ant, and Keak da Sneak all made cameos — he brought out to honor his roots.

THUG: Yes, from a few of my big homies. I’ve always been around older people. And I loved the artists that I listened to who spoke to me. I loved listening to that realness, and seeing the way they did it.

Young Thug is no stranger to festivals. While the rapper does not go on tour very often, he frequently performs at festivals and other events across the United States. In 2015, Young Thug took the stage at Lollapalooza and Pukkelpop Fans saw him live at Mysteryland USA, Moonrise, Wireless, Breakaway, FYF, Hopscotch and Treasure Island in 2016. The following year, Young Thug performed at Billboard Hot 100, Music Midtown and All Things Go Fall Classic. He has also made appearances at Rolling Loud Festival, Open’er Festival, Astroworld Festival and Rolling Loud Miami.

I feel nostalgic a lot for this time in your life when you’re good enough to make something that sounds like music, but you’re not really mature enough or deep in it to understand the rules. Things are wrong, but that’s what makes them interesting. The first batch of songs was, I like a Detroit techno synthesizers, and I kind of like the 909, so I’ll just move all the kicks around.” A friend of mine, Teki Latex from France, he had a first batch of my music and he’s like, “Your tracks are so cool, but they’re impossible to mix.” Stuff just didn’t work about them, but I really hold them dear to my heart.

When he was still unsigned, he gave an interview to a small YouTube channel in which he said he believed he would one day sign to Cash Money and work with Lil Wayne. A few years later, both Lil Wayne and Gucci Mane, another of Thug’s heroes, tried to claim him as a protege, with Gucci signing him to his record label and Wayne acting as a mentor. But it was the support of Birdman, the owner of Cash Money and one of the most powerful people in hip-hop, that has led many to believe Thug is being anointed as the genre’s next huge star. When Birdman included Young Thug in his Rich Gang supergroup , it seemed as though he was creating a sequel to Lil Wayne’s Young Money label, which launched Nicki Minaj and Drake.

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It’s only recently that Thug has had the wealth and freedom to live a life of impetuosity. One of 11 children, he spent much of his adolescence in juvenile detention, after breaking his middle-school teacher’s arm. When he left the programme, he started recording, mostly in a wardrobe in a friend’s bedroom. In 2011, he began releasing his first mixtape series, I Came From Nothing. You start to get a sense of Young Thug on those early tapes – his sing-song style, his cartoonish imagery (I’ll eat your ass up – then burp”). But it’s a long way from the Thug of today.

Micah: There’s a lot to be said for giving two rappers Who Matter Right Now a big funhouse to play in and just, you know, seeing what happens. The best thing about Tha Tour is how dedicated Thug and Quan seemed to be (with a noted few exceptions like Throw Your Hood Up,” which might have been twice as good were it half as long and just a little more focused) to making the best song possible, rather than trying to win” with their contributions.

A boisterous, packed crowd gathered for Young Thug, eager to hear hits from So Much Fun,” his latest album and the long-awaited commercial breakthrough from one of the forefathers Atlanta’s modern trap boom. But the hype began to wane as time ticked on without a Thug entrance. When Hot,” a standout from his latest record, began to play, the crowd reignited, anticipating his delayed arrival. But as the song finished, the lights went up and Thug seemed to officially be a no-show — that is, until later in the night.

This week’s Popcast is a conversation about Young Thug’s long, strange career: what’s set him apart, what’s cemented his legacy, and what’s held him back.

Meanwhile, Young Thug was gliding across the border on the Eurostar from Paris, without so much as a pat-down. Whereas Tyler is a geeky rapper who has never been charged with a serious crime in his life, Young Thug had his home raided in July after he allegedly threatened to kill a mall security guard in Georgia. During the raid, police found guns, cocaine and marijuana and he was hit with three counts of felony arms possession. That all happened on the same day an indictment was issued claiming that Thug, along with his label boss at Cash Money Records, Birdman, conspired to have Thug’s hero and mentor Lil Wayne murdered (a charge he strenuously denies).

All jokes aside, the album is pretty good overall. The project features Gucci Mane, Quavo and Wyclef Jean to name a few. And yes there is a song called Harambe.

Young Thug performed his recent single Hot” on The Tonight Show with the help of featured artist Gunna and Temple University Diamond Marching Band. The performance featured the marching band playing in a semi-circle as the rapper appeared behind them, spitting the song’s lyrics in a fog of smoke. Gunna joined midway through for his verse, the smoke rising over the musicians as the song came to a climax.

Charity: I think your earlier note about the Barter 6 controversy, and Thug’s strangely defiant admiration of Wayne, reveals the key problem with modern-day Thug. For the past five years, the music industry has neutralized his more rebellious and improvisational tendencies. I remember reading the old stories about Lyor Cohen begging Thug for hit singles. I remember reading Lyor’s pleas as repudiation of Tha Tour and a rush to move past Barter 6 and into cheesier territory. I remember when I first heard Pacifier,” which I love, actually, but I remember fearing some longer shift toward Chris Martin. Turns out, Chris Martin was J. Cole.

But the most pleasurable part of So Much Fun is Young Thug’s general bizarreness. Don’t be surprised if, 100 years from now, we find out this music contained secret communiqués with far-off alien species. Some truly strange lines on the album discuss kidnapping kangaroos and taking Amoxicillin for recreational purposes, burning the ham while smoking dope, keeping grenades in the ceilings of his cars, paying hit men with noodles, making a woman nut in her pants (like in a movie, apparently) and having sex with grannies. These lines highlight Thugger’s position as a freewheeling surrealist that continues the Weird Atlanta tradition of artists like André 3000, Janelle Monáe and Cee Lo Green.

The concept of a debut album has become increasingly muddled in contemporary hip-hop. Take Chance the Rapper, for example. Chance had released two major full-length works, earned a number one single as a featured artist, appeared in commercials for Kit Kat and Doritos and become an important, even unifying, figure in American music before he released what was technically his studio debut (this year’s The Big Day ).

My mom was fairly young and listened to a lot of Beck around the house. Odelay is simultaneously so in love with all the music that it’s touching on – hip-hop, DIY rock – but ironic and irreverent in how it’s mixing everything together. Not just in how I approach music, but in everything in life, it’s not quite devil-may-care, but sometimes tongue-in-cheek, sometimes just like “fuck these rules.” That record ended up being very influential for my head space.

One day while in the studio, rapper Peewee brought Young Thug and two other men to Gucci’s studio session. Peewee told Gucci he should sign the “So Much Fun” rapper. “Pewee is like, ‘Gucci listen, they hard. They’re the ones who got me to start rapping. Sign them!'” Hypebeast reported from an interview the Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane did with XXL magazine.

Atlanta rapper, eccentric fashion icon, and status quo-challenging Young Thug broke through in the early 2010s with a string of successful trap mixtapes, including the Slime Season series and U.S.

Young Thug’s career has followed a similar trajectory, but in more extreme form. He’s been steadily dropping mixtapes, many of them critically acclaimed, since 2011. He’s had four platinum singles as a lead artist, and, like Chance, had a guest spot on a chart-topping single. He’s also become one of hip-hop’s biggest fashion icons and appeared in campaigns for Adidas and Calvin Klein. But only now is he dropping his debut solo studio album, So Much Fun.

Ahead of So Much Fun, Young Thug released a music video for The London” which featured J. Cole and Travis Scott He also made an appearance on Post Malone ‘s recent single Goodbyes” So Much Fun is Thug’s first full-length solo project since Beautiful Thugger Girls, but he released an EP called On The Rvn last year, along with the YSL compilation Slime Language To promote that album, Thug sent our office a friendly snake named Digits,” and sent other snakes to Noisey, Mass Appeal, and The FADER.

The track called out MGK for a now-deleted tweet he posted back in 2012, where he commented on Slim Shady’s daughter Hailie. While in the tweet, MGK mentioned that Em is King, but apparently, Em didn’t appreciate the rapper calling his daughter hot. MGK responded with “Rap Devil,” and then Eminem followed up with “Killshot,” which became a debate about who won.

THUG: If you don’t like something, you kind of have to create your own look. When I didn’t like what I was listening to, I just had to create a whole different album, or a whole different mixtape. It’s still like that for me.

It’s hardly the intimate setting you’d want. He’s joined on the sofa by his new fiance, his sister who is also his manager and a few other members of his entourage. He’s handed a cup of purple medicinal liquid in a polystyrene cup which is known in the hip-hop world as lean” , a powerful codeine-based cocktail that is supposed to make you lethargic and slurry. I worry he might be monosyllabic, but he seems in a good mood. This is one of the first tours I did where I wasn’t rushing to go home,” he says. Does he enjoy it more than playing in the US? Europe is a trillion times tighter than the US. These shows make me stop smoking. You can’t fucking play. You gotta stop, you can’t do drugs, I’ve been slacking drugs,” he says, lean still in hand.

Thug is known for his eccentric and diverse, sing-song style. XXL called him a “rap weirdo” and “the standout guest appearance in Gucci Mane’s Trap God 2 and Waka Flocka Flame’s DuFlocka Rant 2”, commenting that “Thug’s charisma, unhinged flow and hooks make his music intriguing.” Pitchfork also called his style “extraordinarily distinctive” and wrote that “What Young Thug brings to the table, then, isn’t just a weird, experimental approach to rapping, but presence, persona, mystique, and, potentially, star power.” The Fader described his music, saying “In a typical Young Thug verse, he slurs, shouts, whines and sings, feverishly contorting his voice into a series of odd timbres like a beautifully played but broken wind instrument.” Thug usually uses Auto-Tune in his songs.

I purchased early entry tickets, which were more than the general admission. We were let in at the same time as General Admission so it was pointless to purchase the early entry ticket. Also was disappointed in the openers for Machine Gun Kelly, it was a long drawn out performance of DJs and random rappers.

Eyeballing the throne of Hip hop royalty, Young Thug began to create a sound and style that would inevitably place him on top. Young Thug’s catchy verses and raw lyrical talent distinguished noise from art, clearly being the latter his creations are the best that remain of Southern hip hop. He is the embodiment of the evolution of Southern hip-hop. Young Thug is the representative for a generation that doesn’t see hip-hop as a hobby but a lifestyle. Keeping true to himself, his art, and his home Young Thug will stand alone as the one true savior of the Southern movement.

Jeffrey Williams, better known by his stage name Young Thug, is an American rapper from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who is signed to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad Records, Asylum Records and Atlantic Records. Thug grew to prominence in 2013 after releasing his mixtape 1017 Thug to positive critical reception. He has collaborated with artists such as Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Rich Homie Quan and Waka Flocka Flame.

Later, Young Thug and Gunna take the stage for a collaborative musical performance. Officer Drake Madison of the Los Angeles Police Department told the Associated Press that a firearm had been found inside the rapper’s car.

Charity: Oh, Lifestyle” resembles other songs on Tha Tour—and, if Cash Money had released Tha Tour a couple years deeper into the modern streaming music ecosystem, Tha Tour would have definitely included Lifestyle,” if only to boost the mixtape’s overall streaming count—but I think the mixtape’s overall execution and energy” are radical improvements, if not a departure. I remember Tha Tour striking me as a curveball. It was very dynamic, and—owing crucially to London on da Track’s bleak flourishes—it was noir. London produced Lifestyle,” too, but Tha Tour demonstrates London’s style, and his talents, far more definitively.

Of course, Tha Tour de force begins with Givenchy,” Young Thug’s orgasmic introduction to a whole new musical paradigm. I roll my eyes when considering how many top-tier pop musicians open their blockbuster studio albums with grandiose kayfabe statements, e.g., Drake opening Scorpion with a knock-off James Bond cinematic theme, Taylor Swift opening Lover with clickbait, etc. These statement pieces always suck. They’re too big, too ornate, too self-consciously important and yet, ultimately, too vapid. These songs all pale in comparison to Young Thug wailing, with rising volume and disintegrating grammar, about God knows what (my toes and my bros and my hoes,” for sure).

Emerging through a smoked-filled stage, the two dripped in swag and performed Young Thug’s So Much Fun collaboration alongside a marching band of trumpets and gleaming lights. Oh, that’s bright.

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