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In April, Zayn released a music video for “Stand Still”, and continued collaborating with fashion label Penshoppe on their 2019 campaign. The next chapter of ZAYN’S evolution into global superstar, told by the artist who is living it.

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ZAYN MALIKBy definition, Zayn Malik contains all the trappings of a celebrity, but the perks of fame and fortune weren’t enough to compensate his desire for creative freedom. Zayn broke many fans’ hearts by announcing he was going to leave the group in 2015. Zayn’s real name is Zain Javadd Zayn” Malik and he was born and raised in Bradford, West Yorkshire. When Malik and Hadid broke up for the first time in March 2018, they each shared separate statements to their social media accounts.

When One Direction attended the American Music Awards in December 2014, ZAYN showed off his brand new style. In June 2018 Zayn dyed his hair lavender and fans thought it meant there was romance in the air between him and Gigi Hadid.

Zayn’s favourite band of all time is NSYNC. Here we take a look at 101 facts you probably didn’t know about Zayn Malik, from his favourite book, to his middle name and what Zayn’s first name means. Zayn Malik was born on 12th January 1993 in St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford. He’s the second oldest member of One Direction behind Louis.

Zayn Malik ‘s younger sister Safaa, 17, has broken her social media silence after her wedding last month. As of March 2018, Zayn has approximately 48 known tattoos. Kind-hearted Zayn bought a house in Bradford for his family after vowing he’d always look after them following his rise to fame in One Direction.

Born and raised in the working class neighborhood of Bradford, West Yorkshire to a half Irish, half English mother and Pakistani father, Malik’s ethnic background has been put under fire throughout the entirety of his career. As the (former) only person of color in One Direction and quite possibly the West’s single most prominent Muslim celebrity, Zayn has faced a bevy of abuse in the form of anti-Muslim slurs and even death threats.

Undeniable sex god. He is thought to be very vain, but I would be too if I looked like Jesus sliding down a rainbow to get to a magical pot of sexiness. He is extraordinarily talented and is better known as DJ Malik or Bradford Boi. His favorite saying is ” VAS HAPPENIN ?!” He was born in Bradford, the city of gods. He is perfectly imperfect and directioners (mainly from Tumblr) will personally come to your house and kick your ass if you believe otherwise. We ARE the deadliest of all fandoms.

Earlier this week, it was all quiet on the Gigi-Zayn front because they’re fully broken up right now. There was legit nothing to see there, until Gigi was spotted hanging out with her guy friend Samuel Krost and people took that to mean something. Because baseless rumors tend to bubble up on the internet, Gigi and Samuel’s outing immediately sparked rumors that they’re dating (which, 🙄). Spoiler: She’s not dating Sam and is really upset that it’s floating around right now.

Not long after leaving One Direction, Malik launched his solo music career with a demo version of “I Don’t Mind,” which was leaked online by producer Naughty Boy. Official singles soon followed, including “Pillowtalk” and “It’s You.” Both of these tracks were featured on his first album, Mind of Mine, which debuted in March 2016.

In 2017, Zayn established himself as a fashion industry figure, releasing a shoe line in collaboration with Giuseppe, and a clothing line in collaboration with Versace. Zayn also released a smartphone emoji app called Zaynmoji. He won Best Music Video at the 2017 iHeartRadio Awards for ” Pillowtalk ” and Top New Artist at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards In March, Zayn released a single titled “Still Got Time” with Canadian rapper PARTYNEXTDOOR. The song was a top 20 hit worldwide, and the music video featured a raucous party held in Zayn’s actual London residence. In September, he released a song titled “Dusk Till Dawn”, featuring Australian singer Sia, for the 2017 film The Mountain Between Us. The single was a top 20 hit worldwide.

Directionator : Zayn Malik is so hot, too bad he sucks at singing. Zayn Malik just went on an even more intense Twitter rant and brought up Gigi directly. Since leaving the group Zayn Malik has had a number of solo singles including a collaboration with Sia, ‘From Dusk Till Dawn’.

In March 2015, Malik surprised fans by dropping out of the group’s world tour. A spokesperson for the band tweeted that “Zayn has been signed off with stress and is flying back to the UK to recuperate.” On March 25, however, Malik announced that he was leaving One Direction for good. In a statement on Facebook, he wrote “after five years, I feel like it is now the right time for me to leave the band. I’d like to apologize to the fans if I’ve let anyone down, but I have to do what feels right in my heart.” The band decided to continue without Malik, though its other members also soon pursued solo careers.

Gigi Hadid was happily dating Joe Jonas until early November 2015. Less than two weeks after the news broke that she and Jonas called it quits, she was spotted shacking up with Malik. Considering the sketchy timeline of when this relationship started, chances are it won’t end well for either of them. Remember the old adage: if they’ll do it with you, they’ll do it to you.

Though he cited privacy as the principal reason for leaving the band, the singer’s life today couldn’t be positioned closer to the pounding rays of the media limelight. In March 2016, the one-year anniversary of his notorious divorce from One Direction, Malik released his debut album, Mind of Mine , via his new label affiliate RCA.

Gigi Hadid “still has feelings” for Zayn Malik following their breakup, which was reported in January 2019, but she “knows they aren’t compatible” and is still single, Us Weekly reports. While One Direction was formed on ‘The X Factor’ in 2010, ZAYN originally applied to be on the show in 2009.

In 2010, when he was 17 years old, Zayn auditioned in Manchester for the seventh series of The X Factor He revealed in the film This Is Us and in his 2015 Fader magazine interview that he would not have gone to his audition if his mother hadn’t dragged him out of bed that morning. He stated he went to the audition because he “felt like I owed her”.

For his Hits Radio #1DHQ takeover earlier this year, Zayn’s playlist was: ‘What Makes You Beautiful’, Pitbull ‘Give Me Everything’, Maroon 5 ‘Moves Like Jagger’, One Direction ‘Tell Me A Lie’, Professor Green and Emeli Sandé ‘Read All About It’, Katy Perry ‘Last Friday Night’, Example ‘Kickstarts’, Chris Brown ‘With You’ and One Direction ‘One Thing’.

Despite quitting the band in 2015 (petition to make 25 March a national day of mourning, anyone?), Zayn does admit that he is “super thankful” for everything that has happened as a result of him being in One Direction.

In 2010, Zayn Malik participated in the auditions for the seventh season of the television reality show ‘The X Factor’. Although, he was eliminated just before the final round of the reality show, the judges were thoroughly impressed by Zayn Malik’s talent.

Since going solo, these ex-boy-banders have made serious bank. Here’s a look at the super-successful careers of Zayn Malik, Ricky Martin and Justin Timberlake. Zayn Malik (born 12 January, 1993 in Bradford) is British-Irish bubblegum pop singer who left One Direction in January of 2016 to be a soloist.

Zayn’s favourite band of all time is NSYNC. Here we take a look at 101 facts you probably didn’t know about Zayn Malik, from his favourite book, to his middle name and what Zayn’s first name means. Zayn Malik was born on 12th January 1993 in St Luke’s Hospital, Bradford. He’s the second oldest member of One Direction behind Louis.

On March 2, Malik simply tweeted, “@GigiHadid love you,” sending fans speculating whether he and the runway star were back on. His breakup with Hadid was reported in January, as multiple sources confirmed to Us and Entertainment Tonight that they had called it quits. “They’re done,” an insider told Us at the time. “They could get back together, but it’s over for now.” E! News had also reported that the pair had been spending time apart since November.

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