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We were really the beginning of the first black, middle class, African migration in Chicago. Before that infamous Fashion Police segment even aired, Zendaya was coming out ahead on the 2015 Oscars red carpet on the sheer strength of her look.

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ZENDAYAZendaya triumphed this year as a leading lady, starring HBO’s new hyper-stylized teen drama Euphoria. Z: I’m an actress, so I have this gift of being able to tell people’s stories and to take on people’s pain and happiness and whatever it is they go through, so that it can be reflected, and somebody in the world can see themselves within these characters that I’m able to play. They can think, Oh my gosh, I’m not the only one in the world that is feeling this.” It makes you feel less lonely. I think that that’s something really, really special, something that I’ve really just become more in tune with for Euphoria To me, the role had so many layers and so much depth and so many things for me to play with. There was a character that, I think, never comes around for anybody, especially not a woman. You know what I’m saying? Definitely not a black woman. I think that in itself was exciting for me to take on.

Currently, Zendaya ranks fifth in our combined Golden Globes TV odds , trailing Olivia Colman (The Crown”), Jennifer Aniston (The Morning Show”), Jodie Comer (Killing Eve”) and Nicole Kidman (Big Little Lies”). Since the Hollywood Foreign Press Association gravitates toward the newest and shiniest objects, she seems to be in a good position to reap her inaugural nomination — perhaps even alongside Euphoria” itself, which is in ninth place in our odds for Best Drama Series. Much of the show’s stylized nature may not have worked as well as it did had Zendaya not presented a counterbalance with a performance that was very much grounded in reality. It’s the type of revelatory breakthrough turn on a hip, cool new show that the HFPA loves, and loves to get to before any other industry awards group does.

The actress, who starred in last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and Oscar-nominated musical The Greatest Showman, lends her voice to this month’s animated adventure Smallfoot I chatted with Zendaya shortly before she flew to London to shoot Spider-Man: Far from Home, due out in 2019.

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The Euphoria star, the Kissing Booth actress, and the Set It Up star teamed up at the event held at the Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel on Monday (October 14) in Beverly Hills, Calif. On the red carpet, where he and Zendaya wore coordinating black-and-white Givenchy prints, Roach, also a 2019 Root 100 honoree , gave further insight into his role in the star’s style evolution.

There has been buzz around the HBO high school drama Euphoria and its portrayal of drugs and sex. The show’s star Zendaya took to Instagram ahead of its Sunday night premiere to give a warning to audiences about the series to let them know that it’s not going to be your basic G-rated Saved by the Bell teen fare.

From her roles in movies to throwing it back to her Disney Channel days, Zendaya has been able to rock some enviable costumes. Continue on for some of the stars best on-screen looks. After skipping the 2018 event, Zendaya Coleman was the main attraction for the 2019 InStyle Awards on Monday (October 21) in Los Angeles, California.

I still get the corny stuff. It’s cool. I feel like I can do Euphoria” and still have another world outside of it where I can do family movies and fun things like that. I’m trying to break the habit of using the F-word now because I use it so much as Rue, and in life. I’m about to go on tour for Spider-Man.” It’s a wonderful family movie. I can’t be dropping F-bombs.

Hello, Euphoria fans! I’m just gonna start this off by saying that the news that I am about to provide you with may either make your day or completely ruin it, but I’m assuming that you clicked with the knowledge of that risk! That being said, I’m here to gouge another hole into your wounds OR make your heart soar, because Zendaya and Jacob Elordi are hanging out and going on dates again. To those that ship yourselves with Jacob, I am truly sorry.

Zendaya is the stage name of Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, a singer, activist, designer, and actress born in Oakland, California in 1996. Zendaya rose to fame through her role as Rocky Blue on the Disney Channel show Shake It Up, which aired until 2013. She is also the producer and star (in the titular role) of another Disney Channel show, K.C. Undercover, which has aired since 2015. Zendaya has also starred in several films, including Spiderman: Homecoming (2017) and The Greatest Showman (2017). In 2013 she released a self-titled pop album, which featured the single “Replay.” She appeared on the reality dance competition show Dancing with the Stars that same year. In 2016 Zendaya released an affordable, size-inclusive clothing line called Daya by Zendaya. She is a vocal activist and regularly speaks out about racism, sexism, and feminism on social media and to the press. She lives in Los Angeles.

In the series, debuting Sunday, Zendaya stars as Rue, a high school junior committed to numbing herself with vodka and whatever drugs she can get her hands on, after a failed stint in rehab. Between bouts of unconsciousness, she narrates a dark, graphically-depicted world in which the local dealers have barely hit puberty, fentanyl is rampant and her classmates’ sex is not only casual, but frequently documented. It’s 2019: Nudes are the currency of love,” Rue explains in the first episode.

What got people excited about Zendaya during the Oscars controversy was how careful and measured her response was: She explained exactly what made Rancic’s remark so offensive and how fraught the history of talking about black women’s hair is , and then ended on a note of uplift.

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Have you watched Euphoria yet? I was obsessed with Euphoria this summer – all of it, from the characters to the makeup to the acting and Zendaya’s acting, holy sh-t, it’s her best performance so far. Zendaya in Euphoria is the signal to casting directors and other decision-makers in the industry that she has it, she has the range. And there are some signs that she could be nominated for a Golden Globe for her work in Euphoria – Gold Derby has her on the Best TV Drama Actress list right now alongside Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Colman, Jodie Comer (Killing Eve), and Nicole Kidman. So Zendaya + two Oscar winners and two Emmy winners, no big deal.

Michelle Jones, Zendaya’s character, is the sarcastic and cool academic decathlon high schooler that is always reliable for a witty comeback to Peter Parker Her best outfit is when she rocks a corset dress over a black long-sleeve tee. She perfectly pairs the unexpected pieces.

Outside of her hit show, Zendaya lent her voice to the animated television movie Pixie Hollow Games (2011). She also made guest appearances on such series as A.N.T. Farm and Good Luck Charlie, and starred with Thorne in the 2012 television movie Frenemies.

These kinds of just-show-up strategies are great for grabbing people’s attention. But for the move to pay off, you have to have something to say once you’ve caught them. And that’s always been Zendaya’s greatest strength.

I was really nervous because I wanted to do well. It’s like going from nothing to everything — there were no steps in between. That’s why people think it’s such a stretch for me to play this character. There’s a lot of people who probably think I can’t do it because they don’t truly understand my personality. And I get it: I’m a Disney kid. There’s a lot to prove.

Zendaya has been previously linked to her Spider-Man co-star, Tom Holland, while Jacob was last in a relationship with his The Kissing Booth co-star and The Act star, Joey King. While they never confirmed or denied their breakup, Joey King was recently spotted with a new boyfriend recently during the 2019 Emmys weekend.

Zendaya has gone from Disney star to a box-office wonder and her Hollywood moment is not going to end any time soon. Longtime Disney Channel star Zendaya has issued a warning to her fans about her latest drama series.

Zendaya net worth: Zendaya is an American actress, singer, and dancer who has a net worth of $5 million. Zendaya, also known as Zendaya Maree Stoermer Coleman, was born in Oakland, California, and grew up performing theater with the California Shakespeare Theater. She went on to attend the Oakland School for the Arts, the CalShakes Conservatory Program, and the American Conservatory Theater program. She began her professional career as a model and back-up dancer, then booked her breakout role, as Rocky Blue on “Shake It Up”. She appeared on the show through 2013. In addition to her work on “Shake It Up”, she also appeared on such shows as “Good Luck Charlie” and “A.N.T. Farm”. She competed on the 16th Season of “Dancing with the Stars”, where she finished second. In 2013, she released her first album, “Zendaya”. Her lead single, “Replay”, reached #40 on the Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum.

SL: I really second everything that Zendaya is saying. I’m also very shy about describing myself as an activist. I have so many friends and colleagues that have developed their lives at Center for Constitutional Rights and places like this. I feel uncomfortable sometimes with the term. I do feel a sense of personal responsibility. The way it relates to my work is, at a certain point, I realized that I would have to work in an auto-ethnographic way, meaning doing the research that I would need to make the work. There’s a long tradition of this. Nancy Elizabeth Prophet had to do it, and Zora Neale Hurston had to do it—become both the anthropologist and the novelist and the poet. Katherine Dunham had to do it. She got a master’s in anthropology and wrote several books and did her fieldwork in Haiti before she created the first or the largest, I don’t know, African-American modern dance.

Nobody wanted to dress her when she wasn’t known,” Roach explained to the Guardian last year So he came up with a simple workaround: He started putting Zendaya in outfits that had already been worn by people more famous than she was ( Beyoncé, Kylie Jenner ). That move made her into a Who Wore It Better” fixture — and that, in turn, made Zendaya a known quantity in celebrity and fashion columns. She picked up name recognition. And after a while, she could wear any kind of clothes she wanted to, in the same way that, after a while, she could go to the Oscars as a presenter instead of the guest of a guest.

I would like to join the Hilfiger Club and receive updates on the latest products and promotions via email or other channels. Please see Privacy Policy for more information. Before the big screen, fans knew Zendaya from her days as a Disney-Channel star.

The duo has worked together for nearly a decade, first meeting when the ingenue was a 14-year-old Disney kid. Now, the successful actress, producer and style icon credits Roach—her fashion fairy godbrother”—with encouraging her experimentation with fashion and her cultivating her a-list image.

By the time the dust had settled, Zendaya had become the kind of celebrity that you’re supposed to have a general idea of and opinion about if you’re vaguely pop culture literate. And her star was only beginning to climb.

The actress, who starred in last year’s Spider-Man: Homecoming and Oscar-nominated musical The Greatest Showman, lends her voice to this month’s animated adventure Smallfoot I chatted with Zendaya shortly before she flew to London to shoot Spider-Man: Far from Home, due out in 2019.

Zendaya was cast in “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” her first feature film role. Zendaya has everyone feeling euphoric as she showed up to the Emmy Awards in a stunning, sheer emerald green corset gown. It was just announced that Zendaya and Tom Holland will remain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Sony and Disney have worked out a deal to keep Spider-Man in the MCU.

SL: I think that recently as my work has become a lot more visible, and also because of my mentors like Thelma and Peggy Cooper Cafritz in D.C., I’ve been more aware of the responsibility that comes with success. I’ve tried to make space for other artists whenever I can and shine a light on other artists and intellectuals when I can. There’s the problem of describing anything as being a first, because it erases all the work that people have already done. I do feel a great sense of responsibility, and it’s a pure pleasure. It doesn’t feel oppressive to me at all. I feel like this is the work that I’m here to do. As things go forward, I feel more and more like I’ve found my place, which is really lovely for me, because I was always a very awkward black woman. I’m really happy that I have some usefulness and something to contribute.

Romance rumours are heating up after Euphoria co-stars Zendaya and Jacob Elordi were reportedly seen enjoying a cute movie date together in Los Angeles. JM: I feel like you do that, though, through your social platforms and media appearances.

That’s part of how she got the Disney Channel to make her onscreen K.C. Undercover family black: Despite Zendaya having just one major TV credit under her belt at the time, she insisted that the Disney Channel make her a producer when Disney offered her the starring role in K.C. Undercover. She was just 16 years old.

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